tagIncest/TabooHeartbreakers Ch. 12

Heartbreakers Ch. 12


Part III:

The Two Queens


Mindy read the message and grinned. It was a nice message. She was glad that Bethany sent it to her.

"You're getting wet, aren't you?" Shelly teased her, as the athletic blonde maneuvered her car in the direction of the high school. "I can see it in your face."

"Bethany says she loves my tits."

"See, now you're making me jealous." Shelly quipped. "You have lovely tits, my dear. I've only had the chance to suckle them a couple of times. If I may make a suggestion, I'd like to suckle them some more, with or without the company of Bethany."

"We'll see. Any news, rumors, gossip or juicy tidbits?"

"Oh, yeah." Shelly nodded. "Heather and her little posse are probably going to be very late today, as in they'll be missing one or two periods. According to the gossip, it seems they have gone ahead and matched the orgy that took place at Haley's house."

"Whole lot of fucking going on." Mindy copied one of Bethany's favorite phrases.

"Multiple scores and two daddies. These would be Heather's and Rochelle's. Amy said they even rented a hotel room in another city to keep their orgy away from the Random Public."

"So we had an orgy at Haley's house yesterday and another orgy out of town." Mindy considered. "I don't think I like the idea of free-for-alls like that. It's like a person's attention would be divided up all over the place. I'll stick to my one on ones."

"Unless it comes to me, right?"

"That's right. You are my bitch and you will always be my bitch. One of these days I'm going to ask you to eat me out while Bethany is watching."

"Yum. Can I eat Bethany out, too?"

"If she lets you." Mindy shrugged. "I can only speak for myself. So, besides all that, I guess we're all going to be busy doing something this weekend, right?"

"Just about." Shelly agreed. "Rochelle's got her game tomorrow, which you will be cheering at. I'm going up north for a tournament that's going to last all weekend. I don't know what Haley's up to, but I know she's doing something."

"Bethany is going out of town, too." Mindy frowned. "She's being interviewed for some new modeling gigs. Maybe a tour, even."

"Aw, poor baby. You'll be all alone for two days with nobody around to tuck you in."

"Lots of people want to tuck me it. The problem is that none of them are the one I want, and my stand-by would rather go out and play with her racquet."

"Those are the breaks, bitch." Shelly said, as she pulled into the school parking lot.

The silver Audi rounded the edge of the lot. Shelly paused for the usual group of Wannabes to get out of the way. Haley's car was already in the stall next to theirs, they noticed.

"Should we go find Haley?" Mindy wondered. "She probably had nobody to talk to since the rest of the club is coming in late."

"I'll go find her." Shelly replied. "You can go and talk to your bitch. She's over there waiting for you."

Mindy scanned the grounds, as she hadn't spotted Bethany yet. The blonde soon realized why. Her lover was wearing a bright yellow sundress with a white hat, white gloves that nearly went up to her elbows and white sandals. This was far from her usual look.

"Bethany looks like a glamour queen from the fifties." Shelly commented. "She doesn't have a shoot today, does she?"

"Not as far as I know. Give me a kiss, bitch, so I can go and say hi to her."

Shelly did, after which Mindy made her exit and strolled directly to her lover. Shelly stayed behind to confer with the Wannabes, including the two new parking guards.

Mindy walked up to Bethany and said, "You look like an egg yolk."

Bethany smiled back at her. "You're just jealous because, although you come close, you don't quite look as good as I do." She turned her head to one side, purposefully showing off her pretty white earrings, and she obviously handled her polished pearl necklace."

"What's the special occasion? Do you have a shoot after school today? Or are you doing something in one of your classes?"

"Oh, nothing like that. I just wanted to impress a certain person I've got my eye on. Does that make you jealous?"

"I felt a twinge of jealousy, but that's okay as long as I get to have you all to myself later. So, who's the lucky guy, or the lucky girl?"

"You might know her. She's, oh, about five-four, with blonde hair and a very pretty face. In fact, she's standing right in front of me."

"Oh, you bitch, you're lucky school is about to start! You'd better kiss me before I lose control and rip all your clothes off!"

They did kiss. Afterward, they began their usual stroll through campus, using walkways and paths that were less crowded.

