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Haunting Love


Storm clouds loomed and a mother desperately tried to get to the hospital. Contractions had started and she was worried. She didn't know why but she could feel that something wasn't right. The wipers moving across her vision, clearing the rain only for a moment. The contraction hit her like a semi.

She took her foot off the gas and tried to breathe through the pain. Her body bearing down on her son. She knew it was only a matter of time before she couldn't drive. Wiping her brow, she places her foot back on the accelerator.

A streak of lighting strikes off just to the side of her vehicle. She turns the wheel away from the strike, a post exploding under its power. But it's too late. The power line comes down across her car, her screams deafening in her ears.

A passerby called 9-1-1 in hopes that whoever lay trapped in the vehicle would be ok. He knew better than to mess with electricity. By the time emergency crews had arrived and shut off the power it was too late. The mother and child had died.


Years later a small girl was growing up, and growing up hard. Her dad was abusive and her mom tried to protect the children. But she didn't always succeed. Too many times bruises had to be explained away; too many times she went to bed with tears silently falling. Her hope that men out there could ever love her faded daily.

Day after day she walked on eggshells. She learned at a very young age not to mess with her dad, and whatever she did, not to provoke him to anger. Though she was still too young to go to school she longed to be away from the house. She remembered one vivid morning looking at her bed and thinking 'I've done this already, why do I have to go through this again?'

Even being only 4 years old Sara knew that she had never bargained for this. How did she end up with this raw deal? Could she make it through? She crawled into a corner and cried. And that's when she first felt him. His arms held her tight, warming her to her very soul. She couldn't see him, but she feels him, and most of all his unconditional love for her. Sara awakened the next morning with a blanket atop her.

"Honey? You ok? Why are you sleeping on the floor?" Her mom asked as she pressed her wrist to her forehead feeling for a temperature. Sara only shrugged and put the blanket back on her bed.

"I'm ok." Sara said sadly to her mom. Her mom never understood her child's moods and kissed her forehead lightly. With a deep sigh she left the room and started getting breakfast ready.

She always worried about Sara. Sara seemed distant from the kids her age and always reminded her mom of an adult trapped in a child's body. Sara's mother was saddened by this, but did all she could to give her a childhood in the turmoil they were forced to live in.

But to Sara, there was a man. The more Sara thought about it, the more she knew. He had dark hair and very light eyes. He had always been about 34 years old. In all her dreams he had never aged.

She can't remember a time when he wasn't there. The nights that her father had beaten her and she would sleep under her bed, she could feel the love and protection of him as his arms held her tight. He would whisper things in her ears that she would soon forget. But in her heart she always felt peace when he had her.

Her teenage years took a toll on Sara. Her family having little money, her father drinking what little money they had away. She worked whatever job would accept her. Sara never complained. Every morning she got up and went to school, doing as much of her homework at school as she could, then after school went straight to work at a local retail store.

During her few breaks she would work on any unfinished homework and then return to her job. She did all she could to help her mom pay the mounting bills, but it was never enough. Sara tried to have boyfriends and it never seemed worked out. Most of them could not understand why she worked so much and others mainly wanted sex.

Her dating became few and far between, but as the years passed and he never left her. She grew up fast, many heartaches and pains. Yet he was always there comforting her, talking soothingly to her, whispering things will be ok. It was during her later teenage years she started feeling things for this guy. She wanted to kiss him and hold him like lovers do.

She went to bed dreaming of him, wanting to hold him. He was there waiting for her. But this time when he held her, she leaned up trying to kiss him.

"No." He whispered softly to her, his finger resting gently on her lips.

"But I am 17, almost a legal adult, and I have seen more in this life than someone of my age should. Why not?"

"Its not time." And with that his form faded from her leaving her to feel empty.

For the next few years she would try and call him to her in her dreams. Longing just for those arms to hold her. Heartbreak after heartbreak she endured her life, his image fading from her mind. She couldn't help but to cry thinking she had forever lost the one that loved her through everything.

