tagIncest/TabooHeather - My Special Stepdaughter

Heather - My Special Stepdaughter


After a very messy and painful divorce, the last thing I expected to find was a woman that I would enjoy spending time with, much less marry, but I met Linda during a special project at work. She was brought in as a liaison with a subcontractor and as we spent lots of time together on the project, we became very good friends. As time progressed, we really fell for each other and started dating.

Just about the time we started having the most incredible sex together, I met her eighteen-year-old daughter Heather. She was every man's dream, a young replica of Linda; only she was better in every aspect. Her youthful innocence was balanced with an open-mindedness and a maturity unusual for a teenage girl. Her body was perfect and firm in every department, leaving men staring at her body in wonder whenever she entered a room.

She always made me wish I had met Linda some twenty years earlier, thinking she must have been just like Heather in her youth. To say that Heather was captivating is an understatement.

As my relationship with Linda progressed I began to look forward to the few moments that I got to spend with Heather and developed a deep fondness for her, realizing that these two females were both so very special. I made an extra effort to sweep them both off their feet, so when I proposed to Linda a few months later and she accepted, Heather was ecstatic to have me as her new stepfather.

Even before we were married, Heather started calling me daddy and would greet me with a big hug and a sloppy passionate kiss on the lips. Her exuberance was overpowering and I was definitely affected by it.

Now that we were a family I saw a lot of Heather and my attachment for her quickly grew. Her affectionate greetings for me also became more intense and passionate. I tried to cool things a bit, but found it impossible to pierce her effervescent and overpowering enthusiasm whenever we met each other in the morning or after a day apart. Her mother raised an eyebrow when Heather embraced me so tightly, but could not dent Heather's enthusiasm for greeting me in this way.

She really needed a male in her life and I was it, so she gave all her attention to me.

Heather had an insatiable curiosity, but her natural shyness and innocent nature prevented her from asking certain questions, especially when it came to sex and other personal things. As my friendship with her deepened, she opened up to me more and more. I went out of my way to always be accommodating in any way, so she would be completely comfortable with me and feel that she could ask me anything. However, I was not ready for the questions she dropped on me one nice Sunday morning.

It happened the morning after a particularly lively and intense session of sex with Linda, where we tried just about every variety of sexual position and technique described in the Kama Sutra. Linda and I both came multiple times, loudly proclaiming our overwhelming and powerful orgasms with select outbursts.

As Heather hugged me tightly, having just kissed me with her usual passion, her sharp nipples, accentuating her firm breast mounds, piercing my bare chest, she matter-of-factly said to me, "Daddy, I heard you and mommy last night having sex. It sounded awesome."

"You were both screaming and moaning so much, I thought at first you were hurt, but realized it was the amazing sex that did this to you both. What were you doing that made it that good? Please tell me everything? I really really want to know all about it."

Of course I was shocked hearing this from her and merely replied, "Yes, we have a very wonderful relationship and I love your mother very much."

Heather wasn't at all satisfied with this lame response and insisted on knowing more. She kept begging me, so I finally said that I would have to think about it more before I talked to her.

She would not drop this subject and at every opportunity she would raise the topic. I finally told her that this was something that she should discuss with her mother, but she would not hear of it. She insisted that I tell her everything and that I teach her all about sex.

Little did I know that her constant thoughts were of her having all varieties of sex with me, learning about sex from me and always being with me in this way. I realized that I just could not avoid the topic without ruining my wonderful relationship with her. And I definitely relished her wonderful presence way too much to risk that.

The incident of hearing her mother and I having sex ignited a fire that quickly roared out of control in Heather as she became enamored and consumed with these thoughts of us. I discussed the situation with Linda somewhat, saying that I thought Heather was becoming infatuated with me and it worried me.

Her mother blew it off, saying that it was a normal teenage infatuation and that she would get over it. "Just be nice to her and give her what she really wants, a normal relationship with a loving father."

