tagRomanceHe Remembers Tracey Ch. 05

He Remembers Tracey Ch. 05


I followed Tracey out of the movie theater, watching her sexy butt sway in her short skirt. Anyone looking would have noticed the big bulge in the front of my pants, and probably notice the flush on her face as well.

We walked out to my truck and I opened her door for her. As she climbed into the seat, I reached up and slid my hand up between her legs, nudging her pussy. It only took a second, and I did it just to make her jump. When my fingers touched her, she was still wet enough that they slid right between her lips.

"Hey!" she said, "didn't you just get enough of that inside?"

"I can never get enough. You should know that by now," I replied, smiling wickedly at her as she settled into her seat. As I closed the door, she was smiling and pulling on her seatbelt.

I walked around the back of the truck to get in. I couldn't help but touch my fingers to my nose, savoring the sweet smell of Tracey's pussy. Even years later, after other women, I can still almost smell and taste her. There has never been anything close to being as sweet.

I opened my door and climbed into my truck. I looked over at her to see that she had pulled her skirt up as high as it would go. Her gorgeous legs were on display for me and I immediately slid my right hand over to her thigh and began stroking her leg.

"Hurry up and get us out of here," she ordered, "and take us to a dark road."

This sounded promising. "What do you have in mind?" I asked her.

"Well," she began, "as soon as you get us there, I'm taking off all of my clothes. Then, I'm going to reach over and pull out your dick and play with it for a bit. Then, I'll probably put it in my mouth and suck it till you come. That's what I have in mind."

"Damn, girl, are you trying to kill me?" I asked. Unashamed, I reached down and adjusted my hard cock. I had to squeeze it hard just to ease the pressure a little. She noticed and giggled. I'd never known her to be this crazy and daring.

I pulled out of the movie theater parking lot and onto the main drag of the small town. In minutes we were on the Interstate and heading toward a rural farm road I knew about.

"We'll be there in about five minutes, " I told her.

"Screw that, I can't wait," she said. Tracey undid her seatbelt and pulled her shirt off. She leaned forward a little, reached behind her back and undid her bra. She pulled it off and tossed it to the floor of the truck. Then she lifted her hips from the seat and slid her skirt off.

Tracey was completely naked sitting in my truck, driving down the highway. She put her seatbelt back on, positioning the belt between her breasts. I've never seen a seatbelt look better. She put both of her feet on the dashboard.

"Oh my gosh. Just look at you. You are completely naked in my truck."

"I know. It's wild. I can't believe I'm doing this," she replied.

"Well, let's see how wild you are. Let me see your clothes," I told her. She reached down and handed me her skirt, bra, and shirt and I tossed them behind my truck seat. I exited the interstate and pulled onto a little farm road. Up ahead was a little convenience store, and I slowed down to pull in to the parking lot.

"I'm thirsty. Do you want a coke?" I asked her.

"No, I don't. Don't pull in here! I'm naked!" she responded with a little fear in her voice. I ignored her and pulled in, parking on the side of the little store.

"Just sit there and act cool," I told her, "there's no one here but us. I'll be right back." I put the truck in park and turned it off, taking the keys with me just in case she got the idea to leave.

When I stepped out of the truck, of course, the interior light came on and she shrieked, "Close the door! Close the door!" I took my time, making sure I had my wallet, adjusting my shirt. "Hurry up you bastard!" she growled at me.

I went in and quickly purchased a Dr Pepper. I didn't want to leave her out there by herself for long, even if she wasn't naked. As I walked out the door a car was pulling in at the gas pump. I looked in my truck and Tracey was sitting as low as she could with a worried look on her face. An older man got out of the car and started walking toward the store to prepay for his gas. He wasn't paying any attention to us and went by my truck without looking inside. As soon as he went inside, I unlocked the truck and got quickly in so the light wouldn't stay on for long.

Tracey sat up and said, "Hurry up before he comes out."

I started the truck up and put it quickly in reverse. Just as I was putting it into drive the man walked out of the store. He saw Tracey and came to a complete stop, staring at my truck.

"Shit!" Tracey said.

"Wave to him, quick, or he's going to think you're in trouble and call the cops!" I told her.

