tagHumor & SatireHe Shoots...He Scores

He Shoots...He Scores


It was men's hockey night, as so many nights before, but for some reason she wasn't as tired as usual. Rhiannon guessed it must have been the extra practice and ice time she had been putting in lately with the boys. A big effort as she had been trying to get in shape before the season started up hard-core. Pleased with her performance on ice, she smiled as she skated over to the boards. Before she could get her pad up on the boards she heard an older masculine voice.

"Ladies first."

It was Mick, one of the older goalies that she had been eyeing across the ice for months.

She laughed and said, "I'm no lady, but if you insist I could use the door."

She brushed closely past him sizing him up with his pads and equipment on he was just so handsome. As she approached the open door she got close enough to smell the scent of sweat and a bit of his cologne that he must have put on before hockey. Wow she thought, he even smells good after hockey. His bright sexy smile and brown eyes just made her heart beat faster. They had exchanged many locker room conversations before. This was the first time he had talked to her alone on the ice. He was busy watching her exit off the ice her pads covered in shaved ice and her face glistening with beads of sweat. He thought to himself, I wish I could find women like that sexy, sense of humor, and had to be just a little crazy being a goalie.

Being the last ones off the ice most of the skaters had already left or were mostly undressed. Walking in seeing all those guys in just their hockey shorts and no shirts on made her blush a little. Changing with the guys always was difficult, as she wanted so much to be treated as an equal. Yet, she always felt as if their eyes were looking at her as she walked in the room, and she didn't want to appear to be staring at them either. All those muscles and buff bodies always seemed to perk an interest in her. However, it was nothing like the way she felt about Mick and the flexibility and endurance that she knew the goalie position required. She carefully undressed making sure nothing was out of place and cleaned all the ice off her equipment. She noticed that Mick was also taking his time looking over everything and carefully packing it away in his bag.

The room was almost empty by the time she had taken off most of her equipment. Careful to leave her gel halter on fully knowing that she didn't want just anyone seeing how perky she was after hockey. The cold air and thoughts that she was having looking across the room always had that effect on her. Tonight she was having more thoughts running across her mind than usual. She was trying so hard not to stare at Mick, as she didn't want to appear to be rude. She did glance up to see he had taken his shirt off and his built chest glistened accentuating his nice tan from the summer months past.

Everyone had left when the arena manager stuck his head through the door and said, "An emergency came up and I have to run, can you lock up for me? "

"No problem."

As the words left both of their mouths in unison, Mick and Rhiannon looked at each other. Could it be possible that the other might be thinking the same thing?

She felt it was time to finish packing up, and continued to chat about the time that they had spent on the ice. She was sitting there on the bench in just her tight hockey shorts, wet black shirt, nipples clearly erect, hard and poking through the thin compression fabric, her long brown hair only accentuating her supple features. She looked up to see him staring at her with nothing but his shorts on. For a second she thought he had a mild erection showing through his tight shorts.

"Have you ever thought about making love with your pads on?"

She was taken aghast at his comment and blushed hard, throwing her long brown hair back over her shoulders.

"I have had that fantasy before, but never acted it out." she said smiling, and winked at him.

A moment of silence fell over the room as they just stared at each other with almost a crazy insane grin growing across their faces. They both fully knew that the arena was now deserted and that the security lights would provide the only ambiance they would need. Mick finally broke the silence.

"You want to go have some fun with pads and skates on at center ice?"

Rhiannon giggled and said, "Well it would be such a shame to waste perfectly good ice time."

The thrill, energy, and excitement grew increasingly tense as they stripped off the rest of their drenched clothes and put back on their pads and skates. When they had dressed he opened the door for her and gently spanked her ass on the way through the door.

"What was that for?" she inquired.

He laughed and said, "For having such a nice, tight goalie ass."

As they stepped out onto the ice the cold had already taken effect on her. Besides the obvious excitement, the cold air had made her nipples especially hard, and yet she felt burning warmth between her legs. Rhiannon looked over and saw the cold didn't seem to phase him at all, he was actually very hard much to her surprise.

"I see you brought your stick back out on the ice with you," she said jokingly.

"Never get on the ice without a stick in your hands," he said.

"Well, I'm sure you'll let me borrow yours for awhile." she said winking.

He placed his jersey at center ice and then butterflied down onto his knees, beckoning her to sit on his jersey. She sat down; the cold ice still seeping through the jersey seemed to be fighting the growing warming sensation that she was feeling between her legs. Then she lied back, staring up at the one light that was spotlighting center ice, pads flipping out and facing up towards the ceiling. He moved over close to her and started slowly kissing her on rosy cheeks and then moving over her soft lips. She tasted so good with the salty taste of sweat still faint on her. His hand quickly and softly brushing over her plumb breasts caressing them. Kissing and nibbling his way down her neck, his mouth slowly hovered over her hard nipples. Gently nibbling and sucking on them was causing her to moan softly. Sensing her burning desire, he started kissing and licking downward.

Mick spread her legs apart just enough to get a glimpse of the sweet after-hockey treat that awaited him. He gently rubbed up his finger up and down her slit feeling her wetness. Her moaning was getting louder now and her breathing had quickened. Oh how he wanted to see if her clit wanted to come out and play. He teased her clit deliberately and with the skilled stroke of his index finger, he sent shivers through her taut body. He knew she could scream louder than the mere sounds she was producing at the moment. After all, he had heard her yell before across the ice and was usually pretty vocal. So it was then that Mick decided to test her limits. Her legs were very toned, and he couldn't wait to place his tongue near her hot, wet and bare slit. He put his face between her spread legs, sucking and licking her clit into submission. Swirling his tongue around and around her clit, he lapped up and down, causing Rhiannon to scream with such intensity, he felt as though throngs of fans were cheering him on from the stands, as her moans rebounded off of the rafters. Mick shoved his tongue up into her hot wet pussy as deep as he could, licking all of her juices as she came, making her practically lose her skates' grip on the ice.

