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He’s Actually A Woman!


[Note to readers: I wrote a story called The Secret Woman that received a number of comments and suggestions. I incorporated them as best as I could and edited the original version extensively. The resulting story is almost three times as long as the original version. It is mostly a new story and for this reason I gave it a new name. I am grateful for the interest and the suggestions, and hope you will like the new version even more!]


"Tina, did I ever tell you that you have the sexiest body in the world?"

"Not today."

"And your face belongs to a goddess!"

"Usually you praise my tits next."

"This time I'm worshiping them instead."

"And doing a great job. Oooooohhhhh, Eric... that feels so nice...." I love to hear you moan. When you get turned on it turns me on."

"Which turns me on even more. I love having my nipples sucked so much - it feels better than anything you could dream of. I feel kind of bad for you guys since you don't have nipples that are anything close to this sensitive."

"I'm doing great at the moment."

"Eric, I think you'd love having huge, sensitive tits."

"Like yours? You know I also love your mind, Tina."

"And a hot pussy, and a gorgeous face and legs."

"I love your pussy. And your gorgeous face and legs. And don't forget about your mind."

"Can we talk seriously, Eric? I know you pretty well, and have no doubt you love everything about the female body. I really think you'd be thrilled to have one of your own. Think how sexy you'd feel?"

"Maybe that's the difference between men and women, Tina. Women focus more on being sexy, but men focus more on having sex. Maybe that's why I don't want to become a woman, not even one with an incredible body like yours. Maybe that's why I want to marry a sexy woman like you instead."

This was a conversation that could not have taken place before the new technology gave people the ability to change their gender and their body in any way they wanted. The changes were fully reversible, so people experimented a lot.

"But the sex act is so much better as a woman, Eric. Why are woman so much more passionate during sex? You guys are silent or maybe you groan a bit, but girls often lose control, go wild and scream! We enjoy making love so much more than men do!"

"Tina, you've never been a man for even a day - so how do you know?" Eric replied defensively.

"But you find everything about being male boring, and everything female sexy."

"That just means I'm not gay. I'm a normal heterosexual guy."

"Well, that's great considering we're going to going to get married."

But, privately, Eric thought Tina might be right. Everything he read and heard suggested women did enjoy having sex more. But he felt very comfortable in his male body. He liked being a guy, it was "him". He was used to it. But he kept thinking about the subject.

One day Eric's curiosity got to him. He went to a Transformation Center, entered a private room, and sat in front of a console. He clicked "complete gender change", and the screen displayed a huge number of options.

Eric then worked frantically, setting the controls for the type of woman he liked best - a great figure and a beautifully feminine face, not unlike those of Tina. Eric stripped, pushed the master button, and in a few minutes he became his ideal woman, right down to the DNA in every cell. Every part of his - actually, "her" - body was adjusted according to the settings on the console.

At the end of the process Eric looked into a mirror and was astonished at his - he still thought of "himself" as a guy, even though, clearly, he was now a girl- beauty. He had become a breathtaking work of art. He stared for quite some time, taking in his new body. My gosh! He was now the embodiment of sexual perfection. He turned from side to side and looked in the mirror, carefully studying his face, his hair, his shoulders, his breasts (my God, his breasts!!!), his stomach, his legs, his rear, his pussy. All of him. He was both blown away by his own beauty and turned on by his new body. Eric reflected that it was no wonder so many good looking women became vain. How could they not?

In fact, maybe Tina was right? To go through life being this beautiful, with a 38-24-36 figure instead of his boring male body - wow!! Maybe having a sexy body was better? Maybe he should stay this way permanently? Eric then noticed that the more he looked at himself, the more his nipples and clit were expanding and becoming rock hard. And his pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Eric lightly rubbed his nipples as a test and, indeed, they had turned into otherworldly erogenous zones. Tina was right - he had never dreamed anything could feel so good. He had been missing out on nirvana because he had been a guy, with guy nipples! No wonder Tina had felt sorry for him.

