tagMind ControlHaving Fun with Faith Ch. 02

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 02



"Lord, I know I haven't always been a good person but I try to be. Please give my dreams peace and... chastity. I don't want to be like my sister. I don't want to be a disappointment to my father and my mother. If this is a test, lend me the strength to see it through. If it isn't, I do still need your strength. Amen." Faith stood up and took a deep breath. She was actually a bit scared to go to bed tonight.

She had no idea what had triggered the dreams she had suffered from last night nor where they had come from. And because of that she didn't know if she was going to have more tonight. 'Well, not if I remain steadfast. I just have to focus on the Lord.' Thus assured she slipped between the sheets, but sleep didn't come for a long while.


'Is she still not sleeping?' April questioned.

"Nope, although it won't be long now." Jack changed the subject. "Have you given any thought to what fantasy you want to share tonight?"

April grinned. 'Yes, I have. I think it's time I further Faith's education. It's obviously lacking in certain vital areas.'

Jack chuckled. "Going for a more systematic approach I see. And here I was thinking I had to drop a hint or two before you hit on that idea." Jack was silent for a moment. "And it seems the girl has finally fallen asleep."

'Good,' April thought. She lay down and closed her eyes, one final thought went through her mind before sleep overtook her as well. 'Showtime.'


"All that remains is the nude examination and we're done," a doctor informed her. Faith blinked as she took stock of where she was. She seemed to be in a doctor's office. Everything seemed to be normal except for two things. One, she had no idea how she had gotten here. And two, the doctor appeared to be April who was not a doctor but a classmate of hers. At least, she thought this was April but the coat was obviously tailored to her build. Even the nametag read 'April Steiner' which confused Faith even more.

"You can put your clothes on the chair," April pointed out. Faith was uncertain what to do. She didn't feel comfortable undressing in front of anybody but she had come here for some reason. In the end Faith decided to trust her decision to come here and follow the doctor's orders. She neatly folded her clothes on the chair while the doctor was leafing through a file.

When she was down to her underwear she hesitated, something that the doctor picked up on. She looked up. "It's a nude examination, dear. The emphasis is on nude. Don't worry, I won't be seeing anything I don't see when I look in the mirror." Faith flushed but not because she had been caught dawdling. When the doctor told her about the mirror she had immediately pictured April standing naked in front of a mirror while touching herself. 'Get a grip on it Faith,' she sternly told herself.

With her underwear gone she used her hands and arms to cover her unmentionables which earned her a suffering look from the doctor. But April didn't say anything and led her to the examination table instead. She inhaled sharply when the cool, slick plastic touched her vagina. It was a strange feeling and not at all unpleasant.

The doctor started with looking down her throat and examining her eyes and ears. She was puzzled why she had to be nude but that became clear when the doctor began deftly began to feel every inch of her breasts. She was very, very thorough and even tweaked her turgid nipples. Faith didn't know why she did that last thing but was wondering if the doctor shouldn't do it again. Just to make certain everything was in order.

"Well, your tits seem to be fine too."

Faith looked horrified. "Don't you mean breasts?"

The doctor shook her head. "That sounds too impersonal, these are a part of your body. You should give them the respect and care two lovely assets like that deserve. Call them tits, jugs, hooters or even titties if you're in a pinch. Go ahead, practice."

Faith blushed but the doctor seemed adamant so she relented. "I've got.. tits. They, they are jugs. Do you want to suck my titties?" She didn't know where the last one came from but she had not expected the doctor's reaction.

She smiled. "Maybe later dear. And that was very good, don't you feel much better about them?" Faith looked down and had to admit that suddenly they looked a lot more... touchable. "And I suppose you call that a vagina?" The doctor gestured down. Faith nodded. "Right, let's cover that one too then. If calling your titties breasts isn't a crying shame calling something as lovely as a pussy a vagina is. Personally I think cunt is a little too harsh but words like twat and snatch sound so quaint, don't you think?"

Faith looked down in embarrassment. "Yes, it does. If you don't mind ma'am, I will stick to pussy."