"Did you really dress up for me?" Mindy wondered, admiringly.

"Yes, I did. I hope you like my outfit."

"It's beautiful, just like you."

"You're only saying that because you want my ass."

"I'll try not to be so obvious next time. When are you leaving?"

"Right after school. I already have my outfits ready. A make-up company is sending a bus out to pick up a few models from this region, but locally, I'm the only one they chose."

"That's because you're the hottest thing on two legs, besides me of course."

"The photographers insist on taller models, otherwise I'd take you with me. You're pretty enough, next to me of course."

They were both grinning as they strolled together.

"I'm going to miss you while you're gone." Mindy said.

"I'm almost at the point where if you didn't want me to go, I'd stay." Bethany replied. "That's how much you're starting to mean to me. I wanted to mention too that the Fillies had a Meet yesterday. They said that since all of our Elite are in their senior year, and since we only have a few months until the school year is over, they voted not to fight with your Heartbreakers anymore. They want peace behind the scenes, but not in the eyes of the Random Public. They don't want the public to think the Fillies are getting soft."

"I guess we have been at peace, ever since you and I hooked up."

"You mean ever since you stood in front of me and showed me what a beautiful person you really are." Bethany corrected. "You opened my eyes enough to see that not only do we make a balance, but we make a complement too. Whether we're rivals or lovers, we belong together. Maybe we always will. Maybe we were meant to be together, like you said."

"There's no maybe about it. Your ass belongs to me. I just haven't laid down the law to you yet, but you are my bitch."

"I thought Shelly was your bitch."

"She's my minor bitch." Mindy shrugged. "You, on the other hand, you're my shining star. You bring the light into my life and you chase all the darkness way. At the same time, you are my darkness; because you and I both know that the darkness is the place we're most comfortable with. I glow because of you, but at the same time, I am as black inside as you are."

"Do you make me glow as well?"

"Bitch, will you just take a look at what you're wearing? You've got a dress so bright it makes the sun jealous!"

Bethany started laughing, before she checked the time on her phone. "I have one last thing I want to run by you. The Fillies came up with a name for our new club."

"The club that's supposed to have a membership of just you and me?"

"That's the one. They want to call it the Top Notch Divas."

"More like Top Notch Sexual Deviants, but okay. What do you think about the name?"

"I think I like First In Line Girls a little better, but if it's only going to be until we graduate I guess I can live with it."

"I'll run it by the Heartbreakers." Mindy decided. "But if you like it, I'm endorsing it."

"Aren't you even going to try to come up with a different name?"

"No. I told you already, you are the sun to my moon and the day to my night. There is nothing else in this universe that matters except you and me. We are the two actors standing on a cosmic stage. Everything and everyone else is either a prop or an extra."

"You must have been a poet in your previous life."

"And you must have been my bitch." Mindy countered.

Bethany smiled, just as the first bell of the day rang out all around them.

After one last kiss, the lovers parted.


Mindy couldn't sleep that night. Every so often, she would reach out to the dresser and pick up her phone to glance at Bethany's latest message. She had lots of pictures of Bethany too. She would run her finger across the little screen on her phone, mostly on images of her lover's face, but also of the contours of her body. There was one picture in particular she liked, of Bethany's nude upper back and shoulder. In that shot, Bethany looked over that shoulder with a knowing and very sultry look in her eyes. The redhead was a master at provoking Mindy's passion with only her eyes. More than once, Mindy had diddled herself silly on her bed, by sneaking her hand into her pajamas and her finger onto her pussy, and gazing at Bethany's sexy pictures.

I wish you hadn't gone so far away from me, thought Mindy, as she heard strides coming up the stairs. It was nearly midnight now, the digital clock told her. The blonde had been in her room for most of the afternoon and evening, except for a short while when Shelly and Haley had come by to bring her a burger. The house had been quiet nearly the entire time she'd been home, with only an occasional stirring or echo heard. Mindy had no idea what her parents were saying to each other, or if both of them had even been home for the last few hours.

Mindy tugged aside the pink sheeting of the canopy and slipped out of her bed. Since she was wearing socks, it was a simple matter to not make any noise as she went over to the open door. She edged her head to the side to see who was out there.

