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Head For The Hills


I had always had trouble taking a load of cum in my mouth. I couldn't stand the thought of swallowing, and trying to hold a guy's juice in my mouth left me choking and gagging. Sometimes a trace of puke would rise, and then I would have to let go of the cum, "cum" what may. The results were usually not pretty, so I avoided giving head.

My first male suck-off partner was always in a hurry to finish. He was also my first male partner, period, and the head I had gotten from women previously was pretty limited, so I was deep in the dark about head. I later discovered that what he was giving me was not a blowjob, but a hand job with his mouth atop my cock.

Then my sister-in-law died. My no-good younger brother had abandoned his family years ago, but I was still the beloved uncle to his two children, their favorite uncle. That's not saying much, because their other uncle, my sister-in-law's brother, was an even worse rotter than my own brother. After her family picked over her belongings and took what they wanted, a Water-Pik remained, so I inherited a Water-Pik. Never mind what happened to the children. That's another story. The important part of the story here is the goddamed Water-Pik, of all things!

When I first started using it, I had the same sensations of choking that I had had with cum. I practiced and practiced for months consciously closing the rear of my throat until I could almost always do it as needed.

Close enough! I was ready to give head!! At the time I had no idea how transcendently delicious, how euphorically transporting, a great blowjob could be for the guy giving it. I had gotten enough head to know that it feels pretty good to the guy on the receiving end, but what was in store for me as giver I could not then imagine.

I advertised my "services" in a few places on the web.

I didn't know what great head was. Words like "sucking" and "blowjob" are totally wrong. Head is not about sucking or blowing, but gentle caressing. It is truly making love to your guy's cock. It's his little friend, and it can be a great friend to you too. Taste it gently all over with the tip of your tongue. Let your lips go everywhere on it. Take the head and just a little of the shaft in your mouth, so your tongue can explore the "band" where they meet. Feel the delicious contrast between the hardness of his shaft and the sensitive, tender softness of his cockhead.

But I digress. Pardon me for getting carried away. Let's get back to the story.

I found out the hard way I don't like pencil dicks, by giving head to a fat guy with a dick so skinny I couldn't get my lips tight enough. Thickness matters. I am still trying to discover what minimum thickness I need, and I don't know how to do it except with a tape measure, and that seems kind of rude. "Excuse me, I have to stop for a second while I get my tape measure out."

Then I met the doctor. He showed me what head was about, by doing it right. It is not about finishing. It is about keeping your guy on the edge, driving him crazy, for as long as he can stand it. The doctor said he had once given head for an hour-and-a-half.

I recently gave my longest blowjob ever, one hour. I suppose that all those cute guys you see in the street, and can never have, get hour-long head routinely, but for me it was an unexpected delight. The guy's cock was so delicious, its size, shape, and color so perfect, its hardness so exceptional, that I had no desire for him to come. I just wanted to keep on feeling the hardness of his shaft and the softness of his cockhead with my lips and tongue, running my tongue around his band, licking his shaft up and down, licking his cockhead and rubbing it gently with my lips, nipping the side of his shaft gently with my teeth. He was uncut, so I was able to push his foreskin partially up over his cockhead and lick its edge, and push my tongue between his foreskin and cockhead. I think I remember pushing the foreskin up enough with my hand that I was able to nip on it with my teeth. When we were done, I was in such euphoria that I could hardly walk.

Or maybe it was my hip being stiff from being in one position so long.

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