Haunted House


We have a haunted house party every year, you know decorate and drink and get stupid and all that. We send all the kids to sitters or family or wherever and just have fun being grown up kids. This year I played the part of a cut up corpse, with fake blood and torn clothes and the open wounds, the whole nine yards. I didn't want to ruin any of my clothes so I had to buy a new pair of shorts and shirt just to tear up and drench with blood. The spot where I was to be was lit with a black light, which illuminated my torn short and jeans quite well. I had a girlfriend of mine cut the holes and pour the blood on me. I think she enjoyed it a bit too much, by the time she was done, there was two thin strips covering my nipples and my shorts were barely a rag, not really covering anything. She poured the blood on me and rubbed it all over my chest as if I had been attacked and I don't mind saying it made me moist with all the attention.

I really had to work at being dead for a while. It absolutely turned me on knowing that if someone looked hard enough that they could see my bare puss peeking out of my shorts.

At first there were a lot of couples and groups that went through and they would stop and stare at me trying to figure out if I were real or not. A few of the guys came through more than once just to get another look. It had slowed for a few minutes when one such guy came back in for the third time. He looked behind him to see if anyone was near and hurried over to me. He bent down and was looking up my shorts and then got real close to my face, still not knowing if I was real or not. Feeling brave he pulled the fabric off my right nipple and touched it lightly. I couldn't stand it and my breathing was getting difficult to control. I guess he still wasn't sure so he ran his hand up the inside of my leg and slipped he finger into my already wet pussy. He jumped back, now knowing that I was real, he whispered that he was sorry and took off. Damn, all he managed to do was make me more wet and wanting for more. I had plenty of time to fix the fabric he moved but decided to let it stay, just to see what people would do.

The next bunch of people all stopped and stared and commented that they could see my nipple but no one came over. I decided to reposition myself before the next group and to make it harder to see if I was breathing, I turned over on my front, pushing my ass in to the air a bit, wriggling around to loosen the up so that the top of my ass cheeks were visible. This also put me in a position that the light shown right on my ass and left my face darker than before. If I had it right you might be able to see right up my shorts if you bent down to take a look.

I had just stopped moving when a young woman I hadn't seen before came in. She was real cautious coming into the room, planting each step firmly and looking over her shoulder a lot. She stopped right by me with her back to me, not seeing me yet. Backing up she bumped into me and jumped with a start letting out a little cry. Turning around she looked me over good, again trying to see if I was going to grab her or if I was real and all that. After a few moments of looking she came over and touched me, well poked at me really. Not responding she let out a sigh of relief and then started looking me over good, thinking I was fake. She was really close to me now, looking one way then the other, before she felt my ass through the jeans. It kind of surprised me when she pulled the fabric of my shorts out some and took a look at my ass. Looking over her shoulder once more she put hand down my shorts then pulled it out fast. Realizing that I was real from the heat, I guess.

She whispered to me, "are you for real?"

I contemplated answering and thought what the hell. "Yes, I am, and that felt real good" I whispered to her. She stepped back a bit then looked at the door, not seeing anyone she came back over and ran her hand up my inner thigh, finding my newly shaved pussy soaked. She shoved a finger into me, working it in and out for a moment then quickly pulled it out and rammed it into my ass. That I was prepared for and I mistakenly pushed back, which made her finger go deeper. Still not meaning to, I let out a soft moan, it surprised me but it did feel good. Just then I heard some voices and at the same time felt her remove her finger and leave in a hurry.

It was a long night and I got tired of laying there, mostly from being bored. I decided to take a break and find another room to be in. Turned out that another one of the people playing a role in the chain saw room wanted to take a break as well, so I filled in for her. I got to move around in the darkness and grab people, trying to scare the crap out of them. It was a total blast and I was enjoying the ability to "accidentally" grab people where I shouldn't.