"That's fine. Now let me have a look at your pussy." Faith uncrossed her legs but the doctor's face turned disapproving once again at what she saw. "Well now that really isn't a well maintained snatch, how can I examine it if I can barely see it?" And with those words she dove under the bed to retrieve a tray containing a bowl of water, shaving cream and a razor.

Faith watched bewildered as the doctor began coating her fur with cream. She felt she should say something but didn't know what. The doctor knew the best way to examine her after all and she had decided she needed an examination or she wouldn't be here in the first place.

She watched fearfully how the doctor applied the razor to her pussy and gasped when she felt it glide over her skin for the first time. She watched hypnotized as the doctor shaved the rest of her snatch. For some reason it felt exciting to feel that razor glide over her skin and she noted with renewed embarrassment that she was getting aroused.

She moaned when the doctor wiped away the remaining shaving cream but the doctor took it in a stride. Faith was disappointed it was over but did her best not to let it show. "Now it's time for the oral examination," the doctor announced and she attached her mouth to Faith's pussy. Faith looked wide-eyed as the doctor did that but was soon moaning with closed eyes as the doctor began exploring her outer lips.

This examination was as thorough as the one of her tits. Every inch of skin, every ridge and every wrinkle was traced, retraced and catalogued. Faith's juices were sampled and resampled. Her reaction was tested to licking, sucking and nibbling. At some point Faith's hands had begun re-examining her tits on their own and Faith was pleased to note nothing had changed since the last time. But she had to be sure so she kept her hands on her jugs.

The doctor stopped and looked up. "I hope you have learned your lesson?" Faith nodded, so desperate to finish this that she was considering grabbing the good doctor's head and forcing it back to her twat. But that wasn't necessary because the doctor had already dived back in. She simply sucked on Faith's clit and gave it a lick and Faith ignited. "Oh fuck yes," she shouted.


"So, you thought her to say a few dirty words." Those were the words that greeted April when she entered the endless hallway.

She shrugged. "It's just the first step. And it was fun hearing miss prim and proper asking me to suck her titties," April guffawed.

"Well, there is that," Jack admitted. "But what is the next step?"

"Reinforcement for one, but I think technique is up next. Yes, I believe it's time our good little Faith gets the opportunity to play her total opposite." With those words she grabbed the doorhandle and stepped into the light.


Once again Faith found herself sitting in a chair with a hanging head facing April across a desk. 'Again? Did this happen before?' They were in the principal office and according to the nameplate on the desk April was the principal. Which didn't make any sense since she went to school here and she couldn't be running it if she was a student. But she got her real shock when her eyes drifted down. She was dressed like a hooker or something.

She wore a tie-front top with the knot resting just below her tits. Her bra-less tits because she could feel the fabric against her semi-hard nipples. Her skirt was practically nonexistent and she could see her skimpy panties. They barely covered her bald pussy and had an offensive neon-orange color that seemed to scream for attention.

Her second shock came when she tried to cover herself up and her body didn't even so much as twitch. 'I am trapped in my own body, am I possessed? It would explain the outfit,' she reasoned. Her worry didn't lessen when she began paying attention to what the principal was saying.

"The reason you are here April is because I have received several complaints from your fellow students. Now, is it true you have been harassing other girls by asking them to play with your pussy?"

Faith was horrified. 'I did what? Oh please let me be possessed.' The possessed-theory was lent more credence by the fact that her body moved on its own and began talking without any input from Faith. "It is true, ma'am. But a lot of them did want to help! It's just, I didn't do much for them in return." Faith couldn't even think anymore, she watched the show in mute horror.

April looked sympathetic. "Faith, you can't go around asking people to finger you all the time. Can't you do it yourself?"

"I don't know how," was the sad reply of her body.

The principal blinked. "But didn't you pick up a few things when girls did it to you?" Faith shook her head. 'No, not me. My body did that, not me!' Her body went into detail. "When they start diddling it just feels so good that I lose track of what they are doing."

