tagMind ControlHaving Fun with Faith Ch. 04

Having Fun with Faith Ch. 04



'Woah.' That thought still went through April's mind occasionally when she thought back on last night. That last dream was supposed to get Faith to open up and share. April wanted to get her over whatever was keeping her from just enjoying the dreams.

But when it finally worked Faith had turned out to be a little more take-charge in bed than she had expected. Jack hadn't said much but she got the impression he was very smug about something, like he expected exactly that.

April closed her locker and turned around to head to class when she stopped. The 'woah' that now went through her mind was also caused by Faith but not by April's memory of her but by what she was seeing. Faith wore the same clothes she wore yesterday and she had not undergone plastic surgery or had suddenly started wearing make-up but the woman that was now walking towards April was still very different.

'If I had to put it in words,' April mused, 'I would say that the old Faith seemed to be a little unsure, she didn't really fit in her own skin. But not this new Faith, she's like a...'

"Tigress," Jack finished for her. "I would say our cute kitten has become a proud pussycat."

There was no time for a retort from April because Faith had walked straight to her. "Hi, April. I just realized that we're neighbors but I haven't ever taken the time to get to know you."

"Uhm, hi. Eh, yeah."

Faith nodded as if she hadn't been given a semi-coherent reply. "Well, I think we should change that. Meet me for lunch?" April nodded and watched as Faith actually sauntered away. 'What. The. Hell.' Jack just snickered.


"So how did you get into my dreams?" Faith asked in a lull in the conversation. April had indeed met her for lunch and the conversation had been eerily similar to the one she had experienced in that last dream. It had merely clinched it for Faith, April had been sharing dreams with her somehow.

April's eyes widened but she wasn't astonished or puzzled. She just looked busted but that didn't stop her from trying to feign ignorance. "What are you talking about?"

"You got sloppy, you just stopped hiding your identity after the first night and now that I think back, you didn't change that much about yourself even in that first night. But having three erotic dreams for three nights straight, all of which I can remember perfectly even now and all of which were featuring you. Funny thing is, if it weren't for that last dream I wouldn't have realized that it was anything but a dream."

April looked away for a moment and Faith felt a little bad for being so blunt, even in the short talk they had before she confronted April she could tell they clicked. But it was now Faith's turn to be surprised when April suddenly looked her in the eyes with black orbs.

The eyes returned to normal in a blink but they somehow took all the sound with them because the cafeteria suddenly went deathly quiet. When Faith looked around she realized that the reason for the quietness was that there were no people in the cafeteria anymore. Except for a guy in a trenchcoat sitting on the table where nobody had been a second ago. What really startled her were his eyes, they were the same black orbs April had sported for a second.

"What?" She wetted her lips and scraped her throat before trying to speak again. "What happened to all the people?"

It was April that spoke up though. "They're still in the cafeteria, it's us that are somewhere else. Jack connected us so we could speak in private. We're actually in your..." She turned to the man. "In whose mind are we?"

The man smiled. "We're in yours, April." He now took over the explanation. "You wanted to know how April managed to appear in the dreams you had and I am your answer. Although I must correct you, while the dreams were created by April it would be most accurate to say you shared the dream. It wasn't really yours or April's. As for why I helped April, I am an entity that requires pleasure to continue my existence. And I made a deal with April here to get it. I would help her to help you find the fun, as she put it, and in exchange I get to eat."

"Hey, why are you telling her all that, isn't that supposed to be private or something?"

"If the deal hadn't been completed, I would feel a certain obligation. But Faith has found the fun so technically, my side of the bargain has been fulfilled."

While April was digesting that, Faith had a few questions of her own. "So you did, what, make the connection and provided the theater?"

Jack's smile got a little wider. "An apt analogy, but why do you ask?"

"Because I think I deserve a dream too. April got to call the shots in all the dreams, I think it is only fair I got one too."

"Hey, now wait a minute," April began to say but she was interrupted by Jack.

"It does sound kinda unfair, but what's in it for me?"

