tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHealth 101 -- Male Oral

Health 101 -- Male Oral


Health 101 -- Male Oral

"All right!" I clapped my hands twice, ending the lecture. "You've got your notes and supposedly you've read the book. Some of you claim to have had some sort of experience in this area. Now it's time for a demonstration....So who wants to volunteer?"

No volunteers. Not a surprise. But I've certainly got everyone's attention.

"Andy." He looked up at me, slouched in his seat in the back corner of the room. "I seem to remember that you claimed to have received, and I quote, "thousands of blowjobs." The class giggled, of course. As I expected they would.

Andy stared at his desktop and said nothing.

"Perhaps I should just ask the girls to tell me who has NOT already sucked Andy's cock," I remarked. Some of the girls blushed like fire engines and the rest screamed laughter. "Or maybe it's not the girls I need to ask," I continued dryly. Laughter threatened to become pandemonium.

"Quiet!" I said in my sternest tone, clapping my hands again. "I am absolutely serious about this. We have 15 minutes of class time left, and if you can't get it done by then, you are absolutely NOT doing it right. So who's going to volunteer?"

Still no volunteers. I do so adore humiliating them this way, but it has to be done carefully.

"Tell you what. The two people who do the demonstration are exempt from today's homework assignment and get an automatic "A" on the weekly quiz. Does that help?"

Buzz of conversation; students warily eying each other. Still no volunteers. Time's a-wasting.

I was about to make an arbitrary selection when Jennifer timidly raised her hand about six inches. Surprise! On the first day of class I had marked her down as the college student least likely to have ever touched her own pussy. She was one of those tiny blond waifs who are too shy to look people in the eye, too busy taking perfect notes to think about the subject, too "nice" to have ever even considered sex in high school. She had loosened up a little during the first few weeks of her freshman year here at the U, but was she ready for this? I noted her nipples showing through her thin sweater and made a snap decision. "Thank you, Jennifer! You're very brave and I'll walk you through it if you need me to. So, it's Jennifer and....James. Up here in front, please, both of you.

The class booed and giggled but James was out of his seat and up by the chalkboard almost before I finished speaking. "Excited, James?" I asked. He hung his head and blushed. "You should be, " I said severely. "You're about to have your cock sucked by a very beautiful girl. I expect you to enjoy it, and I expect you to let her know that you're enjoying it. Is that clear?"

He nodded, still staring at his feet. James must be a physics major. I should have checked.

I pulled my chair out from behind the desk. "Sit, James." He sat, fumbling with his belt buckle. "Leave that," I ordered. "Jenny will take care of it."

"Now, Jenny, you're here." I spread a spongy rubber mat in front of James and pointed at it. "Kneel, please, dear. Don't be afraid. You will be really good at this."

Jenny knelt in front of James, tucking her skirt under her knees. Her head hung in shame, her golden hair curtaining her angelic face. "Now I would recommend not tucking your skirt, dear, " I told her. You may want access to that area in a few minutes." The class roared and clapped. I could almost smell the hormones filling the room.

"Now, Jenny, how do we start?"

Jenny whispered, "I make sure he wants to?"

"I'm about 100% sure of that already," I told her, indicating the impressive tent in James' pants. "But if you weren't sure, what would you do?"

Slowly, Jenny unbuttoned her sweater to give James a peek at her small, firm titties. She pulled her white cotton bra aside to expose one pink nipple, squeezed it briefly, then looked up at James. It was as hard as a gumdrop and I thought he was going to blow his load right there.

"Enough!" I declared. "And excellent, Jenny! You've made every boy in this room wish he could trade places with James right now. Do you want to stop now, James?"

James shook his head so vigorously I thought he might have given himself a neck injury. "Definitive consent, James! I snapped. "Tell her you want her to do this."

"Please suck my cock, Jenny," James groaned.

With trembling hands, Jenny reached for James' belt buckle and unfastened it. Then she unzipped his fly while gazing adoringly into James' eyes. The class gasped as one when James' fully engorged cock popped free. Jenny saw it a split second later and gasped as well.

"Oh my goodness!"

