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Haunted House Fun


Well, I guess my attempt at stories other than incest aren't what I'm good at, so I'll stick to the incestuous stories. I'll finish telling about this weekend if enough requests are given. Enjoy.

* * * * *

I recently went back up to see my cousins, We decided to go visit some of the haunted houses that were opening that weekend. Britteny was lovely as usual, when I arrived, she was waiting for me with much anticipation, she greeted me at the door wearing a robe. My hand slid inside to find her lovely naked body underneath. I kissed her deeply, passionately, when we broke our kiss, she smiled, led me to the sofa. She pushed me back and made me sit, she unzipped my jeans, and told me to raise my ass, to which I quickly and eagerly complied.

My cock had already started to get hard, without using her hands, she took her tongue and licked me from under my balls, along the underside length of my cock. At the tip, she teased the hole with her tongue, then swallowed the whole length. Her throat muscles went to work, I could feel my cock swelling and hardening in her mouth. She moaned her approval, I closed my eyes and started to relax after the 4 hour drive. Britteny's mouth was working magic, she moved to the side, got up on the sofa laying down, her head in my lap. She pulled a lever and the foot rest popped out, I leaned back almost to a laying down position. Her head was bobbing up and down, licking, sucking, I could only groan as the roads weariness started to fade. Now Britteny is one of these special ladies who loves to suck cock, she never tires of it, and doesn't mind the fact that I can thoroughly enjoy her attention, and postpone my cumming for quite a while.

So she'd been at this for about 15 minutes or so, I suddenly felt a new sensation, I could feel Britteny's mouth engulfing my cock, but now I was feeling the warmth of a mouth sucking on my balls. At first I played it off as being Britteny being more talented than I thought, then I felt one of my balls completely sucked into a mouth. I opened my eyes, there looking up at me was a naked Angie, she tried to smile, almost let my ball pop out of her mouth, so she winked instead. I moaned as Angie shifted her attention from my balls to an area a little further south, I felt her hot tongue probing my ass crack, I tried to raise a leg to give her better access, but my jeans got in the way. She quickly pulled them off and tossed them to the side, Britteny hadn't missed a stroke yet.

I lifted a leg, and Angie went back down and spread my ass cheeks, her tongue started to lick and swab my ass hole. I moaned my approval again, this encouraged her more, gripping the sofa's edge she pushed her head in further, her tongue started to bury itself a little deeper. Britteny, feeling a bit neglected, suddenly made an extra hard suck that returned my attention to my little cock sucker. I reached between her legs and started to finger her clit, this gave her a reason to increase her pace. Angie, now moved back up to my cock, and would lick the shaft as it came exposed from her mothers mouth. Soon both of the women had their mouths on both sides of my cock, moving from the base, up to the head. Their tongues lashing at each other, fighting over who'd get to swallow the whole length this time.

I was truly in heaven. I watched as the mother, daughter team, sucked my cock, I closed my eyes. I could feel my orgasm building, I knew I was going to cum soon. I started to buck my hips, the girls knew what was coming, so the positioned themselves over the head of my cock, taking turns jacking me off. Soon, the head started to swell, and the first blast shot up in between them, landing on the shoulders of the two. First Britteny took the head in her mouth, after a squirt or two, she turned it over to her daughter, Angie took me deep into her throat and milked me dry. Angie climbed up and kissed me deeply, I could taste my cum on her tongue and lips, Brittney her head still down by my cock, leaned up and sucked her daughters clit into her mouth. Angie let out a squeal of surprise and pleasure.

At this point we heard a truck pull into the drive way, we hurriedly got dressed, just as I was sitting down, Angie was closing her bedroom door, and Brittney was closing hers. Sam came in, and greeted me, shaking my hand and making me feel welcome. He got us a beer a piece and started to talk about the haunted houses. Now, I'm not much of a fright night fan, but, little did I know that I'd soon become a big fan. We all freshened up, and got dressed for the night. We drove across town to the first haunted house, it was called 'The Haunted Woods', after getting the tickets, receiving the tickets, we headed into the haunted woods. The moon almost full, gave an eerie light to the paths cut through the woods, after a few spooks jumped out and did their screams, Angie was on my arm, she'd move toward the back of me, her large breasts rubbing against my back.

I could feel her nipples harden, I reached back behind me and my hand was right at her pussy. She'd worn a short skirt, no panties, I slid my finger between her lips rubbing her clit. Not wanting Sam to get wise to what was going on, I removed my hand, lifting my finger to my nose I breathed deeply. Her aroma was heavenly, so hot, so wet, so damn tight. We came upon a small building, crudely written upon it was the name, house of doom. As we started inside, I soon saw that it was a house of mazes, with a catch, it was completely dark.

So dark, you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. Angie latched onto my shoulders as I felt along the wall, we moved along slowly, my fingers searching her pussy. We came to a corner, I pulled her around front of me and kissed her deeply, while I continued to manipulate her clit with my fingers. She was so wet, her juices were running down her legs, suddenly we felt someone bump into us, not knowing who it was we moved onward. I soon came into an area that was larger than the rest, so I felt to a far corner, unzipping my pants, I pulled Angie to me, turned her around bent her at the waist, lifted her skirt and entered her tight cunt from behind. As I slammed into her, she started to moan, when she did, a group of girls that must've been passing through the darkened area, started to scream. The knowledge that others were in the area with us, was very exciting, very erotic. At anytime, someone could brush up against us and realize what we were doing.

Knowing that Brittney and Sam would be looking for us, I quickened the pace, and soon felt my cum boiling up, ready for release. I gripped her hips firmly, pulled her back hard onto my cock, I could feel the opening of her womb, I shot my load deep into her tight body. We both started to moan, these were greeted with screams and yells. I quickly zipped up, turned Angie to me, kissed her whispering my thanks, we both started to find our way out of the black maze. Sam and Brittney were waiting for us, Brittney gave us a knowing look, and a wink let me know she was jealous it wasn't her.

Sam accepted the excuse we got turned around and went to the front of the maze and had to start over. Angie walked up in front of me, and the strobe lights were blinding, I looked down between her legs and could see our juices running down her legs. They were shiny and slick with our cum, I looked back at Brittney and Sam, she'd seen what I was looking at, Sam was just smiling talking about the last spook on the trail. We finally made it through the haunted woods, laughing and telling our favorite parts, I made it known I really liked the house of doom's maze.

Even though we did get turned around and had to go through it twice, Angie reached over into my lap and gave my thickening cock a gently squeeze. This was just my first night, what was the rest of the weekend going to be like? Maybe I'll finish telling about the weekend if any are interested.

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