"Well, it would be very nice and after I get to know April here a little better I think I would want to," Faith started to blush but she kept going, "try a few things with her."

Jack laughed, "Done! One dream for the little lady. And I do believe that is all the conversation I need to be included in. Have fun, both of you."

And just as abruptly Faith found herself in a crowded cafeteria facing an abashed April. "So, what kind of dream did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't want to spoil the surprise for you. After all, what would be the fun in that!"


April woke up staring at a wooden ceiling with shadows playing over it. She looked the room over with bleary eyes and saw that it appeared to be some kind of large treehouse, she could see the top of a nearby tree out the window, and that the light was coming from a single oil lamp that hung near the ceiling.

She had thought she was alone at first until some of the shadows moved to reveal three women gathered around the bed. April blinked because the women appeared to look identical and their skin seemed to have green patches but she dismissed that as a trick of the light. She tried to sit up and ask where she was but was stopped midway by a wave of nausea.

One of the girls put her hand on April's shoulder and put a bowl with some kind of golden liquid to her lips. "Don't try to move too much, you had a nasty fall. Here, this should make you feel better."

When the girl mentioned a fall April began to remember. She had been trekking through the jungle when she had slipped and... her memories ended there. Hesitantly she drank some of the offered medicine, at least she assumed that was what it was. It didn't taste vile but sweet with a hint of spiciness thrown in and as it went down she could feel the nausea recede. In its place came a heady warmth that seemed to cuddle and caress her.

The bowl was taken from her lips and set aside by the girl, much to April's disappointment. "I am Joy, this is Iuvo and Laeti. We saw you fall and brought you here. We had to undress you, your clothes were too filthy."

April blushed as she hadn't even noticed her state of undress before now. Nonetheless she greeted them and gave them her own name but her eyes returned to the bowl. "You want more ambrosa, don't you?"

April nodded a little guiltily but Joy just smiled and gave her the bowl. April eagerly began gulping down the drink until the wooden bowl was empty and taken from her hands. April didn't care about that anymore, she was too lost in the feelings.

Her body felt like it was on fire and without even thinking about her audience she directed her hands to her turgid nipples. She moaned as she began squeezing her tits, which turned into gasping when one hand plunged into her needy pussy. It only took a few thrusts to push her over the edge but that did clear her mind enough to realize that something was going on.

'That ambrosa they gave me,' April concluded. She quickly got up and tried to make it to the doorway and freedom. But she didn't remove her hands from where they were still playing with herself. So halfway to the door the renewed pleasure drove her to her knees where one of the triplets joined her.

"Why fight it?" she asked April and began laving her breast with attention.

"Why resist it?" another asked and she replaced April's hand with her mouth mirroring the actions of her sister.

"Why refuse us?" the last one asked and she kissed April soundly on the mouth. 'She tastes just like the ambrosa,' April noted. 'Fight what?' she wondered as she let her left hand help her right hand to pleasure herself more thoroughly.

Another climax went through her sapping April's strength away and she found herself being lowered to the floor. The two women who had been pleasuring her breasts kissed their way down her body until they reached April's pussy. The third one, who she thought was Joy, was kneeling just above April and was looking down on her.

"Would you like some more ambrosa?" she

asked and April nodded even as she cried out in yet another orgasm. She didn't understand how that was possible, she should be too sensitive to get going again so soon or so often. But it didn't really matter, she didn't want them to ever stop. The kneeling woman rose up until April got a good look at her pussy.

There was a golden sheen on it and suddenly April knew where the delicious drink came from. She eagerly watched as Joy bent over until the source of the ambrosa was within her reach and April could begin lapping it up. But not before giving another gasp as Joy had added her tongue to the assault on her pussy.

April was lost in a sea of pleasure. A sea that was going up and down, soaking her mind in bliss even as it flowed over her tongue and down her throat until it set fire to ever cell of her body. She was still shuddering and gasping with aftershocks after the triplets had vanished and only Joy was kneeling above her head, observing her utter abandonment to ecstasy.

