tagIncest/TabooHe Spanked His Sister Ch. 02

He Spanked His Sister Ch. 02


Authors Note: All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen. Read chapter one if you have any doubts, thanks.


John sat there on the bed next to his sister, staring at the open doorway. His mother had just caught him having sex with his sister, and more specifically, anal sex. He looked over at Samantha, and she just shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe we should just go jump on her bed like we used too?"

"Uh, I think she might kill us."

"Well I'm going in there."

"Are you crazy?"

"Look at what we just did, I think we both might be crazy."

Sam jumped up and grabbed a nightshirt from a drawer and pulled it over her head.

"Come on, put your underwear on."

"You seriously want me to go in there? She's probably planning on throwing me out."

"So, you have nothing to lose."

"Nothing but my head, when she throws a lamp at me or something."

"She won't throw anything . . . will she?"

"Remember when I got caught smoking weed in the backyard? She threw a damn ceramic pot at me."

"Yeah, she was pretty pissed."

"Well I think this is worse."

"Okay, so I'll hold her down, and you go down on her. Once she cums she'll be fine."

"Oh god, I've created a monster."

"True, but I bet it would work."

"Not a chance, she'd have me arrested. Fuck it, I'll just move in with Craig, it's closer to school anyway."

"You can't move out and leave me here alone, not when I finally got you in the sack."

"You'll be fine, just blame me, I'm serious."

She followed him to his room and complained the whole time he packed up a big duffel bag.

"Sam, I'm sorry, I can't stay here. I know you accepted this situation a long time ago, but I didn't and now I feel like shit."

He grabbed a few things from his dresser and he was gone. Sam stood in the living room watching the headlights from his truck as they slowly vanished.

"Where's your brother going?"

"He moved out!"

"He what?"

"He moved out thanks to you!"

"Samantha Ann, he was your brother!"

"I know, but he made me feel beautiful . . . and sexy, so thanks a lot for yelling at him!"

Samantha turned and ran down the hall to her room. The door slammed and Tracy Boggs stood there in shock. She'd always thought she'd raised two great children. Sure, her daughter was a bit lazy, but she'd gotten her degree in four years and finished with honors, and John had graduated high school six months early, and enrolled in a trade school to be an ASE certified mechanic.

Now here she was, stuck in a place she had no idea how to escape. A mother isn't supposed to catch her kids having sex, and she's certainly not supposed to be turned on by it. One thing was for sure, incest ran in her family, and apparently she couldn't escape it either.

It was hard for her to admit, but John was her best friend. When she didn't want to go somewhere alone, John was always willing to tag along. When she was alone looking for release, and her imaginary men weren't working, John was her go to fantasy. The taboo nature of her fantasy got her off but the guilt afterwards was tough to handle. Now her very own daughter had slept with him and ruined her fantasy forever.

Seventeen years earlier she'd dealt with the same thing when she discovered her own brother Tom, and her husband Eric were both fucking Eric's older sister Ruth. When Eric quit giving it to her regularly, she figured he was just going through phase, but when she walked in on them in the middle of the day, she realized she was wrong.

The thing that pissed her off the most was that it had been Ruth instead of her. She'd never told anyone that, but jealousy was the real reason she got so upset, and now it had happened again. Was she ready to lose her family over it, or could she accept this taboo as a family trait she couldn't escape?

She got up and walked to her bedroom trying to wrap her head around this crazy new turn of events. She needed time to process everything, and work through her anger.

John sat down on the rickety-framed twin bed, and while it seemed like a good idea at the time, he wasn't sure this was a good idea. He knew what this bed had become since it arrived here, because he'd fucked his share of women on it. Now the thought of calling it home seemed rather disgusting.

"Well, this should be interesting . . . ."

Three days later he was going crazy. The apartment complex was like party central, and every night the music somewhere nearby woke him up, or the cops would show up with their flashing lights and loud radios. He had to find a better place to live, for sanity's sake.

On his way to work the next night, he received a text from his mother so he pulled over and checked it.

"So this is it? You don't want to talk to me? If that's the case, you're not half the man I thought I raised."

He sat there on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do. He wanted to go home worse than anything else, but could he face his mother after what he'd done?

"Guilt trip received, I'll be there around ten-thirty."

He sent the message and started the truck, but he got a reply instantly.

"What, no more X at the end?"

