tagNonHumanHeart of the Wolf Ch. 09

Heart of the Wolf Ch. 09


Catie was overjoyed to see them there. They had finally found her. She felt safe and at home with them. She sniffed the air and took in all four of the scents standing above her. She couldn't place their names at the moment, but it didn't matter. She butted her head onto the leg of the wolf to her right. The light brown female turned to look down at her, nodded, then turned back towards the fight that was ensuing.

Catie looked forward as well and saw the two black wolves squaring off. They were both circling each other and grumbling lowly. Both of them seemed to be the same size although Kaine looked a tad leaner than Logan. Either way, she was hopeful that this would be the end of everything. She was ready to be freed from this nightmare.

She slowly and tentatively stood herself back on her feet and used the female to her right for support. She realized after she was standing that she was a lot larger than the two females that were with her. She also had the insane urge to protect all of them flow deeply through her. Was this what it was like to be the alpha female?

Go slow, Madam Alpha. Your side should be feeling better now that you rested.

Catie looked around confused trying to figure out where the female voice was coming from. She shook her head some and looked back to the brown female at her right. She nodded in Catie's direction and huffed.

The ability to speak to us in your mind will come, Madam Alpha. I must say, I've never seen a white wolf before. I don't think anyone has for quite some time. Anyways, you seem confused as to who is around you, so let me reintroduce these wolves to you. Lia is to your right, Marshall is the black wolf behind you, Syd is the grey wolf to your left, and I'm Jake.

She nodded to all of them. Then she heard the two males collide together and turned her full attention to watching them.


Kaine was happy when he finally saw Catie stand up with a little help from Lia. He was scared that the impact from Logan ramming her in the ribs had broken a few of them. She would've been fine even if that were the case, but he was still anxious and worried about her. She seemed to be doing ok now though. His happiness was short lived as he continued circling around Logan. This would put an end to things. He'd make sure of it.

Logan made the first move and charged towards Kaine. Kaine stopped his movements and allowed the male to collide with him. He used this to gage just how strong Logan's tactics were and the actual strength of his wolf. He was stunned to be hit with the force seemingly close to an alpha and was knocked back some but managed to stay on his feet. Was this an effect of the silver that he'd been shooting up with or was there something more that he didn't know about? He was puzzled, but had to think more of fighting strategies than the logistics of the hows and whys.

Kaine focused his full attention on Logan and shut out the world around him. He shivered from the adrenaline that coursed through him now. He was more than ready to take Logan on and get rid of him for good. He was done playing with this bastard and wouldn't let him escape again. His whole pack was on the line, so there was no room for failure.

Logan again ran at Kaine with the intention of ramming him and knocking him onto the ground. However, Kaine being much more agile than Logan, easily maneuvered and jumped out of the way of the charging male and managed to rake a claw on his right side. Blood filled the air with a tangy scent that left Kaine's wolf craving more of it. Logan roared loudly at the fact that he'd been blooded first and stared Kaine down with murder in his eyes.

You will not get anywhere with this, Logan. Submit to me and I'll allow you to live, but if we continue this, you will die. Kaine said mentally with his alpha voice throughout the link. Catie and the other four wolves shivered from the power that oozed off of his words while Logan stood menacingly and ignored the submission command within them.

You're pack is as good as mine Kaine. That pretty mate of yours will be whelping my pups soon.

Kaine howled in anger before rushing at Logan. Both males began to wrestle together on the ground. Barks and howls rang out from the both of them as claws and teeth found their marks on both of their bodies.

Catie and the others tried to determine who had the upper hand, but neither male seemed to be backing down. She even walked out in front of the other wolves to get a better view and see if she could tell who had who. They seemed to take turns on pinning each other to the ground and then somehow they'd inch their way out from the other male and the fight would continue on again. The smell of blood thickened in the air as the fight drew on.