Heather had never been able to get close to her real father and had never had a boyfriend, having led a sheltered life. Which, combined with her natural shyness, kept her away from normal opportunities for these types of relationships.

So, it was inevitable that she would become overly attached to the only male in her life. Little did I know just how attached, nor the consequences that would follow as she manifested her desires and her passion on me.

Steering clear of mentioning actual experiences between Linda and me, I began to tell Heather about sex in general and the many details that she wanted to know about so many things. I purposefully skipped oral sex, thinking that was not good for her to hear about.

The next day she surprised me again when she bluntly asked me about oral sex.

"Do you and mommy do it? I think I heard you talking about it. How does it work? Do both the man and woman do it?"

I replied, "Yes, your mother and I have oral sex with each other and it is actually quite common when people have sex. It gives great pleasure to both of us."

I had tried to avoid this conversation but didn't want to lie to her.

She was very surprised to hear all the details about giving head, eating a woman's pussy and then floored me again when she asked, "This must be the sixty-nine thingy when you and mom do it to each other?"

I said, "Yes, this is what sixty-nine means, when the man and woman do each other."

I didn't specifically say that Linda and I did it, although it was indeed one of our more popular sexual positions.

My thoughts flashed to my wife and I getting off together in one of our incredible orgasms and I was lost in my remembrances of this for some time.

Heather wanted to know how you did it. "How do YOU eat a woman?"

I was worried she would then say, "Show me how you do it?"

Although, I couldn't admit it to myself, I really did want to show her. I explained all about giving head, eating a woman and how this really turns on a woman and helps her to come at the same time as a man, an important part of satisfying a woman sexually.

I told her how most men just come and leave the woman without satisfaction, which is a big mistake. I also told her how heartless so many men were. They just want to fuck a woman and then they leave them without any remorse.

She was fascinated to hear all these things and was a very avid pupil, listening intently to every word. I was a very good narrator and it was greatly arousing both of us sexually as I related all of these erotic things.

After our session describing oral sex, I could see that Heather was very sexually aroused, as she squirmed and rubbed herself and breathed deeply.

All at once she jumped me, wrapping herself around me, kissing me passionately and saying how much she loved me. Then she said that she really wanted me to take her cherry.

"I really need it daddy. I love you so much and I don't want some dopey guy, who doesn't know what to do, doing that to me and spoiling everything."

"I need you daddy! I love you. Please, Please, daddy."

"I saved my cherry for you only. Please take it."

I told her that I would think about and would really have to ask her mother's permission. "I love your mother very much and so do you. We don't want to do anything to hurt her, do we?"

She became very thoughtful as she tried to figure out how to get around this dilemma. She did, indeed, not want to hurt her mother.

Then she said, "I will get mother's permission and then we can do it."

I thought this was unlikely, but let her borrow my car to go see Linda at work.

Linda called me and told me of her talk with Heather and that she had agreed to allow me to teach Heather about sex, but not to show her and that we would discuss this all in the evening together. She emphasized not to do anything before our meeting. I was very surprised to hear of her decision, and was elated to think that I could indeed teach sex to my darling stepdaughter, an amazing prospect.

Less than a half hour later Heather bounded into the house embracing me more passionately than ever, slurping a kiss all over my lips with so much energy that I was very effected by it. She was ecstatic that now she and I "can have sex and you will teach me everything there is to know and show me everything."

I knew this was not really what Linda had in mind, but we had already told Heather pretty much everything there is to know about sex. What was left, other than for me to personally teach all our lessons to Heather physically?

Or maybe Linda and I could demonstrate for Heather?

Hmmm, I liked these ideas, but needed to discuss them with Linda before mentioning them to Heather. I didn't think I could convince Linda, but wanted to try anyway.

Heather and I passed the time until the meeting, cuddling on my large bed gently rubbing each other's bodies as we contemplated the upcoming possibilities of our budding sexual relationship and enjoyed each other's company greatly. I was just happy to be in such close proximity to my darling stepdaughter.

