tagNovels and NovellasHeart of Darkness Ch. 02

Heart of Darkness Ch. 02

byDeckard Kincaid©

Once seated, and feeling the spunk of the pilot leak from her ass and into the fabric of the seat, Darla thought to herself, 'God, we haven't even landed on the Dark Continent, and already a dark side of me is already coming out!" She had enjoyed having her asshole sucked, first by a stranger, then by her best friend. Then, she had savored the feeling of being fucked in the ass by a black cock that had stretched her bottom beyond its normal capacity, while at the same time she also had sucked, and swallowed the spunk, from another black cock, and yet, despite it all, still she wanted more. What she did not know was that the Mahala that pumped through her system was awakening new sexual desires and hungers in both her and Shelly, whom Darla now looked lovingly at, still was sleeping and recovering from their earlier tryst in the lavatory.

Shelly's peaceful expression spoke volumes, as Darla sensed that she and Shelly shared the same thought, that none of this would have happened had the stewardess not joined them. Yes, they would have performed the usual oral and anal sex acts, and they would have enjoyed them intensely, but most of it would have been basically an exciting rerun. However, as the orgy in the baggage compartment had now proven, it was not their careers, but rather it was the unspoken promise of sexual danger and excitement, which were the main reasons why she and Shelly had accepted the offer to come to Africa.

Their trip was more than a chance to practice their craft of nursing, or see Mombassa and enjoy what sexual pleasures he and his men offered. Instead Darla and Shelly, whose brains were now programmed by the Mahala to seek out sexual pleasure of all kinds, now desperately felt the need to pursue sexual experiences in as many new ways, and places, as the both of them could. What better place to be free and pursue new sexual experiences, than in Africa, Darla thought, which she knew was culturally very different from Canada.

Despite the fact that the industrialized world in the mid 21st Century was full of technological and medical wonders, Africa, especially Kukuanaland, much as it was in the late 20th Century, continued to be a lawless land, full of violence, and civil wars over the rights to the minerals and natural resources that in over 98% of the Congo Basin, where Kukuanaland was located, remained undiscovered and untouched. In fact, Darla and Shelly's ultimate destination, Virunga, was the home of many dark and ancient secrets that had yet to be discovered, and it was still considered the most dangerous and mysterious of all the places in Africa.

Yet, despite the apparent danger and uncertainty of traveling to Kukuanaland, Darla and Shelly could not be dissuaded from going. As Darla gazed out the window to the ocean below, she wondered, and began to wax philosophically about all that had just happened on the airplane. Darla smiled wickedly, as she savored the feeling of cum still leaking out of her bottom, at the thought of how wonderful it was that she and Shelly could be brought to a such new erotic heights, in both the restroom and in the cargo hold of the airplane. Darla also wondered how many more new and wonderful perversions she and her best friend would soon discover in Africa.

Minutes later, as the plane began to slowly descend through the clouds, Darla dipped her fingers into her still moist slit and began to reflect back on the sensual perversions of the last hour. Later, as the coast of the Gold Coast of Africa appeared in the distance, Darla sensed that this journey to Africa would prove to be an incredible journey, and she could hardly wait to see what would happen next. She sensed that it would not be too long before she would be once again filled with cock, as she settled in and finished reading her steamy novel entitled Emmanuelle.

Hours later, as the plane was making its final approach into Kukuanaland International Airport, Shelly awoke, yawned and stretched, and then asked in a sleepy voice, "Did I miss anything?"

"Lots," answered Darla, as she proceeded to tell her friend of the foursome she had in the baggage area with the stewardess, and pilots.

"Wow." Shelly said. "This has been one hell of a flight. You know, when Lulu sucked your ass while I was eating you, I felt some kind of exchange. Like a light switch had been flicked in my body. Something drew me to start sucking on yours. Really weird." "Huh?"

"Yeah," Darla answered. "I went through the same thing. I feel like there is a new part of me awakening, something I didn't realize was there. In fact lately I think these feelings are the reason why I have been having so many erotic dreams."

