tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHe Knows You Are Alone

He Knows You Are Alone


Roxanne loved her new home and her new life in suburbia. She lived in a beautiful house, with many rooms, a pool, and both a front and back yard. So why was she so miserable today? Well, it had something to do with Halloween. More specifically, being alone on Halloween.

Roxanne and Eric bought their dream house a few months ago, after Eric made partner at his law firm. The only drawback was that he worked many nights, many long hours. Sure, making seven figures by the age of thirty-five was huge, but Eric was hardly home anymore. Even on their first Halloween in the new house, Roxanne spent the night alone.

The neighborhood trick-or-treaters were long gone. It was approaching ten o'clock and no one had been by the house for half an hour. There wasn't much candy left in the oversized pumpkin beside the front door. Roxanne was going to help herself to what was left while watching television. She had hoped to be awake by the time Eric came home. She didn't know what time that would be and she was completely wiped out. She sat on the couch, remote in one hand and a fistful of candy corn in the other.

The doorbell rang and Roxanne ignored it. It rang again. Roxanne ignored it again. The ringing stopped for about a minute. Good, they finally got the message, she thought. The bell rang yet again. Roxanne looked towards the front door and saw nothing. Again, it rang.

"No more candy! Sorry!"

Everything got quiet again. Roxanne even muted the television to make sure that no one was at the front door. The bell rang again. This time it startled Roxanne. For the first time, she was afraid.

"No more candy! Try next door!" She listened closely. Waited. Nothing.

Then the bell rang again. Roxanne went from afraid to terrified to plain old pissed off in about two seconds. She was confused, not knowing how to feel or what to think. She stood by the front door. She saw the knob turn, the door being pushed, but not opening. Her jaw hung open, Roxanne's feet felt like they were cemented into the floor.

"Crap," she said to no one in particular. Then the bell rang again. Roxanne let out a gasp. She tip-toed away from the door, as the knob-turning, door-pushing, and bell-ringing continued in concert, growing louder by the second.

Roxanne let out a shriek and ran toward the back of the house, hoping to get to the back door. She was tackled from behind as a black leather glove covered her mouth. The other hand pinned her to the floor. A menacing voice growled at her. "Make another noise and die." Roxanne turned her head to see who it was, but couldn't tell. The assailant wore a bloody ghost mask, perfect for Halloween. She wanted to scream at that very moment, but Roxanne held it in, although she couldn't stop shaking.

"Come with me and don't make a sound." The masked man helped Roxanne to her feet. He grabbed her by the arm and forced her toward the bedroom. Roxanne didn't know why they were going to the bedroom, but went without protest.

The short walk gave Roxanne time to think. She wished Eric would come home right now and save her. She also wished they had a better lock on the door. Did the masked man break the door open? She wasn't sure. She hadn't been looking. She was too busy trying to escape the back way.

"Take off your clothes and get on the bed. Lie down on your back."

"What? Take off my clothes? Why..."

"Take them off now! NOW!"

The intruder pulled a piece of rope from his back pocket. "Would you like to get whipped first, or just tied up?"

Roxanne looked into the eyes of the stranger, as she slowly peeled off her clothes. First she took off her red satin robe. Then she kicked off her slippers. She stood in the bedroom in nothing but a purple lace teddy.

The masked man looked her body over slowly. Roxanne stood at five foot five, about a hundred and twenty pounds. She had long thin legs that ran up to her curvy hips, which helped create one beautiful ass that Eric simply adored. He constantly says that she's plump and juicy, especially when referring to her tits and ass.

"Don't stop now," ordered the intruder, in his low-growl pitch.

Roxanne pulled the teddy over her head, revealing her naked form. She had 36C breasts, topped off by soft, pink nipples. The mound of hair between her legs was reduced just this morning to nothing more than a few wisps of hair. It was supposed to be a Halloween surprise for Eric. She imagined him coming in the door and while she yelled "Trick or treat!" from the bedroom, with her legs spread open. Her succulent pussy would be his treat, as long as he promised to perform his tricks for her. She especially liked the trick he did with his tongue - licking her until she felt faint, sometimes even passing out. Oh, she wished Eric were here now, instead of this...

"I said get on the bed! Now!"

Roxanne did as she was told. The bloody ghost took the rope and tied Roxanne's wrist together, over her head. He slowly ran his hands over her naked body, fingertips gently scraping her soft skin. Beginning with her neck, his fingers traveled down over the peeks of her nipples, through the light patch of pussy hair, and then down one leg.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" He whispered in her ear. Then he walked to the light switch. "Get ready."

The lights went off. The room was pitch black. Roxanne heard rustling. She strained to see what was going on. The intruder took off his mask, then his clothes. They were now both naked on Roxanne's bed.

The mystery man licked the inside of Roxanne's thigh's gently, just using the very tip of his tongue. It tickled her, in fact, she even giggled. But playtime was over quickly when he reached the folds of her vagina. He stopped to take in her aroma before sucking her slowly. Roxanne immediately became wet, as her pussy opened for her mystery lover, who worked his tongue inside her. He lapped up all the juice he could, before licking his way up to her clit. Once there, Roxanne let out a sigh that was more like a scream. It felt so damn good to get licked in such an expert fashion. She let herself go for the first time this evening and it was exactly what she needed.

Roxanne's first orgasm came with great force. Having her wrists tied together made the sensation that much more intense. She bucked and kicked, as her orgasm rippled its way up from her pussy, until she screamed out loud. This, as it happened, made her mystery lover even more excited.

He grabbed her legs and rested them on his shoulders, as he lined his cock up with her wet opening. He plunged hard and deep into Roxanne, igniting the fire that burned deep inside her. She gasped for air, as her lover pounded away at her pussy with great force. She loved the rude fucking he was giving her, as he jack-hammered away. She felt as though her hips would break, or perhaps she would split into two, but enjoyed the rough fuck she was getting.

This went on for a few minutes before her lover started grunting like a wild animal. He slowed down his pace, but only because his own orgasm was building. Roxanne lost count of how many times she must have come, but no longer cared. She had been properly fucked and was now ready for her reward.

A few more primal grunts and howls from her mysterious lover gave way to Roxanne's treat. With her legs wrapped around his waist, her mysterious lover shot his load deep inside her, coating her womb. He gave her three or four big blasts of love juice, until he let himself empty out slowly, holding onto her tightly. He collapsed on the bed, right near her feet, panting loudly. Roxanne, her pussy filled with a mysterious lover's potion, slowly captured her breath.

Reality settled back into Roxanne's mind. She had just been fucked by someone who tied her up, against her will. Not only that, he was still in her house, in her room, and on her bed. Who was it? Who would do such a thing? Why...

The man got up, legs a little wobbly, and walked over to the light switch. Roxanne tried again to see who it was, but it was just too dark to see anything. All she knew by this point was much as she hated to admit it, she had probably the best sex of her life. Now she only hoped that it wasn't the last sex of her life.

Suddenly the light in the bedroom came on. Roxanne was temporarily blinded. Slowly her eyes adjusted, though still blurry, she looked at her mysterious lover.


"Happy Halloween!"

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