tagLesbian SexHarry Meets Her Angels

Harry Meets Her Angels


The elevator doors opened and Harry stepped back to make room before looking up. Coming into the elevator were two angels, positive angels! Harry was stunned as one of them smiled at her and the other smirked at her reaction. The angels were both in white, wearing very thin white robes over some of the sexiest lingerie she had ever seen. The tall brunette was in teddy, the sheer white robe did nothing to cover that fact. She pulled it tight around herself, which just emphasized her amazing curves. The blond was in a bra, tap pants and stockings that looked more like painted designs than stockings. Harry had the surprising desire to run her hands up and down those long legs to see if they were actually stockings. She took her eyes away as they turned around, but then she had to look again, this time at their backs! She blushed a deep red when she realized the two angels caught her in the reflective surface of the elevator door.

"It's OK to look."

"I'm sorry . . ."

"No, don't be! We wouldn't dress like this if once in while someone didn't just appreciate it rather than slobber over it."

"Thanks, I think, you are both a bit overwhelming!"

"Overwhelming, I like that," the brunette who had smiled at her and turned in her direction.

She looked at her face and was struck again by how beautiful she looked. A perfect face, smooth cheek, wide smile, intelligent eyes flashing with humor. She couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Are you coming to the show?" The blond asked.

"What show?"

"Down in the bar, a lingerie show."

"Lingerie show, for guys or for ladies?"

The blond laughed. "Do we look like supermodels that would be doing this for fashionable ladies?" Her tone was more than a little sarcastic.

"I think you both look amazing and anyone should feel privileged to have the chance to look at you." Harry blushed deeper as she said it. She knew it was true, but saying the words actually surprised herself!

The brunette looked sharply at the blond. "It's for guys in the club on the mezzanine."

She shook her head "Thanks while watching you two would be a pleasure, not in a club full of drunks."

"We agree, but it's a living, at least here in this state."

"What's so special about this state?"

"Oh . . ." the blond started to explain.

The brunette interrupted her. "The rules are just different state to state. Well it was nice talking to you. I'm Jan by the way and my bitchy friend is Sky. We're in 1302 if you want to talk later."

"Very nice to meet you both, I'm Harry, Harriet actually, in 1603 if you need a refuge after your show."

She shook hands with the brunette, Jan. Her hand was strong and smooth. She let go of it reluctantly as the angels exited on the mezzanine level. Harry could hear the hoots and calls coming from the club and instantly felt sorry for them. There appeared to be only the two of them and they faced a pretty rowdy bunch.

She left on the ground floor and met her friends for dinner. Her friends noticed she was a little distracted. In fact she realized she was looking at her friends in a whole new way. Janie was divorced several times and was really close to Margaret, who Harry was meeting for the very first time. She had heard about Margaret several times but today the idea of Janie and Margaret being even closer was . . . intriguing! She hadn't noticed how attractive Janie was, oh she always knew she was pretty, but there was something else about her and Margaret seemed to be hovering a little protectively. Sally was another old friend she only saw when she came to town and she knew Sally was a wild child in college and the idea of Sally was percolating into mental spaces she hadn't realized she had. The distraction was that when the idea of actually proceeding down these lines of thoughts drew her back to the smile of a certain brunette Angel!

She had arranged to meet her friends for a shopping trip downtown the next afternoon and pleaded jet lag to explain her distraction. She stopped off in the hotel Sports Bar, not daring the club on the mezzanine, for a quiet drink before she went back up to her room. The elevator stopped on the mezzanine level and she was a little disappointed when her Angels didn't get on board. She could hear loud noises from the club and decided not to brave it. For some reason she didn't want to see the angels at work, she was hoping they might just walk back into the elevator. Harry wasn't sure what to do if they had. But the question didn't need answering because they were obviously still at it! Harry wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved.

"Knock, knock, knock!" The loud knocking woke Harry up. Her clock read the obscene hour of 3 AM. She wondered if the fire alarms had failed or something. That had happened once in DC. It wasn't a night she wanted to repeat!

"Harry? Are you there?"

She didn't recognize the voice and opened the door a crack. Jan and Sky were standing there, wearing . . . two easy to recognize bed coverlets from the hotel?

"Please Harry, can we come in, please, quick!"

