tagSci-Fi & FantasyHell's Kiss Ch. 04

Hell's Kiss Ch. 04


Erendiel leaped back up the tunnel as a seemingly solid stair fell away underneath Argunthal's feet. Her heart pounding from the shock, she cautiously moved back forward, peering down into the blackness of the newly-formed hole. It looked like a long drop; she could not see the bottom, or anything else besides more darkness. Nonetheless, she somehow felt that he wasn't dead. Perhaps something or someone here wanted him alive.

Some sort of orchestration felt a lot more likely as an ominous rumble shook the passage, sending down chunks of dirt and stone from the ceiling. Setting aside her concern, Erendiel hurriedly turned back, breaking into a run towards the surface as larger stones fell, clearly signaling the collapse of the tunnel.

Breathing hard and slowing to a trot as she walked out into the dim light of the surface, Erendiel clenched her jaw, trying not to let her face betray the frustration she felt at losing Argunthal, even if he wasn't dead. Instead, she simply melted a small boulder into purple ooze, allowing herself a grimly satisfied smile at the results of her magic.

"Is that really all that you humans can do? Liquefy pebbles? No wonder we only bother with you as miners."

Whirling around in an instant, adrenaline pumping through her veins, Erendiel was taken aback at what she saw. Leaning against one of the grey stone pillars supporting the structure standing over the entrance to the mine was a slim, red female figure. Arms crossed and one foot resting idly on the stone, the demon was the picture of casual arrogance.

"Unless you're a lot tougher than you look, I wouldn't bother getting ready to fight me."

This was followed by a nod at Erendiel's tensed, bent legs, only the balls of her feet touching the ground as she maintained a combat-ready stance.

"Besides, I'm not going to kill you, for the moment. Relax."

"Who the hell are you?"

Erendiel hadn't changed her posture at all, still looking about as ready to impale the demon on her sword as to talk to her. Even more unconcerned by contrast, the demon let her impossibly long tongue taste the air for a moment before replying.

"Call me Zalana. Actually, I think we have something of a mutual acquaintance, hmm?"

It didn't take long for Erendiel to realize what she meant. Zalana giggled at the sudden change in her expression, walking towards her with the smooth, deadly ease of a hunting cat. Try as she might, Erendiel couldn't help but be struck by the lethal grace of the demon's lithe body, shaking her head slightly to regain her focus.

"Oh, and don't trouble with an introduction, I already know who you are, Erendiel. The Order always leaves a mark."

Erendiel froze at the words. How could a demon know who she really was? Zalana was no longer just any opponent, taking on a new aura of importance. She had to be prepared to defend herself.

"If you know who I am, demon, then you know what I'm capable of."

Zalana simply laughed at the threat. "Yes, yes, all your work against the forces of evil, your powers and magic. Maybe it'll impress others, but I'm a bit past all that. In fact, we're essentially equals. Your magic can't touch me, or the other way around... yes, humans aren't the only ones who can do it."

To illustrate the point, she snapped her fingers, producing a brilliant flash of light. Smiling in a sinister way that once again managed to throw Erendiel a little off her guard, the demon walked in close with her inhumanly sensual steps, stopping a few feet away with her hand on her hip.

"So, with all that, we might as well just be nice, right?"

Erendiel's sword flashed from the sheath, a glistening streak of steel headed for the demon's throat. Just as quickly, Zalana enclosed her wrist in a terrifyingly strong grip, openly grinning with satisfaction at keeping her cool while Erendiel grew more aggressive. For a fleeting moment, her grip seemed to melt into a caress as she let go.

Erendiel shivered imperceptibly at the unexpected pleasantness of the touch. She couldn't help but be a bit irritated with herself at the feeling; the demon was still an enemy and she wasn't about to let go of discipline for some admittedly appealing red legs. And breasts. And... no. No. Control. She was not here for anything of the sort, and she would remember that in the future.

Zalana seemed to sense the human's discomfort, taunting her with a slow stroke of a fingertip over her breast, seeming to linger a little longer at the nipple. Erendiel couldn't quite help it, breathing a little more heavily. Whether she liked it or not, it felt good.

"What's the matter? You seem a little distracted."

