tagLoving WivesHazel and the Rent Man

Hazel and the Rent Man

byTony King©

My story goes back 20 years to when I meet my first wife. We were both in our early twenties and for me anyway it was lust at first site.

Hazel was a voluptuous big titted blond with long legs and brown come to bed eyes. She really was sex on legs. I've always been a tit man and her 38" DD's were out of this world. Not only were they big, but, in those days they stood out rather than droop and were topped by magnificent sensitive nipples. She was the first girl I'd ever had who could achieve multiple orgasms, it seemed that once she started, they just went on forever. Our sex life was good, but she always wanted more and always wore me out. I used to joke that I'd married a nymphomaniac.

During the first year of marriage we lived in a rented one bedroom flat in High Wycombe and like most young couples we struggled to make ends meet. As a self employed motor sports photographer, I managed to supplement our income by doing the odd weekend wedding etc but overall life was pretty hard.

Hazel was a giggly immature girl that loved being the center of attention and put in front of the camera she would pout and pose all day. I'd taken some shots of her wearing what we called her whore suit; thigh high black high heel boots over black stockings and suspenders, an under the nipple bra which made her tits look even bigger and a pair of open crutch panties that showed of her shaven pussy to perfection. Some were of me fucking her in various positions or of her playing with herself or sucking cock. I had my own darkroom set up in the flat so she felt safe in the knowledge that only I would see the results and was quite happy doing open leg shots and even some of her bringing herself off with a large dildo.

I'd spent Monday morning developing the film and left the prints on the drying rack while I went to the agency. On my return I had the shock of my life, Mr. Houseman, our landlord had let himself into the flat and was happily going through the photo's. "What the hell do you think your doing," I yelled, "steady son, I'm only here to fix the leaking sink, you were aware that I was coming today, I spoke to your missus on the phone".

Fuck, I'd completely forgotten. "Bit of all right, your missus, wouldn't mind some of that meself." I snatched the pictures away and shoved them in a drawer. I didn't like Houseman, he was about mid fifties, fat and balding with a nasty attitude, a real shifty character with a dodgy reputation and not someone to fall out with. He usually called twice a month to collect the rent and always had a couple of heavies with him, mostly coloured lads built like brick shit houses. Coming close to me he whispered in my ear, "if ever she wants a real man, you let me know." With that he was gone.

I didn't tell Hazel, how could I, she'd have gone absolutely mad. After that day, whenever he came to collect the rent he would openly stare at her tits or legs. "Christ, he gives me the creeps," she said one day, "always staring at my tits, dirty old bastard."

A few months later and disaster hit, Hazel was made redundant and I sprained my ankle falling of a step ladder. With no income and no savings to fall back on we were in deep shit and didn't have enough money to pay the rent. As usual, Houseman called on Friday night and listened patiently to our tale of woe. "Tell you what," he said, "I'll give you to next Friday to get the money together or I send the lads in to take the telly and hi-fi and you find somewhere else to live, now I can't say fairer than that, can I," he said patting Hazel on the leg as he got up to leave.

We tried everything, family, friends etc, but nobody had that sort of money. We waited for the inevitable and sure enough, Friday night and Houseman arrives with one of his heavies. "Well," he said after we told him we didn't have the money, "looks like you're in a real fix then doesn't it." "Barry, go get the motor and load the telly and hi-fi." The black guy disappeared and Hazel started to cry. "Hey pretty thing, no need for tears," he said standing over her. "Tell you what, perhaps there is a way you can stay here and clear your debts." Hazel stropped crying and we both looked at him expectantly. "See, I don't know if your husband told you but I seen you all dressed up in those stockings and fancy knickers and I like what I seen, get my drift." Hazel looked from him to me, "what does he mean?" "Sorry love, I know I should have told you." I explained what had happened with the photographs. "You did what." She was furious.

"Hey, hey, remember me," Houseman interrupted, "now then, it's dead easy really, I get to do what I like with your missus once a week until your back on your feet like, that way the rents paid and you still got somewhere to live. Tell you what, I'll call Barry off and finish my rounds while you think it over, if agreeable, then I want her dressed like she was in the photo's when I come back. See you in about two hours, nice hi-fi that."