Both males then separated from each other and ran off to opposite sides of the clearing. They then charged each other and collided together with bone shattering force. Kaine somehow got the upper hand and began pinning Logan to the ground. Logan howled and roared as Kaine's full weight came down on his chest. Finally, Kaine's jaws went around Logan's neck and started to tighten. Catie watched as Logan struggled to push Kaine off of him which only made his jaws tighten harder around his neck. Blood started pooling underneath him and Kaine shook him furiously causing more blood to fly.

Submit or die!!

Catie watched as Logan's body shook with how forceful Kaine's alpha voice was. He started to raise his neck even more into Kaine's mouth and stopped struggling against him. He closed his eyes and finally held himself completely still and at the mercy of Kaine. Kaine continued to hold onto his neck and stayed seated on top of him.

Jake, Marshall, tie him for me. He comes to the moon ceremony to be judged by the pack.

Catie looked behind her and watched Jake and Marshall both shift and slowly make their way towards the males. Marshall produced a rope and she watched as both of them begin tying Logan's feet. Kaine slowly climbed off of Logan's chest and watched as the men continue to tie him up. Once he was tied, Jake helped him to his feet, shifted, and took ahold of the lead rope. Marshall grabbed ahold of the end rope and Syd and Lia go to either side of the prisoner.

Catie quickly rushed to Kaine's side as he took the lead in front of Jake. She butted her head against his neck and barked happily at him. Although weary from the fight that had taken place, he returned the favor and licked her muzzle.

Catie, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you. You're so beautiful. My wolf and I are so lucky to have you.

Kaine, we need to help a friend of mine.

Where is she?

Follow me.

Jake, take him to the judgment grounds. I have to help Catie with something.

Catie ran off trying to remember where she left Sage. She could feel Kaine running behind her and revealed in her feelings of happiness.

Catie, I want so badly to chase you down and claim you. I promise you that I will.

Kaine quickly picked up the scent of another female and took over the lead for Catie. She was still new to all of her new senses, so he decided to help her along. Once they started running in the new direction, Catie perked up and ran off ahead of him again. He was stunned at how fast and agile she was with how new she was at being a wolf. She must have found the scent of her friend which is why she ran ahead.

They burst into a clearing and stopped. Kaine looked around and growled at what he saw. He turned to his right and saw Catie trotting up towards a red-headed woman that was shackled to a tree standing upright. She had fallen asleep like that and looked very uncomfortable.

Kaine, I don't know how to shift back, but could you help her down. She helped me shift. Her name is Sage.

Kaine obliged and shifted. When he started to make his way up to Sage, Catie butted herself in between him and her. He chuckled as he ran his hands through her silky fur.

"Stop being jealous! I'm doing what you asked me."

Catie moved out of the way and Kaine walked up to the woman. As he started pulling at her shackles, she woke up and screamed and tried kicking at him. Catie quickly ran up to her and put herself between the two.

"Catie?" Sage asked. She nodded yes and sighed loudly.

"I'm sorry that I scared you. She lead me back here to help you," he said as he pointed to Catie. "By the way, I'm..."

"Alpha Bardou. I never thought that I'd see the day where I saw you again," Sage said chuckling.

Kaine walked back up towards the woman, smirking, and began working on setting her free, "I never thought I'd see you again either, Sage. How is Alpha Connely these days?"

Catie was now thoroughly confused and walked up to Sage and sat down beside her. She stared up at her with wonder and confusion in her eyes.

"Still an asshole like usual even towards me. You're mate offered me a place within your pack without knowing who I was."

Kaine released the last cuff holding her against the tree and offered his arm to steady her as she dropped down. How could he be mad at Catie for offering protection to Sage? She knew nothing about the bad things that Alpha Connely had done and he could see why she liked her.

"You're more than welcome in our pack. I trust Catie's judgment," he said smiling at Catie. "Speaking of judgment, Logan is going to be judged at our moon ceremony. You're more than welcome to be a part of it."

"I'd be honored to watch that asshole be destroyed," she said as she lowered herself to the ground and shifted. Catie watched as a red wolf appeared where Sage once was. She came up and butted heads with the new female. Kaine watched as she already started accepting her into the pack before he shifted and started leading them back towards the pack ceremony.


