tagLoving WivesHe Never Saw It Coming

He Never Saw It Coming


*In marriage there is always the Other Person*

(Thanks to Treborrobbo for editing)

(A shorter story than most I write.)


Thomas Norman came home early from his business trip to Omaha to find the house dark, though it was close to eleven. He had good news to tell his wife; he'd finally gotten that promotion that they'd both been hoping for so long. He would still travel, but fewer times a month for fewer days. Things were looking up.

He slipped the door open and walked down the hall. He kept quiet, hoping to catch his wonderful wife in bed. This would be a wonderful way to wake her up. When he got close to the bedroom he heard snuffling noises and he froze. His wife was crying. Thomas closed the rest of the distance rapidly and burst into the room.

His wife Darla was curled into a fetal ball on the bed.

"Darla, what's wrong?" he asked. Darla gave a startled cry.

"Nothing," she lied unconvincingly. Thomas was unsure what to do so he stepped toward her cautiously in the dark.

"Baby, what is it?" Thomas continued.

"I'm okay... I'm just feeling a little sick," she stammered. By now Thomas was close enough to make out his wife clearly, even in the dim light. Her beautiful hazel eyes were ringed with tears, her dark blonde hair was a mess, and her luscious red lips were puffy and... Bitten.

Thomas was torn between anger that she wouldn't tell him what happened, and sorrow that anything had happened to her in the first place.

"Damn it," Thomas groaned, "who had sex with you? Was it rape?" Darla fell to pieces then, so Thomas moved to her and brought her into his arms.

Darla's legs were pulled up to her chest. With a smaller woman Thomas could have wrapped his arms totally around her, but Darla was tall, five-eleven, though slender. Now she seemed to be all arms and legs. Thomas always thought his wife was as gorgeous as any woman he'd ever met; better than he deserved.

"Darla," Thomas persisted, "you have to tell me what happened. Do I need to call the cops right now?"

Darla wailed and began shaking. Thomas took her face and nestled it into his shoulder for several long minutes, while she slowly worked the anguish out of her system.

"I'm so sorry," she managed to whimper.

"Sorry about what?" he inquired.

"I've been unfaithful," she groaned. "I've let another man use me like a whore."

Thomas' initial reaction was total denial. His wife hadn't said that. This couldn't be happening; not to him and Darla. Their marriage was so solid.

"Who?" He managed to croak out.

"Joel Masterson," she whispered.

"Joel? Our next door neighbor Joel? For the love of God Darla, make me understand this," Thomas rambled.

"I went to a party at Bob and Marge's. I got drunk and Joel offered to take me home... I think... I wasn't really thinking clearly. Joel took some naked pictures of me at his place. When I came to, he told me he would send you the pictures, but offered to destroy the pictures if I had sex with him."

"So you had sex with him..." Thomas mumbled. "Darla, why couldn't you trust me to understand?"

"I wasn't thinking straight and I was scared. You were on the road so much and I was afraid we'd drifted apart. I was afraid of losing you," she wept.

"He kept blackmailing you with the material?" Thomas sighed as he struggled to come to grips with things.

"Yes. He makes me come over when you aren't home. I..." She gulped, "take care of all his needs." Thomas took a long look at his wife, who looked back with pleading eyes.

"I forgive you Darla," Thomas declared. "This guy is a sexual predator. I wouldn't have put it past him to put something in your drink." Thomas sat there with a set jaw for a moment.

"Darla, do you want me to go over there and punch his lights out, or do you want us to get some real revenge?" Thomas looked intently at his wife. Darla was no man's punching bag. She'd been caught in a moment of weakness and exploited, but now she realized she'd been fundamentally wrong about one thing. Her husband had never stopped loving her.

"What's your plan?" Darla sniffled.

(The Capture)

Joel was a bit miffed. Thomas had come home Thursday night late and stayed most of the day with Darla, and Joel had really been looking forward to a little hot tub fun. He loved watching Darla's tits bounce around as he made her pump up and down on his lap. Now she'd given him some song and dance about having to stay home for a web call from her husband, sometime between seven and ten that night.

Darla had at least been smart enough to invite him over so that he didn't get too upset with her. If he didn't get a blowjob soon he was going to explode. When Darla answered the door she was wearing cut offs that were so short you could see the pockets. They highlighted her tanned legs. She also wore a crop top that clearly showed off her stomach with just a hint of curve to it.

"Get you something to drink?" she nervously asked as he came in and followed her to the dining room.