He started laughing, because his X meant. "I love you Mom," and he'd left it off.

"Like I'd quit loving you over my mistake? XXX"

He drove on to work, ignoring her reply a couple minutes later, and checked it once he got to the shop. It just said she'd be waiting at ten-thirty. He worked at a local garage that was open until ten, and did a lot of road-side assistance. Tires and blown belts seemed to be their number one call, and tonight was a busy night.

He didn't get back to the garage until a quarter to eleven, so he texted his mom he'd be late. The upside was the tips had been good and he had $250 dollars in his pocket. On his way home he stopped at a liquor store that never carded him and bought a bottle of wine he knew his mother liked.

He got to the house at twelve-fifteen, and most of the lights were on. When he got to the door he heard music and got a little confused. He opened the door and his mother and sister were dancing and laughing. There were two wine bottles on the coffee table and two half empty glasses.

"Hey John, I hope that's more wine, we just ran out."

"Uh, yeah . . . it is?"

"Great, and there's a six-pack in the fridge for you."

"I don't drink and drive, remember?"

"So drink and don't drive."

"Am I welcome here Mom?"

"Don't be a dumbass, of course you are. Grab a beer and join us John."

Sam grabbed the wine from his hand and grabbed the corkscrew. John walked to the kitchen in a daze and grabbed two beers. He opened both bottle and downed the first one non-stop. He set the empty bottle on the counter and then walked into the living room.

"I thought you wanted to talk to me Mom?"

"Get out of those dirty clothes, while we move this party to the den."

He shrugged his shoulders and walked to his bedroom. He dug around and found a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. All of his underwear was at the apartment, so he had no choice but to go without. He downed th rest of his beer as he left his room and went to the kitchen for another. He bumped into his sister as he walked in, and she started laughing.

"So what the hell is going on?"

"Well right now Mom needs a plate so she can break up some weed before she rolls a joint."

"What the hell?"

"I told you that you shouldn't leave John."

"So she isn't pissed at you?"

"I promised her I wouldn't talk to you about it until after she got a chance to speak."

He nodded his head as she walked away, and he grabbed another beer from the fridge. He leaned against the counter and drank it down in short order. This bottle got him feeling, so he grabbed another and walked to the den.

His mother was on the edge of the sofa busting up a fat bud and humming to the music. He sat down in his recliner and stared at his sister.

"I'm surprised by you John. I've never seem you run from a problem?"

"What do you want me to say Mom?"

"Say you're sorry for leaving and it won't happen again."

"Okay . . . sorry I left, and I won't do it again."

"Okay, now say . . . I'll clean the basement this weekend."

"Sure, I'll clean the basement this weekend."

"Okay, now say . . . I'll go down on Mom whenever she asks."

"Excuse me?"

"Your father wanted Ruth, my brother Tom wanted Ruth, and you wanted your sister. I'm beginning to feel fucking left out. So I'm gonna light this doob and sit here smoking it while your sister gives you a blowjob. After that, I want some god damn attention."

"Okay, whatever you say."

He moved to the love seat and his sister smiled pulling his cock out the front of his shorts. He pushed them down and stared at his mother in confusion.

"This is who we are John, I've given in to that fact, and I still want the basement cleaned. We're turning it into a nice cozy fuck den."

His sister's mouth inhaled his flaccid cock, and his mother leaned back with the joint in one hand, and her crotch in the other. She watched as her daughter brought his cock to life, and when he moaned, she slipped her hand in her spandex shorts.

"Are you gonna talk dirty to me John? Come on . . . tell your Mom how bad you want to fuck."

"Take your shorts off and I'll show you how bad I want to fuck."

"Nope, you have to cum in your sister's mouth, and then you have to eat me."

"Who put you in charge?"

"I did, it's my house, so my rules."

"Okay, so what's the first rule?"

"Damn it John, would you hurry up and cum in your sister's mouth?"

"Getting impatient Boss?"

"I haven't had cock in over nine years, so yeah, I'm getting a bit impatient."

He got up from the love seat and his mother's eyes got big. She set the joint on the plate just as John grabbed her foot. He lifted her up onto only her shoulders were still on the couch, and then he grabbed the back of her waistband and pulled her shorts to her knees.

He flipped her over and she squealed as he put her on her knees. Her pussy was pinched between her thighs, and it was completely shaved. He grabbed his cock and after a quick rub between her wet lips, he shoved it in.

