tagNovels and NovellasHeart of Darkness Ch. 07

Heart of Darkness Ch. 07

byDeckard Kincaid©

The next day, as dawn broke, Darla awoke in a misty cloud of morning dew; dazed and immobile. Her hips moved involuntarily and slowly made wide circles; while her back arched at the ecstasy being applied between her legs from Robert's tongue, which explored the folds of her pussy, as he delicately separated and probed her sensitive flesh that she had involuntarily saturated with her juices. Robert drank as he lapped at her, and savored Darla's intimate flavor, while his tongue slid along her outer lips, moistening her trimmed and dark pubic hair. Robert continued his assault, for what seemed like forever, pausing occasionally to tantalize Darla's clit with licks and sucks, while at the same time she tried to reach down to pull him tighter to her. However, such a movement was impossible as Darla found that her wrists were tightly bound to the sides of the oversized canvas cot. Meanwhile her ankles were also bound, but loosely; which allowed Darla to bend her knees so as to grant Robert generous access to her intimate treasure.

Darla's eyes quickly turned up into her head as she surrendered to Robert's ministrations, for once again, he had enslaved her, and once again she loved it, and did not want it to stop. Soon Robert's tongue entered her, assisted by his fingers, which separated her swollen cunt lips wide, exposing her wetness completely, as his tongue slid on the roof of her insides, the feeling of which caused her to feel the beginnings of another orgasm. Robert immediately sensed Darla's pending release and returned to attend to her outer lips, making them swell even more. He then continued his assault until Darla silently shivered and released the desire that had boiled inside of her, as she let out sobs and tears of happiness and erotic bliss. Finally, as the intensity of her orgasm eased, and Darla's sobs of pleasure subsided, Robert then reintroduced his tongue into her pink slit and again brought her to the brink of ecstasy, but then quickly pulled away.

Darla moaned and panted, as she began to tug at her bonds, while her hips jerked in desperate hopes of helping to bring on the inevitable. However, Robert maintained his control over her body, pussy, and most importantly, her pleasure. as she soon felt a delirium come over her with this knowledge. Even though she had surrendered to men before, it had never been like this. Unlike her other lovers, Robert wanted to keep Darla at the brink of ecstasy for as long as he could, until her mind ceased to function with her body, as she became one continuous erogenous zone with every sensation becoming the basis for even more pleasure.

At this stage of erotic bliss, which Darla had only heard about from her Raelian friends in Quebec, the sheets on the bed, the pillows under her head and hips, the bonds around her wrists and ankles; now all fed into her a level of pleasure which she had never before had experienced. It was quite clear to her that Robert now owned her, and she enjoyed it more with every lick of his tongue. As he dominated her, Darla's heart and mind began to tingle with more than just thoughts of lust, but also of love. For reasons that she just could not explain, Robert had not only captured her body, but also her heart. It had been many years since Darla felt love, but here she was whispering the words, "I love you" to Robert as he continued his oral assault on her now sweaty body.

As he heard Darla's love whispers, Robert suddenly stopped, leaving her at the brink, until he repositioned himself and thrust his huge cock inside of her, burying it to the hilt. That motion was all that it took, as Darla's long awaited orgasm exploded like an orgasmic volcano, while she felt herself spurt and jerk more powerfully than ever before. Her passions were now so powerful that she broke the bonds around her wrists and ankles, and then wrapped them around Robert so that she could thrust her lips and hips up hard to meet his. Darla's spasms were so intense that Robert also reached his peak as well, filling her with his spunk while they rode each other for long minutes, until finally she passed out. As Darla lay there in his arms, Robert to sensed that he too had fallen in love with the mysterious white woman whom he had rescued from certain death. Despite his sexual passion for his late assistant Ling, it had actually been many years since he last felt such deep feelings for a woman; however, because of the fact that half of the Kinshasa based Kukuana army was now searching for Darla, he knew, however reluctantly, that he would very soon have to let her go.

When Darla finally awoke, she and Robert had a breakfast made with powdered eggs, Spam, and some of the fresh fruits that grew from the trees surrounding Robert's camp. Outside of the tent, underneath a large and camouflaged mosquito netting, the two of them, still nude, finished their meal and sipped on their coffee, as Robert explained to Darla why he was sent to Kukuanaland. According to Robert, Hosaka had sent over 500 scientists into the jungles of Kukuanaland, and many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa to conduct various research projects in researching local diseases and, with that knowledge, bioengineering medicines to cure them.