The sly expression on Zalana's face managed to be both unnerving and exciting, her red eyes meeting the human woman's and sending an unexpectedly sensual chill down her spine. Taking full advantage of her obvious power in the situation, the demon moved closer, softly pressing the warm contours of her slim, pleasantly curved body against Erendiel in all the right places.

"It doesn't all have to be so hard," the demon whispered into her ear. However, Zalana had underestimated the woman's power to resist temptation, feeling a strong grip close on her conveniently positioned throat. The light in Erendiel's eyes was undimmed as she snarled through clenched teeth,

"There's no pleasure I'll receive from a tain- tainted... uhh..."

Zalana, realizing the still very real danger of the situation, had brought her fingers into play, introducing herself to the sensitive folds of Erendiel's lips as she let out a contented breath. Not about to allow time for a counterattack or resistance, the demon worked to an optimal position, straddling Erendiel's hip to allow an ideal angle for her arm as she efficiently brought the human's clitoris to a warm excitement with perfect circular strokes, mouth twisting into a self-satisfied smile at the spellcaster's involuntary pleasure.

Busy with one hand, the demon brought the other behind her conquest's head, pulling her in for a hard kiss with her foot-long black tongue. Reeling from the unexpected pleasure, Erendiel's body was momentarily a lost cause as she struggled to pull her mind away from the waves of warmth pulsing through her, exerting every effort to turn from the easy surrender that was so near. She could not, would not let herself be conquered so easily... but Zalana really did know what she was doing, which was made even clearer as she felt a preliminary drop roll down her inner thigh. Whimpering with frustration at her weakness, Erendiel attempted to wrench her body away from the demon's touch, but could only manage a pathetic wriggle that sent another, larger wave of heat rippling through her.

Zalana was now more than a little wet herself, rubbing her own clit against Erendiel's leg as she rapidly became just as aroused as her victim. The hands that had been locked around her throat now limply stayed there for lack of a better idea, their owner too preoccupied to do anything about it. The demon, however, had other ideas, gently maneuvering one of Erendiel's hands to her own dripping crotch, giving it a slight encouraging push.

"See how nice this can be? Just relax, love. Just relax."

The response, while probably intended to be a defiant outburst, came out as a moan carrying equal notes of pleasure and anger, Erendiel's iron will matched by Zalana's overpowering aura of lust. Delighted with her success, the demon removed her hand from the young woman's vagina for a taste of her nectar, pleased both by the taste and the hand that almost immediately tried to bring her back down for more. At this point, Erendiel was stroking the demon to the best of her ability, body acting beyond her will purely out of a growing thirst for more of the new sensations.

Considering Zalana's skill, it was no surprise that she was quickly bringing Erendiel to the brink, her face breaking into an even wider grin as the human body began to convulse against hers. To the demon's surprise, this didn't finalize the surrender. In fact, the resistance seemed to gain strength, the human fingers withdrawing from her needy, wet pussy as Erendiel's face regained some composure. Maybe it did feel nice, very nice, but she was not, not going to come for a demon. Sweeping a leg behind Zalana's knee, she was released from the spell as the demon fell to the ground, caught off guard and sprawled on her back in the dust.

Bending down to look the red-skinned seductress in the eyes as she planted a foot firmly on her neck, it was Erendiel's turn for a superior smile. Zalana was fairly unperturbed, still casually touching herself as she calmly stared back with a look that was clearly a challenge.

"Enough demon pheromones. Honestly, I doubt I'd find you that hot if you went about it like a human. Sure, you've got a nice body," Erendiel said as she quickly glanced over the smooth, hard curves of the demon's stomach, "but I doubt you're as attractive without the chemicals."

With that, Erendiel took advantage of her regained focus to create a magical filter, a dim purple haze around her face that, while letting her breathe with ease, prevented the arousing odors of Zalana's glistening, moist body from working their task. Straightening up and crossing her arms with an air of tremendous satisfaction, the human crossed her arms, and, smirking, spoke again.

"In fact, if we play fair, I don't think you could even make me wet. Go ahead, do your worst."