Tentatively he rubbed his clit, and his knees buckled from the first light touch. Unable to stop, Eric lowered himself to the floor as his girlish moans grew louder and louder. For the first time in Eric's life he could not muffle himself during sex. Overwhelmed, the pleasure made him lose control for he first time in his life, and he came with a scream. After his first female orgasm he sat there, stunned, with an afterglow he had never experienced. The intensity of the orgasm was like nothing he had ever known. He was stunned at how he had lost control and even more surprised at how loud he had been. Eric decided that Tina was right. Girl orgasms were better. A lot better. In every way. And, he reflected, he could start over if he wanted and give himself another one, unlike his sorry old male body that had to wait for a long time in between.

Maybe Tina was also right that being sexy was important. Especially being a girl as sexy as Eric was now. His unbelievable body was sure to turn on anyone he made love with, and their passion would of course turn Eric on even more. The back-and-forth process was sure to produce results even better than the best-of-his-life orgasm he had just experienced.

But what if the other person were Tina? Would she be turned on by the new Eric's moans and screams, passion and body? Or turned off? Two sexy women - the new Eric, and Tina - making love with one other could be an interactive process of a magnitude that could not be comprehended, so much that the results would be unbelievable! But what if Tina did not go for it? What if Tina only liked guys?

With superhuman willpower Eric went back to the console. He surveyed the female options and started with breast size. He picked "completely flat chested", an option that women rarely used. He then pushed the "select" button and saw his magnificent C cup breasts shrink down to nothing. He sighed and shook his head at the waste. Eric then selected the smallest sized nipples and areolas available for girls. They were so small they could have been large guy nipples and areolas. Another push of the button and his wonderful nipples and areolas shrank until they could have been large male parts.

Eric looked in the mirror and sighed again at the loss. Not that he distrusted the machine, but he wanted to be sure that he had the chest of a flat chested girl, not a guy's chest. After all, his nipples had shrunk until they were almost man sized, and they were no longer erect due to him spending time with the machine's controls. But the crucial question was: were they still actually girl nipples? After all, they looked only slightly larger than before he had entered the transformation chamber. What if his new nipples were only unsensitive guy nipples? By-by nirvana!

To verify they really were girl nipples, he looked again at his goddess-like face, pussy, and rear end in a mirror while rubbing on his new nipples. Again he felt the otherworldly feeling he had felt a few minutes ago when he had first rubbed his new girl nipples. Again they became rock hard and erect - and much larger than excited guy nipples - and again they felt unbelievable. Eric was satisfied. He still has a girl's chest, even though it was the chest of a very uncurvy girl.

Eric then went through the female leg options and picked one that looked almost like his old male legs. He did the same things with options for his rear, face, hair, body hair, vocal cords, and dozens of other areas. Each time he picked the (rarely used) female options that looked as close as possible to his old male body. Until he came to the genitals.

He saw that the console indicated his clitoris was ¼ inch long. He picked a 1 inch long clit option and pushed the master button. In seconds a 1 inch clit stuck out from his pussy. Eric studied it and went back to the console. He increased the clit size to 3 inches, paused, and then to 6 inches. Another push of the master button and his clit looked like a 6 inch long penis (minus the slit in the front, but you had to look carefully to see that). Then he had his vaginal lips expand greatly and swell, and made his pubic hair grow very long. You had to look closely to tell that his -- actually, her - genitals weren't male.

After countless tiny additional adjustments, he pushed "final" and stopped. Eric was now, from a genetic perspective, including every bit of DNA in every cell, 100% female. But he - actually, she - was a woman who looked almost exactly like his old male self!

Would Tina notice the numerous small differences? She was nearsighted and always removed her glasses before they started their lovemaking. He would probably get away with it. On the other hand, his skin was now softer - that could give him away.

As Eric drove home he could feel his new supersensitive nipples rub against his shirt. If anything, putting all those female nerve endings into a smaller area had made his nipples even more sensitive. His 6 inch clit, sitting in his male underwear, also felt more sensitive than his old cock had ever been. Eric had to admit that the sensations were incredible, and he wondered with anticipation what sex in his new body would be like. He noticed he was getting wet and wondered how wet he could get before it might start to show through his pants. The erect clit he could relate to, and even the erect nipples. But the wetness would take getting used to!