There was stunned silence after he left, I just didn't know what to say. "Well, this is a fine mess," Hazel said, "fat boy fucks me of we loose everything." "Look, why don't we throw what we can in car and just get the hell out of here," I suggested, "and how do you drive with a sprained ankle, (Hazel didn't drive) for Christ's sake Tony, we've no bloody option, we can't just walk out and leave all our furniture, where do we go, what do we do." She was in tears again. "What do you mean, surely your not going to let him fuck you?" "I can't let him take everything we've ever worked for, look, it's once a week, he's fat and old, he can't last that long and besides, your the one that always said you wanted to watch me with another man, well, thanks to you and your bloody photo's now you can." That was true, it had been a fantasy we'd discussed during sex but Houseman was not exactly what I had in mind.

Without further discussion she stormed of into the bedroom slamming the door in my face. When she came out about an hour later I got an instant hard on. She looked absolutely stunning, she'd put on some really tarty make up, thick black eye shadow and bright red lipstick and she was wearing her whore suite. Her big tits were heaving up and down with each breath and her pussy lips were clearly visible through the open crutch knickers. "You're really going to go through with it?" I asked her. "No, I'm going shopping," she replied sarcastically. "Look, when he comes back it'll be a quick fuck and then he goes. I'm going to insist that you stay or the deals off, OK?"

My stomach was in mouth and my hands were shaking. What other option did we have? We sat in silence for what seemed like hours until suddenly there was a knock on the door. Hazel ran to the bedroom while I let Houseman in. "Well, what's it to be then?" he said looking round the room for Hazel. Before I could answer, she came into the room and stood in front of him. She was deathly white and shaking from head to toe. "Once a week until we're back on our feet right," "right," he confirmed looking her up and down. "No pain, you just fuck me and leave OK." "Whoa, not so quick little lady, I want to enjoy it, not rush it. The deal is, you do anything and I mean anything I want. If I want two or even three fucks a night then you say yes, get it." "Fuck him," I said, "lets just go Haze, we don't need this."

"No, it's OK, really, I'll do what you say on two conditions, 1) Tony stays with me and 2) no pain." "If he wants to watch a real man in action that's OK with me, I might even let him join in," he said moving towards Hazel and grabbing both tits in his hands. "Oh yes, I've waited a long time to play with these little babies."

I sat and watched as this fat old bastard ran his hands over every part of my lovely wife. I felt real anger towards him but at the same time I was more turned on than I've ever been in my life. He made her stand with her legs open as her chewed on her nipples and slipped first one then two fingers into her cunt. "Well now, looks like she's enjoying it," he said holding up two very wet fingers for my inspection.

It was true, she was getting very wet and her breathing had become irregular. She stood there with her eyes closed and her head tilted back as he did what he liked. A few more minutes of chewing her nipples and fingering her clit and cunt and she let out a huge sigh. Her legs gave way as her orgasm hit her and Houseman had to lower her to the floor before she fell. "Looks like the little sluts going to enjoy herself after all," he said taking his clothes off. It wasn't a pretty site. He stood about 5'6"; what hair he had left was on each side of his head and I'm sure his beer gut prevented him from seeing his feet. However, it was when he pulled his underpants down that I got the biggest shock, this guy was extremely well endowed with at least twice the thickness of my own 6" cock.

Standing over Hazel with a semi hard dick, he grabbed the back of her head and steered her into a kneeling position towards his cock. She's never really been one for giving a blow job and would never, ever swallow, claiming it made her feel sick. "OK sweet thing, you know what to do." Before she could object, he was stuffing as much cock as possible past her ruby red lips into her mouth towards the back of her throat. She struggled to get her lips round the girth, gagged and pushed him away only to be forced even harder onto his now hardening prick. "Oh I just love it when they fight back," he said holding her head still in his hands and literally fucking her mouth. She spluttered and gasped for air each time he withdrew, only to gag again when he shoved it further in. I was about to intervene when with a final thrust and a pig like grunt he filled her mouth with spunk.

