tagHow ToHell Yes I Cheated!!!!

Hell Yes I Cheated!!!!


This story does not promote married women to go out and cheat on their husbands. Its just my story and some of the things I do to get all the cock I want.

Each of us has to make that choice whether to have sex outside of the marriage. Only 2 choices: yes or no. But its your choice: What will it be Yes or No?

If its No, you have a choice of whether to continue reading this or click off and go to another story. If its Yes, by all means continue to read this story.

First a little about myself: I am a 42 year old woman living in the South. On my wedding day I was a 18 year old virgin with no sexual experience. Other than letting the boys kiss me, I did let some suck on my boobs. One even went as far as to finger my pussy. I gave some of my dates a hand job. In my hand I knew what a hard cock felt like.

My husband is 10 years older than me. He had been married once before and was divorced. He was patient with me and taught me everything about giving and taking during our love making. First he taught me how to fuck, in differ positions, how to give a BJ, although I never could swallow. He is a good pussy eater and I have had some good orgasms with him. I have never let him take me in the ass. He has a 7 inch cock that is 6 inches around, very thick. He knows how to use it to make me cum when we make love.

It had been 25 years and I had never had but one cock my husband's. I have a vibrator that has seen a lot of use. when we make love we each share our fantasies and how we would like to make some of them real. I had one that I had been thinking about making real for a lot of years. That was to be fucked by another man.

It all started right after another man had asked me to fuck. I said no!! But I begin to think about it some. I didn't want to hurt hubby or for him to find out that I had been thinking about getting fucked. Since that first time I have been asked probably about 8 times. Each time was no.

Being a mother with 3 teenagers, working a job, house work, kids practices, meetings, gave me little time for some extra sex. I didn't stop thinking about it, I had already made up my mind that the next man that asked me to fuck he was going to get to, and I would find the time to get it done.

That all changed when I found out hubby was cheating on me. I decided instead of a divorce, and all that goes with it, I decided that I would fuck other men.. I enjoy the game of meeting and fucking.. Now there are some things you must do if and when you decide to fuck.

You need to get some comdoms. I prefer the 6 or 12 pack size: extra large. The men say they are better and fit better. Every man that fucks me doesn't have to use a condom, I still like to feel him cum in me, and give my husband his cream pie. But, I choose who gets to wear one.

Hide them where you can get to them, but at the same time to keep others from finding them. I carry one in my billfold inside of my purse. When I go out, I usually wear jeans or shorts and I slip 1 or2 in the front pockets. I need them if I find a man or men that I want or get asked. I carry them wherever I go. I am always looking for a man to fuck me.

On a piece of paper write down the names of every man that has asked you to fuck. Find their telephones numbers, address , where they work, etc. Make another list of the men that you know for sure wants to fuck you. Make another list of men that are available to you: like the pest-x man, cable guy, telephone man, ups delivery man, men that come to your home to do repairs. This is your list of men that you can get to fuck you.

Don't change the way you are doing things, stick to your schedule or life style. You don't want to draw unwanted interest to you. You want men to fuck you, but you want to do it without others knowing. If you do, no one knows, except you and the man that gets in your pants.

I still attend all the meetings with the programs that my kids play in. This way if I can set it up to meet a man, I can tell the kids that I have a meeting to go tonight and no one expects anything. I have even told my husband that I have to go to night meetings where I work. Its so easy to get away for a few hours and get some cock. I found out that I have the time to fuck.

While I am on this subject: where to go to find and be around men. Places like the above paragraph, shopping, men that come to your house, out of town clubs, meetings, etc. If you want to fuck, you can find the men to fuck you. That's not a problem.

Never give them your home phone numbers. I wouldn't want a man to call my house and one of the kids answers and he blurt something out. They have my cell phone and email address and not the email address you gave to your family and friends.

The men that I fuck or want to fuck, I give them my new email address. Don't let the address pertain to anything about you. And don't give them your home mail box address, or street, unless you live outside of a small town like I do and some of the men that live in or near me and I have fucked know it already.

You can fuck in a small town. From the info I have gathered my husband has already fucked 6 or 7 married women. I have fucked some of their husbands. But they don't know it.

Where to fuck: I have fucked at home when I knew no one was around. In hotels, in front seat of pickup trucks in the woods, at drive-in theater, in their homes and apartments, in an office on the desk, on a exam table in a hospital, on the ground lying on a quilt, on the beach.

