tagInterracial LoveHelp Desk Ch. 5

Help Desk Ch. 5


Geneen, Paula and I were lying on the bed, freshly cleansed from our shower together. Since they had told me about their first tryst I understood a little more about tonight, but I was still trying to digest the fact that I had been the prize in a bet! [See Help Desk 3 & 4]

I cradled their heads against my chest and stroked their hair, still damp from the shower. The difference in texture between Geneen’s black hair and Paula’s blonde curls was a tactile delight, as were the sensations I felt as they slowly moved their hands over my chest and abdomen. Occasionally their hands would stray from my body and stroke each other, but I felt no jealousy or sense of loss. We were as close as we could be, physically mentally and emotionally. I moved my hands slowly along their bodies as I began to tell Paula about the night Geneen won their bet.

**Mark’s Story**

I had finished a fairly easy day at work, and was going over to Geneen’s to see about her ceiling fan. The weather had been fairly mild for a Texas spring – only reaching the lower 80’s - and it wasn’t warm enough to run the air conditioning yet. But the ceiling fans in Geneen’s apartment were making enough noise to be distracting, and she had asked me to help quiet them for her. She wanted to be able to have air circulating without having to use the Central Air unit, and it seemed a waste to have the fans if they weren’t working right.

I arrived shortly after 6:00, and we greeted each other with our customary hug and peck-on-the-cheek kiss. Geneen had left work before I did, and had changed into ‘something more comfortable’. In her case it was a pair of shorts and a short T-shirt with a scoop neck that did little to conceal her upper body. Her long black legs flowed from the shorts, which were pleasantly hugging her firm, round ass. Her bare midriff showed the taut muscles she prided herself on. She worked out several times a week to keep herself in shape. Her nipples were just a shadow of their potential size, pointing through the thin shirt atop her firm little breasts. She was a vision that some only fantasize about, and I was here to do her bidding.

Geneen’s apartment had several windows open, but they faced the wrong way to get any real breeze going. It wasn’t really hot in the apartment, but it did seem a little stuffy due to the lack of air circulation. I draped my coat over a chair and removed my necktie, ridding myself of the vestiges of Corporate America. I took the beer that Geneen offered, and we sat on the couch for a few minutes before getting on with the work at hand.

“Did your day get any better?” Geneen asked.

“It really wasn’t too bad after I got the Doctor taken care of.”

Dr. Marlette had bought a computer several months ago and had started ‘upgrading’ it on his own. Every time he added a new peripheral he managed to screw something up, and called for us to fix it for him. The contract specifies that we will restore the unit to its original working condition, but Dr. Marlette had been able to get the ear of one of the store managers and complain so much that everyone wanted to keep him quiet. So in spite of his best efforts, we kept him from trashing his computer on a regular basis. And he had gotten to know Paula, Geneen and me in the course of his repairs. It was a standing rule that if Dr. Marlette called, he was to be immediately transferred to whichever one of us was available, and today that happened to be me.

Geneen laughed, “He really tries so hard to learn what he is doing with a computer. I just hope he’s better with his patients than he is with that PC!”

“Some people need to learn that the best thing they can do is to keep their hands out of it,” I replied. “He needs to realize that he is trying to make a VW run like a Ferrari, and it just won’t work!

“So which ceiling fan is the noisiest? I want to get started so I can hopefully get to all three of them tonight.”

Geneen pointed straight up and said, “This one is as bad as the one in the bedroom, but I want to be able to sit here and watch TV. So I guess that you should start here.”

I pulled a stool from the breakfast bar and placed it under the fan. I stepped onto the coffee table and then onto the stool, wishing that Geneen had a better ladder. As I straightened up to look at the fan, Geneen placed a hand on my leg to help me balance.

I checked the mounting, and everything looked OK. As I brushed the dust from the fan blades, I noticed that one of them was loose. “I need a screwdriver, Geneen.”

“I don’t think I have any vodka. Would another beer help?”

Her impish grin let me know that she was teasing. As I looked down at her upturned face I couldn’t help but notice that the scoop neck of her T-shirt afforded me a stunning view of her cleavage. She was wearing no bra, and the sight of her chocolate breasts was almost too much to look away from. I felt my cock start to stir just as Geneen squeezed my leg and said, “I’ll be right back. Phillips or flat head?”