Even now, as they chatted, the two women felt a warm tingle behind their navels. From across the aisle Darla caught a glimpse of a handsome black man whose looks made her nipples harden. Without her bra, which was on the floor of the cargo hold, Darla's were clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse, causing the man she was looking at to smile. The older man's smile made Darla's pussy moist, causing the memories of the previous two hours returned to her, as she turned and looked out of the window to see the vastness of the African jungle below. Seeing the jungle for the first time, Darla reached into her blouse and gently squeezed her nipples as she suddenly saw the sun awake over the new land that she would now forever see as her "home."

Soon after Darla saw the sun appear, the plane began its final descent towards Kukuanaland International Airport. Minutes later, the plane gently landed and everyone hustled to grab his or her carry on baggage and then disembarked. The only two passengers who longed for the flight to last longer were Shelly and Darla, both of whom decided to take their time gathering their things and leaving the plane. As they carried their bags toward the exit, they passed the pilots, and Lulu, all of whom had lustful smiles on all of their lips, as smoldering glances and moist kisses were exchanged in farewell.

As Darla and Lulu exchanged one last deep kiss, Lulu caressed Darla's cheek and said, "Welcome to our world." After which Darla and Shelly took turns kissing Lulu on the cheek, as Darla told her that they hoped they would see her again, to which Lulu replied, with a wink, that such plans had already been made.

With that cryptic answer, Darla and Shelly left the plane and headed toward the customs area where Mombassa was waiting for them. Mombassa was dressed in crisply pressed camouflage fatigues and shined combat boots. However, such style was easy to understand, as the temperature was well over 90 degrees, at 7 a.m. in the morning. The three of them embraced each other, as Mombassa held on to both Darla and Shelly, and said, "Welcome to the Dark Continent" as his hands cupped their ass-cheeks and he pulled their sweaty bodies to his.

After breaking their embrace with Mombassa, Darla noticed the sweat dripping down his face. It was at that point that Darla and Shelly quickly became aware of just how hot they were, as well as how hot he was, as was clear from the bulge in his. After she noticed his hardness, Darla kissed Mombassa deep, squeezed his cock, and said, "I can see that you are happy to see us." At which all three of them laughed, just as Mombassa's assistant pulled up in an air-conditioned Hummer that contained Shelly and Darla's luggage.

After arrival in Kinshasa, Mombassa's assistant drove Darla, Shelly and Colonel Mombassa to the main army hospital, on the opposite side and on the far outskirts of the city, next to large lake, which was surrounded by jungle. After the assistant dropped Mombassa, Darla and Shelly off at the entrance the hospital, he then was ordered to drive across the army compound to the VIP lodging, where the girls' bags were to be delivered.

The oppressive jungle heat gave way to comfort, as the three of them entered the air conditioned hospital, at which time Mombassa directed Darla to a nearby nurse's dressing room, where he told her "You are going to be given a tour by the head nurse. She knows that you are here to train our nurses in the far eastern part of the country. However, I think it best that you see firsthand our nursing practices, as well as see some of our patients. The young nurse who will be escorting you is very excited to meet you."

Mombassa then exchanged greetings with a passing soldier, and then said to the girls, "You will stay at a our VIP hotel just a few miles from here until your belongings arrive, afterward you will be moved into brand new apartments here on base. It is here at this base that you will stay permanently; however for much of the time you will live and work at our army and air force bases throughout the country training our new nurses. As you saw on the way from the airport, the area around this base is quite beautiful, and there is a dense rain forest area between the hospital and the VIP hotel; however I must strongly advise you not to stray to far, this is Africa, and here there are always dangerous animals to worry about, but if you want to walk about and enjoy the scenery up close, do not stray from the paths, especially near the lake, which I implore you to not get near. I'll come back later, after your tour, and give you a ride to the hotel." After which Mombassa turned to Shelly, took her hand, and said; "Come with me! I will give you my own tour."

Mombassa and Shelly then walked away together, hand in hand, as Darla entered the locker room and found a locker with her name already on it. Inside the locker was everything she needed to shower and become refreshed after her long 20 hour journey. Darla, who was now alone in the locker room, then stripped out of her clothes and headed into the dank and dimly lit shower room and took a 20 minute shower. It was there, underneath the showerhead, on a plastic stool, where Darla found some relief from the heat building in her as she slowly fondled, stroked and scrubbed her body to a powerful orgasm as the love potions in her blood took full control over her urges and desires. Quickly, the moans of pleasure that echoed off the walls of the shower room became clearly audible to the young woman now standing in front of Darla's locker.

