tagIncest/TabooHe Owns Me Now

He Owns Me Now


I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and stood in front of the floor to ceiling mirror. I was feeling sexy. Months of working out with my personal trainer had delivered amazing results. My body was in better shape now, at forty one years of age, than it was when I was eighteen! Tighter, more toned and muscled, especially my thighs and calf muscles. Not sure if it was the steaming hot shower I just had, or the hormones of my sexual peak rushing round my brain, but I was feeling HOT. I was in the mood to tease.

I heard the boys come into the house and settle into the lounge downstairs. It sounded like Kyle my step son, and his mate Tom. I was in the bathroom on the upper level, and slowly opened the door enough to peek out to take a look down into the lounge to confirm it was them. Indeed it was. Kyle was facing away from me and his mate Tom was on the sofa opposite him, facing me. Far enough not to be able to see much detail, but close enough to see if I was clothed or not. That gave me an idea. An idea that made me wet just thinking about it. I was feeling horny and I was craving some male attention. I wanted to show off my body. My sex starved brain was starting to plot and plan how I could get some of that attention.

It was about a ten foot walk from the bathroom door and into my bedroom. About three to four seconds if I walked straight out and in. I started thinking of good excuses. Being in the bathroom, it's very possible that I didn't hear them come into the house. It was perfectly natural to assume that I was alone in the house, with no need to cover up should I decide to walk out of the bathroom. How was I to know that they might accidentally see me naked? What's the worst that could happen if they did?

Yes, I was going to do this. I was going to let Tom catch a glimpse of my naked body for just a few seconds. Enough to get him to notice me, but not too long. I decided I would pretend I was drying my hair with the towel as I walked out. That way it would appear totally natural for me not to see them there because the towel would be over my head. My heart was pounding. I reached for the door handle and paused. I flung the towel over my head, grabbed the door handle, and opened it.

As I walked out of the bathroom, completely nude and in plain view of the boys, I caught a quick glimpse of Tom, who was standing up next to the couch, holding what appeared to be a can of Energy Drink. I had never been so aware of my body parts, my bare breasts, my erect nipples, my swollen pussy lips. They were completely out there, being looked at. My heart was racing like a jackhammer as I casually turned to the bedroom and walked in.

WOW! That was exhilarating! I was feeling slightly dizzy due to the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins right now. I had just let a relatively strange boy, see me naked. I had never done anything like that before, and I loved it. I wanted to do that again, as long as it wasn't too obvious to him that I was showing off. I listened by the bedroom door which I had left open, to hear if they were saying anything. All I could hear was Kyle, my step son, talking. Tom was silent. Probably still shocked at what he had just seen.

I think my plan had worked. Now in my bedroom, I still "didn't know" that they were home.

I wanted to go downstairs and walk in front of them. I grabbed a white long sleeve shirt from my ex husband's closet, put it on and stood in front of the mirror to see how much I was showing. I did up the middle button only. Standing upright, I saw that the bottom of the shirt just covered my lips by about one inch. Wow. It certainly felt like there was nothing covering my freshly shaved pussy lips at all! I could feel the air gently circling round me under the shirt!

I took a deep breath, made sure the button was secure, and walked out of the bathroom, and decided I would make my way to the kitchen, wearing nothing but a light cotton shirt. I was already five steps down the staircase as I realized my thighs were extremely bare, and as I walked down to the lounge where the boys were sitting, every step I took actually lifted the shirt just above my pussy, exposing my lips!

I couldn't chicken out now. Both of their eyes spotted me coming down, and boys being boys, just stared at me.

"Oh Hi guys" I exclaimed in surprise.

I was terrified at the thought of being so flimsily covered in front of them, and hugely turned on at the same time.

They were both sitting on the sofa, playing video games. I needed to walk right past them in order to get to the kitchen. I stood at the bottom of the staircase for a moment, taking a deep breath of courage, and walked into the lounge. As I stepped between them and the television, I could feel their eyes scanning just below the edge of the shirt, hoping for a better glimpse of my pussy. And they did. As I walked across their line of sight, I needed to take a larger step to walk over the controller wires that led to the gaming console. The light cotton shirt wasn't doing me any favors. For a brief moment, as I stretched my legs across the lines of controller wires, I could feel my pussy lips were completely out in the open, brightly illuminated by the glare of the TV screen! I paused in that position for about three seconds, as if I was trying to maintain my balance while stepping over and straddling the wires. I gave them a VERY clear view of my beautiful, mature shaved vagina!

