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He Looks Like His Father


WARNING! This fictional story isn't for everyone. It involves cuckolds, male feminization, submission, interracial sex and breeding. If you're not interested, go find another story.


I am a white fifty something year old married cuckold and a proud member of the W.B.A. My wife is twenty years younger than I and we have four children (with one on the way), all by separate fathers' and none of them mine, well at least biologically mine. She is a natural blond and is a petite size seven, with blue eyes, a small waist line and large breasts. She is proud of her body and has several tattoos. (My favorite is the map of Africa on the small of her back, done in black, red, and green.) I have an advanced degree in Computer Science and work from our home as an internet instructor. She is a slut/whore for a black man named Paul. Obviously that makes him her pimp, though I am only allowed to refer to him as "MY Wife's BLACK MASTER". She and I are very much in love and have a strong marriage sharing most things except for sex of course. She is reserved for BLACK use only.

Obviously, my wife is much too busy taking care of "My Wife's BLACK MASTER" to raise the children or take care of the house, though she does help when she can and enjoys playing with the children daily. Because we live in a six bedroom home and with that many children, I employee a full time "maid". "My Wife's BLACK MASTER" and my wife share the master bedroom while the baby sleeps in my room. (Actually my bedroom adjoins the master bedroom and I generally sleep at the foot of MY Wife's BLACK MASTERS' bed so that I can serve both the baby and them at night.)

Like me, the "maid" is actually another of MY Wife's BLACK MASTERS' panty boyz, and since he couldn't find a job, MY Wife's BLACK MASTER suggested he go to work for me, since his wife was busy serving MY Wife's BLACK MASTER as well. (Poor guy has to do my house and then go home and do his as well.) I am called Cissy and the maid is Winnie.

MY Wife's BLACK MASTER has been with us seven, no eight months now and began femming me up when he moved in. I am proud to say that I am now fem'd up pretty much 24/7/365. Mostly I am in panties (or a g string, size 6/7), jeans (size 14 Petite), a bra (38C), knee high stockings (black), and a top (large or 1x).

Because I am supporting everybody, MY Wife's BLACK MASTER pretty much allows me the freedom to work whenever my schedule calls for me to be on-line and rarely interferes with my busy schedule. MY Wife's BLACK MASTER is also very good with the children and keeps my wife constantly supplied with BLACK cock. I consider myself very fortunate and a lucky white boy.

Before my wife started fucking BLACK MEN exclusively, we were constantly on edge with each other, fighting about who would be in-charge of what and who was responsible for this or that. All of that caused such friction in our marriage that we couldn't enjoy one another just as the two individuals we truly were. Our sex life suffered, our personal relationship suffered, and professionally it was affecting our performance. Paul, MY Wife's BLACK MASTER, is her third BLACK MASTER and we look forward to a long relationship with him.

Now each of us knows our place! There's no question about who is in charge and what each of our responsibilities are. Admittedly we both had to give a little. She had to accept the fact that she could take black cock, and I had to accept the fact that I was incapable of satisfying her sexually.

I guess I was the one who suggested we try "swinging" to save our relationship. We did a couple of clubs and while she didn't have any trouble hooking up with someone, I couldn't get to first base. At first she tried dating a couple of white guys, but I always was worried about her leaving me for them and I could never relax long enough to enjoy watching her get pleasured. Finally, one Friday night we were at a club and she got hit on by a black guy. After four Margarita's, we took him home because I thought it would be hot watching her fuck a BLACK. She reluctantly agreed (probably because she was drunk) and well, she had the time of her life. He stayed all weekend and it seemed she was in one continuous climax all weekend long. We tried screwing the next week but it just wasn't there for her and she's been BLACK since then. We talked about it, and well, she explained that it was one thing for her to fuck BLACK men and another to be married to one, so she promised she would never leave me as long as she could have as much BLACK sex as she wanted. I relaxed and so did she. I guess the old saying about once you've gone BLACK.... is true.

It wasn't until her first BLACK MASTER that she got BLACK pregnant and I accepted the role of "cuckold". We're pretty sure he was the one who knocked her up because he took her off the pill and didn't share her for the first month. To cover his tracks however, he gang banged my wife one weekend and she had load after load of hot BLACK cum pumped into her for two days solid. It was pretty tough on my wife (I guess the first one is always the hardest, cause she hasn't complained about it since then,) and their relationship soured. He finally sold her to her second BLACK MASTER before the baby arrived. I accepted the baby as my own, though he looks just like his father. We named him TY (short for Tyronne).

Her second BLACK MASTER was just a kid who didn't know what he was doing except whenever he was fucking her. He ended up trying to whore her out on a street corner one night where she got arrested by a vice cop and he couldn't cover the bail. I ended up paying the bail and the attorney, and while I didn't mind, he just could never seem to fill the role of MASTER around me. She dumped him. Too bad he didn't know what he had.

Between her second and third BLACK MASTERS' she just merely frequented the BLACK clubs around town. That's when our twin daughters were born. Every man ought to have at least one daughter, I'm doubly blessed, I've got two, Jasmine and Janelle. At that point she was pretty much staying home and caring for the kid's and was only going out on weekends so she wasn't getting as much fucking in as she needed. I just wanted her to be happy and we tried several times to make love. To make a long story short, it was a disaster and she finally realized that I was a true cuck. I could never stay hard enough, be big enough, treat her roughly enough, or cum enough. She became the dominant in the house and I accepted my role as a worthless white boy. To celebrate she invited eight big BLACK guys over one weekend and I had to help each one fuck her till she got pregnant for the fourth time. We named him Terrell since most of the time the guys were watching football when they weren't fucking my wife.

Shortly there after, my wife met Paul, her current BLACK MASTER. MY Wife's BLACK MASTER is older (only a year or so younger than me) and is not only a stern and demanding BLACK MASTER, but an experienced pimp as well. I guess it's because MY Wife's BLACK MASTERS' attitude that things are going so well. He just seems to know what each of us needs in, and for, the relationship. He recognized the fact that both of us are basically sub's at heart. It was his idea to fem me up and re-enforce the fact that I am worthless sexually as a true male and that I should serve not only the BLACK MAN, but the women they satisfy. He started me on hormones, Premarin and birth control pills. In this way he affirms my true worth as a sissy cuckold white boy.

As for my wife, MY Wife's BLACK MASTER recognized the fact that she was a true sexual being, a slut at heart, built to satisfy the BLACK MAN. He introduced her to S/M, gang bangs, made movies of her, sends her on "out calls" where she provides whatever sexual fantasy is required, and most of all, fucks her daily. In this way he affirms her true worth as a white slut bitch cum whore.

Inwardly, I now know that MY Wife's BLACK MASTER could take her away from me at any moment. She is a committed, true BLACK cock slut whore, even agreeing to carry his black baby. I guess that worries me, but I know that she is also only one of four white women he owns, and that he could, and would dump her in a moments notice as well if she fails to satisfy him. So we have come full circle, relying on each other to support the marriage we are both in.

Once the new baby comes she's going to have her tubes tied and we'll have our last black baby. We're going to name him Paul Jr., and we hope he'll look just like his father too!

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