Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 06


Cum still drips off my cock onto her pubic mound. Talia looks down at herself and runs her fingers through the gooey cum on her tummy like she did before. I smile as I gaze at her in amazement. I can't help but be proud of myself. For cumming so much. Twice! Twice so close together!! Talia seems proud of me too. She continues to play with the two cum loads I deposited on her.

"I've never had so much cum on me at one time before," she says with a smile. "It feels wonderful!"

I fall to one side and lay beside her, propping my head on my hand, watching her contentedly. She's still running her fingers over her belly playing with the thickening semen. She sticks her thumb into her navel and with a wet "squish" the warm spunk is forced out over the rim in all directions and flows over her flat tummy. She then extracts her thumb, but it doesn't leave her navel easily. So firmly it's seated inside her belly hole that a slight vacuum has formed and the rim of her bellybutton clings to her thumb like a pair of sucking lips pulling the surrounding flesh upwards until the seal breaks and the thumb comes free with a soft "pop!"

Talia giggles and looks over at me to see if I've been watching her game. I have. But to make sure, she scoops residual cum with her finger back toward her navel, collecting enough to more than refill the hole and repeats the thumb trick. The thick jizz being displaced by her thumb and then the little circle of tummy flesh distends up as the digit is slowly pulled out. "Pop!"

She giggles even more this time and so do I. She can't take her eyes off of herself as she trails the fingers of both hands though the sticky glop on her belly.

"So much," she whispers as if in a trance. "So much."

I reach down between her legs and slide my hand over her pussy. My fingers slip over and between her lips and gently across her clit. She sucks in a deep breath quickly and sighs. Her thighs part slightly to allow me better access and her clit stiffens and meets my teasing finger. She's very wet and closer to orgasm that I imagined. Her breathing quickens and my fingers massage her pussy and her fingers play across her cum-drenched tummy. She moans and her body begins to writhe. She scoops up a palm-full of cum from her belly with her left hand and lifts it up to her chest, grabbing a breast and smearing it with my sperm. I plunge two fingers into her sopping pussy as she moves her hand to her other tit which is soon wet and shiny.

A few moments later, she's out of control with orgasm, my fingers deep inside her and my thumb teasing her clitoris; her own hands fondling her cum-covered body. She thrashes and moans in total ecstasy. Unworldly sounds escape her throat and orgasmic pleasure reaches every inch of her naked body inside and out.

Talia's orgasm eventually subsides. Many minutes pass as she lies motionless save for the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes and an occasional involuntary twitch of her body. I'm sitting beside her on one hip and leaning on one arm. My limp prick and balls are wet with my semen. In an exhausted gaze I look at Talia stretched out in front of me.

What a pretty sight she is! Her skin is wet and shiny with the product of two ejaculations. White globs of cum have gathered here and there on her torso and tiny streams of jizz are slowly dripping down her sides. But still the greatest concentration of spunk is in and around her bellybutton. Gorgeous!

After a long while, I help Talia to her feet and we walk wordlessly to and into the lagoon. We get almost hip deep and I start washing my genitals clean. I glance up and see Talia looking down at her glazed torso.

"Part of me doesn't want to wash it off," she says softly. "I love wearing you on my tummy. It makes me feel special."

Hearing this makes me smile and fall in love with her even more deeply. I put my arm around her and walk her into slightly deeper water.

"Allow me to do the honors," I say, and proceed to lovingly wash her body clean with warm ocean water.

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