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" I thought to myself.

I got into the kitchen and out of sight, I grabbed my face in both hands and silently screamed into them, having just realized what I had done and how turned on I was! I stood there silently for several minutes. Half smiling, half grinning, totally alive! I could feel my juice flowing out of my pussy. I was dripping wet! I pulled the shirt down as far as I could to mop some of my juice from between my lips, to prevent it from running down my thighs. With my legs slightly spread and my one leg slightly lifted, I was looking down at my pussy as I slipped my shirt wrapped finger between my lips to wipe my juice, when I noticed a pair of sneakers enter the kitchen doorway and stop.

"Hi Mrs Stevens" said Tom

"Hey Tom. You thirsty?' I managed to mumble as I stood there beside the refrigerator, straightening my shirt, pretending nothing was wrong.

Tom looked at me like he suspected something. Like he was thinking about why I was in the kitchen all this time and only reaching for the refrigerator door handle now?

I opened the fridge, and reached in for a bottle of OJ. I had to look convincing after all. I also suddenly realized that I was bending forward slightly, thereby lifting the shirt up and showing the bottom of my ass cheeks to Tom! Showing him that I was NOT wearing any panties underneath! I also realized that my calves and thighs were being nicely stretched and exposed, for him to look at. So I took a little longer, before I turned around and put the bottle on the table. Tom was still standing in the doorway, leaning against the post, grinning at me in a cute boy kind of way. I was busted. We both knew it, but both pretended we knew nothing.

"Yeah I'll grab some OJ, thanks Mrs Stevens" he replied eventually.

I think he was realizing that the more I moved around, the more he would see, hoping for another glimpse of my ass cheeks, or maybe even something better. My nipples were poking through the white shirt fabric like tents and definitely caught Tom's attention. In the reflection of the stainless steel toaster, I could clearly see my dark areolas through the white cotton fabric.

"Kyle gone out?" I asked.

"Yes. He left to see Jenny" Tom replied.

Jenny was Kyle's girlfriend.

"So You decided to stay and look after me" I winked at Tom. "So sweet of You."

Tom blushed a bright shade of pink. He was a tall, handsome boy. Very intelligent but naive and quite shy. Just the way I liked them.

"Sit down and I'll pour You a glass of OJ" I instructed.

Tom sat down at the kitchen table. I reached for two glasses and set them on the table for us. I poured OJ into Tom's glass from the jug. I leaned forward to reach his glass and suddenly realized that the single button I had secured the shirt with, was taking severe strain and was about to detach itself. I pretended not to notice and continued pouring. I filled my glass too, and then returned to the refrigerator to put the jug back in. As I opened the door, with my back to Tom, the button let go, allowing the shirt to fall open, and the cold frigid air to rush into the shirt and around my firm 36C breasts, stiffening my already hard nipples.

I froze for a moment. Shocked. Unsure of what to do. I also realized that the light inside the fridge was shining through the shirt, and allowing Tom to see the silhouette of my breasts as they hung out in front of me.

I was dripping wet with anticipation. If I turned around now, not only would Tom see one, if not both of my bare breasts completely exposed, but also my shaved, soaking pussy lips, now uncovered by the missing button! My heart was pounding! The thought process going through my mind was trying to justify what I was about to do next.

He was a horny teenage boy! He wanted to see more of my body, otherwise he would not have stayed in the house with me after my son Kyle, left. I was super horny, feeling incredibly sexy and I wanted to feel the lustful gaze of a male's eyes on me. All of me.

I reached into the fridge for a plate of left over hot dog sausages, grabbed it and closed the fridge. I turned around, looked Tom in the eye and slowly walked towards him, with the plate in my hand, my shirt open, and my left breast completely and utterly exposed and open to his eyes. Tom's eyes widened as I got closer to him. His eyes fixed on my beautiful full breast, nipple hard and areola puffy. I finally stood right next to him, and asked him in a slow, deep voice.

