tagInterracial LoveHe Changed My Life

He Changed My Life


During our 15 years of marriage, we've been very open with each other sexually. We watched porn movies, pictures, read erotic stories and told each other our fantasies. Eighteen months ago, we decided to open up our sex life and seek out others to join us for sex. David always had a fantasy of seeing me being fucked by another man or men, and we decided to join a swingers club. I talked him into trying bi sex at the bi-sexual night parties, and our hostess and I got him started sucking cock and taking it up the ass, and after six months he didn't think twice about being bi, although he did feel humiliated when I asked him to suck a guy's cock who was not bi. David told me he enjoyed watching me sucking and fucking other men, more than him having sex with another women. I soon became the dominate leader in our sex life, and I fucked several guys with him watching and when he was out of town. I enjoyed the variety and the increase in orgasms.

Let me describe ourselves first. I'm the wife Suzy, I'm a brunette with shoulder length hair, 35 yrs. old, 5'10, 38C-28-38; my tits are still firm and fuller than when we first met. I love to wear provocative, sexy, and revealing clothing, to show everyone that I still have her curves. I'm a housewife in search of a job just to keep me busy. My husband David, is 39 yrs. old, 5'11", and 180 lbs., with a cock just shy of 7". He's an engineer, and when he's not at work, he's always looking for ways to improve our home, wiring it for music, installing a pool, helping the neighbors with their projects and just basically keeping busy.

It was a three day weekend, and we decided to go bowling that Friday night. I wore a white halter and jeans that showed off my shapely figure. When we got to the bowling lane about 7:30, it was packed. We forgot that Monday-Friday was usually league nights and we couldn't reserve a lane until at least 10:00. We decided to go to another bowling alley that was bigger and had a lounge and restaurant. It was league night there also, but we decided to stay, reserve a lane and wait in the lounge. The bar and most of the tables were mostly full, but I had seen a young black guy sitting by himself and asked him if the seats were taken. He said no, as his friends just left, and he offered us the seats.

After the waitress brought us our drinks, I started up a conversation with him. He said his name was James, and was wearing a suit and came there after work for a few drinks. He was a stock broker and very well off. He was 26 years old, about 6', well built and very good looking.

I hadn't planned on having sex with anybody tonight, but the more we talked with James, the more interested I became with the possibilities. After a while David withdrew from the conversation and only half-heartedly listened, as I laughed and giggled at almost everything he said. They announced our name for a lane availability, and I told David to go bowl, as I wasn't interested anymore.

James and I continued to talk, and I sensed he was sexually interested in me and was trying to woo me, now that David wasn't there, and I let him think I was taking the bait and was waiting to see if he was going to reel me in.

David returned from bowling after about an hour and said he was tired and ready to go home. I said let's have two more drinks and then we'll go. James said if I wanted to stay, he could drive me home. David agreed and went home, and left me with James.

Now that we were really alone, he started complementing my hair, my complexion, my god looks, and my sensuality and said he wished he could meet someone like me for himself. He also said, he couldn't believe that David would leave me alone with another man like himself.

James asked. "Do you have an open-marriage or something like that, I hope"?

"Well, maybe something like that". I said.

"Aaaah, maybe I have a chance with you then". He said, and quickly moved the subject to something else.

After we finished our second drink, he said he would take me home now. I felt a little light-headed and held on to him for support. When we got into his car, he asked if I would like to go to his place for a cup of coffee before going home. I said I would like that.

When we got to his house, I asked if I could have another drink, before I had that coffee, and he said sure.

We sat on the couch very close to each other and he had his arm on the back of the couch behind me, as we chatted some more. Then without warning he gave me a long gentle tongue probing kiss, to which I submissively accepted. When he finally broke the kiss he said. "Thank you for accepting my kiss, I appreciate it."

"Your welcome, I did too". I said.

He then began to ask me about our sex life, and I told him everything, not leaving out a thing. I told him about my sex life secrets, because I wanted him to know that I was available to him.

"Sounds like David has a need to be cuckold by you". He said.

"Cuckold"? I said.

"Yes". He said. "He gets more pleasure in watching you have sex with other men, or a special lover, than having sex with you himself".

