tagIncest/TabooHe Aint Heavy...

He Aint Heavy...


It was the summer of 1976, the hottest at that time on record! I was 18 had just finished school and was looking forward to six weeks off before I started university and I was gunna make good use of the time off for bad-behaviour!!!!!

For the first couple of weeks I just lolled around the garden at home collecting a nice tan and then the rot set in, I got bored.

I couldn't be bothered to get a summer job so money was tight. My parents told me to get some work if I wanted the cash, so for a couple of weeks I worked a paper-round and even though it was an early start, the extra walking had firmed up my thighs and hips. My breasts were pretty pert to start with so after my stint I looked pretty hot!

Then a month into my relaxation/new job, I got a call from my sister who lived in London. She asked if I wanted to spend a week in her flat in Southgate, as we hadn't caught up for ages, and she was told by my mom that I was at a loose end. I was up for that with my spare cash and London-calling!!!!

The following Saturday, I got the coach to Victoria and tube to Southgate feeling very grown up and excited at spending a week in the Smoke unattended!!! I met my sister, who showed me around her flat and said she had provided a fridge full of food and she had a good stash of wine and vodka --happy days!

She was going out to see some friends on the Sunday night; when she went, and I cooked myself a lovely meal of cheesy beans on toast and found a couple of bottles of red wine. Searched her stash of music and fell asleep listening to Steely Dann, Haitian Divorce -- bliss.

On the Monday, I got up late and wondered down to the tube station and explored London all day, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens; feeling very grown up and in control.

My sister had a roof terrace, so on my return I had a couple of blue label vodkas and stripped naked to enjoy the last of the summer rays, to prevent any tan lines. When my sister returned from work she cooked some pasta, we finished the bottle of vodka and chatted til the small hours, catching up on family gossip etc.

On the Tuesday my sister had arranged to see some friends and would be gone over-night, I decided to go to the local café for breakfast and around twelveish I returned to the flat to continue my tanning. I laid on the sun bed with a cold bottle of Blue Nun and listening to Santana Oye Coma Va in a proper chilled out place, when suddenly a felt the presence of another person on my roof and in my personal space, just looking at my nubile tits and pussy.

I took my sunglasses off to see a young, very good looking dark haired guy just watching me. I sat up, shocked but secretly lusting after this sexy bloke admiring me. I said, 'Who are you?'

'Sorry, I am Leo and I promised to pop in when I could to look Jan up, is she not here?' he looked at my naked body appraisingly.

'No Leo she is at work, I am Karen -- can I help?'

'Hi Karen, nice to meet you when is Jan back?'

'Sometime Wednesday I think.'

'Fuck' said Leo 'I was hoping to bed down here for a couple of days.'

'Well I am here; you can keep me company if you want.'

'Are you sure Karen?'

'Yeah, be good to get some company, do you want something to drink or eat?'

'No food but a beer would be great it's so hot!'

'No prob.' I said and walked downstairs to the kitchen, pulling a sarong around my body.

I returned to the roof and Leo was well relaxed in a pulled-out deckchair in just a small pair of trunks. I passed him his beer, and admired his lovely smooth chest and large bulging member. He opened hazel eyes and looked like a young Sean Connery, he was well hot.

He looked at my young breasts, hardly hidden from view in a thin silk sarong; my bush was so obvious to him. His bulge got bigger as he watched me lower to my sun-bed. We chatted for a while, drank beer in the mid-day sun. He soon fell instantly asleep and as I enjoyed the heat of the day, I took off my sarong and let my naked body tan naturally.

I must have dozed with the sun and alcohol and awoke with him kneeling next to my sun-bed looking down at me. I saw his thick soft lips and gorgeous face, and pulling his head to mine, kissed him gently. He tasted of sun and beer and sex. I felt my crutch contract in desire, and Leo just kissed me deeply. He then ran his fingers over my nubile breasts tweaking the nipples til I moaned with desire. My crutch was on fire and soaked!

I had never felt like this with other boys. He just stroked and pinched my breasts until I arched my back in urgency. He placed my hand on his bulge, I gasped, and I had never felt one this big before. I pulled this from his pants and was shocked at the size, he was massive and there was a bubble of fluid on the tip. He moved closer.

'Lick this Karen, it wants you.'

I tasted the pre-cum and enjoyed the slight salty taste of him. He then plunged his cock into my throat, and I automatically gagged. He just withdrew slightly and then carried on pushing himself into my tonsils and said, 'Relax your throat, make yourself yawn then I can go deeper!'

I tried and breathing in and opening the back of my mouth he went deeper and deeper until I felt his balls and pubic hair on my lips. He was pleased and pumped my mouth gently.

Even though I had performed fellatio before, most of my boyfriends had small cocks and his was so big and huge, and so incredibly sexy! I felt him thicken and gasp as his cum fell over my mouth and naked breasts. He groaned and pulled out of me looking at me, my tanned body and mouth full of his white cream. His cock just stayed firm and he pulled me down the sun bed, so his face was on my wet cunt.