"Oh my fucking god!"

"So who's the boss Mom?"

"Fuck, you are."

"Uh huh, and from what I can tell I'm the man of the house now, and I'll fuck both of you whenever I fucking want."

"Jesus Christ, I made some beautiful children."

"Finally a nice tight pussy I can cum in."

"Oh god I can't wait, and your sister gets to lick it out of me."

He started fucking her and she shut right up except for the constant whimpers as he drove her crazy with lust.

"God damn, I need to be fucked more often . . . Jesus Christ, I love your cock!"

"Come here Sammy, put your finger in her ass."

Samantha rushed over and started mopping up wetness with her fingers, and then she started rubbing it into her mother's twitching backdoor.

"God, do I feel good John?"

"Fuck yeah, you're tight like a fist, and I can feel you squeezing my cock."

Sam's finger slid into her mother's ass, and the 42-year-old exploded. She started grunting and shaking and her voice got deep and raspy. John felt her pussy convulsing, and it was too much to take. He let out a roar and started hammering his mother's pussy as blast after blast of cum poured into her.

"My god, I forgot how good it felt when a cock filled me with cum!"

He fell back on his calves trying to catch his breath and his sister was right there trying to lap up his gooey mess. Stacy rolled to her side and Samantha dove right in, sticking her tongue in her mom's messy crotch.

John backed up to the loveseat and collapsed against the cushion. His dick was still hard, and his heart was racing as he watched his sister eat his cum from their mother's swollen pussy.

Bring me your cock John, I want it in my mouth."

He moved to her side and fed her his cock, and she grabbed his ass, bobbing back and forth. Eventually she was taking half his length, and moaning from the tongue on her pussy.

"Put your thumb in her ass Sam, make her cum again."

John grabbed his mother's right nipple and twisted it left and right, causing her to squirm, but when Sam's finger slipped into her ass, she exhaled quickly over John's cock as her body jumped back to life.

"That's it, cum for us Mom, cum in Sam's mouth."

Sam sucked on her mother's clit and she started shaking and thrusting her hips up. Sam started fucking her thumb in and out of her mother's asshole as she got rocked by another orgasm. John's cock was as stiff as a pipe, and he wanted some pussy.

He sat down on the sofa and pulled his sister up, making her sit down on his throbbing cock. She let out a moan as she was impaled by his thick cock.

"Mom, play with her ass."

Stacy moved right in and started playing with her daughter's tight little backdoor, while she played with her own pussy. John started rocking Sam back and forth and she started whimpering. This was her first threesome with a guy involved, and the dual penetration was starting to get to her. She started grunting and thrusting down on John's cock.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh my fucking . . . GOD!"

"Oh yeah Sammy, cum for me Beautiful, cum on my hard cock."

"Oh god John, I love your cock!"

"Mm, I think I'm gonna butt fuck the shit out of you now."

"Oh shit, I'm cumming so hard!"

She started slamming down hard on his cock and then she started shaking, crying his name over and over again.

"Turn her around and put it in her ass. Fuck your sister's ass while I fuck her with this bottle."

"Oh god . . . you guys!"

John picked her up and turned her around like she weighed nothing, and she grabbed his wet cock.

"God, go slow John."

"That's up to you, it's in your hand Sweetie."

She sat down slowly, letting the fat knob of a head press into her asshole. It started splitting her open, and she let out a low moan as the head forced its way inside her hot ass.

"Jesus Christ, anal sex is fucking hot, I had no idea!"

"Mm, you're next Mom."

"Fuck, I know . . . and I'm scared."

Sam took the plunge and let herself slide the rest of the way down his shaft. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back while their mother slipped the beer bottle up Sam's pussy. She held the bottle so her finger was against Sam's clit and she started gasping and cussing as her body was assaulted by the dual penetration.

"Oh fuck, I can't breathe, I'm gonna cum . . . oh fuck, I'm gonna oh god, oh fuck!"

She arched her back hard, and the two of them took her on a ride to ecstasy. She'd never felt anything like it, or been so high on sex in her life. This new sensation was something she looked forward to exploring, but she wished the beer bottle was a second cock.

"Oh yeah you motherfucker, screw me in the ass!"

He grabbed her ass and started running her up and down his shaft, while she cussed and groaned through her everlasting orgasm.

"Oh god, give it to me harder John, my god, fuck me harder!"

