tagIncest/TabooHeld Together with Sister

Held Together with Sister


Some younger brothers make the mistake of leaving their porn habits uncovered. That was how Emma knew about Sam's preferences. Sam was careful, but not careful enough it seemed.

Apparently her brother had an interest in older women, teacher/student scenarios, and the occasional incest story.

Naturally, Emma was shocked by the incest part. She had discovered Sam's Literotica profile when he forgot to clear his history, and she learned of all his favorite stories. It was extremely cringe-worthy at first. But as she read along, being an avid reader herself, she actually found the stories to be pretty hot. More than hot, actually. She found herself masturbating to them a few times. Why not? It wasn't like anyone would ever find out.

Now, as a graduate student at Oxford, she was thinking of a way to use that information to her advantage. You see, her brother Sam was only two years younger than her, and he also had dreams of attending Oxford for a graduate degree of his own.

He'd be coming to the campus to visit for a week and she'd be giving him a tour. More importantly, she needed his help. It was something only Sam could help with; no one else.

For his first night there, she laid out a sleeping bag for him on the floor. It was the best she could do given the tiny space she lived in. She had also fed him a nice Italian dinner and some wine to set him in the right mood. That always hit the spot for him.

Then she laid it on him:

"Look, I know this is weird," she said, with both of them sitting on the floor. "But I need you for something. Totally optionally, but I need you to do it."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Pose with me."

"We've already taken tons of pictures today."

Emma gulped. "For art, I mean."

"Pose for art? What on earth are you talking about?"

There was a weird tension in the room as Sam was confused and Emma was a bundle of nerves.

"Let me explain from the start," Emma said after a deep yoga-style breath. "Earlier today, you briefly met Professor DeSabitini. Everyone knows her as Giavanna. Anyway, she's a goddess. A real life goddess."

"That's probably true," he said, thinking to himself that the professor was a real MILF. "But if she's so famous, why haven't I heard of her?"

Emma flashed an older sister look. "When was the last time you stepped foot into an art gallery?"


"Exactly. You've never even been to an art gallery. I'm telling you, in the art world, Giavanna is everything."

"Okay, okay. Point taken. So you want us to pose for her?"

Emma nodded back. "A risque pose."

"That's a little awkward," Sam scoffed.

Emma batted her eyes and resisted the urge to give him attitude. Deep down, she wanted to say; 'Dude, you're the one who got me reading incest porn,' but she refrained.

"That's the idea," she politely replied. "Last week, she sold a painting of a mother/son coupling, and it sold for big bucks. All for charity."

"I'm sure she's a talented artist. And I appreciate the fact that you want to donate money to charity, but still, it's a little awkward, don't you think?"

Emma shook her head. "She's more than just an accomplished artist though. She makes unbelievable stuff and people are dying to work with her. And it's not awkward at all. It's art!"

"Just because it's art doesn't mean it can't be weird. I mean, what kind of poses does she want?"



"It hasn't been settled yet," she replied with frustration. "I've been talking with her and she's interested in doing some freestyle photos. Then after those photos are taken, she'll use them as inspiration to make a series of sculptures. It'll only take half an hour, or so."

Sam thought deeply. "So last week she made a mother/son thing. Now she wants a brother/sister coupling? Sounds like a strange pattern."

"Giavanna likes the taboo. Plus we're in Europe and she's a hardcore Italian. It's nothing to her. Apparently these sorts of sessions brings out a powerful intensity."

"Yeah, I'd imagine," he said sarcastically.

Emma gave a sharp look. "Last call. I'm getting tired. Are you open to it, or not? I need to let her know tonight."

"Fine. But how risque will it be?"

Now here was the tricky part. Emma knew that Sam could keep his clothes on during the shoot. On the flipside, Emma knew that she'd have to be partially naked, with her breasts exposed, possibly more. Nudity wouldn't be a problem for her, though she'd never done nude modeling before, but would it be a problem for Sam? That was the question.

Emma had been using her female intuition and girl power all day, figuring out whether Sam would be cool with all this. And her inner-self told her that the answer was 'yes.' Earlier, she had worn a small t-shirt, a tight pair of pants, and open-toe shoes. She could feel Sam's eyes subtly gazing at her, when he thought she was unaware. It was a clear sense she had.

