tagMind ControlHedorah's Revenge Ch. 00-01

Hedorah's Revenge Ch. 00-01




Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Godzilla is battling his most fearsome foe yet; a giant monster made of alien sludge; Hedorah the Smog Monster. It comes from the Dark Gas Nebula in the Orion consternation to feed on human pollution. Factory smoke and toxic chemicals have given it extraordinary strength. It has eye lasers and acidic sludge for a body. It's grown taller and stronger than Godzilla who has lost an eye and a hand in this battle. To aid him, the humans have built giant electrodes to dehydrate the sludge monster.

After a desperate struggle, Godzilla uses his radioactive breath in combination with the electrodes to zap the moisture from Hedorah. It loses the ability to maintain solid form as his DNA receives massive damage from the electric shock. The once mighty monster made of trillions of alien micro-organisms dissolves into a pile of dust. Godzilla turns his back and returns to the ocean.

But he and the humans were foolish. Hedorah's remains are gradually rehydrated with the seasons and weather. Rain and dew turns the dust into a mud lake that kills the surrounding forest and scares away animals. Still too weak to regain shape or the ability to move, it waits as an unmoving body of liquid.

Chapter 1

The Beauty Salon Executive

44 Years Pass

A Japanese office lady in a lab coat with glasses and a ponytail is browsing Internet satellite images of the local mountains. She is working in a large, luxurious beauty salon. In her dark office her glasses reflect the computer screen. There is a file on her desk labeled 'Mud Bath Prospect Specimens'. She finds what appears to be a promising lake of mud, goes to the parking garage, gets in a company van and drives towards Mt. Fuji.

As she gets closer to the GPS coordinates she hears less bird chirping and there are less plants. "Odd," but she continues on her route.

She arrives at the mud lake. It's huge and dark grey with no grass or trees growing near it. A heavy fog blocks the opposite shore from view. She backs up the van and opens the doors, revealing the entire cargo area covered in neat rows of buckets. She uses them to scoop up enough mud for a whole hot tub. The consistency is much different than other samples she's collected. It's very runny. She hopes this means it will be a special batch.

Back at the salon she empties the buckets into an expensive-looking bath tub sunken into the floor. Once it's full she locks the room and strips down to a white bikini while the tub heats up. She undoes her ponytail and puts her glasses aside. Approaching the mud, she slowly dips her right foot in. It's very smooth and thin. She steps in with ease and drops down into a lounging position. It's a lot more comfortable than normal mud. It's lighter making it easier to breathe.

The silence is broken however when the mud starts to move on its own! It sloshes violently, churning and bubbling. She panics. It thickens and clings to her body. She yelps and gasps. "Ah! Ah!" It starts to tickle and it's temperature rises. She can feel it press against her like it's feeling her. The alien goo interfaces it's DNA with her own, created a tingling sensation throughout her skin. It links with her female X-chromosomes and other genetic information it needs to repair its own genetic structure. The sensation builds up.

It forces itself against her groin more and more. Mud passed between the fibers of her bikini bottom and into her vagina. "Aaah!" She arches her spine backwards and winces in ecstasy. No matter how much she tried to close her legs, the mud was still flowing along her inner thighs and into her holes at a steady rate. It was even tickling her insides. It wouldn't stop filling her up. It pulled her legs apart and the flow became overwhelming. "Ahh!!" Tears of insane pleasure and fear ran down her face.

Something was forming on the surface in front of her. A giant bumpy slit solidified. It opened, revealing a giant red eye with a yellow iris. It stared at her menacingly. She screamed and turned around, trying to to crawl out of the tub. Webs of mud stuck to her arms and legs. Thick mud strands were still reaching inside of her from the tub. The weight of the mud in her body made it hard to move. She couldn't stand up.

She could feel it snaking up her throat. I was going to emerge from her mouth. She tried to keep it down with her throat muscles, but it was stronger than her. "Mmph!" A tentacle made of mud popped out between her lips. It stopped there, twirling and flailing. She couldn't stop looking at it in horror.

The animate liquid filled her breasts from the inside. Her nipples leaked dark liquid which soaked into her polyester bikini top. It spread unnaturally fast and seemed to be targeting it. It transformed her bikini into a different material.

The parts of the mud that stuck to her tore in half. The remaining pieces of mud on her body slowly retracted into her crotch and under her nails while the rest slithered back to the tub. The part sticking out of her mouth also started to retreat back down. All she could do was crouch on all fours and moan. It slurped and wiggled its way completely inside of her. The wetness absorbed into her skin. She appeared completely clean as if never entering the mud bath in the first place.

She rolled over onto her back and squirmed slowly. Closing her eyes, all she could do was feel the mud creep under her skin and between her internal organs, finding every nook and cranny to take hold. Her nails and lips changed to the grey color of the mud. It also infused with the fabric of her bikini, staining it. Mud oozed from her roots and soaked into her hair changing it to an oily grey with bright red and yellow highlights.

It rushed between her brain folds and sent a huge orgasm through her entire nervous system. "Ahh!" She gaped and squirted immediately. She could feel herself giving up control and awareness to this creature. Her pussy was throbbing and she didn't want it to stop.

"Mmm...!" She writhed on the floor with complete bliss and happiness.

But, it wasn't her anymore.

It opened her eyes. Her irises were yellow surrounded by an intense red. She sat up, admiring her new body. Feeling herself with her dainty hands made her gasp with sweeping waves of mild orgasms.

"I made her cum."

It sat there regaining awareness after 44 years of being an unconscious puddle.

It stood up and looked around, 'remembering' its host's knowledge of who she was and where she was.

"This clothing..." She strutted around, feeling the bikini tug and pull on her body. "I soaked into this clothing too. It is a part of me. It's made of polymers... Petroleum product..." It used her hands to massage her breasts, ass and groin. "Ahnn...! And it's delicious...!"

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