tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven & Hell Part 4

Heaven & Hell Part 4


Catherine awoke as the sun left the sky and turned to find Neganda lying next to her, his arms still wrapped tightly around her body. He had, at some point during the day, pulled on a pair of black silk boxers then returned to their bed. The white silk robe Catherine had put on last night, still remained on her body, tied at the waist. She had no desire to wake Neganda and so she lay there, opening her mind to him, feeling his heartbeat begin to move and pulse in the same rhythm as her own. He opened his eyes and smiled softly at her.

"Good evening, my angel," he said quietly, his hand brushing the side of her face. Had it only been three days since their ordeal had begun? It was hard to imagine. Nicolai had done an excellent job at tending her wounds. There were no scars and even the bruising had vanished as well. Catherine caught his hand and kissed the inside of it softly.

"It's still quite early in the evening, love. The sun just did leave the sky. I wanted to watch you wake as you often watch me do the same." Neganda chuckled quietly but felt his blood begin to warm at her touch. His mind touched hers and he could envision the thoughts and feelings she had at that moment. He entwined his fingers in her long hair and pulled her to him, kissing her fully on the mouth, his tongue sliding into her inviting mouth. Her hands moved to his chest and brushed across him gently and down his sides. When the reached the waistband of his boxers, he growled softly and his mouth moved down her jaw line to the side of her throat. Her hands moved inside his boxers and encircled his hardness tightly. Neganda gasped at the feel of her hands and moved his own hands to the belt of her robe, untying it and pushing the white silken garment away from her ivory skin. He kissed a fiery trail down her neck to each breast, then further down across her flat stomach, He pushed her arms up and above her head.

"Do not move, my love. I intend to show you just how much you were missed." Catherine closed her eyes and raised her hips as his mouth kissed against her inner thighs. She felt his fangs grazing the skin there and shivered. Never before had he done such a thing to her and she could hardly stand the anticipation of him doing so now. Neganda pushed her legs farther apart and slipped his hand down along her opening. As his mouth continued kissing against her inner thighs, he slid one finger inside of her wetness and heard her gasp in response. Slowly he added a second finger.

Catherine moaned quietly, her hands clutching the sheet on either side of her head. Neganda slowly moved his now wet fingers in and out of her slowly, his thumb playing against her hardened clit as he did so. He felt the heat of her body, inside and out, and new her climax was close at hand. Her hips rose to meet each thrust of his fingers and he felt his teeth elongate and brush against the skin of her inner thigh. As she began to gasp in shorter breaths, he sank his teeth in her sensitive skin and her climax hit her with such force, Catherine completely bucked off the bed. Neganda stripped off his boxers and entered her in one thrust before her orgasm had completely finished. Catherine grabbed his arms tightly, her nails digging into his skin as he thrust into her hard and fast. He bent down and Catherine's mouth went to his neck at the same time his went to hers. His climax was as powerful as her first one had been. Her second one took her to a new edge and threatened to push her over into the darkness below. Neganda released his hold on her and whispered against her ear, "Come back to me, my love. Now is not your time…"

Catherine opened her eyes slowly to find Neganda still poised over her, feeling the throbbing of his hardness still inside of her. Neganda gently withdrew and kissed her mouth softly. Catherine smiled and brushed a hand down the side of his face.

"Allow me time to bathe and dress while you speak with Nicolai. I'll be down soon." Neganda smiled and nodded as he climbed from the bed and moved to the wardrobe.

"Your brother needs his sleep. I hope we have not kept him awake too late into the evening." He pulled on black pants and a white Jacobite shirt, leaving the ties undone. He walked out of the wardrobe to find Catherine standing by the bed, completely undressed. He walked to her and brushed his hands down across her sensitive body. She shivered slightly and smiled up at him.

"Go before we both wind up back in bed." Neganda chuckles quietly and turned, walking out of the room and out into the hall. He walked down the main stairs and into the sitting room where he found Nicolai reading a rather large, leather bound book. Hearing Neganda enter, Nicolai looked up and set the book aside.

"You both slept well, I trust?" Neganda nodded and smiled.

"Aye, we did. Thank you for keeping watch over us."

"It is my job, Lord Neganda. You protect my sister and in return I shall give my loyalty to you." Neganda sat down across from the young angel and watched him for a moment.

"Can you tell me why they did what they did to Catherine? I touched her mind last night and the things they inflicted upon her were horrendous." Nicolai sat back in the chair and nodded slowly.

"They fear her, Neganda, because she is next in line to lead the realm. When she came into your possession, the angelics who stood for her were troubled and believed she would forget her rightful place, but her father sent soldiers after her, wanting her exiled for allowing herself to be taken by a vampire, especially one like you, one who is well known, one who rules over all those who wander the night." Neganda sighed softly.

"Had she not been on sale at that slave auction, I'd have never found her. As it is, she has brought light into my world once more and I love her. I can not simply let her go." Nicolai nodded slowly.

"That is my hope, Lord Neganda, that your love for her is so strong even the forces of heaven and hell will never be able to separate you from each other," Nicolai said quietly. "Everything she endured at the hands of Rinaldi, she endured knowing that you would come to her rescue. I know. I was inside her mind through it all." Neganda saw the pain in the young man's eyes and sighed softly.

"Is she safe now, Nicolai?" Nicolai looked at Neganda sadly.

"She will never be safe unless you truly bring her unto your world forever…"

To be continued...

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