"How hungry are You Tom?"

I put the plate down on the table and shoved it to one side. As I stood there beside Tom, in silence, I let him look at my erect nipple. I opened my shirt a little further, allowing my right breast to appear in front of him. His mouth slowly opened in awe, as I just stood there, only twenty inches away from him, almost naked. I saw his eyes slowly start moving down my body, and stop at my pussy. I was starting to gush pussy juice at the sight of this boy just staring at my body. I was loving this more than I ever imagined. I looked down at his crotch. His one hand firmly grasping his erect cock through his denim trousers.

I slowly moved across and sat on the table, right in front of him. I placed my legs on either side of his legs, resting my feet on the seat, and completely opened my shirt for him. As my firm, natural and puffy nipples were unleashed in all their naked glory before his eyes, I spread my thighs as wide as they would go, baring my hungry and dripping pussy open to his gaze. I sat there, now completely naked, spread wide open and leaning back on the kitchen table, before my son's friend. Tom's eyes were the size of saucers, as he stared and stared and stared at my soft, firm, gorgeous body. I lay there, vulnerable and exposed, and I let him look at me. My breathing was getting heavy and deep, as my heart pounded in excitement. I felt my outer lips throb and swell as Tom's eyes gazed hungrily at my wet, aching and dripping pussy. I was LOVING this so intensely.

I slowly slid my one hand over my hips and to my pussy, and with my two fingers, I pressed down into my sopping pussy slit, and spread my lips wide open, to expose my hard throbbing clit, and letting Tom look right into my open vagina hole. The same vagina his friend, my son, was born out of.

'Tom?' I said slowly and deeply 'I want You to taste me Tom'

Without hesitation, Tom leaned forward and plunged his tongue straight into my sopping vagina, still spread wide open by my fingers.

Ohhhhhhhhhh that felt sooooooo gooooood Mmmmmmmm.

Tom's tongue probed my vaginal opening deeply and slithered up and down the length of my inner lips, from my clit right down to my opening and back up in hard, deep licks. His lips now pressing firmly onto my lips, sucking them into his mouth and stretching them in the process, like he was trying to suck the last drops of my pussy juice out of them.

Mmmmmmmmmm it felt soooo incredibly good.

Seeing and feeling my lips stretching into his mouth, and his tongue now rhythmically beating my clit, I was building up to an orgasm and he hadn't even touched my breasts yet. As his tongue relentlessly lashed my clitoris, my head thrown back in ecstasy, I suddenly felt his finger slide up inside my vagina. Effortlessly and deeply he quickly added a second finger, and then a third, now stretching my pussy hole so deliciously. This shy boy was turning out to be quite an expert as he sucked and finger fucked this mature woman's hungry pussy.

I was getting closer to heaven as his sucking got harder and his fingers moved faster, faster and faster. I was getting close to cumming! And then I felt his mouth leave my clit and he started kissing my mound, then my belly, my belly button and moving up to my heaving breasts. He was now standing, his three fingers still dancing inside me and his mouth now locked on my right nipple, sucking sharply and gorgeously.

His fingers slowly slipped out of my now quite sore and stretched pussy. He stopped sucking my nipple, and seemed to now back away from me. I sat more upright, and looked down. He was unzipping his trousers.

As his zipper loosened its hold on his clearly stiff cock, which was straining against the fabric but still pointing down his leg, he started slipping his pants down, bringing his penis slowly into view.

My breathing started to get heavier and my heart began to pound harder, as the base of his cock now came into view, and it was THICK! OH MY FUCK it was as THICK as my forearm, and as he lowered his pants more and more, it just kept growing. He was LONG as well and did I mention how enormously THICK it was! How on earth was he going to fit that inside me?????

Now I know why he was jamming three fingers inside me. He was preparing me to be penetrated by his monster cock! Now completely naked standing before me, this shy boy's penis was no less than eleven inches long, and at least two and a half inches thick at the tip. And most definitely 4 inches at the base. He was hard, and with his python hard as a rock, he moved towards me again. I felt nervous, but absolutely thrilled, as he grabbed my ankles in each of his hands, and held my legs spread wide apart!