With all these factors considered, she knew that Sam would be a perfect model for an incestuous art session. And that was why she had asked him. Her goal was to make beautiful art with Giavanna, and she needed to make that happen.

Regardless, she couldn't flat-out tell Sam that her tits would be exposed the entire time. Far too bizarre at this point.

"I'll be showing skin," she said calmly. "But you'll be dressed."

"What will I have to do?"

"Not much. Sit, stand, or whatever. Most of the focus will be on me and my facial and body expressions. It's that easy. Plus, it'll be fun. Trust me, you'll enjoy it."

There was a subtle innuendo with those last words, and Sam immediately picked up on it, nearly making him blush.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Emma flashed a 'bitch please' kind of expression. "Look dude, I hate to break it to you, but I saw your browser history once."


"Not long ago. I saw the stories you read. Don't worry, I'm not giving you a hard time over it. In fact, I'll admit that some of those themes are actually pretty hot."

Sam was stunned and wide-eyed. "You mean..."

"Yes, incest stories. I promise I won't bring it up, ever again. But I know you read them. So don't act like this is some foreign concept to you."

He gulped. "Oh..."

"So you'll do it? It'll be harmless fun. You'll get to see me prance around in... ummm... less clothes than I usually wear."

"Only because it's for charity," he said after clearing his throat.

She winked at him. "Of course. Because you're such a charitable person, right?"

"Hey, quit the sarcasm. I'm doing you a favor."

"Thanks so much. At least you'll have a good story for Mom and Dad, right? For now, goodnight. It's time for us to sleep. I'm exhausted."

Emma got up and they exchanged 'goodnights' again, amused by the fact that she had just left her brother reeling.

As she went to her bedroom, she felt a twinge of regret for misleading him. She also felt a great deal of excitement, a feeling of adrenaline for what was about to happen. She'd never posed nude before. And she'd never shown her tits to her brother before. Tomorrow, both were about to happen at the same time.

If she only knew what she'd be getting them into...


When they arrived at the small room on campus, Giavanna barely spoke a word to them. She was in a serious mental zone. It was almost like she was in a meditative state as she examined the lighting in the room and prepared her camera equipment.

Emma had Giavanna's class in an hour. Until then, they'd be taking these photos. It was a room used by other professors who had smaller classes, but for now, it would be used for other purposes. Tables had already been pushed around to make space for the artistic expressions.

Sam stood awkwardly while the ladies prepared.

"Does he know what he's here for?" Giavanna asked with a thick Italian accent.

Emma nervously nodded, then softly replied. "Yes, sort of."

The answer perplexed Giavanna, so she took her student outside of the room and into the hall so they could talk privately.

"Does he know you'll be naked?" Giavanna asked more specifically this time.

"Honestly, I was too afraid of telling him that detail. But trust me, he won't be scared away. He'll be into it by the time it starts."

This gave Giavanna a spark of ideas. She gazed down the hall and her creativity was buzzing around in her mind. Her mind wandered as she imagined all of the possible scenarios.

"How far are you willing to go?" Giavanna asked. "Sexually speaking."

Emma's heart skipped a beat. "I... I don't know."

"Does this make you uncomfortable at all?"

"I don't know. I've never done anything like this before. But I really want to be part of your collection. I thought your last painting was utterly brilliant."

Giavanna paused again, thinking critically. "Don't tell him. I want it to happen organically. Let nature flow. If it's not working, I'll stop. If it works, I'll continue. Can you agree with that?"

There was a quiet understanding between them as they locked eyes. Emma knew exactly what her professor meant. And it excited her. This was art in its most natural and purest form. Nothing could be better.

"I like the sound of that," Emma smiled. "Sounds like an interesting way of doing things."

"Could be. I always look for new ways of innovation. And you and your brother make a cute team. Come, back to work. I have a few ideas I'd like to try."

The ladies went back inside the room, closed the door, and Giavanna locked it. Giavanna then got her camera ready and waited for things to proceed. Clearly she wanted Emma to take the initiative and make the first move.

So there was Emma, standing awkward as could be, while her brother waited for instructions as he sat on a chair. Emma knew exactly what the professor had wanted. There was supposed to be a certain level of intimacy for this photo shoot. Nudity too. But how much? And how far was she willing to go?

