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Hearts and Flowers


Hello and welcome to my readers. Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for your votes, comments and e-mails on my previous stories. I am always glad to hear from you. This is an entry in the 2008 Literotica Valentine Story Contest, so your votes are most welcome. My thanks to geekychick_76 for her skillful edit. Enjoy.


Rhonda lay naked on the motel bed, quivering in anticipation. Bret had called her at work asking if she could take a long lunch, which was code for 'let's go to our favorite motel for some afternoon delight'. They had been lovers for over a year, meeting at a seminar and desiring each other almost immediately.

The first time they made love was mind-blowing. It was still that way. He was married and she was divorced, but being Sales Representative Supervisors meant they kept irregular hours and could meet practically at any time.

Lately he had discussed his getting a divorce with her. He was tired of his wife's slovenly appearance and incessant questioning about when he was coming home, where he had been and who he was with. He had told her repeatedly it was part of his job to be available 24/7 and be with people and to stop bothering him about it. However, she persisted and he had about enough, setting a goal to be out of the house by Valentine's Day.

He had told Rhonda they would fly to Bermuda; spend two weeks there and then he would file for a quickie divorce. She could hardly wait.

Rhonda sprang to her feet at a knock and checked the peephole, it was him! She unlocked the door and hid behind it as he entered.


Bret whipped his BMW into the parking space next to Rhonda's Porsche. Damned last minute meetings, I almost made it out before old man Carson decided we needed motivation for the next sales campaign. I know what's motivating me!

His hard cock rubbed painfully in his tight pants as he walked briskly to the motel door and knocked. The lock clicked and the door swung open. The room was empty. She must be in the bathroom, but how did the door…he felt a flash of panic. "Rhonda, it's me. Where are you?" No one answered. When he stepped into the room the door slammed and a warm body molded against his back.

"Wanna fuck, handsome?"

"Rhonda? Jeezus! You scared the shit out of me!"

"Mmmm, you can't be too scared," she replied, rubbing his cock. "Let's lose those clothes."

She pulled his shirt off and unbuckled his pants. He turned around and kneaded her breasts as she pulled his trousers and boxers down. Before he could step out of them, she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. Bret moaned as she deep throated him; head bobbing as her tongue swirled around his thick meat. He grabbed her head and rammed his cock down her throat, fucking her mouth the way she liked it. His hips surged back and forth, as she clung to his ass, thrusting a wiggling finger in the puckered hole and pulling him even harder to her. His knees shook as he jetted into her mouth, cum running down her chin. She gulped and swallowed until he stopped pumping.

Rhonda rocked back on her heels, licking the last drops from her lips as she helped him remove his shoes and the clothing from his ankles. She climbed on the bed, lay down and spread her legs. Bret crawled between them and dipped his tongue in her wet pussy as she moaned in delight. Sucking and licking he teased her by running his tongue along her labial lips and nibbling her clit until she begged him to eat her.

Bret fastened his mouth on her pussy, wigging his tongue inside the soft walls as far as he could, his hands gripping her ass pulling her against his mouth. Rhonda grunted and moaned as Bret ate her out; she could never get enough of him eating her, it was almost as good as fucking.

Her hips lifted from the bed as she rubbed her pussy on his face, his nose brushing her clit. She gasped as he worked a finger in her ass and two in her wet pussy as he continued to suck her clit. The triple sensations brought her to a screaming orgasm, spraying his face with her tangy juices. He continued licking until she had another orgasm, leaving her limp and trembling.

Bret's cock was hard as steel as he lifted Rhonda's hips and entered her with one quick thrust, her pussy clasping him in a velvet vise. Her legs wrapped around his waist as they fucked like animals, grunting and panting as their bodies slapped against each other. They both liked it hard and fast, kissing wildly as they flung themselves at each other, the bedsprings squeaking in protest.

The intensity of their coupling brought her to a climax within minutes. Rhonda shrieked as her orgasm blazed through her, drenching his cock in waves of warm fluids.

Bret pulled his cock from her soaked pussy and she rolled on her stomach, raising her ass in the air. He drove into her again, covering his cock with more pussy juice then pumped into her asshole. She bucked against him, wanting it all the way in as she moaned in ecstasy. Bret's vision blurred to a red haze as he pummeled her tight ass, fingering her pussy and clit as raw passion overwhelmed them.

Rhonda's gasping breaths as he fucked her inflamed him further, driving in brutally until he cried out and emptied his balls in her puckered hole. She shuddered and came on his hand, soaking it in sticky cum while wailing in release.

Bret withdrew and they lay kissing softly as they recovered from their exertions.