Harry fumbled with the chain and let the girls in. Jan hustled Sky in and made a quick glance down the hall before closing the door and re-chaining it.

She told Sky, "They didn't come on this floor. They probably headed down not up."

Harry slowly woke up. "Are you two OK?" She said as she looked at the girls. They didn't look nearly as good as they had earlier, but they were both still beautiful! The make-up was gone, as was the sexy lingerie, they also looked pretty tired! Sky sat in the room's only chair and Jan sat on the edge of the bed. Harry stood there not sure where to perch.

Sky explained, "We're sorry to barge in on you like this. But when we needed to run, Jan remembered your room number and your refuge comment." She smiled a wan smile. "I bet you didn't think you were reading into the future, did you?"

"What happened?"

"Well, we finished our thing in the club. Like you thought, it was all guys, many of them drunk. Somehow a small group of them found out what room we were in. Just a little while ago they came knocking pretty loud, calling themselves 'Hotel Security.' They busted in the chain. God we were so scared!"

"How did you get away?"

Jan pointed at Sky. "Sky here kicked one of them in the groin and we ran for it. I didn't know where else to go. Hotel's get pretty pissy if they think . . ." she paused unable to find the words she wanted.

Sky spoke up, "If they think we were hooking."


"Well it's been known to happen, but I swear it. We changed and were in bed when they came in. It was horrible!"

"It's OK, you're safe here."

"Are we?" Sky didn't look very convinced!

"You are!"

Jan smiled a little more naturally, Sky scowled.

"Seriously, you are safe here. Do you want to call the desk?"

"No! If they think the worst they'll kick us out!"

"What about your stuff?"

"We know. This has happened before and it might get all trashed by pissed off and drunk guys, but that's expendable, our asses aren't!"

"Look, if you can wait until morning, hopefully once they realize you are gone you can pick it up then. The only other option is to call the desk. What they did was criminal, ladies!"

"We know, but you don't understand. We're not exactly lingerie models."

"I figured that out from what Sky said earlier."

Sky broke in, "We're not hookers!"

"I never thought you were, not for an instant."

Jan took up her narrative. "In other states we are dancers, or erotic dancers, even strippers. Here we are called lingerie models. We can't take off our tops, just dance around, showing off different outfits, getting real sexy as the idiots get drunker and drunker. Some girls have gotten busted taking too much off, and a few actually hooking, but not us, never."

"So you won't call the desk?"

"No way, the less attention we draw on ourselves, the better."

"OK, but can I try something?" Harry did pick up the room phone and smiled at Jan to reassure her. Jan looked at Sky who nodded slowly. Harry dialed quickly. Someone answered.

"This is hotel security, there's been a complaint. Who are you?"

The girls couldn't hear the other side of the conversation.

"Well Bob, where are the room occupants? Our records don't list a Bob." . . . "I'm coming up to investigate with security." . . . "You stay right there Security will want to talk to you!"

Harry listened carefully then hung up.

"You're not going down there?" Jan said in a worried tone.

"No way, but Bob yelled out security was coming and I heard them heading for the door. They are pretty juiced up!"

"Brilliant!" Jan smiled a huge smile and even Sky smiled at her cleverness.

"So you can probably go back to your room shortly."

"Not until morning, right Sky?"

"You got that!"

"Harry, can we stay here?"

She looked around the room. "I guess." Harry suddenly had an attack of the nerves, but the two Angels didn't seem to notice.

Jan got in the middle of the single queen-sized bed and patted the bed on each side of her. "It's going to be cozy, but it's not like we can kick you out of your bed. Besides, there isn't even a couch or futon." Jan covered herself completely and the tee-shirt she was wearing came out. Sky asked her to kill the lights. "I didn't get the chance to grab a tee, sorry."

With her back turned she heard her get into bed. Harry took Jan's right and faced away from her, thinking about having two naked angels in her bed. She doubted she would sleep. She felt Jan spoon up against her. Her breasts like soft pillows against her back. Jan's arm went to her waist. "Thanks Harry, for more than just shelter in the storm."

She debated turning, but wasn't sure what to do so she settled for reaching Jan's hand and holding it. Surprisingly she did sleep.