The light was on in the hallway. She saw her father's form ascending the last few steps. Blake was wearing a dinner jacket and slacks. It was clear to his daughter's eyes that the man was in a good mood, and had most probably just come back from a date. Already, Mindy had sent her father on a couple of blind dates, where she gave him the name of a woman, a time, the location of a restaurant, and nothing else. Her father had been nervous at first, but he was more tired of his stagnant life than anything else, and so he'd gone off. To his surprise, he discovered that he ended up having a great time.

Blake rounded the stair rail, heading to his recently commandeered sleeping quarters in the guest bedroom, when he spotted Mindy in her doorway. "What are you still doing up, honey?"

"I couldn't sleep. Where have you been?"

Blake took a quick glance across the hall, to where the master bedroom was. His gaze came back to his daughter. When he spoke, it was in a low tone. "I just had my third date with Carla. It was sensational. I'm so glad you hooked me up with her. Anytime you need a favor or some money, or anything at all, you just come and see me."

"Did you get laid?"

Blake grinned. "You know, that's the most amazing thing about it. I didn't need to get laid. Carla and I went to dinner, and we chatted, and we flirted with each other. I did sleep with her on our second date, but there was no big pressing hurry to do it again. We stimulated each other in all sorts of different ways, none of them involving sex. I feel like I've come back to life just by being around her. I'm very grateful that you set things up between us."

"You said I could ask you for anything at all?"


"Well, there's something you can do for me right now."

"Okay." Blake nodded, as he took in his daughter's face and shoulder leaning out of her door.

"Bethany went out of town and I didn't get my fix of her today. I want you to go and change and come back to my room for a little while."

She slipped away from the door, leaving Blake to himself for a few seconds. He went over and shut off the hallway light. In the dark, he stepped over to the guest room.

Blake was already hard when he came back, wearing only his loose pajama bottoms. His daughter's room was dark, as was most of the rest of the house. He used his memory to give him a general layout of where all the furniture was.

The man didn't have to go very far, as Mindy's hands reached out to steady him. She moved him into the center of the room where he wouldn't bump into anything.

Mindy didn't say a word as she slipped down to her knees in front of her father. His loose garment was tugged on and fell down to his ankles. A couple of moments after that, Mindy's mouth had taken him in.

His daughter was very methodical this time, with rhythmic forward bobs and regular, almost timed flits of her tongue. It took Blake a moment to comprehend that Mindy was building him up slowly. He couldn't help but wonder if she was savoring the sensual exercise as much as he was. Mindy used her hand to move his cock up and out of the way, as her dirty little tongue went to work on his scrotum. She sucked that part of him in as well. How would his wife react, Blake wondered, if she suddenly walked out of her bedroom and witnessed Blake standing there, and Mindy with his balls rolling around in her mouth.

Mindy went back to working on his shaft. Blake's breathing was getting more and more ragged as he stood there and got serviced. He ran his hands through his daughter's soft hair. He gasped lightly at times. This became an early warning system for Mindy, who paused and waited as if she didn't want him to blow his load yet. Blake could just imagine that she had successfully picked up all the nuances that gave away how close he was to a climax. From his breathing to the way his body squirmed, and even to the way his cock twitched in her mouth.

Blake felt a long droplet of his fluid inching its way through his shaft, until Mindy sucked it out of him. Her tongue lapped it all up. This time the man really shuddered. The rest of his manly essence was balling up inside of him and demanding its own fast release.

Unexpectedly, Mindy pulled away from him. Blake was sure his daughter had intended to finish what she started, as she'd been quick about things the only other time she'd taken him into her mouth.

Mindy stood up in front of him. "I was only going to give you a blowjob, but I changed my mind. I want you... I need you inside of me, right now."

Blake stepped out of his pajamas, before Mindy led him over to her bed and sat him on its edge. In the seconds that followed, he heard the soft rustles that announced she was taking her pajamas off as well. Mindy was fully nude as she crawled into the bed and lay down on her back. Blake felt her hands directing him over and on top of her. As he positioned himself, she ran those same soft hands across his chest.

