tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven's World Ch. 03

Heaven's World Ch. 03


(It is recommended that you view the previous chapters before reading on. These stories deal with several areas of sexuality that some may find uncomfortable in a bad way. If you wish to read on you do so at your own risk. All characters portrayed in these stories are completely fictional and only exist in my mind and those of my readers.)


It was around noontime; Shannon and Lydia were driving to Deluge City. Deluge City was among other things a sports fanatic's paradise. There was always something going on at any particular time of the day. If it wasn't g-ball it was Mechanized Gladiator tournaments or racing or a variety of other sports like speedball and the old games such as baseball and football. People from all over the galaxy flocked to this planet and this city for sporting sensations. Younger people also liked this city, there was always a party going on somewhere and the nightclubs were some of the most popular anywhere. Deluge City is also known as the HUB, it was directly below Tyfur's Love, which is the primary space station of heaven's world. Typically shuttles launch from deluge at least once an hour to the various other themed cities around the planet, another reason why heaven's world is the premier vacation planet anywhere.

Deluge city was the first stop for all travelers. Many clothing shops called it home and there was usually another of the same shop at the themed destination. The whole planet is owned by a singular company called Marava Vacations Incorporated.

Shannon and Lydia pulled up to 'Hub Central Mall' which was an impressively large mall. Shoes, dresses, lingerie, toys etc... they had everything you could possibly want to get. They stepped out of the vehicle and it was auto-parked shortly after.

Shannon has been to this planet several times but for some reason this mall was new to her. She looked at the front of the mall with absolute awe. The mall was two stories tall and probably took up an area in excess of about 1.5 million square feet.

Lydia put her hand in Shannon's and pulled her out of the self-imposed trance.

Shannon snapped out of it and followed Lydia. "Where did this mall come from, last I was here it was just empty space."

Lydia smiled. "Progress."

"I guess so, so when did this thing go up?" Shannon asked.

"Hmm, let's see, you were last here around 8 months ago and this thing, as you say, was completed a little over 3 months ago."

"4 months to build a mall of this magnitude... Wow!"

"Technology, gotta love it." Lydia said and held Shannon's hand, pulling her into the mall. "So, what do you want to get first?"

Shannon looked down the long stretch of the mall, "How about a map?" Shannon snickered.

"Hmm, that might be a good idea. Over there." Lydia pointed at a large triangular console.

Shannon followed Lydia to the console and passed her watch by it. It chimed and she pressed a button on the watch. A holographic map appeared above her wrist. Just above the map was a line of text. "What do you want to find?"

"Cool gear Shannon." Lydia said excitedly.

"Military Technology, gotta love it." Shannon snickered. "It really helps when we're on a very short leave and want to find something as quickly as possible."

"I bet. So, shall we find some club wear?"

"Club wear." Shannon said and the map flickered for a moment and the places that did not deal with club wear were grayed out, there were about 10 stores that dealt with club wear. "Define type?" appeared above the map.

"Perhaps we should start with the closest one?"

"Sounds like a good place to start. There's a big one just down the left corridor." As they started walking the map disappeared.

They arrived at the store which was named 'Vicious Club Wear' Several display pieces were up in the windows. There was a black vinyl hugger shorts and halter. The halter was split down the middle and laced up. The hugger shorts were laced up on both sides. Another Featured a white sailor shirt and vinyl black tie, flared vinyl skirt and knee high, front laced, black platform boots another model on the left side of the door featured a black mini-dress with side zipper and a lace up back.

Shannon knew she would love trying on all these different clubbing fashions. But she didn't know where to start. A lot of the items made her wet, leather bustier, baby dolls, some of them looked more like lingerie rather then club wear. Scanning the area she saw Lydia at the far end looking at vinyl schoolgirl outfits. Near her were other outfits, a couple racks away there was this single piece outfit, leather by the looks. She walked closer to the rack and noticed that it was actually vinyl. She took the outfit from the rack and headed to one of the dressing booths, making sure Lydia noticed her pass. The store was fairly empty, maybe seven people including her and Lydia. Shannon ducked into a booth and bolted the door.