Emma was certain that the professor had no limits, as long as everyone felt comfortable about things. The only problem was, Emma had to be in charge of this thing, pushing her own boundaries along with her brother's.

Giavanna looked at the siblings. "From this point, I'll mostly be a silent observer. I'd like to watch you two, particularly Emma, and how she leads. I may give suggestions here and there, but not much. Talk freely amongst yourselves. Pretend I'm not here. Think of me as a ghost."

That was when the siblings looked at each other with a few seconds of silence between them.

"First of all," Emma said to Sam, "You don't have to worry about being judged. Everything that happens here will remain a secret. Giavanna is strict about confidentiality, and so am I. We're very open minded about the human body, so don't be ashamed."

"That doesn't sound like a problem."

Emma smiled, "Secondly, I'll be wearing much less clothes than you. Much, much less."

"How much less?" he asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Much less -- meaning -- I'll pretty much be naked. But don't worry, I'll cover myself with a long white cloth."

Naturally, Sam's eyes widened. "Now you're just fucking around, aren't you? This whole thing is a joke, right? Very funny."

"No joke," she confirmed. "Which brings me to the third point. I'll be doing the heavy lifting here. The focus of these photographs will be my body and expressions. So you can just relax."

"Really? Then what's the point of having me here?"

Emma squirmed as she stood there. "Like I mentioned before, there's a certain intensity that Giavanna is going for, you know, with the family relationship thing. The taboo nature adds a new element."


"Are you mad?" she asked.



He shrugged. "I don't know, Emma. I mean, wow. I still think you're joking. This seems like an elaborate ruse."

"Close your eyes."


"Just do it. Close your eyes. It's easier this way."

Sam closed his eyes, then Emma swiftly pulled her clothes away. She knew that undressing would be the hardest part, so it was much easier having his eyes closed. While she was stripping her clothes and getting naked, she wondered what Sam must have been thinking. Every few seconds, Sam's eyelids moved around, struggling whether to open or not.

When it seemed like Sam was ready to open his eyes to look, Emma covered her body with the thin white cloth, which was long enough to cover her nakedness.

"Now open your eyes," she said.

Sam's jaw dropped when he looked. "Whaa--"

There she stood. Bare from head to toe. The white cloth covering her breasts and lower areas.

"Does it look like I'm joking?"

"No," he said, clearing his throat. "Wow, you're serious?"

That was when Giavanna snapped a photograph. It was Emma's cue that this session had begun. Time was of the essence because her class would be starting soon. She realized that Giavanna had scheduled this session before class for a reason. So that Emma could work fast and think fast.

"Pull your seat to the center of the room," she said. "I'll do the rest."

Without a shred of hesitation, Sam did as he was told. He sat in the center of the room with a bewildered, yet excited look. Emma knew her instinct about this was correct. She knew that her brother, the perv that he was, would go along with this. Exactly like she planned.

Emma stood in front of him. "The theme of this artwork is taboo intimacy. The essence is that we're held together. So when I get on your lap, hold me tight. Can you do that, Sam?"

"Yes," he gulped.

"Thank you."

Emma spread her legs and moved to her brother's lap, as Sam's legs were clenched together tight. Equally as tight, Emma held a firm grip on the cloth which covered her nudity. This was a lot harder than she had anticipated.

The difficulty of it came crashing down when Emma sat her naked butt on Sam's lap. Both of them squirmed a little as they looked at each other face-to-face. When she moved her hips a little to get comfortable, her butt rubbed on his thighs. She was certain that this would give him an accidental erection, especially judging by his heavier breathing.

Sounds of the camera snapping reminded Emma that she had a job to do. She struck a few sexy poses and made a few different facial expressions, showing a range of different emotions. Drama class from high school came in handy now.

Next came the hard part. She loosened the grip of her cloth and prepared to show more skin. She looked down at herself and noticed that her nipples were hard and poking through the cloth.

"Let's keep something in mind," she said. "These are just tits, Sam. They're just tits."

She lowered the right side of the cloth to reveal a breast. It was perky and upturned. The pink nipple was rock hard from the exposure (and arousal too, whether she'd admit it or not). Sam's eyes were glued to it as the camera snapped away.