"I see." April was silent as she thought the matter over. "Well, this is a school and you are here to learn. I will just have to teach you." And with those words she came around the desk and went to stand behind Faith. Her body tilted its head a little so she could see the principal. April deftly reached around and untied the knot holding her shirt together. She examined her breasts. "It looks like we need to get you in the mood first."

April tilted Faith's head a little more and kissed her. Faith didn't resist, in mind or body when those soft lips touched hers. It felt good and got even better when their supple tongues began to dance with each other. Eventually April came up for air. "I think that set the mood just right," the principal mused.

The principal's hands glided over Faith's arms until April covered the girl's hands with her own. Gently holding them she brought them up until they covered Faith's tits were they rested for a moment before she gently began to move them around a bit.

"You want to start slow," the principal explained. "Take your time, savor the feeling." She diverted Faith's hands to tracing circles on her tummy before returning to caressing the underside of her breasts. The pattern changed again, this time it became a lazy spiral closing in on her firm teats. "And when you're primed," April narrated, "you get a little more thorough." Faith's breasts were now being kneaded and soon after the principal finally let her squeeze and pull at her nipples.

When April was satisfied that the girl had the hang of it she moved her own hands to Faith's shoulders and resumed making out with her. She was lost in a world of pleasure and arousal, her earlier panic at being trapped in her own body had been forgotten as her mind was overwhelmed by what that body was feeling. But it wasn't enough, she needed more and she tried to get it by pressing her pussy against the chair. That didn't work though and did little more than stain the seating.

The principal noticed and chided her, "someone is getting impatient." But she stopped kissing the girl anyway and taking charge of Faith's right hand she moved it downward. The scrap of cloth covering her snatch was easily pushed aside but to Faith's dismay they didn't just dive right in. "Now pay attention young woman, you will face a test on this next." Faith nodded and focussed her will, she was going to ace it.

April guided one of Faith's fingers to the bare flesh just besides her pussy. 'This feels so good, I really need to shave.' This thought seemed odd to Faith, she could see for herself that it already was bare. Her thoughts were interrupted by the principal.

"The principle is very much like with your titties. You don't just jump in, you get comfortable first. You work your way up, down or in." The finger moved in conjunction with that last sentence. Mesmerized Faith watched as her finger began tracing her outer lips. She began to breathe deeper and her skin became damp with sweat but she barely blinked. She wanted to see every second of this.

The principal didn't waste words anymore either and let her fingers do the talking for her. Faith's hand now obscured the view as it rested over her pussy but it felt even better. The palm was pressing against her bud while the ring and index finger parted her folds. And then their fingers took the plunge. It felt even better because it wasn't just her own but April's finger too.

Her hips didn't stay still anymore and she began to impale herself on the digits bringing even more pressure on her clit. Faith started to babble, spouting fragments of sentences commenting on how good it felt mixed with pleas not to stop. To keep doing this, just this. She was also still playing with her breast and as her arousal increased her manipulations became more aggressive. Kneading became squeezing and tweaking the nipple became pulling.

The words tapered off and Faith was reduced to meaningless sounds as her climax thundered through her body. As the principal nuzzled her neck and began coating Faith's tummy with her essence the girl kept repeating two words, "thank you." 'Oh yes, thank you,' Faith agreed with her in her mind.


"It's good to know that no matter what happens, you can always fall back on your skills as a porn director."

"And what crawled up your butt? You've been kinda snippy today," April retorted.

Jack was silent for a moment. "My apologies, it will not happen again."

"Good, but where does this frustration come from? I mean, aren't you getting some fine meals out of all this too?

"Not really," was the surprising answer. "You see, dream pleasure isn't really pleasure. Don't ask me why or how but it's like eating a cake that is empty inside. It looks like a cake but when you bite into it, you find it's just crust. I feel like I am being put on a diet while someone is eating roast pig right in front of me."

April's eyebrows rose up. "Oh, well I can see how that can make you cranky." 'Maybe I can give him something more substantial.' She would have to think about that. But not now because it was time for Faith's final lesson of the night. A moment later the sound of a door closing echoed through the endless hallway.