Robert then gave Darla a tour around the compound, which, when compacted, easily fit into the back of, and in the trailer of, the specially built Land Rover that was powered by solar harnessed electricity. The entire compound was protected from predators by an electronic fence that put up a laser shield, which killed any predator who dared to enter, as well as the carnivorous trees, and the legends of the lake, which served to further provide an added layer of insulation from the nearby Kukuana army. Robert then showed Darla his laboratory near where he had first laid hands upon her on the examination table. Lastly Robert showed Darla the computer and satellite equipment that connected him to both the Internet and Hosaka headquarters in Tokyo. As he was explaining how the satellite system worked, he suddenly received a call on his satellite phone, which like everything else in the compound ran on batteries that were charged by solar cells.

The conversation that Robert had on the telephone was in Japanese, as he logged on his computer and read a Japanese headline, while Darla, who was still nude, watched over his shoulder, finished her coffee and then stepped into the toilet to relieve herself. Darla knew that her disappearance had likely caused a stir, and that Mombassa and Shelly, as well as Mona and the others at the hospital, were likely awaiting her return. However, Darla knew that she had better have a damn good explanation as to why she had wandered off into the forest area by the lake, as she suddenly began to sob. After he finished his phone call, Darla tearfully explained to Robert that she did not know what to tell Mombassa, who was ultimately in charge of her safety, about how and why she disappeared. Despite the few hours that she had known him, Darla felt that she could tell Robert everything, which is exactly what she did as she told him about her upbringing and life in Quebec, and how she had managed to come to Africa as part of her assignment as a nurse in the French-Canadian Medical Corps.

Of course Robert knew who Darla was, for the information that he had just received over the satellite telephone and Internet link was her professional background, which a Hosaka's informant on the Kukuana military base had acquired the day before, upon Robert's request, after he had spotted her bathing in the lake and then heard on the radio the report of her disappearance. As Darla finished telling Robert about how and why she had come to Kukuanaland, the sound of an army helicopter could be heard approaching the location of the hidden jungle laboratory. As he heard the sound of the rapidly approaching chopper, Robert turned on the radio scanner, so he and Darla could listen in on the communications of the search party. From the sound of the voice message traffic, it was clear that they had yet to find any sign of Darla; however, because the search was being led by Mombassa, whom Robert knew to be a ruthless thug, he decided that it would be best if he and Darla parted, and for him to pack up camp and head over the border to Brazzaville. However, even though Robert knew that it was in his best interest to let young Darla go, his heart felt heavy with emotions that he had long ago forgotten. For whatever reason, Darla had captured his heart, and he had captured hers. Hours later, after making love one final time that morning, inside the air conditioned laboratory, Robert held Darla lovingly in his arms and explained to her, regretfully, that he had to leave the country immediately.

Robert then explained that the Hosaka Corporation had sent him to Kukuanaland, but that, with the recent government coup in Kukuanaland, Japanese companies, especially Hosaka and GENOM, were no longer welcome. He then explained that, after she had returned to the Army base, that it would be in both of their best interests if neither he, Mombassa, nor Mombassa's father, the new Kukuana military general and defacto dictator of the lawless country, did not know about either him or and his camp. Robert then explained that in Kukuanaland, the military, which was headed by Mombassa's father, had recently overthrown the civilian government, which was backed and funded by the Japanese government and several business consortiums, and that if the military knew that Hosaka was still conducting research in the jungles near Kinshasa, he would likely, at best, be shot and killed.

Robert's story was convincing enough to Darla, that she had promised, which she sealed with a deep tongue kiss, that she would never reveal Robert's existence to Mombassa. As a cover Robert suggested that Darla return to the location where she was originally kidnapped by the local tribal savages, next to lake. Robert then explained to Darla that, once back at the spot she was originally captured, he would give her a tranquilizer that would place her in a deep sleep, and that, after she fell to sleep, he would send a radio message, from his Land Rover, to the hospital explaining that he had just been told by a native of a white woman laying near death next to the lake. Once her rescuers came, she would then awake in a daze and tell them that she passed out, after she had scratched her leg on a nearby curare and digitalis plant.

