Helen and Alex - a Holiday Swansong

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One last time before flying home again.
5k words

Part 8 of the 8 part series

Updated 07/07/2023
Created 06/17/2021
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The last day of our holiday arrived all too soon. Sometimes what happens on holiday is an altered reality, as if it is happening to someone else, or that you are a quite different person. What isn't everyday, can feel unreal. And that is how it was with Lottie and our gorgeous sex together. Lottie had left for England the previous afternoon and we parted with kisses and cuddles. Of course, I had her mobile number, as did Alex, and I turned to wondering if she would ever text either of us, or whether, like me, she had felt the last few days to be too surreal to risk bringing us into her ordinary life in England.

I also wondered whether her friends had guessed what was happening between the three of us. For sure, they had told Lottie that they had figured that she was sleeping with Alex. I'm doubtful they had imagined us three all together, and certainly not Lottie making love with me, an older lady by over thirty years. No, that was not in their minds, I'm quite sure. That thought though did make me smile and, if I'm honest, a little upset. At sixty-one years old (nearly), I now felt more energetic and sexually comfortable than ever before in my life. That was down to Alex and the attention of a twenty-four-year-old man and his huge, beautiful cock.

We had finally made it to breakfast on this last day. A few times this week, breakfast had consisted of coffee, orange juice and delicious sex with one or both of my lovers. Not a bad swap, but today I wanted to eat, since we had a flight and the food in the hotel was much the preferred dining option.

We had two hours before we had to leave and I very much wanted to spend time with Alex, just the two of us together in each other's arms, decompressing the memories of this week, whilst it still seemed real to us both. I was deeply attracted to Lottie, crazily in love with Alex and I imagined it was the same for him. I had not imagined ever having any sort of relationship with a woman, had never felt any form of attraction to women, other than casually admiring some aspect of them in passing. But the sun, holiday, Alex and my newfound attitude to life in retirement meant that I had acted on my feelings and I was all the happier for it.

Alex, for his part, adored me. But seeing him deeply aroused by Lottie's body, her gorgeous larger breasts and young, youthful skin did send a pang of pain through me, even though it was me that had turned our relationships together into sex. I had loved seeing him on top of her, his long, thick and powerful erection thrusting deep into her vagina, or yesterday slamming hard into her bottom, shouting loudly as he enjoyed the feeling of fucking her beautiful body. His orgasm had been visceral, masculine and all-consuming, and I wanted to know deep down, that he could still feel that way about me. I had, for my part, experienced gorgeously deep orgasms with Lottie and had also made her come hard and with so much sensual emotion. But I knew that Alex was where I wanted to be and so wanted that to be still true for him.

I was careful not to eat too much for breakfast and noticed that Alex did not indulge his usual pile up of everything on a plate. Perhaps I had dropped a not-so-subtle hint, or maybe he had come to the same decision independently. In any case, I was about to find out.

When we went back up to our room, I went to the large doors and slid them open. The private and intimate balcony was just as welcoming and the sun bed that yesterday had witnessed so much incredibly intimate sex was there in the sun, fresh towels inviting me to take in some sunshine.

I had put on a bikini underneath my jeans shorts and the top that I was wearing was knotted at the waist. I slipped off my sandals and walked barefoot to the wall, looking down to the beach and the path leading to the pool. I noticed the balcony below was deserted and the door shut. The couple who had been there were probably gone. There was no-one who could see us and now likely nobody to hear us.

Alex stepped out on to the balcony. He pulled off his shirt and stood at the doorway in his normal shorts (not the stupid multi-coloured monstrosities he usually wore on this holiday) and like me, slipped off his flip flops and moved to me at the wall.

He drew me to him, both of us facing out towards the beach and he gently kissed my neck and our cheeks gently caressed as we moved together. I could feel his penis against my shorts and whilst it was still soft, occupied a large volume of the space between us. He really was so very well endowed.

His hand gently moved around and over my shoulder, slowly sliding inside my bikini top. My boobs are small and until very recently, had been a source of anxiety when I though about dating men. So much so, that until I met Alex in the coffee shop, I had not had any intimacy for many years.

But Alex loved them. As his hand landed on my breast, he slid underneath, scooping up my whole bosom in his hand and he squeezed gently, but firmly. He had my entire breast in his hand and he moved his hands all over it, sliding my nipple between his fingers.

