tagNonHumanHeartbeat Passage Ch. 06

Heartbeat Passage Ch. 06


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Loving a Unicorn

Heartbeat Passage

Chapter Six

The herd encircled Christian from a respectful, watchful distance, horns tilted towards him at their centre. Celeste stood at his side, so close that her foreleg and shoulder squeezed up to the length of his body. Snorting, she eased closer still, unwilling for him move away for even the fraction of a second. He rested a hand on her shoulder, as he wouldn't have a hand for much longer, and murmured to her, watching her ears flick towards him in response. She kept her words to herself for the moment, however, tension lining the stiff arch of her neck.

His whole life was about to change and it could have been any other normal day. The birds sang through the trees above the unicorn village, branches outstretched as if in protection, and deer grazed between the trees, does watchful over their fawns. He watched as a stag chewed a mouthful of grass, jaw working in a circular motion to crush it down, forced down his throat by a slimy, grey tongue.

Celeste wore a special array of jewellery for the occasion. With a fabric base to contain the precious gems, the unicorn showed off a loop of silk around her neck, which dipped between her forelegs and met back at her withers. The silk was dotted with snowflake obsidian, black stones with a smatter of grey-white across each tumbled gem, shiny under the weight of their care. A head piece draped from her ears, hanging loose over her cheekbones and down the centre of her face, woven so that it required no fastenings to stay in place no matter how much she moved her head. Around her fetlocks looped beads and beads of obsidian and moonstone, complementing one another in a woven design that seemed to hold itself up to her cannon bone without any clasps at all. Finally, her tail and mane completed the ensemble with woven in stones so they appeared to be part of the unicorn herself.

Christian struggled to drag his eyes away from her. The mare looked as if she had stepped straight out of a fairytale. And his fairytale was about to begin.

"Christian," Celeste's father approached him, meeting his eyes - a mark of respect. "Are you prepared for the ceremony?"

Christian was not sure how he should have prepared but he knew in his heart that he was as ready as he would ever be.

"I am, sir."

Caderyn touched Christian on either shoulder with the tip of his horn. The human quivered under the force of the magic roiling within, more powerful than even Celeste's. But his daughter was younger and less experienced than the aged, wizened stallion. One day, she would be as strong as he.

"You will do well," he said, his tone solemn. "Thank you, Christian, for the sacrifice you are about to make."

Moirin joined her mate in the centre of the circle as the unicorns fidgeted, excitement rippling through the herd as one. The mare lifted her head high and whinnied to the twilight above, the first stars dotting the grey-blue visible between the leaves.

"Brothers! Sisters! We are gathered here today to bear witness to the transformation of Christian, a human, into a unicorn."

She paused, ears pricked and quivering. The unicorns stamped and cheered, a vibrant mass of every coat colour under the sun. Christian's heart drummed, vibrations from their hooves sending tremors through the ground and up his legs, though he resisted the urge to lean on Celeste for support. The herd was stronger together, containing a storm, yet they were all unique. Moirin held her head high.

"In doing so, he shall join our cause in securing the future of unicorns across the world, ensuring that our line continues and strengthens with his blood!"

Kneeling, Christian bowed his head to a chorus of unicorn nickers, letting the sound surround him and lift him up. He could do it. He would do it. For the herd - his herd. For Celeste. His heart beat steadily and he took deep, calming breaths, picking out the details in the grass beneath his hands. He spread his fingers around the blades, watching a red ladybird with three black spots on each wing crawl to the tip of a stem like a drop of dew.

Whinnying, Celeste nuzzled his shoulder and he let the mare push her nose into his palm. He wouldn't have a palm for much longer so he may as well have some use of it. He only wished he could use his fingers to pleasure her one last time.

The unicorn royals stepped back, allowing them their space for the ceremony. Looking up, Christian met Celeste's trusting, peaceful gaze and nodded just the once: he was ready.

"How should we begin?" He asked, voice trembling. "I...I wouldn't know how this is done. But you do."

"The transformation is simple," she assured him, tossing her head. "It only requires a willing participant. The unwilling do not have the heart to be transformed and, if a forced transformation is attempted, it will fail. Have faith, Christian."

