tagSci-Fi & FantasyHealer's Touch Ch. 05

Healer's Touch Ch. 05


I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get this posted. But hopefully it is worth the wait. I have also submitted chapter six at the same time, so I hope that they post together. All feedback is welcome.


Aric looked over his shoulder at the naked woman that was sprawled across his bed. Her continuing gasps, told their own story. Ellen was still lost in the throes of the spell that he had placed on her. It was one that would make the effects of her orgasm last. He smiled as she finally sank into the bed with a soft moan of satisfaction. If nothing else good came about this banishment to Earth, he could say that Ellen was a definite perk. He had never had a woman as hot for him as she was.

The phone next to the bed rang. Reaching over he picked it up.

"They on their way back to Areseric."

"Philip, I was hoping to hear from you. Tell me what you have found out." He strode out of the room with the cordless phone and headed towards the kitchen. Stopping in front of the fridge, he pulled out a carton of juice and poured himself a glass.

"From what information I have gathered, Princess Gracie has asked King Charles to escort the healer to Arianna."

"Ah...so she is going to Areseric for training. I want you to delay them. I will be returning to Venus in due time. I don't want Charles to be intrenched in Kartic when I arrive."

"What you do you want me to do?"

"I want you to persuade Charles that he doesn't want to go to Kartic. I don't want him dead but only wishing that he was. If he dies, I will have to wait a year while the council decides to appoint me as king. I don't want that. I need to defeat him in a battle to assume his position as king. Do you understand me, Philip?"

"Yes. I will do this. Just remember your end of the bargain, Aric." Philip's voice turned cold. "If you double cross me on this, there is no place you can hide."

"You'll get what is coming to you, Philip." he assured him before he hung the phone up.

* * *

Kat covertly watched as Charles stripped his shirt off. He was kneeling next to the river a few yards from their campsite. This was the first time that she had ever seen him without a shirt on. She watched with envy as he cupped his hands and splashed water onto his chest. She could see the drops of water sliding down his stomach and under the waist of his pants. If he wanted her to just view him as a friend, standing as he was, wasn't helping matters. She quickly looked away as he started to turn back towards the campsite. It wouldn't be good if he caught her ogling him again. She was trying hard to honor his request but it was damn hard when she went to sleep wanting him and woke up the same way.

"Okay, Kat, you can look now. I'm decent." Charlie said a few moments later.

"You really shouldn't have..." Kat muttered under her breath before turning back around to face him. He was in the process of tucking his shirt into his pants. "My turn?"

* * *

Charlie swallowed hard at her soft question. He was tempted to tell her no. That his willpower wouldn't survive her disrobing in front of him. He clenched his jaw before nodding quickly. She smiled at him before darting around him. A few moments later he heard a splash. Had she fallen in? Spinning around, he looked for her frantically. He was shocked when he found her immersed waist deep in the water. Then she dove under the water in a shallow dive and disappeared from sight.

"Katrina!" he strode purposefully to the water's edge and scanned the waters, looking for a sign of his wayward ward. When her head finally popped out of the water a good distance from where she had begun, he frowned with surprise. She treated the water as if it were a natural element for her to play in.

"You called?" Her voice echoed across the open water.

"What in the name of Areseric are you doing?" He stopped just short of entering the water.

"You can't mean to tell me, you have never seen a woman swim?"

"Swim?" A look of puzzlement was clear on his face.

"Yes. A body gets in the water, picks up their feet and swims. You know moving your arms and legs while not touching the bottom? I will admit this river is a bit on the small side for swimming but it feels refreshing none the less."

"Small? Woman, you are swimming in the largest river in Areseric. It is only second in size to the Great River that flows north of the Great Palace."

"Really?" She smiled as she floated on her back.

"Yes. The Great River is ten feet deep. This one is about eight feet. You need to come out of there before you drown."

"I've been in pools deeper than this, Charlie. Why don't you come in and join me? It's fun." She laughed and then sunk beneath the water once more. He stared at her in disbelief. What did she mean that she had been in water deeper than this? Was the woman certifiable?

"Katrina! Little witch..." he muttered to himself. Reaching down he unlaced his shoes, preparing to enter the water. If he drowned it was on her head!

