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Having a Slice


My Master believes in daily tasks. They are to be completed without question and immediately upon being assigned.

When Sir instructed his sub to take his proxy and commence 3 near-cums while at her office, she had to be creative in order to prevent detection, yet follow his orders to the "T".

While alone in a back room, I was accepting the proxy hungrily -- conducting an oral assault while using Sir's proxy cock. With several minutes into the mouth fuck, an office mate opened up the door calling for me. That certainly induced a feeling deep inside -- and not the most pleasant of feelings. Getting caught with a dildo down my throat was not on my list of "to do's".

I decided to "take it outside" . . . I needed to go on an errand and decided now was the time to do it.

Take a seat beside me as I go on my wild ride with Frank, my Master's 8" very veiny proxy cock. I'm determined to finish today's assignment and continue my training as Sir's slave.

* * * * *

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