She smiled and gave a quick wave to the man as I pulled out of the parking lot and goosed it down the road.

"Oh my gosh!" she shrieked, "he saw my tits!" We both looked at each other and then started laughing hard. "Did you see the look on his face?" she asked me, trying to control her giggles.

"I'm pretty sure he liked what he saw. He just wasn't expecting to see that, " I laughed.

"Okay, fun's over. Give me my clothes," she said.

"Nope," I said, "for one thing, I can't get them from behind the seat without stopping the truck and getting out. Second, you promised me something." I looked over at her and gave her a big smile.

"Bastard," she said, but she undid her seatbelt and slid over next to me. "Is there somewhere you can pull over? A side road or something?"

I knew just the spot. A little road was coming up that I knew wouldn't have any traffic on it this late. I pulled off onto the dirt road as her hands found my cock and started rubbing me through my jeans. A minute later I pulled off the road onto some land where a house used to be. The driveway was still there and it would conceal us from the road.

I barely had time to turn the truck off before she was undoing my pants. I lifted my hips to help her as she pulled my jeans and underwear down past my knees. My cock popped up proud as soon as my underwear cleared it. I reached forward and adjusted the steering wheel to its highest position as her hot little hands began caressing me.

"You're this hard because of me?" she asked in a husky whisper.

"Yeah, you've been incredibly daring and wild tonight. I can't believe you." I told her.

"Well, I hope you enjoy it," she said as she took my cock into her hot, wet mouth.

Is there anything better than when a woman takes your cock into her mouth? I love all kinds of sex, but a blowjob never fails to give me a body shaking, head-pounding orgasm. It's always tight and wet, and when her tongue rolls around to the underside of my cock, it's all I can do to sit still and take it.

Tracey was the first girl to see my dick. She was the first one to see it and touch it. Everything we did was the first time for me. Every woman that has come along after her has had to try and live up to that first experience.

She worked her magic on me that night in the cab of my truck. She lay down on the seat as she did it, which gave me the perfect view of her backside. She's got an awesome ass. I reached over and ran my hands all over it. I let my hand fall down between her thighs to touch her pussy as she blew me. I was a little disappointed when I touched her and she wasn't wet, but as my finger spread the lips of her pussy, the moisture seeped out and in seconds my fingers were slick again. Normally she doesn't like to have to concentrate on two things at once, but on this night, she arched her butt up a little giving me better access.

The combination of her sucking my cock and me fingering her pussy soon had us both on the edge of coming. I was getting very close and told her so. "Tracey, I'm about to come, " I whispered to her, thinking she would finish me off with her hands, but she just kept going.

"Oh mannnnn,' I moaned, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

Tracey never stopped sucking me. I shot off in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could. It was the best sexual release I'd had in a long time. My head pounded back against the rear window of my truck so hard I thought I'd shatter it. Her hot, tight mouth kept working me as I continued to come. She held me in her mouth as my cock slowly stopped throbbing.

All this time I was still fingering her. She finally released my cock and took a quick breath and said, "Don't stop, I'm almost there. Keep going."

"Oh. Oh. Oh. Ohhh, yeah!" she moaned, and wham! She came hard. Her left hand was still wrapped around my softening cock and she squeezed it hard as the orgasm took over her body. Her body went as stiff as it could in the cramped truck as she convulsed several times.

She finally began to calm down. As she lay there, I could still see an occasional ripple spread through her body as she shook. She released my cock, which had begun to get hard again, and sat up in the truck.

"Wow! I didn't think I had another one in me," she said, breathing hard. "Was that good for you?"

"Hell, yeah, it was, " I told her as my breathing slowly returned to normal. I slid over a little in the seat and pulled her onto my lap.

"You're hard, already?" she asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I know. I'm amazed too." I said.

She reached down between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. We were both so sensitive at that point that we both shuddered a little as I slipped inside of her. She slowly sank down on top of me. I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth, lightly kissing it.

"It feels so good to have you inside of me," she whispered, "just stay still for a minute."

I was hard. I was inside of Tracey. Strangely though, I didn't feel the need to start moving. I'd like to think it was because I had just come, but I think it was something else. I put my arms around her and just held her tight for a long while.

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