Waking up was a lot different. Her covers were gone, even the light sheet she usually used. Her mind didn't adjust right away, but she knew she was missing a warm presence that she fell asleep with. She reached up to hit the alarm, but the noises she was hearing weren't the alarm. She opened her eyes as she tried to place where she was in the universe. She remembered the city, the hotel, and the two angels in the elevator. That's when she remembered the rest of the night. Rationally she half expected to wake up and realize she had been dreaming, but the noises behind her were incomprehensible.

She turned and her mouth fell open.

The covers were gone, who knows where. Jan, the beautiful brunette was lying on her back. Her large breast was actually pushed to the side as the equally gorgeous Sky was kissing her. Jan was holding her tight, her legs wrapped around Sky's hips and Sky was pressing into her like she was male! The noises that woke her were Jan's moans and occasional grunts as Sky touched a particularly sensitive spot.

The kiss broke and Sky pushed down, kissing Jan in between both breasts and continued her assault on Jan's pussy with her stomach. Jan's head turned toward Harry.

She smiled an almost lazy smile. Then Sky touched her again and her face contorted in the most erotic way. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Harry couldn't tear her eyes away as her body reacted in sensual fashion. She was afraid to touch them, it was like the sexiest dream in the world and if she tried to touch them they would disappear.

"If this is a dream, please dear God don't let me wake up!"

Jan heard her, but by now Sky's face was buried and she also had her ears covered by Jan's thighs. Jan looked at Harry and smiled again, this time she reached out and touched her. She jumped in spite of watching her hand move in slow motion toward her. Jan's touch felt hot, burning hot. She took her hand and brought it to her mouth. She kissed Harry's palm and then sucked her index finger into her mouth. Each sound she made seemed to echo through her finger. Then her hips started rocking, and she started fucking her mouth with Harry's finger at the same time. She was crying out as she kept time with Sky.

The sound of her cumming was actually more exciting than the sight, something she realized later. Rather than the moans and groan popularized by porno movies, she explosively cried out with each spasm. She wasn't as loud as she was intense. Each explosion of sound seemed unique and wonderfully suited to everything else, her body position, her facial expression, even the look in her dark eyes.

She let go of Harry's hand and pointed down at Sky's raised ass. Harry hesitated, not sure of her welcome, but Jan pulled her close again and told her what to do and more importantly what not to do with Sky. It was as if Jan read her mind.

She moved down and ran one hand over Sky's hip, just enough to let her know she was there. She pushed toward her, which was encouraging, rather than pulled away. She knelt between her legs, which were spread for balance. She looked at her ass, moving slowly in time with her tongue which was still licking Jan. She looked at her asshole, a tight bud of pink against darker skin and gently touched her perineum, the sensitive space between her anus and vagina. She heard her make encouraging noises into Jan's pussy.

Harry rubbed down tracing her wet folds and slipped her finger deep into her. Curling her finger up she searched for that mysterious inner shelf-like fold that could intensify a woman's orgasm, a place she knew intimately from her own body. She took her other hand to her lower belly and pressed up. She knew she found what she wanted when Sky cried out loud. In a minute she fell over on her side, her legs tightly clenched as she shook and cried. She looked up and saw Jan laying there, her legs spread wide with a 'fuck me now' look that required no words. She seemed to feel an urgency as she took Sky's place between Jan's legs.

Harry was uncertain of exactly what to do. Aside from some late night cable movies, the idea of making love with a woman was a secret held close to her chest. For one moment she was transported back to college when she watched her roommate kissing another girl. She was secretly hopeful and scared at the same time that her gorgeous roommate would one day kiss her, but it never happened.

She came back to reality, or some semblance of reality, as she looked down at Jan laying there. Harry felt Jan's legs hook behind her and pull her tight against her. Harry felt the heat from Jan and realized their pussies we touching. She pushed against Jan and saw her eyes close briefly and her smile widen.

"Fuck me, Harry!" Those words were like a release for Harry, a wonderful pent up release of 20 years of sexual tension. Harry put her hands on Jan's hips and ground herself against her. She could feel the heat build and felt the slickness of their combined wetness. Jan grabbed her hands and brought them to her breasts, her amazing pure and natural breasts. Jan could only hold them; they felt so strange after so many years of touching her own much smaller breasts. They were like clouds of softness. Jan took one and pulled her own nipple to her mouth and licked it. Suddenly Harry felt her mouth water as she wanted to lick them as well. She leaned down and kissed between Jan's breasts like she had seen Sky do. The softness seemed to envelope her face as Jan pushed her breasts together. Harry then licked the underside coming up on Jan's right breast and licking across the nipple. She felt Jan groan more than she heard her.