Her 21st birthday came and went and the man of her dreams seemed so far away. Sometimes she thought that she could feel him watching her, but she played it off as a child's dream. Passed him off as her security blanket in growing up in such a harsh world. Sara did her best to survive in this cold hard world. Giving time to heal and then to try and date again. She struggled within herself and her world to do something with what was left of her life.

Yet men still could not please her. They always found ways to hurt her. She sometimes felt as if Fate was dealing her a cruel blow for something she must have done in a former lifetime. Far from her family, far from her old childhood friends she began a life. Life without all the painful memories of where she had been.

At the age of 27 she was now very unhappy with how life had dealt cards to her she became deeply depressed. Sara stripped from her clothes and went to bed. Tears streaming down her cheeks as she cried herself to sleep.

Peace swept over her as she plunged into a deep sleep. Her mind took her to the forest, the sun was bright overhead and she was looking for someone. They had to be here somewhere. The birds chirped on as if encouraging her forward, a mist coming through a few of the trees ahead, beckoning her, whispering her forward. Her footsteps slowed as she tiptoes forward. Still unsure of whom she is looking for. Her hand goes out and moves away a branch, the water echoing in her ears as she hears the waterfall in the background...

There he is. His back is to her and he is standing under the waterfall, the water cascading down his strong form. She kneels in the brush and watches him. She can feel her own breath taken away, as his hands move through his dark hair smoothing it back, his muscular back shimmering in the sun. She can't help but to sigh.

She begins to fight those feelings of desire for him, the longing coursing through her body. She so desperately needed him in her life, even if she could never truly have him. She could feel her own nipples harden against the cool breeze, her body tingling with anticipation of his touch. But she would not drive him away. She would wait for these feelings to subside before approaching him. So she contented herself to watch.

The heat of the day begins to get to her and she wishes to join him in the cool water. She can almost feel the coolness across her tender flesh. How her body responds to water, aching in desire, aching in the heat. She does her best to wait out her own body, but this was only getting worse. Besides she wasn't that little girl any more, she was a woman.

Pushing up from where she was kneeling a twig breaks. He turns around seeing her, a huge smile on his face. Her heart races and she awakes from her dream.

"Damn it!" she groans to herself as she sees that she is back in bed, "I haven't seen him in forever and the minute I do, poof he is fucking gone. Jeesh."

She looks at the clock and notices her alarm will go off in 2 minutes. She picks it up the alarm and tosses it across the room. With a growl she heads to the shower for another boring day at work. Her body still screaming with desire as she thinks of taking a nice long cold shower. Maybe that would cool the fire that burns so deeply inside her.

She makes her way through the day in a daze. Her mind constantly going back to seeing him. How long has it been? Would she see him again tonight? Was he smiling because he saw her? How can this dream man tug at her heart so much? Question after question went through her mind. Before she knew it she was on her way back home.

She entered her small apartment and stripped as soon as she walked in the door. Her blinds were always closed and she kept the doors locked. She made her way back to her room and turned on her computer. It was Friday and nothing to do but see who was hanging out online.

As usual everyone had a life but her, so the only thing she came across was the assholes that always wanted to cyber you and asked if you had a cam. Wouldn't they have a fit if they knew she was naked, if they only knew that she preferred being that way?

A small smile crossed her soft lips as she browsed the chat rooms. Finally deciding to go and read a few stories that had posted. She lost herself in the Internet and when she finally blinked back to reality it was approaching midnight.

"ugh." She said as she pushed back from the computer, "this is too boring." She heads into the kitchen to fix a small sandwich and a drink. Leaning against the cool counter her eyes closed she can almost feel his eyes upon her, admiring her. she can almost feel his body pressed against her back, his breathe warm on her neck.

She turns around quickly seeing no one. With a soft sigh she takes her food and stretches out on the couch her food and drink placed on the coffee table. Picking up the remote she skims through the channels. Wouldn't you know it all these channels and nothing really catching her interest?