"Oh, excellent, Jenny!" I exclaimed. "You've just made him feel like a stud horse." Which he more or less was. What a monster! At least eight inches, neatly cut (kind of a disappointment there, but he could spare it) and hard as an axe handle. Note to self: If James ever asks for after-class attention the answer is YES.

Jenny bravely turned her attention to the James monster, opening her rosebud lips and moistening them with her tiny pink tongue. James moaned and she looked up at him in surprise. "AAA PLUS, Jenny dear! That little move was not in the book, but it is a WINNER! Class, pay attention." As if they weren't. (Giggle.)

Reluctantly (feigned? or natural?) Jenny lowered her tiny mouth over James' throbbing rod and engulfed the juicy red head. James moaned louder. Some of the class did also. Jenny quickly began trying to make short little bobs on the end of James' cock, but couldn't seem to take much. A tear oozed out of the corner of her eye.

"Slowly, Jenny," I reminded her. "There's no hurry. Now in this case, there's no question about how ready he is, but normally you want to tease a little more. Remember the lecture? What do we do with our hands?"

Jenny pulled off of James' cock with an audible gasp. "It won't fit," she sobbed.

"Of course it will," I said severely. "We are not into Deep Throat -- yet. You had enough in your mouth to do the job, and as you relax you will probably take more. But what are your hands doing while your mouth is so busy?"

Gingerly, Jenny reached for James' cock with her right hand. Her fingers would not even meet around it. She stroked it up and down a few times, and licked up the precum she squeezed out without hesitation. Then she settled into a rhythm while sucking perhaps a little too enthusiastically on his cockhead.

"What about the other hand, Dear?" I purred. In case she needed a hint, my other hand was already in my panties, and I was wondering if it was time to give the class a glimpse of my shaven mound.

Jenny slipped her hand under her skirt and it was quite clear that she was tentatively fingering her own pussy.

"Now what is my first rule, Class?" I said, trying to sound officious but ending in a moan as Jenny somehow managed to swallow another two inches of James' monster schlong.

"Never be ashamed to masturbate in class," they recited dutifully, and if they were ashamed, I couldn't tell, because they were all doing it, some of them openly.

Jenny was managing about half of James' cock with her mouth, and doing an excellent job with her hand on the rest of it; fine wrist action, I noted, as a delicious little starter orgasm made my hips buck. James was doing well too, moaning loudly and stroking Jenny's baby-fine hair with both trembling hands, but not grabbing her head and forcing it down on his straining cock as I knew he desperately wanted to do.

James was becoming more and more tense and I knew his load was boiling and about to erupt, but then so was I and maybe I should have said something sooner but I was coming SOOOOO hard when I saw James' nutsack tighten up, the base of his cock spasm, and I knew that Jenny had just received her first steamy spurt. I hadn't meant to have her take it unexpectedly like that, but too late....

As the hot load hit the back of Jenny's virgin throat she looked up in shock, meeting James' eyes in the ultimate moment, and James went out of control. He seized her golden head and tried to force his whole rigid monster down her throat, but I was ready for this and pulled her back before she could choke. I was so proud of her. She smiled through the tears and continued stroking his meat, taking the rest of his copious load on her face and firm titties. She even licked the cum off her lips, swallowing what she could.

When she slowly but deliberately lowered her sticky face to suck out the last feeble spurt of James' cum, the class cheered. And so did I. "I came in my panties when you came in my mouth, James," Jenny murmured as if ashamed. That got a standing ovation. Even I was impressed. Dear Jenny was certainly blooming....

And the bell rang. Books shuffling, chairs scraping. "Wait!" I shouted, waving fingers sticky with my own cooze. "Homework! You will each choose a partner and you will administer a proper blowjob to this person, who will provide a written report to be handed in tomorrow. Extra points if you can make it last until they beg you to finish it. Any questions?"

"You mean just the girls, right?" Andy drawled sarcastically.

"I certainly do NOT mean just the girls," I told them severely. "If you want to be able to tell a future lover what you want, you need to know how to do it yourself. I look forward to your reports, double spaced, without cum stains. DISMISSED!"

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