Each time the camera made a snapping noise, Emma kept moving her body. She wanted to give Giavanna as much material to work with as possible, to help create something that was truly provoking in the world of exotic art.

"Hands on my butt," she whispered.

Sam did it. He grabbed the flesh of her ass tightly. There was no remorse from either of them as the line between siblings was crossed.

Emma gyrated on her brother's lap, rubbing her butt against his crotch. She could feel the end of his erection each time she pushed her hips down. It made her feel uncomfortable and extremely aroused at the same time. This was taboo of the highest order.

All the while, she moved her cloth around in a teasing manner. One moment her right breast was exposed, the next moment her left breast was exposed. But she was very careful not to show her pussy.


"Cazzo," Giavanna said in Italian, to give a small piece of instruction. "Pull out his cock."

Both of the siblings had their eyes wide. It was exactly the emotion Giavanna was hoping for, as she snapped even more pictures.

"What now?" Sam asked.

Emma had to think fast. What to do? What to do? If it was entirely up to her, she'd go ahead with it. But this was her brother she was dealing with. She didn't want to freak him out. Worse, she didn't want him blackmailing her for sexual favors in the future.

"I'm comfortable moving forward," she said confidently. "Are you? I know that you're erect right now."

He gulped. "It's up to you, Emma."

"Do you swear to never bring this up again? Not a word, unless I mention it first."

"Yes, I swear."

She could tell that Sam was actually eager to proceed with this. The horny little bastard.

"Swear to never blackmail me?" she confirmed. "Or tell any of your friends? Or do anything to try and screw with me?"

"Yes, yes, of course."

Emma reached down to his pants. "I bet this is a fantasy of yours."

She undid his pants and stuck her hand inside. She felt her pussy twitch the moment her fingers wrapped around that hard cock. Then she pulled the cock out of Sam's pants.

They both gave each other an 'oh my god' expression, knowing that this was getting crazy. Nonetheless, she stroked him. It was an involuntary reaction. She wondered if she was doing this for art, for Sam's pleasure, or for her own. Maybe all of it.

Giavanna snapped more pictures, walking around the siblings to get a full view of the incestuous action.

"Cavalcalo," Giavanna said, standing by the wall. "Ride it."

Just when the siblings were still getting used to their nudity and exposed sexuality, things became more intense. Their eyes were locked once again.

"Does she mean...." Sam said, his voice trailing off.

Emma nodded. "We can stop here if you want."

"But her art. You wanted to be part of it. I can't let you down. Either of you."

She smiled, "Pervert."

As Emma kept on stroking him below with one hand, and she guided the tip of his cock to the spread entrance of her pussy. It was just a little tease at first, rubbing the tip of the cock against her outer labia. God, could she really do this? Her mind was full of conflict.

What made the difference was her heartbeat and the needy feeling in her pussy. This was fucking hot. And by the lustful look in Sam's eyes, he fully agreed.

So she continued playing with his cock, rubbing it against her labia, as she finalized her decision. The hard part was getting it inside without dropping the cloth. She did have boundaries after all, regardless of priorities.

"You only live once," she decided. "Here it goes."

Once the cock was pointed right into her spread hole, she held it tight and bucked her hips, pushing her brother's cock inside her pussy. Emma gasped and her eyes widened. Sam had the exact same reaction. Giavanna snapped several more pictures.

Yet another dilemma. Was this for show? Was it only modeling for the pictures? Or should she actually fuck her brother in front of Giavanna?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

But as it turned out, it wasn't a decision she had to make. After all, she had already told Sam that the essence of this shoot was that they were 'held together' and how there should be taboo and intensity.

Sam grabbed her ass once again and pulled her tight. She gasped as his cock plunged further inside until it was all the way in. His hands did all the work, pushing and pulling her to form a rhythm. Now they were officially fucking as the camera snapped more pictures.

The pleasure was instantaneous and Emma let go of the white cloth, letting it fall to the floor to reveal her naked body. She rode him. She followed his rhythm and pleasured his cock.

She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "You freaking little pervert. Did you know that you got me hooked on your incest stories?"

"Oh shit," he smiled, as he became hornier. "You like reading those now?"

She rode him faster. "Horrible."

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