She hesitated, turning her head to the side with an unexpectedly coy look. Her mane had been braided - undoubtedly with magic - and her plaited forelock fell as straight as an arrow down between her eyes.

"Perhaps there is one detail that I have kept close to myself," she said, eyes alight with mischief. "I wanted it to be a surprise!"

He laughed, relieved for humour as clumps of hair stuck to the back of his neck, soaked with sweat.

"Another surprise? I think I could do without those today, my love. What have you been keeping from me?"

"Stay still."

Stepping over him, Celeste angled her body so that Christian came face to face with her udders, still both pairs of them. He blushed to be presented with such an intimate area in front of a keenly observant audience. It seemed to him that not a single unicorn breathed as he looked from left to right, stymied for what he was supposed to do. He stroked the underside of Celeste's stomach from between her forelegs to her udders, his smallest finger just barely grazing them. Celeste snorted, one hind hoof stamping in the soft grass, and he obligingly took them into his hands, rubbing and squeezing them as if to milk the mare. To his surprise, a trickle of milk dribbled on to his fingers as he pulled her teats down and he dropped back on to his heels, eyes wide. That hadn't happened before! Celeste giggled and he swore she was winking at the watchful crowd, tail flipping from side to side.

"Unicorn milk is potent," she murmured, tail flagged eagerly. "For the transformation, it serves as a vessel for my magic. All you need to do is drink from my udders and it shall be done. I shall take care of the rest."

Christian shook his head and pushed up on to his toes, crouching beneath her. That was too sexual! Of course, it was all a foal would do at the hoof of their dam but he wasn't a foal. He was mature and anything there... His blush intensified, creeping down his neck over the hint of black stubble. No. It couldn't be done. Not in front of an audience. Rubbing her udders had been too much already for where they were and who was looking out on the scene.

He was about to tell Celeste exactly that, that they would have to go somewhere more private despite the flicker of excitement in his stomach, when she nickered urgently, neck muscle twitching.

"I do not mean to place you on display, Christian. I know what's going through your mind, I know you. We are unicorns, it will not be obscene." She craned her neck around to barely brush the back of his head with her lips, unwilling to adjust the bulk of her body. "Please, Christian. I need you."

He had never before heard an edge of pleading enter her tone, which was low enough that only he could hear. But it was that gleam of desperation and love that nudged him into action. He would be brave for her. And it was not as if being on show did not give him a slow, burning thrill. Maybe he'd have to explore that particular notion a little later. Celeste was far from shy to show him off!

Lifting his fingers to his lips one last time, he blew her a kiss.

"I love you."

He latched his lips around her nearest teat and took another between his fingers. As he suckled, searching for her sweetness, he rolled and massaged her udders in both hands, leaving no spot untouched as the unicorn whinnied and snorted above him. He smiled mentally to think of her marehood winking, clit exposed and bulging, as she grew aroused, demanding to be mounted by her stallion. He would be able to do that very soon and pay that winking, pulsing flower the attention it deserved. He would please Celeste over and over again until even the lustful mare could not stand anymore!

Her milk poured thickly into his mouth and he moaned, eyes closed as he absorbed himself in the taste. As pure as honey, it possessed the potency of the finest liquor, an addiction in its very essence. He squeezed her soft udders gently in his hands, coaxing more of the treat from them, and found himself adapting his sucks to better draw milk from her. Flicking his tongue over her teat, he flushed pleasurably to hear her breathing growing laboured, sides heaving and darkening with sweat. The concentration it took to perform the spell commanded everything her body had to offer.

The change began so gradually that he barely noticed it at first. Something deep inside tingled and, at first, he believed himself to merely be becoming aroused. Indeed - his cock was hardening but that was not the only difference in his body. As the unicorns looked on wisely, a light prickle of grey-white hair sprouted all over his body, the hair atop his head whitening to a silvery sheen. Warmth spread from his lips to his toes, stimulated by the milk, and he swapped to another of Celeste's teats, opening his eyes to see a light blue aura of magic surrounding him and the mare as if they had been encased within a blue bubble.