Giving her puss a light stroke that was more for the sake of a tease than for pleasure, Erendiel looked down at Zalana. The dominant demon was, for the first time, showing a bit of a scowl, and it was immediately obvious that, regardless of what happened in the next few hours, some poor soul was in for a sexual brutalizing later. Rising to her feet with smooth, expertly rippling movements that by themselves would have brought most men to a painful level of hardness on the spot, Zalana practically radiated sex as she stood, displaying the spectacular curvature of her body to its maximum.

Pert handfuls of breast stood as perfectly-sized monuments to sexuality, their crimson contours adorned by coal-black nipples, pushed slowly back and forth by her aroused breathing, their dully shining rings impossible not to notice. Her perfect chest was flanked by lithely muscular shoulders, not possessing much mass, but rather framing her slender torso while serving as a reminder that her power was not limited to sex appeal. Despite her jaw-dropping breasts, the highlight of her upper body was undeniably a perfectly proportioned waist, an agonizingly slim bridge from chest to lithe, toned hips, itself featuring an alluringly defined set of muscles, subtly advertising the limber, athletic abilities of its owner. Her hips flared gloriously into lean, long thighs, curving like the taut wood of a bow. This particular bow fired a strong shot, as Zalana's legs narrowly outshone the rest of her physique. Long in a tantalizingly lissome way that was simultaneously inviting and powerful, red skin a soft sheath to muscles that could clearly flex and stretch in nearly any manner she desired, culminating in graceful, clawed feet that clearly did not require shoes, the demon's lower limbs had all the deadly grace of a beautifully crafted, curved blade sharpened to a razor's edge and polished to a mirror's shine.

Erendiel's mind had hardened again. Without the irresistible aura of demon pheromones to sway her judgment, she only let slip a small twitch of the mouth at the inhumanly erotic form before her. Seeing the need for more, Zalana dropped her pose and began to walk, hips gliding in a hypnotically repeated arc as her impossibly alluring legs carried her close enough for the human to feel the unnatural heat of her body. Long tongue snaking out across her dark lips, the demon playfully slid a finger along one of her horns while massaging more wetness from her depths with another. Her lips, shining like polished onyx with a fresh coating of saliva, were parted slightly in a often-seen but undeniably compelling way, their warm moisture beckoning like unholy treasure to Erendiel.

Despite the even greater sensuality, which undeniably caused more than a few dirty thoughts to float uninvited through her mind, she barely allowed any physical signs of her arousal to show, externally the picture of a barely-interested bystander. Realistic as the shell was, it couldn't entirely hide her true feelings from Zalana's instincts, and the demon let her succulent mouth twist into a slight smile, increasing the intensity of the sensual aura her appearance created. Reaching up from her crotch to lick her own girlcum from her hand, she wrapped her lips around her finger with purposeful, deliberate slowness, allowing the faintest of suckling sounds to be heard as her mouth glided up and down the moistened digit, absorbing little by little all of the sweet fluid she had collected.

It was now very obvious to Erendiel why the demon was such a talented seductress. This performance would have been more than enough to bring almost anyone else to their knees with desire ten times over, brushing aside all but the most stony of defenses and replacing them with a ravenous need for something, anything from the goddess of lust that stood before them. Even she was not invincible, her near-adamant resistance buckling slightly as she let her knees waver a tiny bit, a small echo of the powerful waves of lust she held back by sheer force of will.

Zalana, getting both wetter and more confident as she saw her work beginning to have an effect, wriggled her body in a magnetically enticing way, rubbing herself against her target and faintly cooing with pleasure. Letting her tongue slide in a luxurious arc across her lips, the demon pressed the front of her body into Erendiel, sliding down to her knees while making sure to come into contact with all the important, sensitive parts on the way down. Wrapping her hands around the human thighs in front of her, she pressed her pert breasts into Erendiel's upper legs, leaning her shoulders and head back to look the spellcaster straight in the eyes, her red irises radiating lust into the human's steely blue orbs.

Zalana was not a force to be trifled with in the sexual arena. Erendiel was, at this point, visibly clenching her teeth to control herself, her carefully maintained unimpressed smirk wavering and disappearing for the occasional instant. Her entire body was beginning to feel warm, and she realized that the demoness might well be capable of making the conquest without chemical assistance. She couldn't help but bite her lip a little when the inhumanly warm breath blew softly over her vagina. She couldn't help but sigh as the long, dark, moist tongue snaked out just where it was needed. She couldn't help holding onto the demon's head, blissfully moaning as the first rolling drops from between her legs clearly spelled out just what Zalana could do.