Shannon stepped into the one piece vinyl dress. The outfit had laces at the front and the back. The front had to be laced up from the waist to the top of her breasts while the back was almost impossible to lace up herself. The skirt part was about 2-3 inches below her crotch and had half slits up each side. She unbolted the door and opened it and Lydia was a couple feet away. "I need your help, the laces on the back are difficult to reach."

Lydia looked at Shannon lustfully. "That outfit suits you well. Of course I'll help." Lydia glanced around and ducked into the booth, bolting the door behind her.

Shannon turned around to face the back wall of the booth.

"You sure you want me to lace this up?" Lydia smiled.

"Yes, and make it tight. Then I can model for you and maybe I'll let you take it off of me." Shannon smiled.

"I like the sound of that." Lydia smiled, she flipped up the back of the skirt. "We're going to need to get you some matching panties, boots and a few more outfits."

"One thing at a time, lace me up."

Lydia grabbed the ends of the laces and pulled tightly, adjusting it all the way up then finally tying them together, sneakily she moved her hands up Shannon's sides and cupped her breasts and began to massage them through the vinyl. "Tight enough?"

"The back is, now I want you to tighten up my front some more, I can only do so much from this position." Shannon brushed away Lydia's hands and turned around. "You might need to undo me."

Lydia looked at the outfit, noticing that her nipples were not showing enough through the vinyl. "It looks that way." She untied the laces and pulled them out. The two sides fell away and revealed Shannon's breasts and hardening nipples. She leaned forward and licked at one of them pushing Shannon closer to the wall.

Shannon was somewhat startled but at the same time she expected something like this to happen. "If you do too much more of that I don't think the dress will fit properly."

Lydia smiled. "Actually, it's going to get hot and intense in any one of the dance clubs, which means that these things are going to get harder then they are now. You want to be fully comfortable and this is one of the ways to make sure of that." Lydia smiled and continued her assault.

Shannon kept her mouth shut and enjoyed.

Lydia moved a hand away from the front laces and slowly moved her hand down the smooth vinyl and past the hem of the skirt.

Shannon instinctively spread her legs further apart.

Lydia took the gesture as an invitation and slipped two fingers under the band of Shannon's panties feeling the warmth and wetness. She pulled her panties to the side and began to slide her finger up and down between her lips. As they began to acquire less friction she pushed two fingers into her.

Shannon let out a quiet moan.

Lydia continued to lick and suck on Shannon's nipples while fingering Shannon's pussy with two of her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and reached into her purse. She pulled out a pair of black vinyl gloves, licked Shannon's juice from her fingers and slipped a glove on. "I don't want to accidentally cut you with my nails in there." Lydia said.

Shannon wondered why she said that.

Lydia returned her now glove covered hand to Shannon's pussy and pushed two fingers into her again.

Shannon let out another quiet moan.

Quickly Lydia's glove covered fingers were gaining speed and started pounding Shannon hard with the two fingers, occasionally lifting Shannon slightly off the ground, a third finger entered into her, slowing the speed down slightly but eventually getting back up to speed.

Shannon was moaning more and could hear Lydia's hands slapping against her skin, but it wasn't loud enough to grab anyone's attention especially with the loud ambient club music playing in the store.

Lydia continued her assault on Shannon's pussy and resumed sucking on Shannon's nipples with a greater ferocity.

Shannon began to quiver and moaned a little louder then she should in this environment, but still not enough to really grab anyone's attention unless they were really close or even in the next booth.

Lydia gently placed her other hand over Shannon's mouth just in case.

Shannon began to spasm and whimper. A moment later she began to spill out onto Lydia's hand. She was cumming more then normal due to being in a public place.

Lydia slowed down her assault, still slowly fingering Shannon's pussy. "Want more?" Lydia smiled.

With every stroke she quivered more. "Of course I do, but I think we should purchase the outfits and get out of here." Shannon said almost breathlessly and smiled. "Can you please lace me up now?" She chuckled.

"Of course." Lydia tightly laced Shannon's front up and unbolted the door. She peaked out and noticed that the lady clerk was smiling and two other women were talking with various other customers. She slipped out of the booth.

Shannon stepped out of the booth and did a short runway.