Eric's girl nipples were becoming erect because of his thoughts. Although before he had any sexual thoughts they had been the size of large guy nipples, they had grown tremendously as he thought about his outrageous new female body. They now protruded ¾ of an inch and poked out through his shirt. He could see them easily through his shirt and this made him feel sexy beyond description. Eric decided that since he could get turned on at any time, from now on he would have to wear a loose shirt or sweater to hide them in case they became erect. Eric also made a mental note to wear a softer shirt and softer underwear.

When he got home to get ready for his date with Tina Eric had to go to the bathroom. He noted with amusement that his cock - actually, it was now a 6 inch clit - was useless for this purpose. But, how would it perform when it counted? Eric put on his softest underpants and a soft, loose shirt.

On their date Tina didn't notice that Eric's nipples were sometimes erect under his loose shirt. Afterwards they went back to her place to make love. Eric dimmed the lights so Tina wouldn't notice any of the physical changes.

But as soon as they kissed Eric could feel the differences. Kisses were so much more pleasurable now. Was there a physiological difference, or did he just feel naughty at the idea that he was now, really, secretly, a girl! That sexy Tina was now kissing another girl! And she didn't even know it!

As they got undressed (and Tina removed her eyeglasses) they began to rub and kiss each other all over, and Eric was surprised at the amount of pleasure he was receiving. Just the feel of her hands on his stomach, face, neck or shoulders or - especially - his nipples or - he couldn't believe it - his nipples rubbing against her nipples, was almost too much to bear. He started to whimper - his vocal cords were male-sized so the sound was a male sound- and gradually his clitoris became erect. Feeling how his clit rubbed against Tina paralyzed him with pleasure. Eric was now sighing ("Oh God, oh Tina, ohhh, ohhhhhh, oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH") as never before (in the past he had been silent whenever they made love). He panted as never before but was unable to do much to Tina because he was overwhelmed by the new and unfamiliar sensations.

Then Tina spoke. "Eric - you seem incredibly sensitive and passionate today, but passive also. Why don't I do all the work? Just lie back and enjoy yourself."

Tina mounted Eric and continued to kiss and rub him all over, paying special attention to his nipples. Eric couldn't control himself and his moans resumed. Tina engulfed his clit with her pussy, and as she rocked back and forth he began to scream, "Oh, God, Tina, yes, yes, yes, I love you, ohhh OOOhhhhh, I, I, I, I, yes, yes YYYYYYEEESSSSS, I, I can't stand it any more, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD this is too much, toooo... AHHHHHH..." Then Eric began to scream uncontrollably, and then he screamed even louder, and twisted so violently Tina almost fell off of him. She somehow held on, and made love to him until she came as well, eventually screaming with a passion equal to his.

Afterwards, Tina looked down at Eric, who was still inside her. She was almost sure Eric had cum while she was coming. But because she had been so turned on by Eric's moans and screams, and because she came so long and hard herself, she could not be certain. So she asked: "Did you cum yet?" Eric answered by placing her hands on his girl nipples, which were still incredibly hard, and asking her to please stay on top. Tina thought to herself: "He has not cum yet, I was wrong." So Tina smiled, kissed him again, and rubbed his nipples while she resumed fucking him from the top position. Very soon he moaned again, and soon after that he started to rock violently and vocalize even louder than he had a few minutes before. Again he almost threw her off while he screamed screams that were almost identical to the ones she had just uttered (but his were in a male vocal pitch).

Almost as soon as his screams subsided, they picked up again, followed by more whimpering, and then moans, and then more screams. Tina was pleased that Eric was so turned on and pleased she was getting her guy off so wonderfully. But she also was puzzled. Really puzzled.

In the past Eric had only cum one time unless he waited quite a long time between sessions, no matter how turned on he was. Also, Eric had never before said anything during sex, or come so long or so passionately before. It really seemed like his cum was actually two, or three cums, not including what might have happened while she was cuming. But since it is impossible for a guy to come only seconds apart - let alone three times so quickly - she decided Eric must have almost cum several times before he actually came, and that she had been mistaken when she thought he had cum earlier.

