Held Together with Sister


Their fucking continued as her wet pussy clenched tightly around her brother's hard shaft. She rode him with the same rhythm. But occasionally she'd strike different poses for the camera. She'd tilt her head all the way back so that she looked at the ceiling, giving her brother a clear view of both of her stiff pink nipples. He even rubbed her tits, which stimulated her further. She also tossed her head from side to side, which flung her hair around. Different things like that so that Giavanna would have more erotic imagery to work with.

"Where do you want me to cum?" Sam groaned.

Words which snapped Emma back into reality. Where would Sam cum? Shit, she hadn't thought of that. But she didn't want to break the erotic atmosphere either, as Giavanna kept on snapping pictures.

"Are you close?"

"Kind of," he said, breathing heavy. "I don't want to freak you out if I just came in your pussy. So I'm giving you a fair warning."

Emma gyrated slower. "God. Let me think..."

She started going even slower while she thought of a suitable place for him to cum. After all, she couldn't just leave him unsatisfied. Sister or not, it wouldn't be right. Finally, she decided to stroke him and let him cum in her hand. Before she could answer, Giavanna had other ideas.

"Succhiare," Giavanna said. "Suck it. Emma, I want you to suck it. Let him cum in your mouth. That will be the last set of pictures I will take to complete the session."

Emma stopped her grinding and froze for a moment. The age old debate instantly came to mind; Is oral sex more intimate than actual intercourse? Whatever the answer, Emma was about to find out. Especially when her pussy fluids were all over Sam's hard cock.

But could she really do it? She hesitated as her boundaries were being pushed to the limit. She looked over at Giavanna, who had her camera ready for more shots. Then she looked at Sam, who had eager eyes and a hard cock buried in her pussy.

Math was math. Emma was outnumbered 2-1. Why fight it? If she were honest with herself, the idea of sucking off her brother was actually kind of hot. Especially in front of her highly-respected professor.

She climbed off Sam's lap, leaving a trail of vaginal fluids connecting her dripping wet pussy to his drenched erection. She even felt a gaping as her legs were spread. For a split second, she wondered if she'd ever fuck him again. They felt right together. And the taboo was incredibly hot. But that was a thought for later.

Her main focus now was getting on her knees. All her life, she had been the good older sister. It was expected of her. She helped raise him and set him on the right path. She always played video games with him and scolded him if necessary.

Now here she was, naked on her knees in this incredibly submissive position, with Sam's cock right in front of her.

What was a girl to do?

Everyone in the room wanted this to happen. The camera snapped more pictures. Sam's throbbing cock was on the verge of an orgasm. And Emma's pussy ached.

So she played the role of the good sister and bent forward, taking her brother's cock into her mouth. She heard him groan so she sucked even harder and faster. This wasn't the first time that she had tasted her pussy juice. She'd done this for previous boyfriends, where they'd fuck her, and she'd suck them off afterwards.

But with her own brother? Sucking his cock like this was so hot that it caused her right hand to drift down and touch her own pussy.

And that inspired Giavanna with other ideas.

"Emma, keep playing with yourself as you suck," Giavanna ordered. "Sam, talk dirty to your sister. Get her in the right mood. I want to see lust in her eyes as she sucks your cock."

A wicked expression came over Sam as he thought of a bunch of dirty things. Emma looked up at her brother, with a mouthful of cock, and she wondered what was on his perverted mind.

"Keep sucking Emma," he said with a heavy voice. "Just imagine the world seeing the sculptures of us fucking, and you sucking my cock. No one will have any idea that it's based on us."

She moaned, sucking his cock deeper. Those words made her pussy wet and she fingered herself deeper.

He continued, "Or maybe there's an accident. Maybe these pictures will get released and everyone on campus will know that you love fucking and sucking your own brother."

Fuck. She just had to plunge two fingers all the way inside.

"Imagine if Mom and Dad saw these pictures."