"I never thought about it in that way". I said.

"If he wants you to take a special lover, I'm ready, eager, available and capable". He said.

"I'll send you an application for the job, if that's what David wants". I said.

"As long as your here, how about an audition here and now"? He asked.

I looked at my watch, then at him, smiled and said. "Okay".

We took our drinks into the bedroom. He kissed my arms, neck and lips as he removed my halter, slacks, bra and panties and sat me on the bed while he removed his clothes.

"I hope my equipment doesn't fail me tonight. I never had sex with a woman as beautiful, as sensual, as sexy as you before". He said.

"I don't know why not, your very sexy and handsome yourself". Then I saw his cock. It was huge. It was enormous, I never seen one that size other than in porn movies. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum, and my mouth was watering at the thought, but taking all of it in my cunt seemed an impossible task.

"What do you think? Do you like it"? He asked.

"Yes I like it, I love just looking at it, it makes me so horney and wet". I said.

"When I was younger, I would fuck any girl I saw with it. When I became older and more mature, I only offered it to the most desirable women, mostly white married women, and they always came back for more. Your the best of the best that I've seen, and I want to give you the sexual high that I have had with other women like you, and have you make me your one, only and best lover ever". He said.

"Well, I'm not looking for a lover". I said. "I'm satisfied with David and our present sex life".

James said. "I'm sure your are, but what I can give you will make your sexual experiences seem like you've been playing doctor and nurse all these years".

I then had a thought. "Do you have a camera"? I said.

"Sure, and a video camera. I'll get them". He said.

When he came back and started setting the cameras up, he said. "Want to show your friends your experiences tonight"?

"Something like that, someday". I said. "I want to show David why I was late getting home tonight".

"Good idea". He said.

He hooked the digital camera up to a gizmo, that would take pictures automatically. He set it for every fifteen seconds.

As I slid off the bed to my knees before him. I held his huge cock in my left hand and licked from the head to the base of his shaft with mouth and tongue several times, enjoying its thickness and length.

"Look at my cock, study it, remember what it looks like. Study how long it is, how thick it is. Think about how much pleasure your going to receive from it". He said.

After about a minute he said, "Now lick it, slowly, all of it, let your tongue

and lips taste every inch."

I did as he said, and each time my lips or tongue would move over the head of

his cock, I would taste the saltiness of his dried pre-cum from earlier. Several

minutes later, he said, "Now suck it."

I did as he commanded, sucking just the head of his cock, and as I got

comfortable with its size, I took a little bit more.

"Concentrate on giving me pleasure, think of the pleasure you feel from sucking

a black cock, think of how you'll look to someone else, a loving white wife sucking

a big black cock. Think of how much sexual pleasure you will receive, when

you finally see it, and feel it entering your body filling you better than any cock you

have had before. Think of how deeply and long it will be fucking your white cunt and

the many multiple orgasms you will experience before I shoot my seed into your womb. You may pass out from the multiple orgasms I'll give you."

"Stop"! He said, "How many inches of my cock are in your mouth? Almost eight

inches and you haven't even gagged. Now look at my cock again, study it, and

remember it again."

I pulled my head back, as his cock dropped from my mouth, and examined his cock


James said, "Describe to me what you see."

I said, "your cock is very hard, it's stretched to its full length, I can see

your veins, your cock is very black and shiny from my saliva. Your cock is

oozing fresh pre-cum and some of my saliva is dripping off the head."

"Now lick up the pre-cum, and kiss and suck my balls", He said.

I moved my head closer again, and licked and kissed his black shaft, then moved to

his right and then his left balls, and pulled them into my mouth. His balls were

almost as big as his cock head.

"Ok, relax." He said. "The average size of a white man's dick is about 6", with

the above average length of 7 to 9." The average cock size of a black man's is

eight, with the above average length being 9 to 12. You can tell me later, whose cock

you prefer. Do you swallow cum?" He asked.

"Yes." I said. "I think that the longer I can taste a man's cum lingers in my

mouth and throat, the better it tastes."

