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Heaven's Erotica


He waits patiently for his date, pacing back and forth to the point he is starting to wear a groove in the floor.

"Where can she be? It's getting late." He says with utter aggravation.

He never was a ladies man. He went on a few dates when he was younger, but never found that "One and only" he has heard so much about from his friends.

This wouldn't be the first time he has been stood up. Normally he just brushes it off, orders Chinese, and watches DVDs. But, this is New Years Eve. Right now he could die. He feels crushed.

Should he just go ahead and leave? If he did and she came, he would look like the one who stood her up. He wants so badly to go, but doesn't want to take the risk. Plus, he doesn't want to look like a loser showing up without his date. So he decides to call it a night.

What a way to start off the New Year. Why does this always happen to him? Why for once can't he be the one that comes out on top?

"No use crying over spilled milk." He thought to himself. "Look at the bright side, at least I saved some money."

Sickened to his stomach he decides against ordering delivery. Too tired to watch DVDs, he decides to go to bed. He goes to his room, undresses and climbs into bed.

Lying in his bed, he stares through the sheer curtains covering his window.

This night was a particularly clear night. The moon and stars are shining bright. He sees a star fall from the sky. He makes a wish.

"I wish that an angel from heaven will come and heal my heart." He whispers to himself as he closes his eyes. Then he falls fast asleep.

The calm silence of the night is interrupted by a light wind. The branches from the outside shrubbery start tapping against his window. His calm sleep is disturbed by the noise.

He moans as he rolls over on his back.

He hears a noise, opens up his eyes and looks at the end of his bed. He sees the silhouette of a dark figure fading in out of nowhere slowly before him.

He sits up quickly as it starts walking slowly toward him. He rubs his eyes.

"Who's there?" He says in a frightened voice.

"Shhhh, don't say anything." The figure whispers to him as it walks slowly toward him.

Frantically, he reaches for his glasses as the figure appears in the moonlight. He finds his glasses and puts them on and sees the figure of the most beautiful creature he's ever seen.

She is gorgeous, short brown hair, light complexion, very slender and curvy, and her eyes twinkled in the starlight. She has the fullest red lips he's ever seen; her smile like is like an angelic cherub.

She has on a sheer black robe that goes down a little past her thighs. Underneath she is wearing nothing but a black satin bra, matching panties, black gloves that go a little past her elbows, black leather knee high stiletto boots and a single red rose rested in her hair.

Her body lit up in the moonlight.

"I must be dreaming." He thinks to himself. "Who are you?" he asks with hesitation as he stares at her.

"Just lay back and relax. You have nothing to worry about, I am here to take care of you." She replies.

She climbs on the bed, slowly lays him back, pulls his blanket down past his waist. He is fully nude. Like a lot of people, he has always slept in the buff.

She runs her hands across his chest. He shivers as he feels the smooth satin from her gloves run down to his mid section. He lets out a slight moan. It feels so good, so comfortable, and so perfect.

She leans over, removes his glasses, and places them on his nightstand. She turns back to him, places her hand on his face, then leans over and gently kisses him on his lips.

Her lips feel so soft, warm, juicy, and tastes sweet like a fresh peach. She smells so wonderful. She teases his lips a little bit with her tongue. He starts to feel a tingle of pure ecstasy.

She leans back away from him, takes off her robe, drops it to the floor, then turns and climbs on top of him, and straddles him. She runs both of her hands up his chest, then up his neck, and then holds his face as she leans over and kisses him, and inserts her tongue into his mouth. She teases her tongue against his. It feels so soft and smooth. He cannot believe what he is feeling. It feels so perfect, and so unbelievable.

She starts gyrating her hips across his member. The satin from her panties feel so smooth against him. He starts to feel his cock growing bigger as she glides herself across him. He puts his hands on her thighs and feels her hips move. He kisses her harder. Both of them begin to moan in anticipation.

"She kisses the side of his neck, moves up to his left ear and whispers, "I want you."

He reaches behind her back, undoes her bra, and slowly slides it off of her. She leans back to expose her bare breasts. They are beautiful. Perfectly round, perky, very natural.

They look breathtaking the way they glow in the moonlight. He cannot believe what he is seeing. She is a perfect goddess.

Is he dreaming? Or is this real? Either way, he doesn't care. This moment is pure heaven.

She leans back, reaches up behind her head and runs her fingers through her hair as he runs his hands across her breasts. She bites her lower lip, closes her eyes and lets out a soft moan.

"That feels so good, your hands feel so warm and soft." She says to him erotically.

She tightens her hips around his waist as his hands run down her sides around to her buttocks. She runs her hands down her chest to her waist, takes the sides of her panties, unsnaps them, pulls them to the side, and drops them to the floor while looking into his eyes. He feels her on his cock. So soft, warm and smooth. It feels so good. She glides herself across him, inching him in a little bit, then pulling back, teasing him.

She leans over and kisses him again, then leans back while running her hand down his chest, and then to his mid section. Letting out a slight moan, he reaches for her face, pulling her to him, and kisses her again. He wraps both arms around her, running both hands up and down her smooth back.