I nuzzled back towards him and could not help but push my chest forwards for more of this sensation. I had seen Alex caress Lottie's huge bare boobs, but I just felt this was something more special and meaningful. He drew me closer, more firmly kneading my boobs. He kissed me on the neck with long and deep movements. I felt my legs open slightly as my clitoris tuned into my thoughts and feelings.

I'm going for one more swim Helen. I will be half an hour. When I come back, I want to make love with you one more time here. I have put something on the bed for you to wear for me. It was going to be a surprise, but the opportunity never arose, so maybe it is now or never.

I was breathing deeply and was already incredibly aroused by his touch. The teasing was something Alex was so skilled at, for one so young he was able to do this to me, delicious anticipation. And by doing this, my orgasms were all the more intense for the seduction.

Alex slid his hands slowly back and as he moved away, his fingers gently traced my shape along my back to my bottom. He was so gentle and I knew that he too was aroused and desiring of more lovemaking.

Once the bedroom was empty, I moved to the bed to see what Alex had laid out for me. It was a small jewellery box. For a fleeting moment I had thought it would be a ring, but it was bigger and as I opened it, I saw a beautiful necklace, gold with diamonds inlaid. The shape was an exquisite calligraphic icon of 'H' and 'A'. As I put it around my neck I felt instantly energised, happier than I had ever been and more aroused than at any other moment on this holiday.

I had not brought any beautiful lingerie on this trip. It was a pool holiday in Spain and not really the sort of weather for stockings or anything other than a small thong and a thin bra. But my bikini was very skimpy and did not leave much to his imagination.

I went into the bathroom to admire my new present. It was gorgeous and quite beautiful. I also knew that it was very expensive and it meant to world to me, just like Alex. I took off my top and looked at my body in my bikini. My stomach was flat and still quite muscular. My legs were just as they had been twenty years ago and although my hair was grey, it was still full of life and framed my face to a point that I was pleased, even to my own self-critical eye.

I removed my bikini bottoms for a moment and trimmed myself a little. Alex loved me with some hair, even the grey ones, which seemed to drive him crazy for me. I quite liked my neat little bush. I moisturised my thighs and legs, the sheen it gave my skin I thought made my legs look more attractive. I also applied some to my breasts and around my bottom. Alex was going to get the full treatment today.

Then I gently applied some of my favourite lube to my bottom, just a little to help the course of love run true. I dabbed a small amount around the front as well, but I knew I was already incredibly aroused.

I applied a little perfume and then put my bikini back on again, remembering to put the lube within easy reach if needed.

I tied my bikini a little tighter, which just made my boobs lift and squeeze a little more than usual. I hoped that the occasion would arise whereby I could make use of that little adjustment.

Then I moved the comfortable chair from the balcony into the bedroom and placed it next to the full-length mirror. All was ready and it was just a matter of time before Alex returned. I passed the time on the sunbed, reading and calming my nerves for his return as I was trembling in anticipation of what I was going to do next.

The door opened and Alex stepped out onto the balcony. His damp body and wet hair looked unimaginably sexy in the sunshine.

"Oh, the necklace looks gorgeous on you my darling!"

"I know, its beautiful. Thank you, thank you Alex. You have made me so happy. I love you so much and I know that you love me as well. I'm so in love with you, my gorgeous man."

Alex grinned and disappeared back inside. I heard the shower and knew that he would quickly return, no longer the man from Atlantis. He emerged from the bathroom completely naked. He had skin balm all over him, and his sexy muscular body glistened and shone in the reflected sunlight. My gaze was drawn to his beautiful, toned abdomen, his deliciously smooth thighs and his huge cock, hanging low and heavy as he stepped slowly towards me.

I guided him to the chair and placed a towel around his lower body as he sat down, sliding slightly forwards. I sat in his lap, at first curled around him to kiss him and enjoy our lips touching. His kisses were immediately passionate and probing, he drew my mouth to his and circled my lips with his own, his tongue eager to explore my mouth. The same movements that he used on my vagina and on my clitoris. A strong, eager and electric exploration inside my mouth, I fell upon him, my legs curled around him. His hands sliding over my calves and thighs, his gentle sighs as he enjoyed my shape.