Christian groaned as the warmth turned to heat and he sucked harder, using Celeste as an anchor as he curled his fingers around slim part of her hind right leg, the cannon bone. His fingers were thick and clumsy and he could not hold on, hand dropping back to the grass as a high-pitched whine burst from his nostrils, eerily like the first call of a foal. It was more and more difficult to stay beneath the mare as his bones shifted and lengthened, their movement not particularly pleasant. He could not have said that it was painful, however, having nothing to compare the grinding rearranging of his body with.

Focusing on the physical sensations, Christian took a moment to notice a mane spilling down his elongating neck, forelock falling over his eyes so that his world became silvery. He grew larger, spine elongating with a series of pops that made his eyes bulge, a tickle at the base of it denoting a tail sprouting in time with his mane. It flicked accidentally, without direction, the new protrusion oddly limber as he twitched it back and forth. Dimly, as if from a great distance, he heard a unicorn that was not Celeste neigh loudly, hooves striking the ground. How far through the transformation was he?

His cock throbbed and he had to turn his head, releasing the teat, just to see what it looked like. It transformed before his eyes, swelling with every pulse as pre cum drooled from the tip. The head spread into a flatter shape, like a mushroom, a far cry from his human length, as the skin shimmered mottled grey and pink, balls rounding out and hanging heavily between his thighs - no. He caught himself. They were his hind legs now. He didn't have those anymore.

How long was the transformation taking? One minute? One hour? Time lost its meaning as Celeste poured greater and greater amounts of magic into his body, neck arched from the strain of it. His arms crackled, shoulders shifting into a new position, fingers melding together and hardening into silver hooves, dipping in the exotic. He planted them on the grass experimentally and let them bear his weight as his half-formed forelegs bent beneath him, knees on the grass and fetlocks tucked under his stomach. His belly rounded out and out and out and he took a deep breath, feeling a pair of much larger lungs expand, no longer needing to take breaths as frequently as he had as a human. There was no turning back now.

Christian's hindquarters dropped clumsily to the ground as his body changed, cock slapping his belly, refusing to soften. Viscous ropes of pre cum, translucent white, strung down to the grass to pool there and would have stained his coat if it had not already become a perfect, snowy white, as pure as Celeste's. His heart swelled and he groaned as his face protruded more and more, eyes sliding to either side of his head. His lips were too big to easily grip her teat but he tried anyway, lipping over her udders as the mare nickered and jigged a front hoof in the air.

The new stallion lay as if a newborn foal with his hind legs tucked to one side, beautiful neck arched up to the mare's teats as if to take an offering kindly presented. His forehead throbbed lightly, warmth cooling from the remainder of his body, as a solitary silver horn rose elegantly from the centre of his forehand, bumping into Celeste's flank as he tilted his head to the side. Christian sucked, ears slipping back to his skull in concentration, cock slapping up to his belly, stimulated by muscles he had never fathomed stallions could control.


His eyes were still closed, intent on his task. He couldn't stop! He had to complete the transformation. He had to keep sucking. Celeste wanted him to, he had to continue.


Celeste stepped away and nuzzled the top of his head between a pair of pointed ears.

"It is done."

He opened his eyes and smacked his horn straight into Celeste's side. Though she winced, the unicorn made no complaint as she carefully took two steps back, allowing Christian space in which to gather his bearings. She smiled warmly, looking him over as if pleased with her work, head high in greeting.

"Welcome home, Christian."

The herd joined her, a melody of neighs and whinnies, as Christian boldly dragged his legs under his chest and scrambled to his hooves for the first time as a stallion. The world bobbed and swayed and he splayed his legs for balance, head lowered as if that would keep him on his hooves, acting as a point of balance. Celeste pressed up to his side, supporting him with her body as she touched her cheek to his. Her horn still radiated with a soft glow and, though a line of exhaustion ran through her body, it was all she could do to not prance back and forth like a filly with her sweetheart colt.

A typical, sweet male, once he had his balance, Christian twisted his head round to check out his stallion parts, eyes as wide as a unicorn could make them. His cock hung proudly beneath his stomach, balls as round as a pair of grapefruit - larger, even. He nickered and bobbed his muzzle, straining for a better look as Celeste giggled lightly, relief colouring her tone. Perhaps she had been more concerned about his transformation than he had. But there was no longer any reason to worry, not for either of them.