Soon thereafter, Darla, who was still nude, and Robert, made their way, in the Land Rover, under the cover of the dense jungle for several miles, until finally they were near the spot by the lake where Darla originally had been assaulted by the orbs and the Oompa Loompa. By this time the skies over Kinshasa were black and gray from an arriving storm, which had provided cover and protection from the search party, which according to radio reports, had already searched the area and found no sign of Darla. As Robert prepared the tranquilizer, Darla looked at him with tears streaking down her cheeks and started to speak, but before she could say anything, Robert kissed her and then said, " It is not goodbye, for I know that we WILL see each other again for it is destiny." He then pricked Darla's left arm with the syringe, and held her steadily in his arms, as they kissed deeply, one last time, until finally her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed in his arms. Robert then picked up Darla and carried her away from the deadly meat eating trees, and gently set her down in the mud.

Robert then looked down at Darla, whom for whatever reason had captured his heart and soul, gave her one last kiss, and then got back in his Land Rover, and drove back toward his camp. Once he returned, Robert saved all of his research data to disk, and then tore down the camp, placing all of the tents, laboratory gear, and computer equipment in the trailer, which he then doused with gasoline and set fire to. After which, he got into the Land Rover, turned over the engine, drove a mile to the main road, and then headed for the highway that would lead him to Kinshasa, and then ultimately across the river to Brazzaville, where representatives of Hosaka's main competitor, GENOM, would soon be contacting him, and offer him a chance to find and capture the woman he loved. Several hours later, near the bridge that separated the two nations, Robert used his satellite phone to send an untraceable telephone call, which he routed off a satellite through Tokyo, to the main desk of the army hospital, which was now serving as command base for the search for Darla. When the operator answered, Robert told the soldier on duty that he had just flown over the lake and spotted a white woman lying near the shore, to which he then gave detailed instructions before hanging up.

About an hour after Robert's telephone call, and after the storm had dumped several inches onto Kinshasa, Mombassa and a group of soldiers discovered Darla's nude and mud covered unconscious body near the lake. Darla was covered in spiders, leaches and small snakes when the soldiers finally arrived; however, had they arrived ten minutes later, they would have found Darla swallowed up by the giant mutant python that was slithering toward her. Mombassa was the first to spot the giant beast, which had crawled ashore from the lake, and quickly ordered his men to open fire on the creature, which was so large that it could have easily swallowed a man whole.

The sound of the soldiers weapons woke Darla up as she screamed at the small snakes, leaches and spiders that now crawled over her. When the spiders and snakes were gone, Mombassa lifted Darla up in his arms and took her to the awaiting HumVee where the men all lit up cigarettes and removed the leaches from her breasts and legs. Mombassa said nothing to Darla, except that he was happy that she was safe, as they rode in the army vehicle back to the hospital so she could be examined by a doctor, and then given some fresh clothes.

After Darla was inspected by the male doctor, who remarked just how clean she was for someone who had been unconscious in the jungle for nearly 24 hours, he then applied ointment to the bug and leach bites on her body, and then suggested she take a shower, and then go back to her living quarters and rest. Later, as Darla showered, she heard the sound of footsteps walking toward where she was. After she turned off the shower and went outside to dry off, Darla was met with Shelly, who was dressed up in the fatigues of her new French Canadian Medical Corps uniform. Shelly then came up to Darla with tears in her eyes and hugged her tight, for she was so happy to see her best friend, and had been, the whole time she had been missing, blaming herself for what she had thought was her fault. They then kissed deeply and, under the watchful eye of Mombassa, who had installed video cameras in all areas of the hospital, as Darla helped Shelly out of her uniform and the two made love yet again.

That evening, as Darla's asshole straddled Mombassa's cock and she sucked on Mona's breasts, while watching Shelly getting double penetrated by two of Mombassa's enlisted men, Darla's mind flashed back to all of the eroticism that she had encountered since that Trans Congo Air flight to Kinshasa less than 48 hours prior. As she recalled her capture by the lake, where she first experienced the animalistic pleasures of Africa, and her rescue from the jungle savages by Robert, Darla suddenly realized that her trip to Africa had turned, just as she had hoped, into a journey of erotic darkness. As she sucked and fucked her way throughout the evening and morning, all the while flashing back to her time at the lake, Darla knew that this darkness had now become part of her and which would soon carry and bring her to ever newer and more erotic heights. Soon she and Shelly would soon continue their erotic journey into the heart of darkest Africa, as Mombassa had informed the two of them that they were soon to leave Kinshasa, and take on their first training assignment in Kisangani, a lawless frontier town deep in the Heart of Darkness.

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