He shoved her over the coffee table and grabbed her hips, fucking her as hard as he could.

"You like that bitch, you want it good and hard, I'll fuck you until you can't walk straight!"

She was gripping the edge of the coffee table, thrusting backward, and then her mother shoved the beer bottle back into her from below. She totally lost it and started squealing their names.

John didn't want to cum, so he concentrated on other things until his sister finally calmed down. He pulled out and moved to the floor next to the loveseat.

"Are you okay John?"

"Uh huh, just taking a breather before I bust your anal cherry."

His mother moved to the sofa and with much fanfare, slipped the beer bottle up her own ass. John rolled on his side and watched, as his beautiful mother opened up her own ass for him.

"Fuck, your cock's an inch thicker than this bottle, and this is tight."

"Trust me, you'll stretch, and then you'll be begging for it."

He moved between her thighs, and worked a wet finger in next to the bottle. She groaned, but a few seconds later she was asking for another. John wormed in a second finger and she started moving the bottle quicker.

"Oh god, I think I'm gonna cum, holy . . . fuck . . . me!"

"Sorry, I have to do this . . . ."

John pulled the bottle away and popped the head of his cock right into her ass.

"Oh you motherfucker, Jesus Christ!"

"Mm, nice and fucking tight, and all mine."

Sam showed up and dripped anal lube on John's cock. It was cool and it felt nice. He pushed in a little and then pulled back, letting the lube coat her tight asshole. Sam used her hand to coat his shaft and then started teasing her mom's swollen clit.

"Oh fuck, I'm so sensitive, I'm gonna cum!"

John started pushing, and the two siblings watched as John's massive cock vanished into their mother's asshole.

"My god, you look fucking beautiful with my cock up your ass. Are you ready for a fucking?"

"Go slow, my god I'm so fucking full . . . ."

John pulled back and Sam added more lube before he slid it back in.

"Wow, I can't believe . . . how sensitive my . . . ass is, Jesus Christ."

He started fucking her slowly, and after about thirty seconds she started moaning. Sam's hand appeared at her mother's pussy, and it was holding the pink vibrator. She slipped it in her mom's dripping wet sex and turned it on. Her mother almost slipped off the sofa she jumped so hard.


"Oh yeah, she likes it John, fuck her harder, hurry!"

"Fuck, I'm . . . going to, and I'm gonna . . . cum in her amazing ass."

He started picking up the pace and his mother started cussing. She had her head up so she could see her children as the fucked the living shit out of her.

"This is so fucking nasty, and so fucking good. Fuck my cunt Sam, fuck it good!"

"Yeah, you got a neglected cunt, but not anymore. John's gonna fuck you whenever he wants, and you're gonna let him."

"Oh shit, oh shit, holy FUCK!"

She started cumming and the race was on. John started grunting and slamming his cock balls deep as fast as he could. Just before his cock exploded, he pulled out and dumped his load all over her chest and stomach. Sam moved in on it, licking it up and playing in it.

"Man, I've never cum that hard."

His mother didn't even hear him, she still had the G-spot vibrator buried in her pussy, and her last orgasm hadn't ended yet. He grabbed the vibrator and started playing with it, driving her to tears. After a couple minutes of this she begged him to stop, and rolled away from him.

"Fuck . . . when I was young, this isn't how sex was. My god, tonight was amazing."

John moved to his recliner, and his sister sprawled out on the love seat. Their mother rolled onto the sofa and relaxed on her side, smiling at John.

"You okay Mom?"

"Mm, you have an incredible cock John and god damn do you know how to use it."

"I understand why you threw Dad out, but why did you quit talking to Uncle Tom?"

"Because he didn't tell me my husband was banging his own sister. I expected him to be loyal to me, and I felt betrayed when he took your father's side."

"Don't you think maybe seventeen years of silence is enough?"

"What, you think I should forgive him?"

"I think you should talk to him about it. Every guy thinks about tag teaming a girl, or double fucking . He was what, twenty-something when it happened?"

"He was your age John, and I caught him with his dick in Ruth's mouth, while your father fucked her from behind. They were on my bed for Christ's sake."

"And Daddy, never came back after you threw him out?"

"I told him I'd report him if he did."

"Well I think all of this needs to be resolved, but that's just my opinion."

"It would be kinda cool to spend the holidays with family Mom."

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