"I've got something for you to drink right here," he told her pointing to his crotch.

"Please, a little something to help me clear my throat first," Darla pleaded. Joel shrugged. She'd be gargling soon enough.

"Sure, get me some Jack," he said in a bored voice. As he looked around he noticed the Norman's tastes were rather pedestrian. Still, poor old Thomas' lack of inventiveness was good for Joel. It made Darla all that more tasty.

"Here you go," Darla said with a slight tremble in her voice as she handed Joel his drink. She quickly took a sip of her own Gin and Tonic.

Joel took his with a few quick swigs then put the glass down. He stared impatiently as Darla seemed to be taking her time. He stepped up to grab a feel of those divine breasts, but she pulled back. Joel didn't like that at all.

"Don't play games Darla," he threatened. "In case you forget, I'm in charge in this relationship. One call from me and your marriage is over. I'm sure the hours and hours of footage I've compiled will do wonders at your divorce proceedings."

Darla danced away again, putting a chair between them. Now Joel was starting to get really pissed. He was also getting a bit hot. He pushed the chair aside and started chasing her around the table, but somehow she was able to keep out of his reach until his head was spinning. Then it hit him.

"Bitch, what did you give me?" he slurred. Joel was now trying to get to the door and out of this place.

"I'm not sure of the name, but my husband gave it to me. By the way Joel, do you remember my husband Thomas?" Darla hissed. Thomas came walking out of the kitchen looking decidedly unhappy with Joel.

"What... Ah... There's been a misunderstanding," Joel babbled as he careened for the door. He felt two strong sets of hands on him and he was thrown to the floor.

"You tried to take my life away from me Joel. You can't begin to understand how angry that makes me," Darla snarled into Joel's ear.

"You tried to turn my wife's love for me against us both. I hope you understand how much that is going to cost you," Thomas growled when his wife was done. "Actually I hope you don't. I want it to be a surprise."

Life for Joel Masterson went dark after that.

(The Revenge)

Joel woke up to the sensation of the bed moving beneath him. His immediate reaction was to wonder what had happened. How much of what he recalled had been a dream? His head hurt and he tried to rub a hand against it, but his arm wouldn't respond. His eyes opened wide and he found himself looking up into the eyes of Darla Norman naked on all fours above him.

"Oh, you are awake," Darla purred. "Thomas, our guest is awake."

"Good," groaned Thomas. "I couldn't stand not getting a piece of your fine ass much longer." Joel couldn't see him, but he could sense he was right behind Darla. Joel struggled to move any part of his body, but got no response.

Darla crawled up Joel's body until her tits hung right over his mouth, and he could look down to see her pussy and Thomas' legs right behind them. Even as he took in the picture, Darla moaned as Thomas pushed into her with a wet squishy noise. As Darla's tits swung back, Joel could see her eyes glaring down at his.

"This is as close to my body as you are ever going to get," she taunted him. I wanted you to see it one more time you bastard."

Joel gave a guttural response.

"Oh, the drug will wear off in about two hours," Darla grinned. "You will regain full use of your body, but you should be a bit sore."

"Damn Girl you feel good," Thomas remarked.

"I've got an idea about what will feel even better," Darla giggled. She turned around and pulled Thomas to her. She had him sit on Joel's face then she mounted Thomas. Thomas had to flex his muscles to make sure Joel could breathe, but that became somewhat academic when Darla came for the first time and her fluids leaked onto Joel's face.

Darla and Thomas leaned against the headboard on either side of Joel. Thomas took the sheet and wiped some of the fluid from Joel's eyes.

"What's wrong Joel? You wanted to see my wife naked didn't you?" Thomas told him.

"He loved eating my pussy," Darla informed him. "Maybe I should give him another taste?"

"Don't you think he has had enough of your juices for the time being?" Thomas suggested.

"He said he could never get enough," Darla answered, so Thomas gave the nod. Darla mounted Joel's face and began grinding against his chin, lips, and nose. Every once in a while Thomas would make sure that Joel could still breath, but it was hardly an act of compassion.

When Thomas was ready he pulled Darla back and took her from behind once more. This time he really began to slam her hard. Darla had already worked herself up on Joel's face, and now she was ready to go. For over two minutes they went at it, until Darla's arms bent and her head was bent to the side of Joel's. He could hear her battling for breath, and deep moans as her husband made her orgasm approached.

Her hand rested on his collarbones and the vibrations of Thomas's thrusts were transferred into his neck and skull. The sexuality of it all was driving Joel's drug-wracked body wild. Darla's scream deafened him. No sooner had she recovered than Thomas called out that he was coming too.