“Phillips, please,” I managed to croak. If this was what the rest of this fix-it job was going to be like, I was going to have a hard time concentrating on the fans.

As Geneen reached up to hand me the screwdriver she raised up on her toes. The top of her shorts gapped away from her stomach, and I could almost see down the front. I realized that she either had on no panties or a very skimpy pair, as I saw nothing but her smooth black skin. Taking the screwdriver and tearing my eyes away from her, I began to tighten the fan blades. I checked all four of them, and then asked her to hit the switch. I crouched down as the fan began to move, and the moving air made me realize just how hot it was in the apartment.

The fan gained speed, and aside from the noise of the motor it was silent as it drew the air through the windows. I hopped off the stool and was greeted by Geneen’s hug.

“You are fantastic!” she exclaimed. “All this time I thought something major had to be done, and you managed to fix it with a screwdriver!” She kissed my cheek and hugged me tighter. I was sure she could feel the bulge in my pants, but she made no comment.

“Well, let’s get to the next one,” I said. If I didn’t get away from her warm body soon, I would never get the fans fixed.

“Okay, if that’s what you want,” she answered somewhat petulantly. “Let’s do the one in the Dining Room next.”

The Dining Room fan proved to be as easily fixed as the Living Room fan, and with the solid table to stand on I didn’t feel quite as unsteady. After tightening and cleaning the blades the fan worked perfectly, and Geneen gave me another hug. The kiss she gave me was right on the lips, and although it was a ‘dry’ kiss, it was the first time we had ever kissed. I know she must have felt my cock jump this time.

“Now for the bedroom,” Geneen announced as she pulled away from me. The look in her eyes and the tone of her voice left little doubt that she had more in mind than just the fan. I was almost dizzy with desire, and trying desperately to figure out how I could bed her without compromising our working relationship.

The queen sized bed took up most of the bedroom, and was positioned in such a way that I could stand on it to get to the ceiling fan. I took off my boots (even in Corporate America, Texans wear boots!) and climbed onto the bed. As I stood up I realized that Geneen preferred a soft mattress, which made balancing a little more difficult. As I reached up for the fan I felt Geneen’s hands grab me from behind at the top of my thighs. Her fingers rested on my ass, and her thumbs were nestled between my legs.

“I’ll help steady you, Mark.”

I looked down to see her beautiful face masked with lust. Her eyes were half closed and she licked her lips in a slow sensuous motion. I saw that she was indeed pantyless, as the gap in her shorts was more pronounced in this position. The visual and physical stimulation was almost too much to take; I nearly came right then and there.

With a force of will that I didn’t know I had, I turned to the task at hand. The fan blades seemed tight, and after cleaning them off I asked Geneen to flip the switch. Instead of the smooth whirring that other two fans made, this one began to rock gently as the blades cut through the air. As the speed increased, so did the wobble and the noise. Geneen turned off the switch, and I watched carefully as the fan came to a stop.

“I’ll need some tape, and a washer or two if you have them,” I explained. “Duct tape would be the best, but masking tape will do.”

As Geneen went off to gather the materials, I took the opportunity to rearrange my cock in my pants. It had been pointing down, and the stimulation had caused an uncomfortable feeling. Now that it was pointing up, the strain of my erection didn’t hurt as much. I got my hand out of my pants just as Geneen walked in with the tape. She looked at me quizzically, but said nothing as she handed me the tape.

“I don’t have any washers,” she said. “Is there something else you could use instead?”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter. “This might do it,” I answered.

I went to the fan blade that was slightly higher than the others and taped the quarter to the top of it, about halfway down the length of the blade. I spun the fan by hand and saw that this blade was now too heavy. I moved the quarter back towards the motor, and tried again. After several attempts I managed to get the fan to turn without wobbling, and had Geneen turn on the switch. The fan whirred to life, wobbling slightly but making little noise anymore. The breeze it created helped cool me off, and I sat down on the bed to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Geneen jumped up on the bed and grabbed me tight. She planted a kiss on me that I had fantasized about for a long time, and our lips moved together in a rhythm that was primal and sensual.

“You are the best! I don’t know how you know how to do so many things, but you are the best person to have around when something needs attention!”