Eventually even the after-images of the experience receded from her mind leaving April to remember who she really was and where she was. "Oh wow. You really have a very good imagination Faith." She turned around and pushed herself until she was kneeling as well. "That really was a great fantasy."

"Who says it's over?" Faith said as she stroked her pussy with her pinky. She held it up to April's nose and she involuntarily inhaled the smell. Her mouth began to water and she suddenly realized that while she now remembered that this was a dream, the rules of it still applied.

April found herself sucking on Faith's pinky, trying to get every drop of it. She didn't resist when Faith, who was leaning back on her elbows now, guided her head to Faith's pussy. She began licking and sucking on it, her pussy clenching as a new climax hit her. She didn't notice Faith cooing and stroking her hair approvingly.


Faith watched as April, her body glistening with sweat, was servicing her. She had enjoyed the dreams and the role she had played in them but had been curious about being the dominant one too. And she found it to be even better than the other role.

Faith shook and gasped as she came, April following suit as her mouth was coated in an extra thick helping of ambrosa. But April didn't stop and that was more than fine with Faith. 'Oh yes, we really need to get together in the real world soon. Moma and Papa won't be home for a few hours after school's out and the hot tub is big enough for two.'

Another idea hit her. 'And why limit it to two? With Jack's help we could spread the fun around. Yes, I think Stephanie would appreciate a revelation.' Faith came again as she imagined having two beautiful girls on her knees before her.


"Just imagine those blonde locks plastered against her flushed skin as she begs for more. Those ripe tits overflowing your hands as you softly squeeze them, as you put a little nipple in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it," Faith whispered into April's ear. Every time she described a particular image she emphasized it with a soft stroke of April's g-spot.

Faith had gone through with her idea of the night before and they were now sitting in her hot tub with April sitting in front of her but with her back to Faith's front. Not that they had started exploring each other there, Faith hadn't been able to keep her hands off of April since she had closed the door behind the girl.

"Just think of that disapproving sneer on her face transformed into an o-shape as she moans and pleads for just one more... orgasm." Faith timed her last sentence to end with April's build-up and laid them both back so she could admire April as she came.

After a few minutes April dragged her mind out of the happy fog it had slipped into to speak to Faith. "I don't get it. How can you transform from... from a prude into a sex kitten?"

"Are you saying you're not happy with the new me?" She didn't even wait for April's denial to continue. "I guess this was always inside of me, I was just afraid that giving in to it would make me a bad person. But you showed me I was wrong and that wanting to fuck you senseless doesn't make me a bad person."

"Well, your plan for Stephanie won't work. The only reason we could share dreams was because we're neighbors. Steph lives on practically the other side of town."

Faith hummed. "Then we just have to use one of your ideas."

"My idea?"

Faith smiled and nuzzled April before explaining herself. "Yes, that last dream you gave me. I think I should invite her and you for a slumber party tomorrow."

April thought that over. "That could work. And Jack says he can help you get permission from your parents and ensure we won't be disturbed." As Faith made a satisfied sound April turned around in her arms until she was nose to nose with her. "Now, let's see how long I can hold my breath."

Faith discovered that the answer was quite a while, a very delicious while.


"I don't know about you inviting 'her' for this, Faith," Stephanie said after April had left for the bathroom to change. She hadn't known that April would be there too, it was a surprise Faith had sprung on her when she had arrived. "I know you've only moved into town a few months ago so you might not know that April has gained a certain... reputation."

"Oh, she's quite nice actually when you get to know her. She's just not boy-crazy and some can't take no for an answer. I've heard the rumors and they scared me off for a while too, but she is my neighbor and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

Stephanie's mouth just got a little wrier but she relented and decided to give April a chance. When April came back Steph was pleasantly surprised to find that her sleepwear wasn't skimpy or anything. Nor did she try to steer the conversation into a racy direction and Stephanie found herself enjoying April's company.

The only fly in the ointment was that she thought April and Faith were a little too cozy together, sitting a little too close to each other. And she kept getting the impression they were staring at her breasts.