She struggled to free herself but his grip had now moved to the back of her head and he held her tight until he was spent. I could see her swallowing time and time again as jet after jet emptied into her, what she didn't swallow started to run down the sides of her mouth down her chin and onto her tits. "Oh yea, drink it all up Baby, that's it." He pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it round her face leaving a slimy trail. When he eventually released her she fell back on the floor fighting for air. "Why don't you get some while I get my breath back," he said looking at me. I moved to the floor and sat beside her, "we can stop this right here and now," I said feeling my anger rise towards him, "no, it's OK Hon, honest, I'm all right," and then in a whisper she said, "I don't reckon he'll be able to get it up again anyway".

Sure enough, he was lying there on his back like a stranded whale, puffing and panting with his big gut rising and falling. "Come on Baby, come and suck it hard again, then you can ride it." He pulled her into a 69 position and was reaming her pussy while she sucked on his cock. Every now and again he would break of to tell me how wet she was getting and what he was going to do with her. "She's going to take my big fat cock right up her cunt," and "man, this little slut sure knows her way round a cock." All the while, Hazel was sucking his cock until it reached full length. "OK Baby, time for a real ride." I watched as she positioned herself over the bulbous purple head of his cock and slowly lowered herself down. The licking he had given her enabled her to take most of his cock in one go and I watched as her pussy lips were dragged inside her. As she pulled up, they would cling to his cock and stretch outwards.

She did this three or four times until in sheer frustration, he grabbed her by the nipples and pulled her completely down in one foul swoop. For the first time in her life she had about 9" of cock up her. Holding her tits, he forced himself in and out several times making her moan with pleasure. Her eyes were shut tight and every now and then she would lick her lips. He was fucking her faster now and her moans were getting louder. "Told you she'd appreciate a real man," he said looking at me with a big grin on his face.

He made her get on all fours and holding onto her suspender straps, he rammed it up her from behind. "Stick you dick in her mouth," he said, "looks like one's not enough." Before I could move, Hazel had grabbed hold of me and releasing my cock from my trousers stuffed it into her mouth and sucked it like never before. She was really getting off on this fat old bastard fucking her cunt with his huge prick whilst taking mine in her mouth. I didn't last long and within a few sucks I was filling her mouth with spunk. I'd expected her to push me away but she just grabbed my arse and pulled me in deeper, swallowing every last drop. Fat boy came soon after filling her cunt with another load of spunk. "Oh boy, I can see you and me are going to get along fine," he said slapping her arse as he pulled out.

Then, for the second time that night, she got to do something she had never done before, he made her lick his prick clean. "Knows how to look after a man does this one," he said watching her lick every drop from his dwindling cock.

He couldn't get it up a third time but the night was far from over. He made her lay back on the sofa, legs spread wide while she fingered herself to another orgasm. Then he watched while I fucked her. The final act of the evening was watching Hazel fuck herself with a cucumber, something that turned me on so much I got another hard on.

He eventually left around eleven and Hazel and I climbed into bed where I fucked her again. "Did you enjoy him," I asked, slowly moving my prick in and out of her well fucked cunt, "I wouldn't say enjoy, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." "Looked like you were enjoying it to me, maybe you liked his big prick." I upped the pace a little and could feel her respond. "Did you like his fat cock up you?" She was reaching her orgasm, "yes, yes I liked his fat cock up me," "and does my little fuck slut want him to fuck her again?" "Oh Christ, yesssssss, oh yes, please, oh my God." Considering what she'd been through, she had the biggest orgasm of the night. I waited until she had calmed down and started again.

"You really looked like a cheap whore fucking that fat old bastard," she gyrated her hips to meet my thrusts, "in fact, I think you really liked his fat cock didn't you slut," "yeah" she said staring me straight in the eye and pushing harder against me. "You really are a cheap fucking whore aren't you, you even look like a whore, letting a fat old man fuck your cunt and mouth, you want more slut." The dirtier the words the closer she was getting to another orgasm. She was grinding her pelvis up to meet my every thrust and had both hands round my arse trying to pull me in deeper. "Fuck me like he did," she suddenly said, "hard and deep, oh yesssssssss, don't stop." She threw her head back and we both came together in a shattering climax.

Once back down to earth I asked her if she really had enjoyed it, "well, it's paid the rent hasn't it," "yes but did you really enjoy two cocks at the same time?" "it was... OK," she lied.

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