tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHealth 101 -- 69 Practice

Health 101 -- 69 Practice


Health 101 -- 69 Practice

"Good morning, Class!" I greeted them. "As you know from your reading, the next item on our syllabus is reputedly a French invention originally called "soixante-neuf," or, in English, sixty-nine."

"Let's start by getting you all undressed. We'll do some exercises here in class, and you will continue to practice on your own time."

They wasted no time in stripping down, and I was gratified to note that they seemed to have no more problems with being naked in front of each other. This was a big milestone, and I was proud of them.

"Now, form a circle around me, class; boy-girl, boy-girl, if you please. Now, girls turn left and boys turn right and face your partners."

They dutifully did as I asked and paired off. "Is everyone satisfied with their partner? We're going to get quite intimate with each other today...."

There were no complaints. REALLY good. I always tried to discourage partner preferences, but sometimes it happens.

"Now, I would like you to put your arms around each other and begin kissing. I will review your techniques." I walked around the circle, assessing each couple. James held tiny Jennifer gently as he tenderly caressed her lips with his own. Her arms were locked passionately around his neck and her toes were barely touching the floor. Andy, on the other hand, had Cynthia bent back over his thigh, and was clearly trying to reach her tonsils with his tongue. Cynthia did not seem to be complaining, and I noted that her nipples were fully erect and glowing. Justin had embraced Amber from behind and was nibbling her neck, his hands full of her generous breasts, while she artfully massaged his already straining cock with her buttocks. The others were similarly engaged as circumstance and preference dictated.

"I believe you are all becoming quite proficient at romantic kissing. I am pleased. This may well be one of the most important skills you will ever acquire," I told them. "And what you are going to learn today has sometimes been called 'the ultimate kiss.' You will each make love to your partner's sexual organs as you are now making love to their mouths."

"I need a couple to volunteer for the initial demonstration." They all broke their lip-locks and waved their hands. This was even more gratifying. "Justin and Amber, you both seem to be extremely aroused already. Would you do the honors? Very good. We will start by reviewing the three basic 69 positions. Amber, please recline on your back on my desk. The rest of you may continue lightly stimulating each other as you observe."

Amber clambered onto the desk and lay back, her magnificent breasts jutting proudly as she spread her legs to reveal a very moist pussy surrounded by a neatly trimmed brunette bush. Justin stood at her feet, clearly mesmerized by the sight of her juicy snatch. "Justin, come around to this side, please. Now carefully lift yourself onto the desk, with your head between Amber's legs, and support yourself with your knees, one on each side of her head. Support your upper body with your elbows. Good. Now hold that position for a moment."

I walked around the couple on the desk, using my pointer to emphasize the lecture points. "Class, note that Amber's pussy is now in a very convenient position for Justin to lick it thoroughly. Her clit is VERY accessible, but it will be difficult for him to get his tongue very far up her cunt from this angle, which is one of the unfortunate things about this position. Also note that his cock is directly in front of her mouth, and if she opens it right now -- that's it, Amber -- she can suck the head of it. Now, Justin, please begin kissing Amber's pussy. Good. Gently please. She is not ready for really intense stimulation just yet."

I allowed Justin to explore Amber's juicy folds for a few moments, while she attempted to return the favor by slurping at his throbbing meat. "Class, do you think this is likely to result in orgasm for both parties?" I asked.

James shook his head doubtfully, his arms still around petite Jennifer as she faced away from him to observe the demonstration. "I doubt that he will be able to come unless she moves her head up and down," he said. "That kind of sucking feels good, but I doubt that it will bring him off all by itself."

"Amber," I said, "why don't you stroke Justin's cock more thoroughly with either your mouth or your hand?"

Amber turned her head to free her mouth from Justin's slippery cock. "I really can't," she reported. "I can't reach it with my hands, and my neck hurts if I try to move my head up."

"What if Justin was to move his hips, in effect fucking Amber's mouth?" I suggested. "Justin, try that, but VERY carefully."

Justin thrust his hips tentatively and Amber gagged. She turned her head again and spit out his cock. "I'm afraid he's going to slip and choke me," she whimpered.

"It hurts my back anyway," Justin mumbled around Amber's pussy. "I don't think I could come that way no matter how long we did it."

"Exactly!" I told them. "And this is the big drawback to this position. It is not very comfortable for either person, and while Justin can probably get Amber off, she cannot do much for him except keep his cockhead warm while he waits for his turn. And even that may become so uncomfortable for her that she cannot enjoy her own orgasm. Enough, Justin. Please stop licking Amber's pussy and get off the desk for a moment."

"Now, Amber and Justin, please review your physical reactions for the class."

"He made my pussy feel good," Amber admitted. "And I liked having a cock in my mouth while my clitty was being licked. But the position made me kind of nervous, and I doubt that I would ever come that way."

"I liked having my cock in a hot mouth while I was eating her pussy," Justin said thoughtfully. "But after a few minutes I really felt like I wanted to move on to something else."

"Exactly!" I told them. "This position is fun for a few minutes, and that's about it. In a large bed, however, it is easy to initiate the position the way you have just begun, and then roll over to one side to continue in a less physically stressful position. Amber, please lie on your left side, and Justin, climb up here beside her, let her rest her head on your right thigh...good...Amber, move your left thigh forward so that Justin can use it for a pillow. Lift your right thigh so that he can see your pussy. Very good. Now what do we have?"