Emma's eyes widened and she groaned with the cock in her mouth. She pulled her fingers out and pinched her clit. How badly she ached.

"You like that, don't you?" Sam smiled, finding out his sister's weakness. "Imagine how disappointed Mom and Dad would be if they saw this. Or maybe not? Just maybe, they'd be really freaking aroused knowing what an incestuous slut you are. You'd have a lot of explaining to do back home. You'd have to suck Dad's cock. And you'd have to eat Mom's pussy. It's the least you could do."

Emma's eyes nearly rolled back. She plunged her fingers back inside her pussy. Those words were killing her. In an amazing way.

"Now I finally own you," he added. "My filthy sister whore. Forever."

Emma bit the tip of his cock with her front teeth. It made him yelp in pain and taught him a crucial lesson about treating older sisters right. Even though they had fucked and she was sucking his cock, there was still a matter of decency involved.

"Ahh," he yelped from the bite. "Okay, okay. You're the best sister ever. But you know you'll still be sucking my cock, right? I can tell how much you love it. Sucking off your own brother. Your pussy is drenched right now. Yeah, that's it. Imagine going back home. Sucking my cock, then Dad's, then eating Mom's pussy. It'll happen on the dining room table. You'll be the main course."

Emma's eyes widened and her toes curled onto the floor. Just the words she needed to hear to push her fantasies even further. A sudden rush of fluids shot from her pussy and onto the classroom floor. Her orgasm came swiftly and her entire body contracted. All while she still had her brother's cock in her mouth. The camera snapped away as Emma did her best to hold position, while the intense pleasure flowed through her blood.

When she relaxed, Sam was left to do all the work. Emma was spent, but she still had his cock in her mouth and her eyes were dazed. Sam stroked his shaft furiously, careful not to accidentally hit Emma on the mouth with his fist. Then he came.

She did the courteous thing and kept her lips wrapped tightly around the head, while her brother shot massive loads of fresh cum into her mouth. He moaned and groaned. His body tensed while he came. He stroked furiously while Emma just held still and took all of the hot sperm. Then finally, he was done.

"Don't move," Giavanna said. "Emma, tongue out. Show me everything. This is perfect."

Giavanna bent down in front of Emma, who stuck her tongue out like a puppy dog, showing a tongue full of cum. After several shots were snapped, Emma closed her lips and took a big gulp. She stuck her tongue out again to show that it was all gone.

"Perfetto!" Giavanna proclaimed, holding the camera up. "Emma, you are a super star! Bravo!"

When the session was done, Giavanna was still beaming over the success of what they had just done. Meanwhile, the siblings were left in an awkward state of undress and orgasmic bliss.

"Told you it would be fun," Emma said, wiping her wet legs with a paper towel.

She had covered herself with the white cloth again since there was no longer any need for her to be naked.

He cleared his throat. "Yeah, umm, it was."

Sam dried his cock with a paper towel and tucked it away. Then he quickly cleaned the floor.

It was awkward for Emma to get dressed. She turned her back to Sam, showing her bare butt, and quickly put her clothes on.

"Those things I said," he clarified. "You know it was just dirty talk, right?"

She smiled, "You don't have to explain art to me. In the meantime. I have class soon. I'll see you in two hours."

When she winked at him and left the room with Giavanna, Sam wanted to tell her that she still had traces of cum around her mouth and lips. But then again, maybe that was why she winked. Perhaps Emma knew that the cum was still there, and that she left it there on purpose. It would be a dirty little secret the three of them shared.

Emma turned back to look at Sam when she was further down the hall, then she winked again and licked the side of her lips. Oh, she definitely knew there was still faint traces of cum around her mouth. It would be there for a while too.

The End

Editing by PlatinumPink2000 and xXlaylassecretxx.

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by JessicaS10/13/17

Short and sweet

A cute, simple and straightforward incest story. An original setup, making it a tad more believable. You promised and you delivered, we can't ask for any more. Overall - lovely story.

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