tagRomanceHe Remembers Tracey Ch. 06

He Remembers Tracey Ch. 06


The semester continued. I lived above my former girlfriend in our apartment complex. She still had her boyfriend and I continued to date occasionally. At least once or twice a week, we would get together for some no holds-barred, wild, hold on tight for the ride, mind altering sex. Every now and then, we would take the time to make slow, romantic love with each other.

I loved both versions, of course, but I will always cherish the nights that we fell asleep in each other's arms, our legs entwined. One of us would always wake early and begin caressing the other until we were awake enough to make love once again.

I loved to wake up first and watch her while she slept. I'd slowly pull the sheet down to expose her breasts, then softly nuzzle against her, sucking gently on her nipples. She'd always wake up with a smile, eyelids fluttering, then she would cuddle against me and sleep for a little while longer. As she slept, I'd softly run my hands all over her body. My cock would grow incredibly hard as I cuddled against her butt. When she finally woke up for good, she'd be ready for me. Tracey would twist until she was on her back and then pull me on top of her and we'd make slow love. On those mornings, it wasn't about reaching orgasm, it was simply enjoying the feeling of being together, our bodies united.

In my apartment one morning, after our lovemaking, she had eased out of bed and into the shower, thinking that I had fallen back asleep. I knew from experience that I'd have about thirty minutes as she got ready. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen and whipped up some waffles. When Tracey came out of the shower in her fluffy white robe, she found me on the on the balcony. I had breakfast all set up on the little table, complete with waffles, strawberries, orange juice, coffee, and a single rose I had hidden from her the night before.

We spent the morning dining on the balcony and sipping our coffee together.

"This was the perfect end to a wonderful night," she told me, staring at me over her coffee cup. "You are an amazing man, and you're going to make some woman very happy."

"Well, I do some things good," I admitted, "but in other things, I'm a typical man."

"Such as?" she questioned, while smiling at me teasingly.

"Well, for one thing, I've just spent the night and morning making love to a beautiful, sexy woman, who happens to be in a relationship with another man. And while I should be feeling guilty about that, all I can think about right now is how I'm enjoying seeing your bare feet and legs peeking out of the robe, and I want to slip that robe from your shoulders and kiss every inch of your body."

"Well, there's no need to feel guilty, because you're doing everything just right," she said, looking me straight in the eyes, "and you being a typical man, you'll probably follow me right now."

Tracey looked around the complex quickly, and seeing no observers, she slipped the robe from her shoulders baring her beautiful breasts. She stood up and walked back into my apartment, took the robe off and tossed it at me.

I looked inside to see her standing by the bed with her back to me. My eyes scanned her body. As much as I love her front, her backside turns me on just as much. I followed the curve of her soft calves, upward to her thighs and sexy ass, across her smooth back to her long flowing brown hair.

She turned slightly, the movement showing me part of her right breast, and whispered, "Well, are you just going to stare at me all day, or are you going to take me back to bed?"

We stayed in bed all morning, alternating between making love and taking short, lazy naps.

Around noon, she finally got up and dressed. She leaned down to kiss me on the lips and said, "I need to go back to my apartment. I'll talk to you later."

A few days later, I got a surprise. I opened an email from Tracey that told me that she had her webcam on and she was broadcasting something for me to see. She wrote that it was going to be something very different and that I could feel free to turn it off if I chose. Intrigued, I hurried to check it out.

We had set up our own little system so we could video chat with each other. I don't know why we did it, since we lived near each other, but the system had allowed for some very erotic nights.

When I opened the link, I got the surprise of my life. The camera was focused on her bed. There, lying in the middle of the bed was Tracey and her boyfriend. They were both naked and she was sucking on his cock.

Immediately, a million thoughts and feelings came crashing through my head. I wanted to turn it off, and I wanted to watch at the same time. It was shocking, and very erotic. My cock began to swell as I watched her suck him.

She must have turned the monitor off, because he apparently was oblivious to the camera. Tracey was on her stomach, with his cock in her hand and licking and sucking on it. She was doing him, but the performance was for me. I stared in disbelief as she went down on him, because every minute or so, she would make sure to look at the camera and smile or wink. She was doing this for me!

On a more critical observation, he was not being a very active participant in the scene. He was just lying there with his eyes closed while she did all of the work. How could you just sit there when such an awesome female body was within your grasp? My hands would have been all over her while she did me.

I continued to stare in rapt attention. She sucked him for a few minutes more and then he got up and prepared to take her from behind. She got up on her hands and knees, but facing the camera. I heard him ask her to move to a different location on the bed, but she argued against it, saying something about using pillows.

I could not believe I was watching Tracey having sex with her boyfriend. He got behind her and I could see the expression change on her face as he entered her. The position prevented him from seeing her face and she took full advantage of it by performing for the camera.

She began moaning and talking but she was looking at the camera the whole time, so it was as if she was speaking to me the whole time.

"I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard! I need you so bad," she said in a deep growl.

He replied to her, and I saw her laughing at the camera. She was making fun of the man that was fucking her! He was inside of her and she was flirting with me! Each time that she said the word "you" she was putting just enough emphasis that I knew she was talking directly to me and not him.

Then I heard her say, "You're the best. You're the best I've ever had. I need you." Again, she stressed the word "you" as she stared at the camera.

Behind her, he was pumping away. I could see her ass ripple each time he slammed into her. Seconds later, he picked up the tempo and quite obviously came inside of her. Staring at the camera, Tracey gave me a look of exasperation and she rolled her eyes.

He slipped out of her, leaned down to kiss her and said, "Thanks, babe. I'm taking a shower."

She lay there for a few seconds. Apparently he must have been in the shower, because she sat up on the edge of the bed and whispered to the camera, "See what I mean. It's all about him. Now I have to take care of myself."

She left the view of the camera and returned with a small vibrator. She leaned over and whispered softly, "I'm doing this for you." She then leaned back on the bed, spread her legs and applied the vibrator to her clit. She moved it in tight circles rapidly until I recognized the signs of her impending orgasm. Her body stiffened and her back arched until her chin was almost to her chest and she came hard, convulsing as the orgasm spread through her body.

She lay there for just a few seconds and then she sat up. She smiled at the camera and then, leaning forward with her breasts swinging as she moved, she blew me a kiss and turned the camera off.

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