* * *

Kat smiled when she felt the splash under the water. She surfaced and laughed when she saw the look on Charlie's face as he stood in the water up to his knees.

"Come in a bit further."

"You know, I can't believe I'm in here with you. Don't you earthlings do anything normal?"

"This is normal. You need to remember that seventy percent of Earth is water. Almost everyone knows how to swim. Our deepest ocean is over thirty eight thousand feet deep. Not that we have ever gone that deep."

'Thirty eight what?" He looked at her with confusion.

"I forget. You have a metric system. Almost eleven thousand meters."

"And you live on this planet?"

"Yes. Don't look so shocked, Charlie. Just as red dirt and the endless miles of Areseric are familiar to you, Earth's blue waters are to me. Now come a bit further into the water and I'll teach you how to float."

Charles watched her and finally took her outstretched hand.

"If I die, you are going to have to answer to the people of Areseric."

"Relax." She smiled at him. She slowly led him out into deeper water. When it finally came up to her shoulders, she let go of him. He stood impassively as the water lapped at his abs. It was a tempting sight.

* * *

Rand was sitting in his study, going over a treaty that his father had given him, when the vision took a hold of him. ...he was in the red dessert of Areseric. In the distance he could see the camp that Charles had set up for himself and Kat. He watched as a lone figure crept closer to the camp. He watched in horror as the man used a blast of power to knock Kat half way across the camp before the man hit Charles from behind. He could see although the man was a wizard, he was smaller than Charles. Charles easily outweighed him by fifty pounds and eight inches. Rand also knew from experience that while Charles was even larger than him, his reflexes were just as fast if not faster than his. What he lacked in magic, the King of Areseric made up for in sheer physical prowess.

He watched as Charles quickly escaped the wizard's grasp. As Charles surged to his feet, he could see the anger in Charles eyes if he had been the one facing off with him. This did not bode well. As long as he had know Charles, he had been the most even tempered man. But when Charlie lost his cool, people ended up hurt or dead. He winced as he watched Charles toss the wizard across the campfire. The wizard landed on the ground next Kat. Seeing his opportunity, he drug Kat in front of him as a shield. Kat struggled to free herself from the wizard. He watched in futile anger as the wizard threw a bolt of power at Charles. Charles rolled quickly to the side, his years of unarmed combat coming to his aid. The wizard was shouting at Charles but Rand couldn't make out the words. What the wizard did next made Rand recoil in horror. He picked up defenseless Kat and tossed her into the campfire while chanting a spell to make the campfire burn higher and hotter...

Rand jerked back to the present when his dad entered the study.

"Going over that treaty, son?" Mica asked as he closed the door behind him. Immediately, King Mica realized the signs of a vision. He strode over to the desk and leaned down to gaze into his son's eyes.

"Share it with me, Rand." Mica held his breath as the familiar link between he and his son snapped into place. He gritted his teeth as he experienced the vision that Rand had just had. When he finally broke the connection between them, both were sweating.

"Dad, I have to warn him. Kat is Pati's only hope of ever having a normal life again. She can't die."

"Go after them."

"But-" He looked to his dad for reassurance that his dad would protect his most precious gift: Gracie.

"Don't worry, I'll keep Gracie and the babies safe. Go warn them."

* * *

Clara stood on the balcony and watched as Rand disappeared into the waiting hovercraft. She knew his mission. This second sight that she had been given had been a gift and a curse. She was destined to know the outcome of everything around her. She had outlived two of her chosens. It had been a hard pill to swallow too. But in turn the gift had given her many gifts. She had seen her sister marry a wonderful wizard. She still couldn't help but smile in remembrance at the chase Eve had led Connor on. She had foreseen that her beautiful niece would marry the next King of Venus and bear him three wonderful children. That their love would be one that future generations would build fairytales around.

She was jerked out of her thoughts when she saw her youngest niece walk into the gardens. She didn't see her niece's husband, Jonathan, but she knew that he never let her out of his sight for very long. Especially after Pati had been kid-napped. To this day, Jonathan, still thought that if he hadn't been so relaxed after making love to his chosen for the first time, she would never had been taken from him. Clara knew that it was pointless to argue with the young wizard that nothing would have changed the outcome of that event. It had been Pati's fate to have that incident mold her into a strong witch. She knew that Pati believed that she was powerless but that was soon to change.