Still, Stephanie was sad when they went to sleep but only a little. It wasn't that late but she felt very tired for some reason and Faith's parents had just gone to bed too. It wouldn't be very proper to stay up without supervision.

"Why don't you take the bed, Steph," April suggested. "It's big enough for you and Faith. Besides, if you let me use your blanket I can make myself more comfortable on the floor."

"Oh, I don't know about..." But she was interrupted by Faith who put her hand on her shoulder.

"She's right. The bed is big enough for two and this way we're all more comfortable." It sounded so logical that Stephanie relented, but she missed the triumphant smiles Faith and April exchanged.


"So you want to join our convent?" Faith asked.

"Oh yes, mother superior." Stephanie felt slightly disorientated until that answer had flown out of her mouth. Her surroundings snapped into focus and she could see she was in an office of some kind. Sunlight was streaming through a stained glass window illuminating stone walls with a wooden floor. There was a book case to the right and a desk facing the wall opposite the door.

Stephanie herself was sitting in one of three chairs arranged in a circle. All of them lacked arms and were a little narrow. There was only one other person in the room besides Steph and she was dressed as the typical nun, complete with the stereotypical habit. She looked very young though, no older then Stephanie herself, and her dress was so short that it barely reached mid-thigh. Stockings were covering those thighs, however, so it wasn't really indecent.

The mother superior nodded. "Excellent. Our order of the Virgin Cunnilingus isn't very large, mainly because we have such strict admittance requirements."

"Cunnilingus?" Stephanie asked a little uncertain. The name didn't ring a bell at all.

"Oh yes, the blessed virgin kept 29 bewitched nuns sexually satisfied for four days and four nights to prevent them from breaking their vows and doom their souls. She did this by licking their pussies, or so the story goes. We have patterned ourselves after her by following in her footsteps. We believe that we bring our sisters closer to God through orgasms. The sexual pleasure releases our minds from their daily troubles so that they can focus on the bliss that is the Lord." Faith frowned. "Surely you knew this when you asked to join our Order?"

Stephanie could barely believe her ears but she had wanted to join this order. Although she couldn't remember actually making the decision she had just said she wanted to, so she must have wanted to. 'Maybe I will fail whatever tests they have for new recruits.' "I knew the story, yes, but I was a little vague on the details. Thank you for clearing that up, mother superior."

Faith smiled graciously. "Not a problem, she is a lesser known saint." Faith now raised her voice to call in the nun that had led Stephanie to the office. April came in wearing that same blissful smile she had when Steph first met her. She wore the same habit as the mother superior, complete with the very short skirt of which the blond girl could now guess the purpose.

Her eyes widened when she noticed the glistening on the girl's right hand. So stunned was she that she almost missed what the two nuns were saying. "Sister April here is our youngest member, part of her test will be to properly test you. Sister April, Stephanie here wishes to join us but I need to know she is ready to accept the Lord. Would you be a dear and help her on the path so we can see if she is ready?"

"Oh yes, mother superior. I'll get started right away," was the eager reply. Stephanie knew she could still refuse and leave but she was curious if these nuns were speaking the truth so hesitantly and blushing furiously she let her dress and panties fall to the floor before taking her seat again.

April opened her closed legs with shining eyes but instead of diving in she planted a kiss on Steph's right knee. Then she repeated that on her left knee before kissing a spot further along her right leg. April kept this pattern up, putting her tongue to work as well when she was halfway up.

Stephanie was shuddering with a feeling she couldn't name but it felt strangely good. Her eyes were glued to April's face and she saw how it changed when it finally reached her ready and waiting pussy. She gulped at April's look of reverence and hissed as April lazily gave it a flick of the flat of her tongue.

A lick and then April would examine what she had licked very closely before giving another lick. It was torture for Stephanie, it wasn't enough. But April finally changed her method and parted her folds so she could probe the blonde's depths and her first foray made Steph cry out in pleasure. "Oh God, yes."

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