She finishes her food as she still scans through the channels. Then finding a movie on one of the many movie channels she decides she can watch this one again for the thousandth time. Before she knows it she is sound asleep. The wee hours of the morning had crept up on her and she gave in to it.

Her dreams take her back through that forest, to just before the spot she was discovered. Again she slowly peeks through the bushes hoping beyond hope that he is still there, just as she left him. To her despair she discovers an empty waterfall.

The sun still high in the sky as she looks around for him, her heart racing, longing to see him. She steps from the tree line out into the open sun. The rays caressing her naked body, her sexual frustration returning to her as if it never ceased. With a final look around she steps towards the water.

"What the hell." with that she steps in feeling the cool water begin to surge to her core. Then with a spring in her step she dives in. the cold water bathing her deeply, she swims out to the middle of the lake. She comes up gasping for air. Then with a smile she takes another deep breath and goes under. Her eyes closed tightly as she lets her mind think of nothing but how she floats in the water. Wishing she could breathe under water as she comes back up only to slip back under.

She forgets the troubles of her life, of her day, of her sexual frustration as she swims under the water. The water washing everything away from her, freeing her to enjoy the forest and water around her.

Coming to surface she swims to the base of the waterfall. As she gets closer she feels a ledge of rocks under her feet allowing her to stand. Her nude form steps under the torrent of water and she can't help but to laugh. Her arms held out to the sides as she plays in the water. Joy, pure joy, she hasn't felt that in so long. She turns slowly in the waterfall her eyes closed tightly consumed by the moment. Her body abruptly stopping.

Her eyes fly open as something captures her. She sees him smiling down on her, love gleaming in his eyes. Her defenses melt. She buries her head in his chest and just cries. All her life, he was the one, the one with the love and strength that helped her through. She was so afraid of losing him, so overjoyed at seeing him.

His arms circle her small body, pulling her closer, his warmth spreading over her delicate skin. She soon becomes aware that he too is naked. His slick skin pressed to hers, his manhood pressing against her stomach. She dares to sneak a small kiss over his heart. Her eyes still closed tightly praying this dream never ends.

He leans down kissing the top of her head, his finger sliding down the side of her cheek coming to rest on her chin, tilting it up towards him. His lips meet hers, tenderly pressed together she moans softly. His tongue lightly exploring her soft lips, she opens to accept him. Their tongues slow and methodical discovering each other like they have an eternity. Her heart beats loudly in her head, as she tastes him, his warm wet sweetness consuming her. His mouth not only claiming hers, but her very soul.




"Shit!!!" she bolts straight out of the dream. Looking around she cries out in anguish.

"Noooooo!!!" then throwing the cell phone across the room she collapses back on the couch sobbing.

She can't believe after all this time she finally got her kiss and Fate yanked her hardcore from her dream, her love, her soul mate. She plays that back over in her head, 'soul mate', yes, how could he be anything but that.

Now she began to wonder. Was he real? Is he only a dream of what she can never have? Or is he someone she still conjures up to use to measure her now all ex-boyfriends?

She got up pacing around the living room, her mind too chaotic to rest. She looks at the clock seeing she only had a few hours of sleep. She clicks off the TV and heads back to her bedroom. She has got to try and get some kind of sleep.

Once in her room her still naked form slides under the cool satin sheets. Her warm body wiggling around enjoying the cool caress. She moans softly her body beyond frustrated as her hands begin to wander her body. Gently touching and exploring herself, then with a groan she stops. She just can't bring herself to play alone.

For the rest of the weekend she has trouble finding sleep, and Monday comes way too soon. He is always there, a gentle touch in the back of her mind, whispering words of love, words that she can't quite hold onto as soon as they leave his lips.

She is now 32 years old and feels like her life is going nowhere. She makes her way to the office every weekday, tending her grownup duties. Yet in her mind a fantasy continues to play out. A man in all his strength and splendor comes and sweeps her off her feet and into a life of love.

Yet she knows better. This is real life. Fantasies are for children. It has been a month since her dream man kissed her. She has not seen him since. She had tried to concentrate on seeing him, and she had tried just to let her sleep take over. Yet she was still unable to get him to return.