As they began getting closer towards the pack ceremonial grounds, Catie felt more connections starting to take place within her mind. She fell behind and eventually stopped following Kaine and Sage. She was confused by all the newness and shook her head to try and clear it.


She looked up from the grass that she'd been staring at to see both Kaine and Sage looking at her concerned. She walked up to both of them and butted her head into Kaine's neck for comfort.

I feel so strange, Kaine. All of this is so new to me and I guess I'm confused by it. I feel like I'm somehow sharing my connection with hundreds of other wolves.

Not hundreds, baby. He said and chuckled at her mentally. We're near the pack. As alphas, we have to be mentally connected to every pack member. We can control when to turn it off, but I know that you're new to this. I'll help you disconnect from them right now. If you focus you're mind on me, I'll show you how we do it.

Catie did as he said and focused her thoughts and mind on only him although she felt the incessant buzz and excitement from the pack. After a few seconds, she felt what seemed to be a mental wall come up and block her and Kaine off from everybody else. Her head seemed a little clearer at that point and her confusion left as well.

Thank you. That's better.

Kaine nodded his head towards her and turned to start walking again. Catie trotted up to his left and followed with Sage to the right of him.

A minute later and Catie's senses were again overwhelmed. They walked out of the forest and into a lush, green clearing. All around them were pack members engaged in various activities. She saw some of them talking happily amongst themselves, some were swimming in the natural spring that was off to her left, while some were engaged in mating. All around her was an air of happiness and playfulness that she hadn't seen from them yet.

The pack felt more than saw Kaine step through the clearing. A hush rolled over everybody as they focused their attention on their alpha. Kaine shifted and stood next to Catie. He looked over towards his right and saw Jake and his group with Logan tied up.

"Bardou pack," he started. Every eye turned to his direction as the alpha force found all of them. "First off, I want to tell all of you that Logan has been captured and will be judged by the pack." Members of the pack started cheering or yelling insults towards Logan. Kaine waved his hand and everyone became silent again, "Next, I want all of you to welcome Sage Connely into our pack. That is, if she accepts," he said as he turned towards the red wolf. She shifted as gasps came up from the pack.

"All of you are aware of my father's actions. Your Madam Alpha and now Alpha have both extended the offer for me to join your ranks. I hope that you will let my father's actions speak for him and not for me. I left to get away from being turned into another whelping bitch for his men. Even with my beta status within his ranks, I was nothing more than another bitch to him," she paused and took a deep breath. She then walked and stood in front of both alphas and dropped to her knees in front of them. "I'd be honored to join your ranks Alpha and Madam Alpha Bardou."

Catie stepped forward and butted her head into Sage's chest. She wasn't sure how to change back to her human form yet, so she hoped that that was sufficient. Sage stood up and stepped back to Kaine's right. As she left, the pack finally set eyes on Catie. More gasps rang out and immediately the pack was stunned. There hadn't been a white wolf in a long time and none of them could believe that there was one standing in front of them. Pack members started stepping forward to come closer to her.

Kaine? What do I do?

Go forward and just relax. Let them come near you. They will probably touch you. Everything will be ok baby. The pack is very curious about their new Madam Alpha.

Catie slowly walked out into the clearing between her and the pack. Once she felt like she was in the middle of the clearing, she stopped. She turned back to look at Kaine who nodded at her and waited. She looked around her as pack members came up to her and stared at her. Finally, she felt tentative fingers run through her fur on her left side. She looked back to see Zoey in awe by her. One by one, members of the pack came up to her; each of them touching her with their human hands. Each touch caused her to shiver. Catie closed her eyes and imagined that Kaine was the one running his fingers through her fur. She heard him groan from her right.

Catie, I will do that. I promise, but right now the pack must learn you and your scent. They will all come back now as wolves and scent you. I will come to you now. I'm sure you can imagine where your scent is the greatest at.

Catie huffed and her eyes widened at the thought of the other wolves scenting her vagina. She waited as all the other wolves stepped back while Kaine took his place. He shifted and trotted up to her. He started circling her inhaling deeply. She held still and waited unsure of what to do next.

Relax baby.