"Dad, I want you really close to me." Mindy whispered. "I want you to whisper into my ear that you love me. I want you to say this over and over until you're done."

Such a strange way to express a longing for a female lover, Blake thought. The father was sure Mindy would be imagining that she was making love with Bethany. Still, he did love his daughter. He said those words to her many, many times before, although in entirely different contexts.

Blake lowered himself, even as he guided his cock into that warm place. Both of them writhed with pleasure as the intimate contact began. Her breasts were hard, her nipples hot against his chest, and her head was turned to one side so her ear would be close to his mouth.

"I love you." Blake admitted, with not a trace of dishonesty in his voice.

His daughter was blessing him with the ultimate gift a woman could give a man. Since it was his daughter and not any other woman doing it, this gift was more precious and special than any gift a woman had ever given him before.

Blake repeated that little phrase as he started rocking into her. He felt Mindy's arms circle his back and hold him tight. The father repeated those same three words often, even as his passion betrayed him and his body quickly climbed back up to that high peak he'd experienced when she was performing fellatio. In a steady stream, those words spilled out of him, as if he were desperate to get them out of his throat as many times as possible. He said them even as his essence rioted within his lower half like a prisoner contained for too long, and that was ready to make his escape.

Blake climaxed into his daughter, grunting through a closed mouth as his body pumped out its fluid and sent it streaming into the pool of heat he was embedded in. Noises escaped Mindy's throat as her nails dug into her father's back. Her hips arched closer to make sure none of his spirit would be lost.

"I love you." Blake resumed saying, as he continued to give tender and loving thrusts to his daughter.

Her hands left his back and went to his head, only to grasp it close. Mindy kissed him. It was her way of thanking him, Blake realized, as the last of his energies seeped away from him and into her.

"I hope that wasn't too fast for you." Blake lamented, as he withdrew from her.

"No, I am satisfied." Mindy said. She sounded as if she were smiling. "I may even ask Bethany to come and see you again. Would you like that, daddy?"

"Between you and her, and Carla, I think I have everything I could possibly want."

They both heard a noise coming from across the hall.

Mindy thought fast. "Dad, listen. Grab your pajamas and go into the guest room. Do this right now. No matter what you hear, I want you to stay in there. Do not come out for the rest of the night. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Blake nodded.

"Go now."

The man fumbled out of the bed. He seemed to take forever to find his single garment before he finally made for the door. Even Mindy winced when she heard him crash into her doorway, but after that he became a fleeting shadow.

Mentally, the crafty blonde went through her options. Her mother was about to make a big drama show unless Mindy thought of a way to counter her. She thought back to other situations when she'd faced down rivals who considered themselves superior to her. That's all her mother had become to her, Mindy realized, a simple obstacle like any of the Fillies had been, and the TAC girls before them. She sat up in the bed and waited, still in the dark and feeling the slimy wetness of her father seeping out of her body.

That's when her mother walked in and turned the bedroom light on. The looked on the woman's face was rigid as she witnessed Mindy's complete nudity. Her eyes beamed with shock. Marge's tantrum started. "What just happened in here? What just happened in here between you and your father?"

Unabashedly, Mindy got to her feet. "You'll have to give me a couple of minutes to clean myself up. I have my father's sperm leaking out of my pussy." She started for the door. "Stay here until I come back. I Order you."

Mindy half expected her mother to snatch her by the arm, or perhaps even to reach out and yank her by the hair. Physically, the taut cheerleader was ready for combat. As she stepped past, however, her mother did nothing but stare at her in horror.

Deliberately, Mindy took her time getting cleaned up in the bathroom. When she went back to her room, her mother was still there with her body pressed against the door. It didn't look as if she'd moved more than a few inches.

"We're going to have a private talk." Mindy told her, with the tone of authority she used on anybody that dared to cross her path. "Move so I can shut the door."

Her mother took two steps to the side so she could do this.

Marge had deluded herself into believing she was an Alpha Female, Mindy saw, but in truth the woman was nothing of the sort. She was now looking at Mindy as if Mindy were some sort of monster, some sort of malignant thing that had magically appeared and taken over her daughter's body.

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