He moved back from kissing me to admire the necklace on me. He smiled, pleased with the way it sat on my neck, and after enjoying how it looked on me, began to kiss my neck and my face, smothering me in gently, adoring and loving caresses. As our lips met again, the passion returned and he kissed me with deep and passionate movements, whilst now also moving his hands from my calves and feet to my boobs, this time stroking them outside my bikini. The effect was the same and I began to feel his erection growing, the power returning to that delicious, pleasure giving cock.

I now moved around to sit astride my lover. I wanted him to see my body and to find out if he still felt the same about me. His hands slid over my hips to my bottom and his flat palms pulled my bottom gently apart and then squeezed me together, trapping my bikini deep between my legs. His kisses were intoxicatingly passionate and his grip on my bottom cheeks was firm and dominant.

I placed my hands on his face and felt every inch of his cock now pressing into the fabric of my bikini. I slowly moved backwards, finding the floor with my feet and in one move was in front of him, slowly pulling the towel away, allowing his erection the space to grow. He parted his legs and his large and heavy testicles slipped between them, hanging low in the warmth of the room. He had beautifully smooth testicles, large, hot and the heaviest I had ever touched.

I used my hands to part his legs further and moved a little between them.

"I want you as hard as I have ever known you my darling. I need you to ache for me Alex."

Our eyes locked and I did not look away as my tongue moved from the base of his tip up and over to the front of his cock. I circled over his cock with my tongue and let my saliva drip over his head. I moved my hands to cup his balls and drew them up and apart. I moved down and took one in my mouth fully, remembering to close my lips around it. This always drove Alex wild with pleasure. The sensation was sharp and pleasurable. I sucked hard, remembering how firmly Lottie had sucked Alex's balls. I pulled away from his body, a long trail of saliva on his stretched skin. I sucked it right into my mouth and gently swallowed, creating a perfect vacuum to draw him deeper inside.

I released him and as his huge testicle slipped out, I gently guided it back down again, repeating the same movement with his other one. By this time, his hands were on my head, his fingers sliding through my hair. He pulled off the single hair band from my ponytail and ran his hands through my flowing hair. He turned my long grey hair in his fingers in swirls, gripping tight when the pleasure coursed through him and relaxing when I let go of his beautiful balls. Both his hands now covered in my long grey locks and I felt him urgently guide my mouth onto the tip of his full erection.

I opened my lips and let a small stream of saliva slip over his tip. The little lubrication it offered allowed me to kiss and lick the wide tip of his cock. It was wider than his shaft and it filled my mouth completely. I licked and sucked this enormous manhood and Alex was squirming with the sensation of his older lover sucking his cock on her knees in front of him. My hands slid along his thighs and deep between his legs. I picked up the lubrication from the floor next to the chair and applied a little to my fingers.

With one firm, but gentle movement, my fingers searched out his anus and I slid two fingers inside him. His initial reaction was to jump, but quickly he relaxed and I was able to slide my fingers around the very root of his cock. He had a lot of solid, thick penis inside his body and now I had in my hands and my mouth every bit of manhood he could give me. I owned his cock completely. With my free hand, I worked some lube onto his shaft and began to slowly draw him deeper into my mouth. I would not be able to fully deepthroat him sitting this way around, but I would be able to take him very deep inside my throat. I pushed down on his tip and swallowed at the same time. His thick tip and his shaft pushed into my throat and I felt the gorgeous sensation of his cock right inside me, sliding down in my chest.

I moved rhythmically as I took him deeper. His hands were splayed over my head and he gripped me in deep pleasure. His fingers clenched, grabbing my hair and pulling it gently and then firmly. His grunts of pleasure were from deep within him. My hand around his base. His entire masculinity now focused through his cock, every inch in my hands. I had in my power everything he could give me as a man. And it was a lot of solid, powerful young cock.

I sucked him deeply into my body. I desired him utterly. I could hear myself moan softly as I devoured him. The sounds vibrating through his shaft, through the base in my hand and through the fingers I had inside him.

I pushed deep, nearly eight inches inside my throat. I could not take it all, but somehow this made it all the sexier in that he still had more to give me if I had wanted it. He was up to the task of pleasuring my body. He was so incredibly sexy.