Sky appeared in her world view, on her knees next to the two of them. She pulled Jan's hair to one side and the two of them kissed! Jan had to stop moving because not only was the kiss enough to take her nearly to orgasm, but Harry looked like she was about ready to explode! Jan knew the sight of her and Sky kissing was damn sexy! Harry stopped moving because she was mesmerized!

She stared at them, unable to tear her eyes away. The blond and beautiful Sky kissing the brunette and stunning Jan, who hummed into the kiss with such intensity that Harry felt it reverberate through her own body. Sky reached around and touched Jan's clit, rubbing the little nub, forcing Jan to tighten her leg hold on Harry! Jan and Sky shared their breath, keeping the kiss going as she felt Jan start to move from Sky masturbating her clit. Jan screamed once again, this time into Sky's mouth and she lifted up and fell back down. Sky smiled at her lover and then gave Harry her first smile. Harry was stunned again, Jan was without a doubt the prettier of the two, but when Sky smiled a real smile, she was stunning, and Harry was stunned. Sky pulled at Harry's leg. Not sure what to do, she followed Sky's lead and straddled Jan's widely splayed thigh. This put her pussy in more direct contact and the feeling sent a rush throughout her body.

Sky knelt behind Harry, pressing her body to hers and moving with her. She was slowing her down, making surer she didn't lose control just yet. She felt so amazing against her Harry nearly lost it until Sky started speaking.

"Fuck her good, she loves to cum! I wish I had a cock so I could fuck her. If I had a cock right now I would be fucking you. Would you like that, me fucking you while you fuck her?"

The mental images were both frightening and exciting and served as a small distraction from the look and feel of Jan in front of her. Sky reached around and pinched her nipples hard when she tried to go faster. Then she stuck a two fingers into her mouth.

"Yea, Harry, a girl with a boy's name. I would be making you my slut! If that was my dick you would be sucking it right now. You would have your pussy against her and a dick in your mouth. You'd fucking love that, wouldn't you."

She kept pushing up against her like she was fucking her. Harry's head was whirling with all sorts of feelings, images and thoughts. Even the smells in the room was wild, the girls natural scents combined with their flowery perfumes. Then Sky took her now wet fingers from her mouth and ran then down Harry's neck and back and touched her asshole.

"There is where I would want my dick, right in your ass. You would beg me to fuck you just so you could keep fucking her! Are you sure I don't have a dick? You would be a sweet fuck!"

Harry almost stopped when Sky forced a finger into her and told her to keep fucking Jan. "She needs this you know! She would die without good hard fucking."

Harry started fucking her again, shorter faster strokes rubbing two wet pussies tightly together. Sky pushed two fingers in Harry's ass and fucking her exactly the same way.

"Fuck my dick, baby! You'd like my dick in your ass, wouldn't you! You need my dick in your ass!"

Harry couldn't stop herself from cumming, and nothing Sky did to try and slow her down again helped. She literally fell over Jan as Sky continued to assault her ass! She passed out.

When she woke up it was nearly lunch. Her lovers were also fast asleep, back in the positions they started. Jan in the center, Sky was curled up on her side and she was facing away from her, but her hip was against Harry's ass. Until she moved she thought last night might have been a dream, but her body knew better. She rolled over and the two ladies woke up with smiles. Harry was lost in their glow.

They dressed in a couple of her tops, stretching them to sizes Harry would never reach and each long enough to almost be a dress for them. She accompanied them back to their room. They were surprised to find it wasn't trashed, something that had happened on other occasions. They each thanked her for 'everything'. A long lingering kiss from Jan that got her excited all over again. She pushed herself against Jan until Sky pulled her off. "Down girl! We have stuff to do!"

Sky even hugged her and stroked her ass; she seemed to enjoy feeling her reaction to that. She made her goodbyes but for some reason wasn't able to find the words to express how she felt about last night. Neither lady said anything specific, but both were flushed after their hugs with her.

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