"Stop!" she screamed.

He looked at her quizzically.

"Your turn."

Practically flinging Mick onto his back, her strength and passion amazed him. Then butterflying down to her knees straddling him, she began grinding her wet pussy lips over his hips. She kissed his lips and nibbled at his neck, traveling down to his nipples, stopping to suck on each, before moving down to his stomach. Sliding her pads, spreading her legs wider, she slid backwards to get a full view of his throbbing cock, standing at full attention. She wasted no time licking off the precum with her tongue and then took his hard shaft down into her mouth. He stared at the light wondering if he had died when she began stroking his cock with her soft velvety wet mouth. She loved the way he tasted and felt in her mouth. She wanted him to feel her tongue all over his head and shaft while simultaneously massaging his balls. Teasing him, she quickly flicked her delicate tongue over the head of his cock. It almost made him cum right there as he let out a groan of approval in ecstasy. He had never been licked and sucked that intensely and with such desire before. It was as if she enjoyed making his hard shaft throb with her pouty lips. She looked up at him with her bedroom eyes, a slutty smile taunting his every thought. I could get used to this really easily, he thought.

Reluctantly, he told her to stop and told her how much he wanted to feel "that tight pussy" on his hard shaft. She moved up and butterflied over his hips again, letting her sopping wet heat tease the head of his hard cock until he couldn't take it any longer. This made him just want to grab her hips and push her down on him. She decided that she wouldn't let him have her that easily tonight and resisted his strong grasp. He caught her off guard with the thickness of his head, causing her to moan wildly, teasing him slowly and taunting him deliberately. Allowing him to feel the strength that she had in her firm legs, she slowly wrapped them around his hips. She took her time on the motions and form of it, making small pulses with her hips, driving him out of his mind, causing him to moan in frustration. Finally, she took his whole shaft, abandoning each thought of guilt, with every inch he shoved inside of her. He moved his hands off of her hips and played with her beautiful, glistening breasts as she fucked him. Leaning back on his other arm, she gave him the most breathtaking view in the spotlight on center ice. He then played with her clit as she rode his cock harder, driving her closer and closer to cumming.

She leaned forward again, took his mouth in hers, kissed him and gently whispered in his ear,

"Now, fuck me from behind, goalie."

She carefully stood up and then flipped over on her hands and knees. With her face lowered, she could easily breathe in the smell of the fresh ice. The smell itself was practically orgasmic. She dug her skates into the ice bracing herself for his return entrance into her. He rubbed his hard shaft up and down her hot slit a few times, teasing her and exciting him even more. The cold air had made his shaft retract some, but it didn't stop him from wanting to stick it right back into her hot, wet box. In no time she was whining and begging for his hard dick. He so badly wanted to enter her right then. But why not make her beg some more? Then when he couldn't take the teasing he was causing anymore; he pushed his dick all the way in as she bit her lower lip to keep from screaming in rapture with his return. He smacked her fine tight ass a few times. She leaned backward to meet him, trying to grip the ice as he penetrated her so deeply. He played with her little clit and she coyly asked him if he would play with her ass. So he took his hard shaft out and put his fingers inside of her to help extend the moment. He lubed up two of his fingers on her wet pussy and then slid his fingers to lube up her ass. Ever so slowly he pushed two fingers in and his hard shaft back in her warm pussy. As if triggering an unfathomable reaction, as her moans became more intense, her mouth became dirtier too.

"Oh yeah Mick, play with my hot ass while you take me and fuck me hard. You like fucking this little goalie huh? Like fingering my tight ass, while fucking me don't you?"

"Fuck yeah baby. I love your fucking wet, hot cunt. You like my cock in your tight little pussy don't you? You little ice slut. You know you love it baby…" he insinuated.

He reached down and grabbed her hair gently, and with final, forceful strokes, rammed his cock deep inside her. She had not noticed how unbelievably close she was to cumming, as she was taken back by feeling his head suddenly swell. She knew that she had better focus on the urgency at hand. Feeling him throbbing inside of her only caused her to feel as if she had entered euphoria.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum so hard!" she screamed out.

She could no longer hold back the feeling of him being so close to cumming inside her. She then felt the hot surge of his cum in the deepest parts of her box, pulsing in sync with her own earth-shattering orgasm. Still pulsing, and cumming inside of her she felt him still throbbing in reaction of her own orgasm. He slowly pulled out of her and collapsed next to her on the damp jersey.

It took them each a minute before they realized what had actually just happened. The panting slowly subsided, as they turned on their side to look at each other. Mick smirked, still in disbelief that they actually pulled it off without being caught. Rhiannon's expression mirrored his own. Then she winked at him and let out a sigh of relief.

Mick got curious and reached back, peeling away one shoulder of the jersey, stuck hopelessly to the ice. They both saw the imprint that the zamboni driver would inevitably bitch about for days to come. They laughed at their little ice capade and Mick couldn't help but notice how the shadows danced on Rhiannon's body. Shadows? He thought it was a little odd, but before he could turn to look, darkness filled the arena and the shadow loomed near the visitor's bench.

"He shoots, he scores!"

The familiar snicker of the arena manager echoed down the hall, the door clicking shut behind him leaving the two lovers content in the darkness on the ice.

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