Darla reached underneath her as Thomas took his cock out of her pussy. She took hold of it and started stroking it vigorously. Seconds later Thomas cried out Darla's name as hot blasts of semen fell on Joel's stomach and chest. Darla rolled to the side, grinning like a girl possessed, while Thomas knelt back and observed his handiwork.

Thomas crawled over to Darla and kissed her.

"Great work lover," Thomas said.

"Joel," panted Darla, "if you knew how much fun this would be, would you still have done what you did to me? You don't have to answer that, not that you can, but I really don't care anymore."

"Let's get cleaned up," Thomas suggested. "We still have a few things to take care of before Joel gets to go home." Darla got up and went to shower. Thomas busied himself with some phone calls. When Darla got out, Thomas took her place getting clean while Darla cleaned Joel up.

As the drug began wearing off, Thomas dressed Joel in the clothes he'd come over in. All that mattered then was waiting for him to start moving.

"You fucks," Joel rasped. Joel rubbed his muscles which were terribly stiff and weak.

"Sore?" Thomas smiled. "I imagine I should tell you it is Wednesday morning around four a.m." Joel blinked. He'd come over Friday night and now it was Wednesday -- five days.

"How the hell?" Joel griped. "You'll pay."

"Shall we take you home?" Darla asked politely. "You've invited me over often enough."

"Fuck both of you," Joel growled. Thomas and Darla let him go and he stumbled to the floor. Then they picked up his cursing form and got him moving once more.

Through the dark, Darla and Thomas took Joel back to his house. The door to Joel's house was slightly ajar, so all they had to do was muscle it aside and deposit Joel in the closest empty room. The married couple sat back, held hands and watched Joel look around his empty house.

"What happened to my house?" Joel asked weakly.

"You donated all your furniture to charity," Darla said serenely.

"We won't even go over the amount of stuff you ordered online from your home computer," Thomas grinned. "Isn't Next Day delivery grand? You maxed your credit cards doing it."

"That was donated to various charities as well," Darla added.

"You've been very charitable all around. It seems your PayPal account was linked to your checking, so you bought three thousand chickens for farmers in Kenya," Thomas continued.

"Your hot tub went fast, but then you nearly gave it away for free," Darla said. "Weren't you still paying that off? That sucks."

"I'll get it all back," Joel bit back.

"Who did you donate to?" Darla replied. "You have no receipts. All your purchases were made from your accounts with your passwords, Joel."

"My passwords?" Joel gawked.

"Joel, did you ever bother to think about what I did on all those long trips away from home while you were abusing my wife?" Thomas asked. "I'm a pharmaceutical rep. Getting access to a drug that puts someone into a semi-conscious state and susceptible to suggestion isn't all that hard."

"You won't get away with this," Joel declared. "I'll declare credit card fraud."

"Get away with what Joel? Your computer is clean of all the blackmail material you had on me; your back-up, off-line files are toast, so there is no blackmailing me. Without that there is no motive. Without motive, how are you going to get anyone to believe you didn't go nuts and give away all your stuff?" Darla beamed. "We didn't 'do' anything to you."

"As for credit card fraud; every item was delivered to your address. It isn't their fault you gave it all away. Please explain how that will be considered fraud?" Thomas pointed out. Joel gaped.

"You still have your retirement account that you've borrowed against and savings, which are awfully anemic when you compare that against your mountain of debt."

"I don't understand," Joel mumbled as he slumped to the floor.

"You forced a woman to be your own private, sexual plaything and you screwed with another man's wife," Darla spat in his face. "Sell your house and get out of our neighborhood, because next time you screw with anyone here you won't wake up."

Thomas chuckled at his wife's ferocity.

"I'm not going to belittle what my wife went through at your hands, but I believe she is the most expensive fuck you've ever had Joel. Next time you plan to take another woman against her will, remember what this cost you and stay home and wank off instead," Thomas advised him. With that, he stood, took Darla by the hand and they left Joel alone with the mess he'd made of his life.

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DetroitRockCity and rightbank

Thank you.

Rightbank ~ nope. The only sores were from days of inactivity not abuse at the hands of someone who might better appreciate Joel's charms. They wanted ZERO physical evidence they had donemore...

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Not bad, I liked it.

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Why is he going to be sore?

Her body had been damaged, bitten, bruised, and abused. Did they let the guy with the banjo play with him for a few days?


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