"Eric - that was wonderful. You were so wild - even though you were passive - that you really turned me on. That was the best sex we have ever had, by a wide margin. I love it that you were so passionate today! And I could tell that it also was the best for you."

"It was, Tina. By far."

"You came more crazily than ever before. Nothing you ever have done in bed prepared me for you today. I found it a real turn on. In the past you have been the one on top and the active one. But today, for the first time, I got on top, and you barely did anything to me. I guess you are a 'bottom person' at heart. You like being the bottom one, the passive one. That's fine - I like being on top more anyway."

As Tina put her head on Eric's chest to cuddle, Eric wondered what to say. He felt Tina's cheek against his sensitive and still erect nipple, and it felt great. Two things flashed into Eric's mind. First, would Tina notice that his nipples now stuck out almost as much as hers? Second, was he really a "bottom person" and, if so, what did this mean?

Tina lifted her head, got up onto her elbow, and looked down at him, her beautiful face smiling knowingly: "Eric, today you sounded like a girl, in a way. And you came like a girl, you enjoyed our lovemaking so much."

Seeing his started look Tina quickly added, "I mean that in a good way, as a compliment, because you were so passionate. You came like a female porno actress today. You were right when you said men can enjoy sex as much as women. You were as loud as a sexy girl and you got so turned on your nipples got larger than normal. All along you have been a bottom person, but we didn't know it. There is nothing wrong with a guy being the one on the bottom. Its fine for you to be passive. We both didn't know it, but now we do, and we both just had the best sex of our lives. I love being on top, so we are a perfect couple."

Eric looked up at her: "Tina -- I do feel complimented that you said I came like a girl. And --- I, I, I guess I really am a bottom person. I would rather be on the bottom. I like it better. Do you still love me? I still love you and still want to marry you."

"Of course I still love you and still want to marry you, silly. Just because I like being on top better, does that..." then she briefly lowered her large breasts onto his face. He kissed her nipples and then she went back up onto her elbows and smiled - "mean that I am a man? And just because you like being on the bottom better, and are really passionate, does that mean you are a girl?" They both laughed, and hugged one another tightly.

This was followed by a kiss that seemed more erotic to Eric than usual, in part because their still-hard nipples were squishing against one another. Eric reflected that he had cum 4 times, and even the smallest cum was much better than the best cum ever had been in his male body. Today was for sure the best sex ever, and Tina was right that he most liked being the "bottom person". But Eric also was sure that if he stayed in this body he would eventually get used to the increased sensations and be able to take a more active role. But for now he would be the "girl" in the relationship, and curvy Tina would be the "boy" - but she would be a "boy" with a hot pussy and C cup tits!

On Sunday Eric returned to his apartment. As he woke Monday morning he reflected that because he was now a woman he did not have to shave any more. Nice. Nor did he have to put on makeup even though he was a woman because everyone thought he was a man. Also nice. He also noticed that his hair - which had been starting to get a bit thin on top, was now as thick as could be. Even nicer.

Then came the shower. The hot water felt better on his body than usual, more sensual because his skin was more sensitive now. He had to be careful when the full force of the water hit his nipples because this now stung. When it hit his clit, however, the effect was electric. It almost felt like those times when Tina had given his cock a blow job, but this felt infinitely better. He focused all the shower spray on his throbbing clit, and moaned so loudly that he startled himself. Eric then felt his nipples become erect and rubbed them as the shower directed to his clit drove him wild. But before he came he closed his eyes and his mind drifted, and he pictured his tits growing into those of the sexy woman he had briefly become in the Transformation Center. He imagined his straight body transforming into her curvy body, his hair growing, and his face getting pretty. As he pictured himself as that woman he screamed as if he were being murdered, and came so hard that he slumped to the floor, almost passing out.

After Eric recovered he stood up and finished his shower. He realized with delight that he felt totally refreshed. He had masturbated in the morning and felt totally awake and alert - unlike his old male self which would have been in a daze. Another benefit from his new body!

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