tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHe Has Her Ravished

He Has Her Ravished


*this is a quickly written story for those out there who like a quick to the point story.*


Allie was a virgin living with her boyfriend, Roy, when he found out she'd kissed another guy at her work. Furious Roy stormed out and decided he was done with that tease, so he called a friend of his to teach her a lesson. Roy knew his friend was into turning virgins into his sex slaves, and even whoring them out. So Roy's friend agreed and was waiting to kidnap Allie at her apartment when she came home from work. He loaded her up into his van and drove her to where he likes to do his work. A basement where they won't be heard.

After the mysterious friend unbound Allie and stripped her naked in the middle of the basement with nothing but a ball gag on, he knelt down next to her and looked her in the eye and said

"If you make one noise this will get a lot worse." Then he slapped her hard across the face and walked the corner of the room and started to undress. When she was done crying from the shock and fear, she looked over at him undressing and was again very afraid. His cock was very large, and already hard.

Allie had given her now ex-boyfriend blow jobs before, but his dick was tiny compared to her attacker's. And blow jobs and hand jobs for her ex was as far as she'd go until she was married, or so she thought. He walked over to her again, naked and fully erect. His beautiful member was 10 inches and thick, with a very large head.

He put his dick in front of her face to show her what was going to being doing the damage to her virgin body. He grabbed her firmly by the hair and slowly pulled her closer to his pulsing cock. She looked up at him, scared and shaking, he could tell she wanted to say no, but knew better.

"Open your mouth, Bitch!" he ordered her. She quickly obeyed with eyes shut. And he forced his huge dick into her mouth and down her throat in one smooth but painful push. He held her there by her hair, while she tried to keep from throwing up.

"Take every inch you skank! You throw up and I'll make it so much worse." Her attacker started to slowly fuck her face while she tried to breathe in between the powerful thrusts. After a few minutes he found a rhythm and started to go faster and harder down her throat.

Soon she finally stopped resisting and took her punishment, even though she still struggled to keep from gagging. She figured he'd come and leave, so she'd better make it easier to come quickly.

"That's a good bitch, suck it." He said through his teeth, he pushed as deep as he could before he came far down in her throat. It burned her throat it was so deep and she gasped as he pulled out. Thinking her ordeal was over. But it was far from over. He shoved the ball gag back into her mouth and fastened it.

He led her painfully by her hair over to a table in the corner where he'd undressed. The table was similar to a doctor's examining table in that it was padded and had a step up to it and many attachments, like the stirrups she didn't notice folded up on the sides. He pulled her up onto the step and bent over the table. She also hadn't noticed the straps that he proceeded to use to strap her down face first bent over with her ass in the air. He strapped down her hands at the head of the table above her head spread out to each corner of the table. He strapped down her back just above her ass and then strapped her ankles to the side of the table. Her ass was fully exposed to whatever he wanted to do to it and her pussy wasn't out of reach either. Allie started to cry again, but before she could get too worked up her attacker positioned himself behind her and she froze in fear of what he would do next.

He reached down and started to play with her clit. A place no man had touched before. Allie shivered as fear and pleasure mixed. She refused to show him any of her enjoyment and struggled under her restraints. Which he quickly responded to with a firm slap on her ass cheek. She tried to gasp from shock but it was useless and he followed each of her winces in pain with another firm spank. Finally she froze and took 3 more spanks before he started to rub her clit again. With his other hand he rubbed her reddened and sore ass, causing Allie both pleasure from her clit and pain from his touch. After hiding her enjoyment of his touch for several minutes she started to quietly moan hoping he wouldn't hear. But he did and went faster. Little did she know he was stroking his huge cock behind her waiting for her to reach the point of almost coming. Then just before she came he pulled his hand away and waited to see her reaction on her face of disappointment, and as she reacted...he thrust the huge head of his cock through her hymen and felt her body quickly jerk as he tore through it, taking her virginity and causing her to trimmer from the shock. He watched and waited for Allie to calm down before slowly entering her deeper. As he slowly pushed past her virgin pussy's resistance he watched her face as she tried not to move from the pressure and pain. Finally he had his massive dick all the way in, pushing far past the pussy's end. Allie slightly swayed under its force as he pushed into the dead end. He leaned over body and undid the gag, whispering in her ear.