He makes his way down to her hips. He can feel her gyrating them as their kissing becomes more intense. Their breaths start to get heavier and in the rhythm in sync with each other. She kisses his cheek, his neck, his chest working her way down to his midsection, teasing his stomach with her tongue and lips, down to his pelvis. She glides her hand up and down his swollen cock. Her satin gloves give him a soft tingly feeling. She pulls his cock to her lips and kisses it gently, then teases it with her tongue. She nibbles on the head a little bit; he can feel her breath on it. He runs his fingers through her hair, then down the side of her face as she takes him into her mouth.

Her mouth feels so soft and warm, her head moving up and down on it as she strokes him gently. She pulls him out and flicks her tongue along the tip. He lays back relaxed as she continues, he puts his hands behind his head and he closes his eyes. It feels so wonderful.

He starts to climax, as if he is going to explode each time she moves up and down. This is pure heaven.

"I want to taste you." She says looking up at him. "I want to taste all of you."

He tenses up just as he lets go. She moans loudly as she takes all of him deep into her mouth, not wasting a bit of him. She gently licks his swollen shaft, and then kisses his inner thigh.

He looks at her while touching the side of her face. She nuzzles his hand while closing her eyes as she lets out a slight moan. She slowly gets up, crawling up to him, straddling his hips.

"I want to feel you deep inside me." She says with anticipation. "I want to feel you so badly."

She dismounts from him as he sits up, and lies down on her back. He leans over and kisses her, tasting what was left of him on her lips. She touches the side of his face as he runs his hands down her chest, swirling his fingers around her nipples. She lets out a gentle moan. Her nipples get harder and feel tingly.

He kisses her as he slowly lies on top of her. Her legs spread slowly as he runs his hands down her inner thighs. He teases her with his cock. She can feel it pulsating against her clit. Her hips shiver a bit. He kisses her on her lips, her cheek, her chin, and then he nibbles on her neck a little bit. She moans a little harder as she pushes against his shoulders.

He runs his tongue down her neck to her chest. He kisses each breast gently, sucking on one nipple while running the tip of his finger gently around the other. He can hear her moan as she arches her back. He continues to work his way down her, kissing her stomach, down to her pelvis.

She opens her legs wider as he runs both hands along her inner thighs. He starts licking each one, nibbling them a little bit. He runs his hands up her stomach as he leans into her pussy. He takes his finger and glides it across her clit. She arches her back again, and her moans get louder.

He teases her a bit with his tongue while massaging her clit with his finger, and then takes her completely into his mouth massaging her clit with his tongue as he sucks on it. She moans loudly while reaching down grabbing his head, while gyrating her hips on his face. Her back arches, as she is about to climax. "I want you inside me right now!" she screams as she pulls his hair. "Let me feel all of you deep inside me."

He works his way slowly back up to her, licking, kissing, biting and teasing every inch of her body. He kisses her, then reaches down and slides his cock into her. She lets out a moan as he inches himself slowly into her. Slowly moving in and out of her, she wraps her arms around his back, digging her nails into him as he pushes into her, releasing her clasp as he pulls out.

She feels so good; her pussy feels so tight around his throbbing cock. He is living in complete ecstasy.

"Harder! Deeper! I want to feel you deep inside me!" She screams.

He starts going faster and harder. Each stroke goes deeper inside of her, her screams and moans get louder. Their breaths in synch with each other, and sweat glistens from their bodies.

He has never felt so wonderful. He has never experienced anything like this in his life.

He can feel their souls combine as they both start to climax. He can feel her about to explode. Her screams and moans get louder and louder and he reaches deep inside her pushing every inch.

"Come inside me baby, I want to feel you." She whispers in his ear.

He can feel himself about to explode. He can feel her tighten up around him. He can feel her climax.

"Come for me baby, I want us to come together." He says to her while looking into her eyes.

They both let go together, they feel each other come together as their souls entwine. It is the greatest feeling in the world for both of them.

He has never felt anything like this before in his life. It is pure magic.

Steam permeates from their bodies as they begin to cool down. Lying next to each other, he holds her in his arms.

Her head rests on his chest. She can feel his heartbeat; he can feel her warm breath on his chest. He cannot believe what he is feeling. The room is spinning; his body feels as if it is floating. He cannot believe what just happened.

He has never felt anything like this before, he looks down at her, and she has fallen fast asleep.

He lays his head back down, turns his head and looks through his curtains gazing out the window and falls fast asleep.

He is woken up again to the silence of the night being disturbed by a soft wind and the tree branches tapping against the window. He looks down and she is gone.

Next to him is the single red rose she wore in her hair, no other sign of her remains.

Was this a dream? Did he imagine the whole thing? He couldn't of. It was too perfect to not be real.

He lays in his bed awake the rest of the night, thinking about what he had experienced while staring, twirling, and holding the rose in his hand.

Where did she go? Who is she? Will he ever see her again?

If he never finds out or sees her again, he will always remember for that brief moment in his life, he knows he was loved, and that love will remain with him forever.

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