Geneen had pulled her face away from mine, and as she said these words I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples had grown erect. They pushed at the fabric of her T-shirt, almost inviting me to touch them. “And I have something else that needs your attention,” she continued. With that she sat back on her heels and pulled the T-shirt over her head.

I finally got to see the firm black breasts I had so often tried to glimpse on the sly. Her areolas were slightly lighter than her café au lait colored skin, and her proud nipples stood a good half-inch from their base. I moaned at the sight of this goddess exposing herself to me, and reached out to pull her close.

The kiss we shared was anything but chaste. Our tongues battled in sweet combat as our hands roamed over our bodies. I reached up to one breast and cupped and squeezed her as Geneen tore at the buttons on my shirt. I shrugged the garment from my shoulders without breaking our kiss, and moved my hands to her shorts. I felt her undoing my belt as I unsnapped her fly, and as I slipped my hand into the warmth of her crotch I was greeted with a surprise.

Geneen was shaved! Her flat tummy bulged out ever so slightly above her mons, and there was nothing but smooth skin to caress as I moved my fingers lower. I slid my middle finger between her hot lips and was treated to a groan from deep within her. I removed my hand and licked the dew from my finger, savoring the musky taste of her womanhood. There was a strange scent there as well, and it finally dawned on me that she was wearing Cinnabar perfume! The cinnamon fragrance and her cinnamon colored skin went together so well that I knew I had to taste her at her source. I pushed her back on the bed and dragged her shorts from her legs.

I launched myself onto Geneen’s body, and attacked her nipples with my mouth and hands. After so many months of wanting her, I couldn’t restrain my passion. I nibbled and gnawed on one breast and pinched the other nipple with one hand. My other hand slid down her stomach to the pouting lips of her vulva, where I proceeded to stroke and fondle her female flesh. Within moments I felt a hard nub pressing into my hand, and realized that her clit was as swollen as her nipples!

Geneen was working at sliding my pants down as I devoured her body. I moved to the side to allow her better access and she soon had my pants at my ankles. Stopping my feast long enough to finish the job, I rolled onto my back and pushed off my pants and socks. As I turned back to her, Geneen dove for my crotch and grabbed my hard cock in her hand.

“I’ve wanted a taste of this white meat for a long time, mister! And now that I have you where I want you, I may never let you go!”

I didn’t want to go anywhere else – I was in heaven as I watched her full lips part and her pink tongue reach out to lick the head of my cock. She lapped up the pre-cum at the slit and rolled her tongue around my glans a few times. Then she pushed me back onto the bed and swung her leg over my head. She looked down at me from between our bodies and announced, “You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Once you go black you never go back’? I am going to make you come so good that you will never want to even LOOK at a white woman again!”

And with that she slid her lips over my glans and proceeded to swallow me deep into her throat. While her head was moving down so were her hips, and I soon found myself tasting one of the sweetest pussies I have ever had the pleasure to eat. The musky smell of her womanhood mixed with the scent of Cinnabar was heady indeed, and I wrapped my arms around her hips to pull her closer to my face. I twirled my tongue around her clit, licked the length of her slit, and drove into her cunt with my nose and tongue. I was being washed with her juices, and loving every minute of it.

Geneen was sucking me toward orgasm so quickly that I didn’t think I could stop. All of the sexual tension that had been building that evening was too much for me, and I raised her off my lips long enough to groan, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come too fast!”

Geneen acted as if she didn’t hear me, and continued to fellate me with a passion. As I felt the cum boiling out of my balls I grabbed her clit between my lips and sucked as hard as I could. I was rewarded with a fresh wave of Geneen Juice pouring onto my face as she ground her pelvis into me. She took my dick deep into her throat and swallowed the torrents of cum that I was spewing. I could tell from her noises that she was in the middle of an orgasm too, and I continued my oral ministrations as she climaxed.

Satisfied and sweaty, we rolled around and held each other close. Our kisses were flavored with our juices, adding to the intimacy we had just shared. As our breathing returned to normal and our bodies stopped quivering, I caressed the body I had wanted for so long. Geneen returned my attentions and we drifted into a satisfied doze, knowing that the night was far from over.

To Be Continued...

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