Lydia smiled approvingly. "Stay like that for a moment."

Shannon stood facing the five mirror panel. 'I'd fuck me too.' She thought to herself.

Lydia quickly returned with half-boots, knee boots and thigh boots. "Try these on."

Shannon tried the various boots on and decided she liked them all. Each boot was zippered and fit perfectly with the dress. "I'll take all of them." She smiled.

Lydia took off again and returned with soft vinyl panties and thongs of various colors and a few more outfits for Shannon to try on. One was a two piece red vinyl set with hot-shorts, another was a cute school girl outfit, blue and white with a red and blue bow tie. The other outfit was a pair of white vinyl bell bottom pants with black buttons, a black double-ringed belt with silver grommets and a white vinyl halter with black buttons down the center.

Shannon gladly modeled all the outfits and Lydia approved all of them.

Lydia also took similar outfits and modeled them for Shannon. They were both in agreement and purchased all of them including panties and boots and miscellaneous other items like individual matching purses.

"You know there's no way I can take all these items back on the ship with me. I'll need to store them at your place if that is okay?" Shannon asked.

"Sure anytime. Let's pop into another store that I saw on the map." Lydia said.

"What's the store?"

Lydia moved closer to Shannon and spoke quietly into her ear. "It's a store for sex paraphernalia called 'Intensity'."

Shannon blushed slightly. "I'm sure what we get there will be quite useful." She smiled. "Mini-map; Intensity." The screen of her watch lit up and showed the route to the store.

"I've gotta get one of those." Lydia smiled.

Shannon smiled. "Maybe when something better comes out these will hit the open market."

A few moments later they were outside the entrance to the sex shop. Shannon took a deep breath and stepped beyond the threshold, the smell of latex, lotions and oils attacked their senses. Toys were everywhere, clit teasers, double dongs, vibrators and strap-on's to label a few. Intensity was obliviously a place for couples as well as the individual. Racks were full of videos, games, holo-fantasies, mags and novels that matched the store to a tee.

Shannon felt quite out of place in this store; however the aspect of the mega-store was making her horny, perhaps something was in the air.

Lydia seemed to be doing better but it was obvious that she was also feeling the effects of the store. "So, where should we start?"

"Not quite sure where to start. What have you heard of this place?"

"Not a whole heck of a lot, but what I did hear is that there are a few testing rooms." Lydia said.

"Testing rooms? You mean actual rooms where we can test the various toys?" Shannon began tingling all over. "Are you serious?"

"That's what I heard, however I also heard that there was a sanitation charge. Not sure how much, but I'm sure we can afford it if you want?"

"It's definitely something to think about, but let's browse first."

A raven haired woman walked over to them both. Her name was Elisa, according to her tag. She was of fair skin and well tanned. "Is there anything I can help you with?" She asked eagerly placing obvious emphasis on 'anything'.

"We're just browsing right now, but I have heard that there is a special bank of rooms in this store somewhere that are there for testing purposes?" Lydia said.

Elisa blushed and looked at the two women. "Yes, there are rooms like that, but there is a charge per hour as well as a sanitation charge." She looked around. "But if you would like I could personally show you our line up of toys and sexual aids." This woman seemed to be very interested in them.

Shannon turned her head and looked at Lydia almost in one of those should we looks.

"Sure we would love to take you up on that offer." Lydia said.

"Wonderful, if you could help me understand your current relationship, I could help you two out better." Elisa said.

Shannon blushed a little but it was noticed by Elisa almost immediately.

"Let me guess, you two are fairly new together?" Elisa asked.

Lydia smiled. "Yes, we have about a day and some."

"I see, so what in particular are you looking for? As you can see we have pretty much anything you would need here and much more." Elisa said.

"To be honest Elisa, we really don't know what to do or what to get." Lydia looked around and stepped closer to Elisa. "You seem like a knowledgeable woman, perhaps you could assist us in discovering a greater sexual potential?"

"I would love to assist but I'm working right now. If you would like I could set you up with one of our rooms then visit with you when I take my break which should be in about 15 minutes." Elisa said.

"That would be great, so how does this work? Are the toys actually in the room or do we sign them out?" Shannon asked.