If she wasn't getting off before, the demon seductress certainly was now, reaching down and caressing herself to heighten the pleasure she felt from controlling Erendiel's lust. However, this soon wasn't enough, and she withdrew her tongue from her conquest's nethers, slithering up along her body to deliver a warm, passionate, tongue-heavy kiss and softly whisper just what she wanted.

In a matter of moments, the pair were locked in each other's embraces, tumbling to the ground with their bodies intertwined. Two pairs of breasts rubbed together, fully hardened nipples just one of the many signs of arousal highly apparent as both chests heaved with the powerful gasps that were necessary to fuel the sensations of the moment. Erendiel's silvery hair mixed with the midnight black of Zalana's as their mouths united again and again, the slight pauses for breath simply intermissions between round after round of sensual exploration, perfectly matching the sexual friction between their genitalia.

Neither was on top, bottom, or anywhere else for very long as the lovers shifted, rolling in the grip of incredibly strong sensations, caressing each other with every possible inch of their bodies as each reached greater and greater heights of pleasure. Dominance and submission had become irrelevant from the instant they hit the ground, bodies and minds no longer caring about anything besides their lust for each other, wanting nothing more than to please and be pleased.

Red and white skin glistened with sweat and other fluids as the couple's movements reached a sort of sexual harmony, every movement effortlessly calculated to bring more of the beautiful sensations that the human and demon felt. Eyes were either closed as a wave of orgasm demanded full attention for a moment, or staring into the other pair, glowing with longing and happiness, sometimes even letting loose a crystalline tear of joy as deep, powerful urges were brought to wonderful fulfillment, constantly expressing every possible satisfaction with the moment. There was no more enmity here, that was worlds away as one hand reached down to stroke another's womanhood, as a set of teeth bit down softly on another's quivering lip, as one lover's warm, wet nectar dripped down another's leg.

Realization of the change slowly came into being as the tempo slowed, bodies worn to a welcome tiredness by a long, long train of wondrous sensations. The throes of lovemaking gradually gave way to the deep rise and fall of chests as passions finally ebbed away to contentment. At last, two female bodies lay side by side, sleek, supple curves close to each other as the rest of the world came back into focus. For a long, quiet moment, both were still, utterly satisfied with everything that had happened.

Zalana was the first to move. She rolled slowly over, propping herself up on an arm and planting a tiny kiss on Erendiel's lips.

"That was...beautiful," she whispered, letting a fingertip trace along her former enemy's cheekbone.

Erendiel pulled herself into a sitting position as the demoness rocked back to one knee, stretching a little.

"What happens now?"

There was a tinge of amusement in the young woman's voice, her sense of humor coming back with little lost.

"For now, I think I have places to be. But, to be honest, I think we'll see each other again."

Zalana paused for a moment before she continued, her tone of confidence and power returning as she spoke again, but with a softer edge to it now.

"You'll be wanting to get down to Argunthal, I imagine. You'll find an entrance hidden by what's left of a tree off behind you. Oh, and one more thing: be careful down there. I don't know for sure what's happening, but it's big. More so that I would have expected. You could run into nearly anything."

She gave Erendiel's hand a final squeeze, smiling contentedly but with a strange look of unease as she turned and walked off silently into the mist.

Erendiel sat where she was for a time, pondering what had just happened. Zalana was unlike any demon she had ever encountered. She wasn't just a well-formed body consumed by lust. She lacked the blind cruelty of the guards in the prison, her deadly exterior concealing something truly unusual. In fact, Erendiel couldn't help but be reminded just a tiny bit of herself.

Fascinating as what had just happened was, she could only sit and think for so long while her friend was in danger. Sighing, she pulled herself to her feet, moving around a little to regain her readiness as she walked toward the tree Zalana had mentioned. Sure enough, there was a dark hole with the first rungs of a ladder just visible a few feet down. Taking a final deep breath, she set fully aside her softer thoughts and began the descent, once again ready to brave any hazard with the skill and courage she took such pride in.

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