"Now suck my cock until I come in your mouth. Take your time, and don't tire

yourself out because I'm not a quick shooter, but be prepared when I do cum, it

will be a very copious amount."

Not needing to be told twice, I lovingly wrapped my hand around his fat black

snake and began to caress it. Marveling silently for a few moments at just how

big, it was, and the way it was growing in front of my eyes, I then stuck my

tongue out and worked it delicately underneath his foreskin.

Tasting the musky scent of James's cock head caused my nipples to harden until

they felt like they would burst, and my cunt felt like it was on fire.

Rolling his foreskin back and licking his swollen black-blue knob until it was

covered with my saliva, I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him


"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." I moaned.

I sucked gently on his knob while stroking his shaft. Happy to let him show me

what he wanted, I offered him no resistance when he took hold of my head started

to fuck my mouth with short hard strokes.

"Do you like that baby...do you like having your mouth fucked?"

Overwhelmed by her newfound state of passion and lust, I gurgled,


"Tell me ...tell me how you like it"!

Letting his cock slide from my mouth, I took a deep breath and then looking up

at him and I revealed my true desires I purred.

"Please...use me...make me be your slut... your whore tonight"!

"What kind of whore?"

"A dirty whore...a dirty...black cock sucking...whore"! I said before I hungrily took

James's cock back into my mouth.

"Good girl...now suck it hard...that's it...yeah...and my balls too...lick my


For the next five minutes, I stroked and sucked James's cock as best and hard as

I could. Having managed to work only half of it into my mouth, my lips were

stretched to their limits and I choked every time it hit the back of my mouth.

Feeling his hands on my head again, this time, I gagged violently when James

entwined his fingers in my hair and pulled my head hard down on his cock choking

me, and then forced it down my throat. As James then rocked my head back and

forth, in a state of frenzy I responded to his rhythm as he slowly fucked my mouth.

"Get ready baby...I'm going to cum"! I heard him grunt at the same time as I

felt his body stiffen.

A moment later, a stream of hot cum shot down my open throat, gagging me.

Somehow, I managed to swallow it before another wad filled my throat, and

expecting to get another one, I continued to suck his huge cock greedily.

Stopping suddenly, James pulled his cock out of my mouth and I instantly wrapped

my hands around his big black tool and began to work it. Pumping his shaft

urgently until a moment later, another thick stream of semen erupted from the

engorged head hitting me in the face. Still stroking his cock, the next stream

of cum landed in my hair, the next on my nose and the last two on my neck and

tits. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced taking a huge load

in the face, and down my throat, and I loved it.

James helped me to my feet, as I continued to wipe the globs of cum from my neck

and tits with my fingertips, He gave me another long passionate kiss, even

though my lips and mouth had traces of his cum remaining.

He said, "You sure are a beautiful slut. You are really a magnificent

cocksucker. You did well, for your first time with a big cock."

I said, "I never had a man cum so much."

James said, "It was abstinence, and being with a beautiful sensuous woman having your

talented mouth, lips, and tongue working its magic that did it."

"And your big sperm producing balls", I said. We both laughed.

James said, "Now it's your turn to receive pleasure".

He said, "Get on the bed and prepare yourself to be fucked and have multiple orgasms for hours by my big black cock."

I said, "You've made me so horny tonight, I couldn't say no to you if I wanted

to. I need your big cock in me so badly, don't hurt me, please take your time."

Standing before me and stroking his cock, James teased me.

"What do you want now, baby?"

Pinching my nipples with one hand, and rubbing my clitoris furiously with the

other, I begged, "Fuck me...please...I want you to fuck me!"

"Ohhhhhh mmyyyyyy ggodddddd," I groaned as James pushed the head of his cock

into my cunt. I looked down between us and saw the color contrast of his black

cock head invading my white pussy. It was something obscene and taboo, yet grossly erotic. He would pause, give me another inch, pause, and said, "It won't get any

thicker, so I will now give you more until I'm stopped by the resistance of your


I was lying motionless, he was buried deep inside me as my cunt gripped his cock

like a vice, James then teased me some more.

"Talk to me baby...tell me what you want!"

I had never been so excited, or felt so dirty and nasty in my life, as I

wantonly replied.