When Darla, now flush and refreshed from her ear piercing orgasm, finally returned to the locker, she found that her clothes were now gone, and that, in their place sat a pair of semi transparent scrubs and a new pair of socks and Reeboks. The only item missing from the mix were bra and panties. "No matter," Darla said to herself, as she then removed the set of fresh scrubs and shoes, and then closed the door. However, just as she closed the locker door, Darla suddenly noticed a young woman in a traditional nursing hat standing in the doorway.

"Hello Ms. Darla" said the nurse. "I am called Mona. It is short for my African name Monanakike. You may find it easier to pronounce. I will take you on the tour, after you are dressed. The Colonel has told me much of you."

Mona looked to be nineteen, and was dressed in scrubs similar to the ones Darla held. However, for Mona the top of her scrubs seemed a bit too tight as Darla could see her dark brown nipples straining and pressing against the fabric top.

As she awaited her reply, Mona caught Darla staring at her chest, and then licked her lips in anticipation of what her commanding officer, Colonel Mombassa, had said would likely happen today, for she had overheard him talking to the doctors and soldiers in his command about the real reason for Ms. Darla and Ms. Shelly's assignment to this base. Until now Mona had never seen such a beautiful white women, except in magazines and on the Internet. She hoped that Ms. Darla was truly the type of woman that the Colonel had bragged to the doctors and his subordinates about.

It was now beyond hot in the locker room, as there were few places in the hospital where the air-conditioning worked continuously and was reliably. As the humidity rose in the locker room, Mona noticed, through the semi transparent fabric of the scrubs, sweat rolling between Darla's breasts and down to her navel. Mona soon felt her breathing become heavier, as she watched Darla closely put her shoes on. Her eyes followed the path of the sweat, until Darla looked up at her and asked her how her hospital uniform looked.

Mona was mesmerized, as she realized that the tight top Darla wore was soaked, forcing the semi transparent fabric to cling to her body, fully exposing her pink nipples. Finally looking up Mona, with a stammer, then suggested that, "You had better change. Looking like that will be distracting to the patients."

Darla looked down, smiled and then agreed, as she removed the wet top and bottoms from her sweaty body. Then, as she stood nude in front of the mirror of her locker, Darla noticed, that Mona was lustfully looking at her. Sensing an opportunity, and still intoxicated and wet from her earlier orgasm in the shower, Darla slowly and seductively ran her hands down the front of her breasts, cupping them briefly. Her hands then wandered down her abdomen to her pussy, and then slid over her ass. Darla knew what an erotic image she was providing to Mona, as she smiled at the young women in the mirror reflection, and then reached for a towel to dry the sweat off her body.

Once she was dry, Darla opened up a dry set of scrubs and pulled them out of their package. She then grasped the top of the scrub and raised it over her head, allowing it to slide over her shoulders. Darla then slowly pulled the tight top over her ripe and firm mounds, and then slowly pulled it the rest of the way down. Darla then turned away to step into the pants when suddenly, as she was reaching down to pulled the waistband up to the bottom of her ass-cheeks, she paused. Darla then bent forward, making her rounded bottom protrude toward Mona, who by now breathing heavily with lust. She then continued, as she slowly allowed the waistband to ride over the cheeks, after which she pulled the drawstring tight.

However, Mona was now so worked up by the site of Darla that, as she bent over to tie her shoes, she came closer, and then lunged at Darla by sliding her arms around her waist, working her hands inside Darla's scrub bottoms. Darla was momentarily caught off guard and gasped as Mona's lips locked onto hers, as she turned Darla around and let her dark hands slide into Darla's ass crack. At the same time Darla clutched Mona tightly and placed her hands in the same position as she gently probed for Mona's virgin bunghole.

As the young nurses embraced, both of their cotton-covered pussies ground against each other, as Darla finally took charge and backed the young nurse into her closed locker and raised her top above her breasts, so that she could greedily suck on her chocolate brown nipples. The quick and desperate movement of both women reminded one of two animals in heat; for their movements were harsh, desperate, brutal, and determined. Suddenly, as she was backed into the locker, Mona gasped, turned her head upward, and then raised her hands to clutch Darla's hair.