There was this guy that had came in ahead of his group, being the man and playing all macho and stuff. If I didn't scare anyone else all night I had to at least get him. He had been through once already and was giving his girlfriend a hard time lifting her shirt and scaring her and stuff like that. Now it was my turn. I snuck around the wall in the darkness and was only a couple of feet from him when he heard a movement from the other side of the room. he backed right in to me and I reached around him and jumped up on his back. My mistake, it scared him bad enough that he flung me around and right back into the darkness against the wall.

I hit hard enough to have the wind knocked out of me and he had his forearm at my throat pinning me there. I couldn't really move anyway but he didn't let up at all. When he finally calmed down he took both my hands and pinned them above my head. He was quite strong and he leaned in close trying to see who I was, but I was still wearing my bloody make-up, so he couldn't tell. It surprised me when I felt he free hand sliding up my side and then under the fabric I use to call a shirt. He squeezed my nipple hard and the fondled my breast just as hard. At first it hurt some but from the girl before and all the attention I had been getting, I was already horny. I didn't resist him at all, just let him roam all over my body. He released my hands but I kept them above my head.

He took this as his chance and he ripped open my shirt completely exposing my breasts. While he was sucking and biting my tits he had his hands on my shorts, first just rubbing me through them and then pulling at the buttons. From the heat of the house and myself they were sticking to me and he wasn't being all that patient. I felt the fabric give way as he pulled on each side of the zipper, ripping them to one side. They came completely undone at the crotch and the zipper was in ruins, and they just fell to the floor. I was now completely naked with this guy pawing me feverishly. He didn't let up when a group of people came by us, just a few feet away, they didn't even see us, can't really believe they didn't hear him sucking on me but they just went right on by.

He had his fingers inside me pumping them really hard when his girlfriend and the rest of his group came into the room. They hung around looking for him to jump out and scare them, At this he pulled his cock out while looking at them and he lifted me up and slid me onto him with such force and ease that I could nothing but wrap my arms around his neck and hang on. He lifted and dropped me quickly while watching them only a few feet from us. I could hardly control my gasps and moans as to not get caught. They finally walked slowly from the room and with that he pushed me against the wall and pounded me hard. I could feel him getting close and was just waiting to be filled with his cum, wanting it. He pulled me off of him and bent me over, damn, I sure didn't want to stop, even if was only for a moment. He started slamming into me and there was no masking the sounds of our bodies slapping together. I started to cum and had to bite my lip to keep from screaming, I felt him clench up and pull me into him and hold me there while stream after stream flowed into me. I felt the warm liquid stream down my leg when he pulled out of me and I fell to the floor. he stood over me just looking for a moment and then left while zipping up. So filled with cum and naked I had to figure out how to get out of the house and home now.

I was fortunate that this room was at the back of the house, only had one room to go through to get to the back door. The problem was that that one room was well lit and I didn't know who might be out back. The back staircase was also close and I decided to go out by way of the balcony instead. Longer trip and I had to jump down but at least I would be able to see if anyone was around. I was also fortunate that I was only a few houses down from my own and could go the back way through the trees and brush. That was a plan so I crept around to the staircase and peered around to see if anyone was about and with seeing no one, I ran up the stairs and into on of the rooms that had access to the balcony. It was damn dark in there and I was thankful for have been over here enough to know the lay out.

Out on the balcony I looked around and was thanking the stars that I didn't hit the back door, there was about twenty people running around and smoking and just hanging out. I would have jumped right in the middle of them all. Thinking about it now, that might have been fun, but still, I didn't so........

I parked my naked but in a dark corner and waited for them to leave. About ten minutes passed and most of them had gone, just two more and I would be out of here. As they were walking back in I heard the door to the room that I had came from open and out walked two young women. They closed the door gently and looked out over the yard to see if anyone was around. Since the last two had just went back in they turned to each other and started to kiss. I couldn't believe it, I was now stuck here watching them make out and I couldn't do a thing unless I wanted to make my presence known and then me being naked and all that......it was hot though to be watching them. I thought what the hell and parted my legs a little and was enjoying the show when they took it inside. Damn it, what a tease, I was tempted to just go in with them and join them. I took the opportunity to leave instead.