He was the only light in her now darkened life. Her family was thousands of miles away and hadn't called her in years, she had no boyfriend, even if she wanted one she could never seem to keep them, and she had no social life. Her life was depressing and she did her best not to let others see.


"Yeah, yeah, fuck you too." She said more to herself than the impatient driver behind her. Things were becoming harder and harder in her life to focus. Work was easy, same old same old. But she would be sitting down watching TV and as soon as a commercial came on she would have already forgotten why she was on that channel and what she was watching. Even in driving she was distracted. Already today she had almost been t-boned and rear-ended.

Weeks and months blended together and time felt like someone pressed the fast forward button on her life. Summer had turned to fall and her dream man had not returned. At least now she had something to do on the weekends. She had since found a horse stable to go and ride. Her Internet and TV time just couldn't keep her. She had to do something, anything.

So every weekend she made her usual trek, heading out of the bustling city, to nice countryside. The nice clean air refreshing her soul, memories of better times in her childhood. The times where she could escape into her own fantasy world, one where he had always been.

She sighed softly as she turned down the long gravel road that led to the stables. Her heart pounding wildly as her mind registered the upcoming freedom. She finally pulls into a parking spot and turns her car off. She sits there for a few minutes, her head back in the seat, her eyes closed, just listening to the sounds of the country. A slight breeze made its way through her open window, catching her long auburn hair. She sighed contentedly, her body not really wanting to move.

"Ah-hem" came a male voice from her side window; her eyes flew open and looked to where the sound came from. Yet when she looked at her window no one was there.

"Interesting" she whispers to her car. Reaching to the back seat she tugs her bag forward. Then slides out of her car, bag in tow. Looking around she enters the large barn. She can hear the other horses and hear a few voices talking softly. She still had two hours before the barn would be busy with horses and their owners, so she headed towards the back of the barn to the changing area provided for everyone.

She finds herself in the dressing room, a large mirror facing her. She smiles thinking of how many of the riders stood here making sure their clothes were perfect before going in front of the judges. She had ridden competitively as a child, but now she was only here to relax.

She drops her bag beside her and studies herself in the mirror. Her long auburn hair is wind blown and crazy, her emerald eyes peeking out from the strands beneath, her work suit making her look so out of place. With a deep sigh she closes her eyes and takes in the smell. She can smell the hay from the loft next to the changing room; she can smell the scent of the horses.

Her eyes still closed her fingers find their way to the buttons of her shirt. She can almost feel him behind her, his arms slipping lovingly around her, slowly undoing her work shirt buttons.

One by one the buttons are unfastened revealing more of her tender flesh beneath, her breath being drawn from her as she can feel the warmth of his breath on her neck, his fingers trailing down her arms as she slips out of her shirt.

She can feel his strong hands slowly begin to unfasten her pants, his chest pressed against her back, as the pants fall to her ankles. She stands there in only her underclothes; her eyes firmly closed enjoying his caress. His hands rest on her hips for a moment before trailing down her thighs. She moans softly under his touch, wanting so much more from him.

"Please" she barely whispers, as his hands respond by wrapping her in a hug. After holding her for a moment his hands trail across her chest, her nipples pressing against the fabric of her bra longing to be released into his mouth. His hands trail lower, across the soft skin of her belly, the heat from her core begging him to touch her, to take her, she can feel his fingertips tracing the edge of her panties and she inhales deeply waiting for him to push further.

Knock. Knock. Comes from the door. Her eyes fly open and she sees only her reflection in the mirror. With a sad sigh she responds.

"Some one is in here, I am almost done."

Knock. Knock.

She waits for them to answer but no one does. Did she imagine someone at the door? Is this place haunted? Shaking her head she steps out of her pants that are still at her ankles and opens the door slightly peering out. No one is there. She closes and locks the door again and pulls a pair of baggy jeans from her bag and comfortable shirt. Slipping them on she gets her riding boots on and places them on her feet.

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