Kaine brushed his body against hers causing her to shutter even more. She heard a low growl escape his throat as he continued to circle around her. He then came face to face with her and butted his head against her forehead. He moved down towards her neck and deeply inhaled while pushing his nose into her fur. Again, she shivered from the contact from him and a new scent hit the wind. Arousal.

Kaine, this is wrong. She sighed as she spoke to him mentally.

No baby. You're doing everything right. Just try to relax.

Catie closed her eyes and waited for Kaine to finish. He walked down the length of her body and purposefully made sure that his fur touched hers along the way. Once at her tail, he pushed his nose into her vagina. She yelped from the cold touch of his nose, but forced herself to stay still. He inhaled and revealed in the smell of her and her arousal. He flicked his tongue out and licked at her. He felt her shutter harder this time and heard her breathing pick up. He licked her a few more times before coming to stand at her right side.

Why did you stop?

As much as I'd love to make you cum here and now, the pack is eager to learn your scent. Besides, you may cum just yet.

One by one, wolves lined up to make their way up to her and scent her. Each of them scented her neck and brushed their bodies up against hers as they walked down the length of her. She leaned against Kaine for support. Then the first nose pushed its way to her vagina. She again yelped as she was scented by one of the wolves.


It's ok. I'm here. None of them will hurt you.

She felt a tentative tongue run up her slit and groaned from it. If they kept that up, then Kaine's theory would be right. She felt Kaine groan as well. He was aroused by her arousal and it must have been killing him now to have his pack arousing her even more.

They continued on. Each wolf came up to Catie and scented her the same way. Males and females alike licked her. There were no gender boundaries. There were times where Kaine stopped whatever wolf was coming up next in order to lick Catie until she came. Once she came, then he'd let them continue on with scenting her.

Finally, Sage came up to Catie. She was the last wolf to scent her. When she came up to face her, she lowered her head to Catie and butted it into Catie's.

Thank you. I don't know where I'd go if it wasn't for you.

She then scented Catie's neck and walked down her body. She purposefully kept herself within close proximity of her and touched her all the way down. When she reached her vagina, she tentatively nudged her nose onto it and inhaled deeply. Instead of licking, Sage started sucking on her. She felt Catie shiver hard and growl lowly.

Sage? What are you doing?

Repaying you.


Yes? I don't see a problem.

Catie heard a mental chuckle from Sage as she continued to lick and suck on her swollen vulva. She felt herself getting closer to cumming once again. She groaned and started panting loudly.

Just imagine that it's me driving my cock deep inside of you. Unless of course you like Sage, then please think about that as well. He said chuckling to her and growing more aroused.

Catie quickly came afterwards for Sage and was obliged by Sage licking up the excess of liquid from her seeping vagina. After Sage had cleaned her up, she stepped away and walked over to join the circle of wolves that was around the alphas. All eyes were on the two of them awaiting what would happen next. Catie laid down beside Kaine. She was exhausted from that experience.

As much as I want you all to begin celebrating the moon, we have one more task as a pack to take care of. Jake, bring him over.

The pack watched as Jake, Lia, Syd, and Marshall lead over Logan. He was standing once again and was fully healed. He walked quietly with the other wolves and was stopped in front of the alphas. Growls and angry howls were heard all over the pack. Their wishes were obvious.

Logan, you've been brought before the Bardou pack to be judged for your crimes. You are accused of murdering Russel Brown and Leanna Bardou. You are also accused of kidnapping and raping Cadence Channing. What do you have to say?

Logan stood quietly for a few moments. He sighed deeply and stared at the blue-eyed alpha. He then averted his eyes to Catie and sighed again before looking back at Kaine. To Catie, it seemed like an eternity passed before he spoke.

Russel? Was that his name? Heh. He snapped like a twig and was an easy kill. He inhaled deeply and paused for a moment. Catie stood up from her laying down position. He quickly turned his eyes to her and looked her over before continuing on. As for Cadence and Leanna, what can I say? Both of those bitches were great fucks. It's too bad that I won't be able to sink myself deeply into either of them again.

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