"Fuck me James...please...fuck my tight white cunt with your big black cock."

With long, deep, and very slow strokes James began to fuck me. Seeing the look

of frustration on my face as he teased me, James knew what I wanted but made me

beg for it.

"Is that how you want it baby...nice and slow"

"No...please...harder...fuck me harder," I whimpered.

"What else you dirty slut...what else do you want?"

Loosing any inhibitions that I may have had left, I wanted James so desperately

that I was about to cry. "I want to be your slut James...your dirty white

slut...your cock sucking whore...I want you to use me and make me please you," I


Increasing his tempo, James slowly began to fuck me harder and harder. Moaning,

groaning, and thrashing about the bed as he did, my whole body twitched as my

first orgasm wracked my body. It was the biggest orgasm I ever had and it filled

my whole being with ecstasy. As I writhed with the pleasure rolling through me

again and again, James gave me no rest and continued to fuck me.

Groaning loudly as the head of his cock pushed hard against my cervix, once

again James was balls deep inside my cunt and I was in heaven. Holding me by my

hips, James then proceeded to fuck me with the deep, powerful strokes that I so

desperately wanted.

"Is that how you like it, you like that?"

"Yyeeessss!" I moaned.

"Why?" James asked.

"Because I am a slut!"

"What kind of slut?"

"Your slut, a dirty slut...a dirty...married...white...slut...and a whore for your black


"And how does it feel to have your cunt stretched by my big black cock?"

"Wonderful...I love it,...it hurts so good...don't stop...please..."

As James pounded my cunt relentlessly with deep strokes, hitting my cervix with

each thrust, my orgasms wouldn't stop.

Suddenly, James announced that he was cumming, and with a grunt, and an

ohhhhhhhhh, he was shooting his hot sperm deep into my pussy.

It felt delightful, I wanted my body to be the recipient of his sperm. It felt

so good. Then reality hit me. I could get pregnant and have his black baby. I

took my birth control pills tonight, but his huge cock was banging away at my

womb like crazy. In the end, I trusted my pills.

James propped himself up on his elbows, and said, "Well bitch, did you mean what

you said, while you were reeling from all those orgasms?"

"What?" I said.

James said, "My slut, my dirty white married slut, my whore?

I thought for a moment, and when I didn't answer, he said he was going to take a

shower. As he pulled out of me, his cock still hard as ever, I said, "Wait,

don't go."

He laid next to me, took my hand and placed it on his cock, and said, "Ok, you

clean my cock with your mouth bitch, clean my cock of my cum and your pussy

juices, and don't forget my balls too."

Without even giving a second thought, I moved closer to James. Tasting the

mixture of my cunt juice, and his cum, I slowly and carefully took my time as I

licked every inch of James's cock and balls until they were perfectly clean.

Stroking it and sucking it as I did, I was delighted to find that it was still

hard because I still wanted more of his enormous cock.

"Every time I see your hard, shiny, huge black cock, I think of the Phallus

worship of the Ancients, and how they would erect sculptures of the male penis,

yes, I want to be your slut, your whore, your dirty white married slut" I said.

"I knew you would." He said.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Your going to need a bigger cock on a fairly regular basis now. After having my 11" black cock, you know you'll never find anyone close to matching the pleasure I can give you at those couples and singles parties. I have the big cock that you need, I last longer, than any other man you've had, and I cum three times more than anyone you've had."

This was only the start of a very long evening for us. For the rest of the night all I could remember was James commanding me to suck his cock and give my cunt to him as he used me over and over in every position. Despite my growing soreness, accentuated by slaps on my ass, thighs, and tits, I rode wave after wave of sexual pleasure,

punctuated by soaring peaks of ecstasy and pain as James used me mercilessly.

In my newfound role as a "dirty white slut," all I wanted was to please this

gorgeous hunk of a man in any way I could. I completely lost track of the time

as I did so.

"What will I tell David?" I begged.

"Tell him everything...he'll understand."

Dazed as I was, I was shocked. How could I possibly tell David the truth, that I told James that I would be his slut, his woman and prefer his big cock over all other that I've had so far?

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