One more quick look and I leaped from the balcony and ran to the tree line about twenty yards off. I got there with no problem and looked back at the house, damn sure wanted to see the action in that bedroom, o-well, maybe next time. I had only two maybe three hundred yards to go before I ran into my fence line. There is a field just before us and was just walking into it when I saw a beam from a flash light enter the clearing from near the house. I knew those people and they were old, they wouldn't be out here this time of night. I stepped back out of sight and watched the beam as the person holding it moved further out from the house stopping near the one tree in the clearing. It bounced around as if the person was laying something on the ground.

At one point I caught a glimpse of a young woman wearing a long night gown. Who was that? They didn't have any kids that young........then it came to me, she was a border. They had converted their garage into a small apartment and was going to rent it to a young woman going to college. I did remember seeing a different car in front of it but hadn't really put it together until now. What the hell was she doing out here? At that point the beam went out and I heard music playing lightly. How the hell was I suppose to get across there now? I had to chance it, couldn't stay here all night. I had to pass about twenty yards from her or go all the way around and I knew the terrain, didn't think my bare ass could take that. it was covered with briar bushes all along the back of their property. I waited a few more minutes thinking maybe she was just enjoying the cool night air and thought I could slip right by her.

Wrong was I. I didn't get fifteen feet from the tree line before I had the beam of the flashlight hitting me in the chest. Fuck! Busted! The girl quickly ran over to see if I was in trouble or something, sweet of her, thought I was trying to get away from some rapist or something. I quickly ran down the events of earlier to her and we both laughed about it. She asked if I wanted a robe or something, she wasn't using hers. It was till then that I noticed she was only wearing a bra and panties. I asked her what she was doing out here like that and she chuckled a little and told me she loved watching the stars go by and was just too hot to wear clothes, but couldn't get up the nerve to be naked. With that she looked at me and laughed shyly. I didn't really want to go home now any way, so I asked her if she wanted some company.

We laid out on her blanket and watched the stars go by in silence. I dozed off for a moment and when I awoke I found that she had got up the nerve, because she was now naked and sleeping lightly. Oh how I wanted to touch her. There wasn't that much light, but I could still see how lovely she was. She opened her eyes to see me looking at her. I started to apologize and she held a finger to my lips to keep me silent. She stroked my cheek and then pulled me to her lips. We kiss deeply for a long time, at least it felt like a long time. I rolled over on to her, feeling her body's heat next to my own. I ran my hand up her side and her body responded to my touch nicely.

She pushed me over onto my back and straddled my stomach. I could feel the hairs of her puss on my skin and they were moist and she was warm. She ran her hands over her body paying close attention to her nipples. I pulled her forward to position her puss over my face and she did. I started teasing her by licking the outside of her lips getting the sweet juice that had leaked out and then parting them and finding her clit. She started moving her hips in time with my movements and when I plunged my tongue inside her she leaned way back and pushed even harder against my face. She tasted so good........she started fingering her clit as I tongued her hole and it wasn't long before I felt and tasted the hot juices that flowed from her. I sucked up as much as I possibly could and wanted more. She turned over and I took her clit in my mouth again as she did mine in hers. I came 4 times before she climbed off me and laid beside me, both of us just trying to catch a breath. I pulled her to me and she laid her head on my chest. She cupped one breast in her hand and fell asleep. I laid there striking her hair until I fell asleep myself.

The early morning light woke me and I found she hadn't moved an inch the entire time. I woke her and told her we better get inside before it got too bright outside. She followed me to my house and we showered together, kissing and holding each other tight the entire time. We ate breakfast naked and then laid down for another nap. When I woke again, she had gone and had left me a note saying that she would see me again soon.

Two days later she called to see if I might be interested in catching a movie with her...I did and that is another story.

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