"No one can hear you scream down here, and I won't stop till I'm finished, so just take it. I'll let you scream, but if you try to persuade me to stop I'll hurt you so much worse." Allie nodded and quietly cried to herself as he pulled out his cock till it was just the head inside of her, and started to fuck his bitch. He was gentle at first, and waited till she stopped crying before he started to pound her. With each slow full thrust of his huge dick deep into her, Allie let out a scream. She could feel her pussy pulsing as she moaned in pain. He finally gave her relief as he reached around and fingered her clit. Even through the pain she started to moan from pleasure, trying to block out his huge deep thrusts with her building orgasm. She started to push back as much as she could while in the restraints and took all 10 inches of him as she came close to orgasm. Her body shook as she came hard and let her body take his dick with out trying to resist for the first time. Finally he came deep inside of her seconds later, he kept his dick deep inside of her for a moment longer before pulling out and leaving her there so he could clean himself off from sweat and her pussy juices.

Allie could feel his cum slowly flow out of her and she closed her eyes in exhaustion to rest before he came back, hoping her punishment would end on a good note. But it wasn't over.

He came back moments later to wipe off the cum that had dripped down her leg and he had brought some toys with him. One was a huge vibrating dildo, even bigger than his dick. The others were nipple clamps, which Allie hadn't seen before. The clamps had wires off of them that ran down to the floor and where Allie couldn't see. But she knew that couldn't be good.

Her attacker undid her restraints and turned her over onto her back, with her ass slightly over the edge of the examining table. Allie didn't say a word, mainly because she was exhausted and because she was afraid of what he might bring out next. But Allie was relieved that she wasn't so exposed for the moment with her ass in the air. She assumed her virgin ass was being spared. But again she was about to find out how wrong she was.

He redid her restraints with her hands tied at her sides, and with a tight strap across her chest above her breast. He moved down and pulled out the stirrups and placed her feet inside and strapped them too. Now her pussy was fully exposed and so were her breasts. Her rapist took the nipple clamps and slowly brought them up to Allie's C cup tits. Allie was shaking, not knowing what was happening. As the clamps shut on her hard nipples she winced obviously in pain.

"There is a button on the side of this table next to where I'll be standing as I rape you, if you seem to be enjoying it too much, I'll push it and you'll be shocked in your tits. The more I push the button the stronger the shock. You understand?" Allie nodded, too afraid to respond verbally. He squeezed both clamps enough to make her gasp in pain before letting go to position himself to punish her more. He stood between her spread open legs, and grinned an evil grin, before he lubed up the massive vibrating dildo. Slowly he pushed it into her still very sore pussy, as she struggled to take it all in as painlessly as possible. But it was no use, the dildo stretched her open like never before and tried to resist it in vain. While the dildo entered her, he grew hard again and lubed himself up to take her virgin ass.

When the dildo could go in no further he gave it one more push just to make her gasp again, and then turned it on. The powerful vibrations could be felt through all of her pain and intensely vibrated to her clit. He pulled it in and out, turning it and thrusting it, fucking her fantastically as she forgot she wasn't suppose to enjoy it. When she finally let go and moaned in pleasure he reached down and pushed the button. A quick and sharp pain jutted into her breasts, but wasn't too painful to distract her from the strong over whelming vibrations of the dildo, so he pushed it again. Another similar pain shot into her nipples like a hard bite. She gasped only long enough to feel the shock of another push of the button. This time it was very painful. Allie couldn't stop her body from betraying her as she let out a moan of pleasure and pain and again the button was pushed. Only this time it wasn't quick, and it was very, very painful. She screamed and he pulled the dildo out and thrust it in with passion.

Allie couldn't take the bite of the nipple clamp's shocks any worse and tired in vain to keep quiet. But this time when she moaned against her will as the massive dildo pleasured her there wasn't a shock. He didn't push the button. He was positioning himself to enter her ass. Allie noticed only in time to feel the huge head of his cock slowly push past her asshole. The burn overwhelmed her and she nearly fainted, until he pushed deeper. She tried her best to hold back a scream but it was useless. He pushed past her scream.

He was half way in when her body finally started to relax. She panted, dazed from the flood of vibrations from the dildo and the pain from the anal. But he kept going, and pushed all the way in. In one smooth motion he pulled almost all the way out and thrust all the way in, deep. Allie gasped in shock as waves of pain and pleasure hit her. She took all of his huge cock as he fucked her hard for what seemed like days, but was probably more like 10 minutes.

Finally he slowed down and found a rhythm, he let her enjoy it. Allie pushed into it now, and took it all, happy it was finally not to so rough. She quickly came hard and shook passionately as her orgasm kept going, long and mind blowing. She passed out on the table and awoke clothed, cleaned, and sore. She looked around and was in her apartment, comfortably tucked in bed.

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What was the point of your long, incoherent, poorly written rant? The story never says that the boyfriend took her back.

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