Darla then squatted down in order to drink the sweat from Mona's body, by sucking it from her navel, and then dragged her tongue to the top of the drawstring. Once there, Darla pulled on the drawstring with her teeth and released the scrub, which allowed it to easily fall to the floor. Then, after kicking both her legs free from the scrubs, Mona raised one leg and wrapped it around Darla's upper back, in order to pull her closer. As she was pulled in closer, Darla reached behind Mona and separated the girl's asscheeks so that she could insert a dry finger into her sweat slicked rose bud.

When Mona felt the pressure of Darla's finger on her sphincter, Mona moaned like a wounded animal and began to gyrate her hips slowly, while at the same time Darla licked her dampened and hair covered slit with the tip of her tongue, sliding it up and down, until finally she found Mona's clit, which was by now very hard and trembling. Darla's mouth then covered Mona's pussy, while her tongue began a staccato flicking of Mona's bullet-like bud at the same time she slid her finger in and out of the girl's virgin ass.

The force and intensity of the moment soon began to cause Mona to tremble violently, as her breathing became heavier, as she gasped desperately for air and begged for Darla to stop for fear of getting caught. Darla however had no intention of stopping as she tried to insert her tongue into Mona's hot pussy, but found that she could not, as Mona was a virgin. The knowledge of which caused Darla to feel a certain kind of pleasure in knowing that she was making a woman out of Mona, more or less, just like Sofia had done to her.

As Mona gasped and begged, Darla pinned the young woman tightly against the locker and returned to flicking Mona's clit with her tongue, until, after a few more minutes of exquisite and continued pleasure, Mona exploded with an orgasm, emitting a loud scream of pleasure as she tried desperately to stay on her feet. However, Darla's strength never waned as she held Mona up, while at the same time she continued her oral assault until Mona's spasms finally subsided. After Mona calmed down, Darla then planted a long sucking kiss over Mona's cunt lips, which brought out of her one last gasp and shudder of pleasure.

Then, as she continued to hold Mona upright, Darla stood, and slid her hands behind the girl's thighs, ass, and back. Mona then reached up and brought Darla's lips to hers, so that she could taste some of her essence, for the very first time, as they kissed and shared tongues for several minutes, until finally they separated. After which Mona said breathlessly "You. You are my first. My first experience."

"I know," Darla whispered. "It gets even better. We can do more later. I promise"

"Yes," said the girl, who could hear tell tale footsteps outside the locker room." However, we must quickly put our scrubs on and go on to the tour. There are people waiting."

Darla and Mona then both dressed in silence, and went into the hallway, where they were by a stern looking 40-ish woman, who looked to be Mona's boss.

The woman then said to Darla, after looking her and Mona up and down, and smelling the sex emanating from them both.

"I am the head nurse. You may call me Luma. Where have you been?" She said with a knowing tone.

Mona stumbled for words, but Darla immediately interrupted and said, "I am sorry, it was my fault. I couldn't find scrubs my size, so Mona had to help me."

She then looked at Darla's clearly visible pink nipples, and then said "I suspect that they will have to do. Very well then. Let us proceed, we must visit the patients."

Darla's mind, however, was elsewhere, even though Luma's words had been heard. The session with Mona had whetted her appetite for much more, and she knew that she had to satisfy her own primal needs again, and very soon!

As the three of them walked together down the corridor Darla was surprised to see that the army hospital was completely modern, and, except for the lack of air-conditioning in some parts, it was like any hospital in Canada; in fact it was better then some. Yet, as Mombassa had told her and Shelly, on the ride from the airport, while the Kinshasa army hospital was modern, the vast majority of Kukuana hospitals in the eastern parts of the country were far from modern.

After a long walk down the main corridor, the three of them finally entered the first ward.

"This ward is for those with minor injuries and ailments. It is not necessary for you to visit the critically ill or injured." Luma said."The two of you can review the patient charts, and then tour more of the facility. I will be in my office." To which, Mona nodded her assent.

One by one they Mona and Darla visited the patients, speaking to them and reviewing their files. Most of the ailments were very minimal. However, after a time, Mona looked at her watch and said, "Ms. Darla, I must go and make a report to Luma. She mandates that I am prompt and precise. You may continue and meet me at the end of the hall when you are done."

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