"No, our full line of toys are in the rooms. Other then color they function the same as the ones in these packages."

"What do you do after someone uses the room?" Lydia asked this time.

"We do a full thorough cleaning of the room and we sterilize all the toys and other paraphernalia that might have been used."

"So everything is sterilized" Lydia asked.

"Yes, everything."

"This is definitely a high class establishment." Shannon smiled.

"Yes it is, and due to that people come back and buy things that they could buy at any other establishments of the type. Customer service and happiness is number one."

"Well in that case, please show us to a room." Lydia smiled.

Elisa motioned them to follow her to a door then through a relatively large passage with several rooms on both sides of the hall. Many of them had a green backlit sign indicating that it is occupied. They came up to room 14. Elisa opened the door and revealed a room that was dark purple with a metallic purple border along the top of the room under lights traveling the entire perimeter.

The room was probably 14 feet by 20 feet with an 8 foot ceiling. Left of the door against the far wall was a bed about 2 feet high on the floor. The sheets were a light purple silk and the blanket cover was a lighter purple then the walls but darker then the sheets contrasting nicely. The headboard was padded with the same purple as the walls and bordered with the same color as the silk sheets.

On the wall right of the door was a screen about 75 inches wide and around 42 tall inset into the wall. Also inset was a data-card reader that is commonly used for media and movies. Across the room was a set of glassed cabinets with several toys, other paraphernalia and bondage gear.

On a closer look the bed had padded loops positioned in the four corners of the bed with two additional loops in the center at either end of the bed. Each side of the bed had a hardwood end-table stained to match in perfect contrast with the rest of the room. Inset in each of the tables was sensa-glass, which in these days are similar to a universal remote but completely resistant to liquids and sealed. The glass panel can be programmed to control anything the owner wishes such as a channel changer or switch panel typically the panel is programmed with a menu due to how many possible things it could control. In this case the panels are linked to each other so what happens on one happens on the other at the same time.

Lydia walked over the right side of the bed and looked at the panel, which was backlit in a light red, and glanced at the menu which listed six categories: Instructions, Bed, Videos, Lighting, Holographics, and Emergency. At the very bottom was a timer and a clock showing date and two different times. One clock was local time, the other was galactic time. The Timer on the other hand was at eight zeros. Typically when Elisa leaves the ticker will start up.

"What does it mean by holographics?" Lydia asked.

"That basically means that you can convert the room visually to a specific scene in our database. Everything else will be the same such as the bed, cabinets and the video screen but it'll look and feel like whatever scenario you choose." Elisa explained.

"Is there an extra charge?" Shannon asked?

"No, everything in the room is inclusive." Elisa replied.

"So, now that you have us here and have shown us the room I need to ask another question?" Lydia asked.

"Sure, what is it?"

"How much are these rooms per hour of use?"

"Normally we would charge 100cr/hr. But since I will be coming back here shortly I will give you my discount so it'll only be around 80cr/hr"

Shannon almost visibly turned blue. Eighty credits and hour, one-hundred normally, that almost seemed insane.

"That's sounds perfect." Lydia said.

Shannon looked at Lydia almost in disbelief.

"Okay, once I leave the room it'll start. I shall be back in about fifteen minutes." Elisa said.

"Thanks for all your help Elisa" Lydia said.

Elisa gave them both a thanking look and shut the door.

As she said, about a minute later the timer started running with another number beside it showing 80cr.

Lydia glanced through the instructions on the glass then touched 'back' and touched 'bed'. The menu changed to another menu, this one listing vibration, heat, cooling, and equipment. Curiously she touched 'equipment'. Another display showed up, this one showing highlighted spots on the bed.

Shannon was looking at the toys in the cabinet and took a selection out. 3 vibrators, a strap-on harness and 4 strap-on attachments, 2 different sizes of double dongs and a seven fingered whip.

Lydia touched the highlighted area at the bottom of the bed display and a door opened with a twelve inch rubber molded cock on the end of some sort of machine as well as two padded stirrups and a long and wide seat hovered over the foot of the bed with a sensa-glass panel popping out from the side of the seat.

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