'Swallow my cum babe, I am now gunna eat your hot pussy!'

I felt his tongue on my labia, and I swallowed his semen which was delicious to my young needs. I felt him open my sex lips and lick the tip of my clit. In my inexperience I nearly came, but he held back and reached up touching my breasts, squeezing hard and then returned to my clit. I was in heaven and very soon came deeply in his mouth. He looked up at me knowing I was new to this sexual experience, but enjoying my young body thoroughly.

I sat up on my sun bed panting and unsure. He came up to me and kissed me deeply tasting his cum and I could taste my pussy, it was very erotic.

'Karen do you want to come out for dinner?'

'Yeah' I said in a nonchalant teen way, hoping to sound grown up, 'what do you fancy?' I was trying to tease him.

'A spicy curry baby, I am going for a shower, you can join me if you want!'

I went all shy and grabbing my sarong went down to the kitchen to pour a large vodka and heard Leo singing in the adjoining shower.

~She's a black magic woman, n trying to put a spell ova me~

I dressed in a micro black skirt and white cotton shirt and unbuttoned this to reveal my cleavage. I sprayed Charlie perfume to my chest and legs, slipped on some black wedge shoes and waited patiently for my date.

He came out of the shower in tight jeans and black shirt smelling of Brut 33, he placed his lips on mine and I would taste the minty flavour of his mouth. God he was so clean and gorgeous, unlike many of the fumbling teenagers I had recently had the unrequited sexual experiences with.

'You are so fab.' He said as he ran his hands over my breasts. I immediately became wet between my legs. I kissed him back urgently.

'Come on Kaz let's eat or we will never get out with my cock wanting to fuck you!'

I blushed and put my short padded jacket on and we started down Southgate High Street until we fell into a lovely warm spicy Indian restaurant.

'What do you fancy Kaz apart from me?' Leo said smiling naughtily.

'You are so up yourself Leo, but a chicken korma and rice please.'

The waiter showed them to a table and Leo asked for two beers and the curry dishes.

Whilst breaking poppadums' Leo kept fondling my fingers and feeding food into my mouth.

We had a great meal and he was brilliant company, always teasing and I felt his hand on my naked thigh all the time, trying to get upwards to my wet panties.

We finished, he paid the bill and walking back to the flat he pushed me into a shop entrance, kissing me deeply and pulling my skirt up to my buttocks pushing me closer to his erection. I just breathed in his warm spicy sexy self and moaned against his mouth.

'You do know I am gunna fuck you Kaz!' He said

'Be gentle with me' I breathed back

'For sure little one' he literally ran back to the flat holding my hand.

We just fell into the bedroom. He removed my clothes and admired my young tits and cunt clad in skimpy cotton underwear. He unclipped my bra and then sucked my nipples urgently. He ran his hands over my wet crutch and pushed my clit against the material.

'Take your panties off!' He demanded.

I did and stood uncertainly naked in front of him. He pushed me onto the bed and undid his flies; his member sprang out long, hard and urgent.

He flicked my slit with his fingers, finding me wet plunged his cock deep into me. In my virgin state I must have been so tight as he grunted and shuddered into me. I saw stars before my eyes and he carried on fucking me hard and grabbing my tits whilst his balls slapped against my thighs. After the initial pain I loved the hardness of him and I knew he was going to come as he squeezed my nipples really hard, his cock thickened and he groaned loudly as his orgasm matched mine and we both lay panting together supine on the bed.

God, it took several minutes for us both to wake up from this sexual esoteric bliss, we curled up together and slept, he kept his hands around my breasts and I felt his wetness within my mound.

We woke the next day, my nipples and cunt on fire and Leo still had his massive pre-piss cock lying on the side of his leg. I couldn't resist but take that lovely prick into my mouth and wake him up gently. He moaned in sleep and then his lovely eyes flicked open and stared down at me giving him so much pleasure.

'You are one greedy bitch.' He growled, his hair ruffled, his breath smelling of curry, sex and sleep. God I had never felt such lust for another person as this.

I pulled that lovely cock deeper into me, he groaned, he so wanted to come.

'Kaz at least let me wash in the morning, or even piss!'

I kept the pressure on his cock and licked his balls. I felt his urgency. I rubbed his sheath up and down enjoying the liquid of his pre-cum dripping down. I licked it off, he shuddered in delight.

'I don't know if I will piss or cum first,'

He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock deep into my wet cunt. I groaned in pleasure as he pumped into an orgasm. He fingered my clit so I came immediately after!

Eventually we both got up to shower and change. I was sore and sensitive. He went to make breakfast.

We took lightly scrambled eggs, toast and fresh coffee up to the roof terrace, dressed in light robes enjoying our after-sex glow. Suddenly we heard somebody coming up the roof stairs, it was my sister. She looked at both of us.

'Hi Kaz came back a bit early, thought you might need some company, but I see I should not have worried you have obviously met our half-brother Leo!'

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