Heather asked me to repeat many of the same things I had already told her and she interrupted with endless questions, deepening her understanding and feeding her love for me.

She was convinced we would be having the most amazing sex together soon. I wasn't so sure, but could tell she was very fixed on the idea and would not give in easily. I certainly knew how determined she was.

During dinner we all were absorbed in our own thoughts, as we contemplated the upcoming discussion. As we relaxed in the living room Linda took control and spoke about how the arrangement would be. As she spoke on and on, it seemed that the arrangement was only for teaching, not showing, no actual sex. She went on and on, but Heather became very morose and as Linda and I looked at each other we could tell she was not happy with the arrangement.

No amount of sweet words by Linda helped, but she just could not bring herself to sanction sex between her daughter and husband, and concluded the talks. Heather excused herself quietly and went upstairs to her room and locked the door.

She was devastated, so close to her dream and then denied the one thing that meant so much to her. She cried, gasping for breath in her distress. She had never been so miserable, ever before. She cried and cried, experiencing some perverse satisfaction in her own agony, as she despairingly wallowed in her self-pity.

Even in that very depressed state she realized that her parents might be more sympathetic to her cause if they saw her as she was now, suffering so much. So she got up and unlocked the door and fell back on her bed, the tears streaming down her face, as she was overwhelmed with her plight.

She was very determined not to give in and surrender. She felt like she would die first. Of course she wouldn't, but she felt like that, so consumed was she with her determination to have her father.

Linda thought that the talks went well and that Heather would just have to accept her decision, as all teens should accept the decisions of their parents. But principle and reality are two different things.

I told her that I thought Heather was extremely upset and that we should go comfort her. Linda was surprised at this, but we went upstairs. As we entered her room we were disarmed to see her pitiful state.

"Heather, dear. Don't worry, we can work this out."

However, no amount of kind words from Linda helped, as the overall decision was unchanged. After some time I thought it best to leave Heather alone, so we left.

As we went to bed later, after talking for a long time, without changing anything, Linda invited Heather to sleep with us, hoping this would help comfort her. She meekly joined us and climbing under the covers, she ignored Linda and embraced me as if her life depended on it, continuing her very soft whimpering.

Linda wasn't particularly happy about our cuddling, but realized that this was probably the only way that Heather, and thus we would get any sleep.

I drifted off to sleep holding my little angel in my arms, feeling her soft breasts pressing into my chest, her tears wetting my cheek.

I realized then, that I was really in love with both of these wonderful women and that I could not tolerate to see Heather suffer like this. I resolved to find a solution to this problem in the morning. I was determined to do this somehow or other.

But it seems, as it turned out, this would not be necessary.

In the middle of the night, I had a dream about having sex with Heather and awoke to find her stroking my cock with a firm hand.

I didn't want to officially "wake up" and have to stop her, so I pretended to be asleep as she pleasured me. It felt so wonderful to feel her soft hands stroking me so lovingly. When I felt her wet lips engulf my cock head, I knew that this was just too much, but I almost came right then anyway.

I didn't want Linda to catch us like this, so I tried to pull Heather's head up, but she resisted, slurping me with her mouth. Finally I pulled her up with more force, but as she suddenly moved she woke up Linda.

"Hey, Heather, how are you doing? Feeling better?"

Heather replied, "When dad woke up I was giving him head, but he stopped me and you woke up. If I can't learn from him, then I guess I will just have to learn from some guys somewhere who won't care about me and will probably hurt me. I know daddy really loves me and won't hurt me."

Heather then got up and left the room, leaving my wife and I staring at each other in shock. Linda was speechless, but finally asked me to speak to Heather and tell her that her mother needed more time to come to a decision.

She showered, dressed and went to work.

Since I had another day off, I went back to sleep, awakened again with what seemed to be another similar dream, only this time as I woke up, it was very real, and Heather was squirming on my erect cock as she struggled with great determination to force her tight cunt down onto my hard cock.