He moved in between my thighs, pressing his enormous purple head against my hot dripping lips, and slowly guided his long, thick, throbbing, monster cock inside me, inch, by throbbing inch. I let out uncontrolled moans as I felt my pussy stretching wider than it had ever been stretched before. My eyes were stretched even wider as I stared down at his penis burrowing into me. I was gasping, as his head disappeared inside me, followed by his ever thickening shaft, relentlessly invading my body. I was being stretched wider and wider. I thought he may tear my lips, as he continued his forward progress into me.

"Uunngh" I moaned as his head hit the back of my pussy, probably my cervix, and shoved it even further back up inside my body, rearranging my insides. His MASSIVE cock now possessed my body completely from the inside.

I felt myself completely surrender as I was being owned! I was being completely and utterly owned by Tom and his enormous horse dong, now lodged firmly and deeply inside my hungry hot pussy.

We both lay there on the table, motionless and silent. Allowing the stress and tension of his gigantic cock to settle down slightly, letting my vagina get used to his size, and expand as far as it possibly could to accommodate him.

And then he slowly started to withdraw, pulling his dong slowly out of me. I was thinking that this reminded me of giving birth! I looked down at his enormous cock, seeing what had just been inside me. It was glistening with my pussy juice, lubricating his entire length. And then he plunged back inside me!

"Uungh!!" I moaned loudly again, as I was again penetrated deeper than I had ever been in my life. He was now building into a rhythm, as he started pounding me, thrusting his massive cock into my now very wet, very stretched and very deliciously hungry pussy. Pounding me harder and harder on the table! Tom was fucking me hard, like a beast. I looked up into his eyes as he had now climbed onto the table with me as I lay on my back. My breasts were heaving back and forth as I was impaled over and over by this freakishly big but oh so delicious cock of his. It felt so incredibly good to feel so owned and possessed by such a strong manly cock, devouring my insides, making my pussy cream and making me feel like the most desired woman on the planet. I felt helpless and exposed and vulnerable beneath Tom, as he continued to plunge into me. I was his fucktoy completely. I belonged to him now.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yes baby, FUCK me, GIVE it to me" I cried as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me relentlessly. The initial pain I felt had given way to beautiful smooth rhythmic pulses of ecstasy, emanating from my stretched pussy, and my engorged clit getting rammed by his pelvis as he slammed his dong into me over and over. My juices now making sopping squishing sounds with each thrust, building a massive orgasm inside me. I could feel the wave getting bigger, my thighs started shaking and my toes were curling as I felt the sudden bolt of orgasm shoot through my body! YES! Oh baby YES! I bit my lip as my body started to convulse in ecstasy. My hips and back arched upwards to meet his thrusts. Another wave of orgasm washing over me, "oh my fuck" this was intense, again shaking uncontrollably, as I felt his cock get even stiffer, and unbelievably swell up even more, as he was about to cum too. And then I felt it! His cock pulsing into me, pumping his load of semen deep inside my womb as he gave a massive thrust, his cum and my juice squirting out the sides of my pussy! I could feel my body filling up with his hot sperm, and it now continued to flow out of his cock and into me after 2 very hard, sharp squirts hitting the back of my uterus. He moaned like a victorious bear, as the last few pulses of his orgasm faded and he lay on top of me. Exhausted. We lay on the table for a while, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, keeping his enormous penis inside me for as long as possible. His head lay on my breast, with my one nipple now firmly lodged inside his mouth. He was sucking me hard, as if he was trying to suck his cum back out of me through my nipple! But if felt so incredible, to feel this young hot stud, deep inside me, sucking me, and his hot cum pooled inside me.

Slowly he pulled out of me and as he did so, I slowly sat upright. My legs still spread wide open, he sat back on the chair where it all started, and we both looked at my gaping, red and sopping vagina, as his cum now slowly started oozing out of me. It was slowly trickling out of my sore and stretched pussy, onto the table. I ran my fingers through the puddle of cum that lay below me, and lifted it to my mouth, sucking his delicious essence off my fingertip.

We looked at one another, still breathing heavily after the epic fuck we had just shared, and we smiled.

"We are SO doing that again later Mrs Stevens" Tom said

"You've broken me for anyone else with that monster cock of yours Tom. You better believe we are going to do this again" I replied. "More OJ?"

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