Once Pati gave birth to her darling daughter and son, she would come into her powers. She sure hoped that Jonathan was prepared for the backlash. She had spoken to him earlier about what was going to happen once his children were born and she knew that he had gone to Rand and confided in him. Even though they had both married and gotten their wives pregnant within months of each other, they were still the best of friends, and they shared everything.

Clara sighed as she turned to the steps that connected her balcony to the east garden entrance. It was time to go and prepare Pati for the change that was coming.

* * *

Gracie caught up with Pati in the garden. She was not as nimble as she had been. Her precious babies had definitely put a waddle in her walk, she thought as she tried to keep pace next to Pati.

"Slow down, Sis."

"Why? You can use the extra exercise."

"Brat!" Gracie scolded. "You are forgetting who is the crown princess here. And who is the one carrying the next heirs to the throne. I swear my job is never done."

"Oh, bite me, Gracie. You love those babies and you love being Rand's princess. It's much better than being Rand's advisor, isn't it?" Pati asked, referring to Gracie's childhood dream of being the next king's advisor. She had so wanted to follow in their dad's footsteps. But Rand had other ideas of what role Gracie was going to play in his life. And in the end Rand had persevered.

Gracie laughed. It lit up her beautiful blue eyes.

"So true," she admitted with a grin.

"Still acting like school girls, I see." Both of Gracie and Pati turned to see Auntie Clara walking towards them. As usual she was wearing one of her cream colored, flowing robes that made her look more like an fallen angel than a wise woman that could predict the future with unerring accuracy. Add to that the fact that her once auburn hair was now a mix of golden hues of white, red and chestnut, she truly seemed like she was an angel that had been kicked out of heaven. Probably due to the lively twinkle in her emerald eyes that made one think that she had a wonderful secret that she was refusing to share with everyone.

"Auntie Clara!" Gracie waddled forward and took her hands. "Lets go sit in the gazebo."

As all three of the ladies settled into the gazebo that Rand had commissioned for Gracie, they fell into any easy conversation. Finally Gracie arched her eyebrow at her aunt.

"What?" Clara asked innocently.

"Okay, Auntie. Spill. You had a purpose for coming out here. What dire predictions do you have for us today?" Gracie asked in a good-natured tone.

"It's about you, Pati."

Pati groaned.

"I just knew it. You couldn't leave well enough alone, Auntie. You had your hand in Gracie's destiny, so you couldn't resist on making sure that you left your mark on mine too?"

"I've already spoken with Jonathan, Pati. I want both of you prepared for the outcome of your babies."

"BABIES!" Pati squeaked her mind overcome with the idea of having more than one infant at a time.

"Yes. Up until your mother, every woman in your family has had at least one multiple birth. Your mother didn't because your father controlled how many babies and how often she got pregnant."

"The men can do that!" Gracie exclaimed.

"Oh, yes. These wizards are very good at controlling the outcome of their lovings."

"Oh, I'm gonna kill him!" Gracie growled.

"Who?" Pati asked as she was jerked back into the conversation by her sister's outburst.

"My husband!"

"What did he do now?" Pati asked confused. She hadn't absorbed what Gracie and Clara had just been talking about.

"He deliberately got me pregnant with three babies!" Gracie narrowed her eyes. "He wanted to make sure that I would never be able to leave him."

Tsk, tsk, Gracie. You know I love you. I don't need anything other than that to tie us together. As far as the children are concerned, the little tykes got away from me.

Rand, you rat! And when did these little tykes get away from you?

They were conceived on our wedding night, Gracie. I wanted to give you something that I will never give another woman. Our children are precious gifts. And this will be the first and last time I will ever let you get pregnant, my love. So I chose to gift you with three. One for each month that I spent chasing your lovely ass all over Venus before you gave in and married me.

Gracie bit back a moan as she felt the sensation of a calloused hand running over her bottom. It was a handy trick her husband had, she had found out. He could caress her anytime and anyplace he chose.