"You get me so hot I can't stand it," Rhonda purred. "I love it when you fuck my ass."

"I love fucking all your holes," Bret replied. "Is it any wonder you drive me crazy. I want to be with you all the time, not just when we can get together."

He paused, "On Valentine's Day we fly to Bermuda, and I'm not going back home."

Rhonda's eyes filled with tears. He'll be mine and mine alone. I'll have him in my bed every night. "How do you think she'll react when you tell her? You said she has quite a temper."

"I don't care how she reacts, I just want out. Whatever was between us is dead and gone. All I want is you."

"And I want you my darling. Mmmm…you're hard. Give it to me again…"


"Ms. Bailey, there's someone here to see you. She says it's urgent. It's about Mr. Kingston."

Bret! Oh no! What's wrong? "Send her in Dottie".

Rhonda's office door opened and a woman entered, her jaw set and her eyes ablaze. She looked to be in her late forties, a bit overweight, plainly dressed and minimal makeup. Her mousy brown hair pulled back in a bun.

"Are you Rhonda?"

"Why yes I am. What is wrong with Bret? Who are you?"

"I'm his wife." Her voice shook with rage. "Why did you steal him from me you bitch? Why can't you leave him alone?"

"Now just a minute," Rhonda said tersely, standing up behind her desk. "How dare you attack me like this. Sit down and let's talk."

"No! This won't take long! You leave us be. Bret was perfectly happy with me until you seduced him you slut!"

"That's it! I'm calling security to throw you out!" She pressed a button under her desktop. "I didn't seduce him, we fell in love. He hasn't loved you for years you silly old cow! He's leaving you and that's that!"

"I'll never give him up! He's mine! I'll never agree to a divorce. He'll love me again someday!"

Two burly security guards appeared in the doorway. "You called Ms. Bailey?"

"Yes. Escort this woman…what is your name by the way…out of the building.

She is not allowed back in."

"Take your hands off me!" She screamed. "My name is Pamela Kingston. Mrs. Pamela Kingston! You'll never have him, I swear you won't!"

"Oh I'll have him," Rhonda cried as they carried the incoherently raving woman out the door. "I already do! Heart and soul! You lose, you ugly bitch!"

She tried calling Bret but got his voice mail. He must be in a meeting or something. Damn! I'll try again later.

"Crazy old bag," she said aloud.


Bret awoke from a sound sleep. He had been out until 2:00 AM with a rookie sales representative working his first account. His clients, like most of them, needed to be entertained when they arrived from out of town. He had a slight headache and his mouth was fuzzy. There were several calls and messages from Rhonda, but he would look at them at work in the privacy of his office. He went into the bathroom to shower.


When he walked downstairs the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and frying bacon made his mouth water. Entering the kitchen, he was amazed to see Pamela bustling about making breakfast, humming as she worked.

Damn! I was hoping she'd still be asleep so I could load the car. Whatever. She'll find out soon enough.

"Pamela. What is this? What are you doing up this early?"

"Happy Valentine's Day, Bret. I thought I'd surprise you with a nice breakfast. Now you sit down and drink your coffee. I'll have things ready in a minute."

What's going on? She never gets up before ten. I have to pick Rhonda up in two hours. Oh well, I'll eat something and get going.

He sat at the kitchen table and sipped his coffee.

"I didn't get you a card Pamela…" he began. "I've been busy and…"

"Oh that's alright darling. I don't mind. How about some more coffee?"

He held out his cup for a refill and she smiled at him as she poured. He reached for the cream pitcher and the room swam before his eyes. He shook his head to clear it, but his vision became blurry. He tried to stand but couldn't move. He heard Pamela laughing, but it seemed as if she was far away. He slumped back and felt himself losing consciousness. Pamela's face suddenly appeared before him, a cruel smile on her lips.

"I know about her," she said, and then all went black.


Rhonda checked her watch again. It was nearly eleven. He said he'd be here at ten. What's taking him so long? We'll miss our flight. The apartment doorbell rang and she rushed to answer it, nearly tripping over her suitcases. She flung it open to see a man in a courier service uniform.

"Ms. Rhonda Bailey? Special delivery, sign here please."

He handed Rhonda a dozen red roses and a large heart shaped box, bright red and trimmed with lace.

"Who is this from?"

"The tag just says Happy Valentines Day to a special person."

She gave him a tip and shut the door.

These must be from Bret apologizing for being late. Such lovely flowers…this must be candy…

Rhonda opened the box.

It fell from her nerveless fingers as she screamed and screamed.

Inside, a lump of red flesh floated in blood.

There was a note.

'NOW you have his heart.'


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