"Those seem...larger than I expected," Christian said, trying out his new lips and muzzle.

Words did not come as smoothly as they had as a human but he thought he would quickly get used to the feel, rolling words around a mouth and tongue that had not initially been designed for speech.

"I thought you may enjoy the appearance," Celeste commented, eyes twinkling. "Until your magic develops, it shall be my pleasure to mould this new body as you will, Christian. Consider it my gift to you." She paused, head tilted as if considering something. "Magic, however, must come to you naturally. It is not a swift gift to be given."

"I'm sure I can work with that."

Magic? That was new. He felt it throbbing in his horn, ribbons curling through his mind like spider-silk, yet it remained beyond his reach. Christian sighed, ears drooping. No matter: that was something that could be handled another day.

Celeste turned, presenting him with her rump and flicked her tail high, showing off her pink marehood, already flushed and puffy. Her hind legs spread, bracing herself as she nickered encouragement, ignorant to her audience as her folds twitched, enticing him in. The stallion's cock flexed and he shook his head, mane flopping back and forth from either side of his neck.

"Celeste!" He hissed, though it came out with a higher pitch than expected, more of a whinny than a hiss. "What are you doing? Here?"

He fumbled with his words, watching with his lower jaw slack as the unicorn mare steadied herself and urinated in a splash of fluid, demonstrating her need and readiness without words passing the air between them. She pushed her tail to the side as the stream tapered off, leaving her swollen clit and clenching marehood to draw him in. Far from dissuaded by his prancing embarrassment, she winked and flexed her cunny, pushing out her thick arousal so that her sex shone slickly. Christian huffed and groaned, stretching out his head with his upper lip raised from his teeth, though he didn't know why his body was performing the action. The mare winked again, her marehood staining his muzzle with her pheromone laded arousal as he licked his nose right under her tail. Out of his sight, the mare smiled, nostrils flaring in a snort. Feminine wiles would always work on a stallion.

"Do you not wish to make use of your body, Christian?" She nickered, marehood now winking and dripping constantly. "I had thought you would as eager as a colt to feel what it means to be a stallion in need."

Christian snorted and pirouetted, shaking his head. He couldn't - not with all the other unicorns watching! And yet... He glanced around, ears drooping. The other unicorns - even Celeste's parents - encouraged him with nickers and snorts, stamping and pawing the air as if keen to see him use his new form in the most primal and physical of ways. For, to them, there was no greater way in which a unicorn may express love and magic than the bonding of two bodies as one. With unicorns, there was no shame.

Christian snorted and half-reared, forelegs nearly straight as he wove back and forth, head bobbing and swaying in time with his body. His cock was ready and drooling, needing no stimulation to please his mare, his sweetheart, his princess. Unsteadily lifting himself up on to his hind legs, he dropped as lightly as possible on to her back and shuffled in closer, cock jabbing. For a moment, he feared that he would hurt her with his weight but the mare merely groaned and pushed back, easily strong enough to support him. Jabbing randomly with his cock, he sought her entrance with a low, throaty nicker.

His entrance was not as smooth as their previous copulations had been, Christian easily able to see where to slide his cock in with a mare so much bigger than he. The flat head of his shaft pushed against her rump and slid slickly over her white coat, leaving trails of glimmering pre cum in its wake. She whinnied, demanding pleasure, and he grunted, scooting in a step closer and pressing the tip into Celeste's tight folds.

The stallion groaned. She was even tighter than before, clenching and squeezing around his thicker length, sucking him in as he thrust lightly, feeling out his own body. His shaft slid with a wet slurp and he bucked forward instinctively, the urge greater than his mind trying to make sense of the motion. Gripping Celeste's flanks with his forelegs, he rocked into her, spearing deep enough that the head of his cock forced its way up almost to her cervix, so close to bottoming out inside her. Dimly - his mind was clouded with other more immediate needs - he hoped she would use her magic the next time to make him larger still and better able to please her. It was all he wished for.

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