She was trying so hard to give me her cherry, as she slowly slid her moist and oh so very tight pussy down my cock. I really didn't want to "wake up" this time as the feeling was totally heavenly, totally awesome. I had thought of just this many times and had wanted it for a long time and now it was happening.

Oh god, she was so tight and was trying to fuck me with all her might. As she slithered down my love pole I reveled in the wonderful feelings.

As she climaxed, I timed my climax and "woke up" at the same time exclaiming, "What's going on?"

"Oh, Heather you naughty girl. What have you done now?"

Of course it was too late, as she experienced a wonderful orgasm and collapsed in my arms, a woman.

She said, "Now I am a woman. I don't care about anything any more. You have given me what I really needed. And we will be lovers. We will have sex and you will teach me everything."

I was impressed with the conviction of her words and determination, but knew that I still had to discuss this with Linda and get her approval or risk our wonderful relationship and marriage.

After cuddling for a long time and having some breakfast, I called Linda and said it was important that I talk with her.

She cancelled her appointments and as I told her how I woke up to Heather fucking me, she surprised me with her response.

"Well, I see she is very determined. She is no longer a little girl, but a woman. I guess I can't stop her now. It is already done. So go ahead, but please promise me something. I don't want to lose you to her and I don't want her to be hurt."

I promised Linda that I loved her and her daughter more than anything and had only their best interests in mind and that I would never leave her.

As I arrived home and explained to Heather what her mother had said, she was ecstatic and jumped my bones right there hugging me excitedly, saying with glee,

"Oh, goody. Please daddy, fuck me right now."

"Please, I need you so much. I am soooo horny for you. I can't wait another second. I love you daddy, so much. Fuck me! Fuck me now! Oh yes. Plleeeeaaaassssssseeee."

I carried Heather in my arms upstairs to her room, keeping our loving embrace as I lowered us onto her bed entangled together. We quickly pulled each other's clothes off in our passion, kissing madly, and slobbering each other with our wet kisses and wandering hands. We were soon naked in our frenzy and ground our hot bodies together with great passion.

I kissed Heather all over her body as I told her, "Now you will find out how a real man makes love."

I spent over an hour kissing, licking and sucking all over Heather's body, bringing her to orgasm twice as I licked her passion slit with great vigor, rubbing her clitoris between my fingers hard and squeezing her ass cheeks firmly.

After licking her throbbing cunt to orgasm the second time, she was so very ready for me to enter her. As I grasped her perfectly proportioned ass cheeks and pulled them eagerly toward myself, my throbbing cock quickly sunk into her tight pussy as she gasped in pleasure and pain.

We were both overjoyed with the great pleasure surging through our bodies as we fucked our brains out. And fuck our brains out, we did.

It was the best and tightest fuck that I had ever had. It was beyond description, it was just so incredibly great. As we basked in our love, I explained to Heather that we should not disturb her mother and therefore it would be best if we limited our sex sessions to a time when her mother wasn't home to be disturbed by it.

Heather added, "Or maybe we could all do it together, a threesome would be fun, wouldn't it?"

As I thought about this interesting suggestion of Heather's, I realized that I was really into a threesome also. What guy wouldn't want to have two beautiful women at once? It certainly is the dream of every guy, and for us it could mellow the whole situation out.

So I told Heather that I would leave the door ajar tonight and she should, "Just sneak in naked when Linda has her first orgasm. If she is having an orgasm and you touch her, she won't stop you, she will be so much in ecstasy. She will actually like it, I am sure."

We both giggled and chuckled at our plan. It would probably work and it would be so nice to be all in bed together. I loved the idea. It had to work; it was brilliant.

Heather was back to her usual normal effervescent self during dinner and we were all peaceful together. Linda was amazed at Heather's sudden good mood, so didn't want to disturb anything and I could tell that she was also somewhat reluctant to ask me what Heather and I had done together earlier that day. Heather went up to her room to surf the internet and do some email as Linda and I discussed our family situation.

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