Blow jobs: If you don't give them, learn to give them. My experience has been that men want and expect them. Most men that receive a good blow job with keep you on their list to fuck. There's no better person to get the practice that you need in giving a BJ than your husband. I couldn't swallow cum, but I can now. I surprised him after I practiced on him and told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He did and I swallowed all of it. Just like using condoms the same thing applies to giving blow jobs. Not every man that I meet gets one. He can fuck me with a condom but I want blow him. Protect your self, all they want is to fuck you, and carry condoms with you.

Try to look your best: Before I started fucking I was on weight watcher losing a few pounds a week. After I got another cock, I had a reason to keep with it and I started losing 3-5 pounds a week. I have lost a lot since then and still on the diet. Try wearing sexy clothes around your husband so when the times comes and you go out somewhere alone to a club or to meet a man to fuck and you are wearing a revealing top, he want expect anything. Show more tit around hubby and he will love you for it.

Have another really revealing top, change of clothes, panties, something to clean up with, and whatever you want in a small soft case in your vehicle. I drive a van and I have mine under the middle seat. Try to put it there after you find out that you will be meeting a man later that day or night. Then slip it into the house after you get back. I have left home wearing a top or blouse that showed some tit, but changed down the road into something that hardly showed my boobs at all. I don't wear panties until after I have been fucked and on my way home.

O the cream pie: My husband said he wanted some cream pie. He has got quite a few. Even though you have decided to fuck, you still need to make love to your husband. I do, about 2 to 3 times a week. We both have strong appetites for sex. On the night that he got his first cream pie, I left home, got fucked, came back home and we made love. He ate my pussy that night and made love to me and never knew there was a cream pie down there. In our dirty talk during our love making I tell him he has got his cream pie, but he doesn't believe me. That's fine with me, he is still getting them. They tell you to fuck and give them a cream pie, and when you do they don't believe you. My husband believed that I would never let another man get in my pants.

I fucked a man several times and he suggested that we get our spouses together to fuck. We met at his house and I brought hubby. He got to see me get another cock and I got to see him fuck this man's wife. We have repeated this 2 more times with another couple.. He knows now that I will fuck

I thought about getting another cock for a long time. I have even picked up the phone to call a man that I knew that wanted to fuck me. I knew he would fuck me. Then after I made the call, I would hang up. I call now and I don't hang up. I am so glad that I have been fucked by men other than my husband. When I started I said that I wanted to be fucked once a week I have been fucked at least once a week. Some weeks I get more.

Gang-bangs: Some may want them, some don't. I have been in 3 and enjoyed them all. One with 4 men, one with 6, and one with 10 men. I carried a pack of condoms with me and they used them. The last one my virgin ass was had. It was ok, and I have had it in my ass a few more times. My hubby is to thick for my ass..

I did go out and buy me a black addresses book, I wrote first name, his email address, cell number, and phone number if he gave me one. By his name I put a star* every time we fucked. I just want to keep a record of the times I have been fucked. Of course this is just for me.

I make love to my husband, but I get fucked by other men. Cover your tracks, I have.

You have read my story and helpful tips. Now if you want to be fucked by another man, get in contact with some body that you know, don't wait around for him to ask. If you know he wants you, let him know you want his cock. Even if you have to call him. It could be awhile before he asks you. Give your new email address out to some men. Let the men know you want to be fucked. You can get all the cock you want, you just have to do some things to get it.

Now that you have read this, what are you going to do? Are you going to read some more stories, get very wet and hot. Then go to your bed room and get your vibrator and lie down on the bed and insert it into your pussy. And lay there thinking about what another cock would feel like. You may even be thinking about the man that you want. Then you built up to your orgasms. Have one followed by several more. Then get up and go about your work knowing that you really do need to have another man's cock. And you still do nothing about getting another cock.

You have read this story and you know that its time to do something about getting another cock. It would be easy to get the vibrator out and use it. For to long you have wanted to take the next step, you have thought about it, you know you need to while your hormones will let you. You are tired of reading about other married women getting cock. It makes you wet and horny every time you read stories of other wives getting some more cock. Now you have decided that its your time to play. Now that you have decided to fuck, find a man that you know will fuck you, call him, email him, or go to where he is and let him know. Then let him fuck you today. Get the first fuck over with and behind you. There's no use in doing all the things I have written here until after you have been fucked one time if not a couple of times. Then start to work on getting more cock. Remember: Fuck today. Your husband might even love the new You. Mine did!!!!!!

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