"Gracie, pay attention!" Auntie Clara said. Randall, behave yourself. Or I'll tell your wife where you are going.

Now, Clara, there's no need for that. I'll be a good boy and leave her alone.

See that you do. This important!

"What were you saying, Auntie?" Gracie asked as Rand finally withdrew his touch.

"You are going to train your sister."

"Train her for what?"

"After Pati births your niece and nephew, her power will come forth. In each generation of our family, there is always one woman with the latent gift. It has always triggered after the birth of their first child. And in this case, after Pati has the babies, her magic is going to consume her. Or at least try to. You are the only one that will be able to contain her energy."

* * *

Charles glared over at Kat. He was sitting next to the campfire and shivering.

"Aw, come on, Charlie. How was I to know that your river water effected you this way? I'm sorry you took a chill."

"It doesn't effect you this way?" he growled.

"Ah...no. In fact I've never felt better." she whispered as she offered him a cup of soup. "Why don't you let me heal you? I'll take away those cold flashes."

"I....I...I don't...don't think...so....so," he gritted his teeth clenched together to keep from chattering.

"This is nonsense, Charlie. I'm not going to let you suffer." Kat walked around the fire to his side, holding a small piece of kindling.

"I won't be responsible for my actions if you touch me, Katrina." he growled as he shifted away from her outstretched hand.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Kat stared at him and waited for the stubborn man to see reason. "You're going to shake yourself to death. I can help you. Surely you have more control than that, Charlie. You're the King of Areseric!"

"And what does being king have anything to do with my control?" he growled as the fire leapt higher in his gaze.

"You're obviously sick, Charlie. Sick men don't have amorous thoughts. They just want to curl up and die." Kat snapped the kindling between her fingers out of frustration.

"Touch me and we'll see how sick I actually am, Katrina. Don't tempt me. You promised that you wouldn't throw temptation in my face." His face filled with frustrated desire and longing. Even when he knew that he couldn't have her.

"This is not about temptation. This is about you suffering because you can't stand the idea of me touching you. You know, you are an incrediably thick-skulled man." She turned back to the fire and tossed the broken kindling into the fire. Then she straightened her back.

* * *

Charles watched her carefully. He sensed that she was not going to leave well enough alone. He didn't dare try and explain to her that the waters of Areseric had not made him sick but had only intensified his desire for her. The tremors that she had mistaken for chills were actually a sign of his longing. He was using the guise of being sick to keep her at arms length.

He growled when she turned back around and stomped back towards him.

"Growl all you want! I'm going to heal you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!"

"Katrina!" he warned as just before she placed her hands on him. He closed his eyes as pleasure raced through him where her hands rested on his shoulders. As the fire raced through his system, he fought it desperately.

"You're burning up!" Kat winced as the heat under her hands seemed to grow.

"Let go of me!" His control was unraveling quickly. He pulled away from her to only have her follow him.

"Just let me heal you and I'll never touch you again," she pleaded as she stared down into his green eyes.

"You just don't get it, do you?" He grabbed her around the waist and tried to push her away from him. When she clung to him tightly, he cursed loudly.

"Such language!"

Charles stared at her in disbelief. He growled, grabbed her hand, and shoved in between his legs. She gasped when she felt the length of him against her fingers. Her eyes locked with his.

"Back off!" After he released her hand, she scrambled away from him.

"You are seriously deranged! You're the only man I've ever met that gets horny when he's sick!"

"I'm not sick, woman!"

"Then why do you have chills? I can see you trembling from here." She watched in nervously.

"Desire! I want you and I'm not happy about it!"

Charles watched as the knowledge that he had been trying to keep from her became obvious.


* * *

Later that night after the sun set, Kat watched Charlie drift off to sleep. He was tired and that was obvious. She wasn't sure what to make of Charlie's reaction. She could use the waters of Areseric to push him over the edge. But the true question was, could she live with the guilt afterwards? She wanted him but she surely wasn't that desperate yet. She would rather have him willing and eager than forcing a response out of his sexy body. As her granddaddy use to say, making love without the love was no better than a mere shaking of hands.

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