Faith was relieved to find herself in a familiar environment this time. She was sitting at a desk in her biology classroom with her teacher April leaning against the desk. A quick check of her clothing told her they were just as revealing as always. They showed of her assets and allowed easy access if anybody wanted to sample her goodies.

The teacher was also dressed in the required school uniform. It was a very functional design, consisting of a strapless dress with a split down the middle so that students could service the teacher when needed without needing to remove the dress. Yes, everything seemed to be in order.

But her sense of comfort was shattered by the teacher's announcement. "This oral exam will count for 90% of your final grade and there will be no second chances. This is a do or fail proposition, young lady."

'An exam? But I haven't studied, I don't even know what's it going to be about!' But she couldn't let her teacher on to that so she put up a brave front. "I am certain I will ace it, ma'am." The word 'ace' stirred something in Faith's memory but it was gone as quick as it had come.

The teacher smiled encouragingly. "Good to hear. Especially because you will be part of a test program to see if active rewarding and punishing during exams boosts scores." She put a bowl with candy next to her. "So, you get one of these for every question you answer correctly. And I get one for every wrong answer." Faith nodded that she understood and the exam began. "Alright, the first question is a gimme. What's your name?"

April's worry was lessened by that simple question but it wasn't gone. The question told her nothing about what subjects she was supposed to have studied. "My name is Faith Joy Williams."

"Excellent, here's a cumcandy." And she tossed one to a surprised Faith. She caught the wrapped confection and examined it. 'Cumcandy? What kind of name is that?' She unwrapped it and found what seemed to be a piece of chocolate. Shrugging she put it in her mouth and bit down on it.

It was chocolate but inside of it was something else and recognition was instant when the flavor hit her taste buds. 'It's female cum, well that explains the name. Wait, how do I know how female cum tastes like?' Those thoughts whizzed through her head followed on its heal by a short, sharp spike of pure pleasure that forced a gasp out of the startled Faith. 'So it tastes like cum and it makes you come.'

"Nice reward huh?" the teacher asked her with an impish smile. Faith found herself agreeing. She hoped she would get more questions right. 'Because I want to have good grades,' she told herself. "Well, here is the next question. What are four synonyms for your breasts?"

"Tits, jugs, hooters and..." She tapered off as she wracked her brain for the fourth word. "Titties?"

The teacher frowned and April got a bad feeling, it got worse when she shook her head. "No, the last one is to similar to tits. I really can't count that one. And like I said, there will be no second chances. Which means I get your candy." Faith watched jealously as April consumed the sweet and was in turn consumed by a nice orgasm, Faith's orgasm.

April took a deep breath before asking her third question. "Now give me four synonyms for your vulva and list the traditional ways you can pleasure it."

Faith was unsure for a moment what a vulva was but she could guess. And felt elated when she realized that thanks to the teacher she knew the answer. April should thank her for that. "Pussy, snatch, twat and cunt. And you can pleasure it with your hands, your lips, your teeth and your tongue," she finished proudly.

This time she didn't waste any time examining her candy, she just put it in her mouth and bit down. The taste was subtly different this time but for some reason she didn't feel anything. She was beginning to think she had done something wrong when she began to feel something. She realized that this time she was experiencing a slow orgasm.

It began in her toes from where it flowed up her legs, swirled up her torso touching every cell of her being as it rose up before spouting into her brain. Every muscle in her body tensed and her pussy clenched as it rolled up and down, never letting her come down entirely.

But eventually it was over and she found herself sprawled in her bench, sweaty and feeling fucking fantastic. The teacher's eyes shone too, apparently she had appreciated the show. "Well, that concludes the theoretical part of the exam. Now for the practical part."

Faith watched fascinated as April unwrapped a cumcandy, parted her uniform and put in her pussy. After that she slowly cleaned the arousal on her fingers with her mouth before she addressed Faith. "Your assignment is to get me off and you have to do that before your reward is all melted. And you can't use your hands."

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