I drew his cock slowly from my throat. This was the bit that caused me discomfort, almost scaping as I drew him out. But today, right now, it was the most beautiful sensation. I felt every inch of his long shaft and his cock was soaked in my slippery wetness.

I placed my hand on his stomach to make sure he remained seated. I knew he wanted to take me and fuck me, perhaps face me against the wall and push deep inside me, hard against my cervix, pressing against my womb as he always did with such a long dick. Perhaps he was going to bend me over the bed and pound me, watching my bottom cheeks bounce on his pelvis as he screwed my brains out. Maybe he was going to spread my legs over this chair and fuck my asshole, coming hard deep inside my rectum. But no, I was going to be in control of our lovemaking.

I explored his shaft with my hands. I needed him to be as hard as I could make him. He was pleasingly granite hard, and I could feel every one of his more than nine inches as my hands moved up and down his burning hot length.

I sat back onto his lap and guided his hands onto my breasts. As his palms pressed against my nipples I moved back again and guided his shaft under my top, since my now super tight bikini pushed my boobs together perfectly, to allow me to be able to pleasure him with my tiny breasts. His tip emerged between my tightly enclosed boobs and it felt hard and burning hot.

"Oh my fucking God Helen! Oh, fuck me."

I moved slowly up and down his length. I had to move a long way to pleasure his whole shaft. As I moved and added lube, I sensed this was a new sensation for him. My small boobs were simply not big enough to do this without help and this bikini was perfect. I let my boobs fall out and spill over the top, so that my nipple was now sliding over his cock. Alex loved to see that, and his sighs were encouragingly eager and full of raw passionate desire.

To keep the sensation, I pushed my boobs back into the bikini and pushed my arms together. The effect was electric. Alex now gently moved with me, pumping my bosoms with his cock and pulling on the bikini with his strong erection. I had never had my boobs fucked before. God! it was so sexy, especially when his shaft rubbed along my nipple. I could not help myself. I had to slip a hand inside my bikini bottoms and gently swirl my clitoris between my fingers. I was pleasingly wet, ready for the inevitable monster cock demolition by Alex.

My boobs were now being thoroughly fucked. Long red lines appeared between my boobs, my cleavage was wet with lubrication. I reached around my back and pulled the knot, loosening my bikini. I quickly grabbed the shaft and worked it around my now bare nipples, all over my breast, a sensation that I absolutely love, feeling his shaft all over my boobs.

I stood up and without letting go of Alex's cock I stood him up very briefly, turning the chair around to face to mirror, then guiding him down again. I quickly sat astride him, allowing his cock to press against the fabric of my bikini between my legs, the little string of fabric preventing him from easily slipping inside me to fuck my brains out.

As I sat on him, letting my breasts rest on his face, he began to work his hands over my hips and over my bottom. He loved my small, firm and toned bottom. It was one of the benefits of a lifetime of elite sport and professional dancing. I felt his mouth fall upon my nipple, he sucked my whole breast into his mouth. I placed my hand behind his head and pushed him on to me.

"Suck me harder Alex, squeeze my bosom in your mouth and draw me deeper."

This made Alex squirm and after Lottie had shown me what firm breast sucks can do for me, I was happy to let Alex know that he could be more adventurous with my bare boobs.

His hands were all over my bottom and I wanted him to touch me deeper. I quickly turned around and slowly bent over, letting him get a perfect view of my bottom in my bikini.

He slipped his hands along the string and then inside, reaching slowly between my legs, searching out my slippery cunt. He rolled his fingers along my bottom, letting his finger brush against my anus and with one slow and deliberate move, slid his fingers inside my asshole. I had lubricated and his fingers disappeared down to the knuckle. He kneaded my rectum, slowly spreading his fingers and sliding them against my delicate insides. His two other fingers slid along my lips and rested on my clitoris. He was now sliding in and out of my bottom and at the same time pleasuring my vagina.

Then he made bigger movements, his hand rubbing along my whole bottom and then right between my legs, right round and taking a firm grip of my trimmed pubic hair. He let his fingers slip through the soaked and matted hair of my bush and then back along my lips, sliding his fingers in and out of me again. I was breathless with the sensation and now just wanted him to fuck me with that huge penis, right now.