"I have good access to her pussy now," Justin reported. "If she pulls her hips up, kind of curls around me, I can even get my tongue into her cunt."

"Oh, I like this better!" Amber giggled. "I think I could take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could handle, and I can also use my right hand to jack him off if my jaws get tired."

"Then you may begin," I told them. "Let's see how it works."

Justin began lapping Amber's increasingly fragrant pussy, while she gobbled enthusiastically at his leaking cock. She stopped once to milk out a generous glob of pre-cum, looking around at the observing class as she savored it theatrically before swallowing. Justin began to thrust his hips to make her take more of his cock, and she turned her head to complain.

"The angle is just not right for me to take any more of it," she fretted. "I've been trying to let his cock head slide into my throat a ways, but it won't go. And my neck is starting to hurt again."

"Take a break, both of you," I told them. "It seems that you have again reached the point where it is time to change positions again. Justin, what do you think?"

"I think if I could get in a few good thrusts I could bust a nut right down her throat," Justin said. The class tittered. "But I can't, in this position. I do like the way this gives me access to her pussy, though. I can rest my head on her leg and really look at it, use my fingers to move things around, and suck the juice right out of her."

"So, do you think you're both ready to come?" I asked.

"I know I am," said Justin.

"I'm not sure," said Amber. "But I'd really like to try."

"Then both of you get off the desk," I instructed. "Justin, you get back up there and lie on your back. Amber, climb up on top of him, positioning your pussy over his face....That's right. Perfect. How does this feel?"

"Love that sweet pussy," Justin mumbled, pulling Amber's hips down so that her sopping bush covered his face. Amber squealed as he resumed his determined assault on her clit.

"See how much of his cock you can swallow now, Amber," I coached her. "Really get down on it."

Amber obligingly swallowed Justin's cock to its hairy root, burying her freckled nose in his sweaty sack. "That's better, isn't it, dear," I asked her.

"Mmmmmph!" Amber mumbled around Justin's swollen tool as she continued to bob up and down on it enthusiastically.

"Class, who do you think will come first?" I quizzed them.

"I think I will," panted Andy, "if Cindy doesn't stop what she's doing!"

Cynthia had stopped watching the demonstration and was blissfully sucking Andy's cock while both her hands were lustily diddling her own pussy.

"Cynthia! Please stop that for a moment and observe this!" I tapped her firmly on the shoulder. "Now turn around here and tell me who you think is about to come and why."

"I think..." Cindy gasped, "I think....I can't think! I need to come, Professor! Please let someone bring me off right now, I can't stand it --"

At that moment Justin's cock popped out of Amber's mouth as she arched her back, shrieking her intense pleasure as she ground her spasming pussy into his face. She cupped her breasts in her hands, pinching the hardened nipples, as she rocked on his face. "I'm coming!" she wailed, her face contorting. Tears leaked from her eyes as she sobbed her joyful relief. "I'm coming, oh I'm coming!" A loud farting noise came from her pussy as it tried to contract around Justin's probing tongue. "OH MY GOD!"

"I think my cunt just turned inside out," she gasped as she collapsed bonelessly across Justin's body. "I think I might be dead."

"I think we can assume that you were thoroughly satisfied, Amber," I told her dryly. "But I can assure you that you are, in fact, still alive, your sweet little pussy is still intact, and, moreover, you are lying on top of an extremely horny partner. I think you owe him an extra-special orgasm, don't you?"

"I can't deal with it right now," Amber whimpered. "All my muscles are like Jello. Please, Justin? I'll do anything you want, only later...."

"You'll do it right now," I told her firmly. "Can you lift her, Justin? I thought you could. You could probably lift a house right now. OK, I know you're suffering. Lay her down on the desk and get on top of her. No, face to face -- position yourself so your cock rests between those fine firm titties of hers. Perfect. Now just a little KY between her breasts....there we go. Amber, push your breasts together around Justin's cock. Make an effort, girl! Good. Now Justin, fuck her tits. That's right; pump that cock into her just as hard as you want to. Fuck her, Justin! Watch your cock sliding between those beautiful titties! And she loves it, too! She's just coming down off a huge orgasm and this is just what will make her feel even better. Look at that purple cock head popping out from between her titties on each stroke! Beautiful!"

"Watch this closely, now, class! See how infused with blood Justin's cock head has become. This is what it looks like when it's in your mouth, getting ready to shoot its load. Jennifer; you're back there in the right spot -- I want you to gently grasp Justin's balls while he fucks Amber's tits -- good. Hold them gently but firmly. Justin, how does it feel to be fucking one beautiful girl's tits while another one holds your balls?"

By way of response Justin jetted the first squirt of come onto Amber's neck. The next wad, thicker and more vigorous, struck her on the chin as she looked down to see what was happening. "Open your mouth, Amber! And hold your head up! Let go of your tits! You know what you want now, Justin."

And Justin certainly did know. With a loud groan, he thrust his spurting cock into Amber's open mouth and, holding her head between his hands, proceeded to pump a massive load of hot spunk down her throat.

The class clapped delightedly. "A fine demonstration!" I announced. "Now, push the desks to the side of the room, roll out the mats, and let's see how well the rest of you can do!"

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