tagLoving WivesHelp is at Hand Ch. 02

Help is at Hand Ch. 02


Helen watched Ron finish his Sunday Lunch he was going out with his Defender again she wondered whatever he saw in bouncing over unmade roads for hours on end.

"What time will you be back, Ron?" Helen asked.

Depends on the state of the roads Hon." he replied, "You know me, the more the challenge the better I like it. High risks get my adrenalin going and I never know when to quit."

Ron slipped out and drove his four by four round the corner, into the new estate and pulled up in front of Kathy Shaw's front door. Ron had rescued Kathy from a flood the previous day and had towed her car back to her house. She had been on her way to see her husband who had been in hospital after a works accident for more than four weeks. Ron had realised how horny she had been and he had enjoyed her young body more than once pumping his seed into her with his oversized penis and unknown to both of them he had fertilised her freshly released ovaries. She had asked him to take her to the hospital promising him more of what he had received from her the previous day.

Kathy was waiting, Ron took a double take she looked even better than he could remember and he wished he could take her there and then, but she insisted he wait until after she had visited Geoff her husband. He sat in his Defender on the car park and waited patiently. Kathy had gone up to the private room her husbands firm's health scheme had provided and she was pleased to see him sitting up in bed.

"How are you Geoff?" she asked.

"Oh the nurses have had me on my feet today I feel great. How are you feeling Kathy."

Kathy checked to make sure the door was locked and she whispered in his ear,

"To be perfectly truthful Geoff I'm as horny as hell. I have missed you so much."

Her hand slipped under the bed clothes and she put her hand through the front of his pyjamas and stroked his sleeping cock.

"Oh God Kathy I've missed you too." Geoff whispered breathlessly

In minutes she had her husband stiff as a poker, her hand pumped up and down the length of his cock, which erect was not as big as Ron's; her new lover's prick, when it was soft.

"Do you think we should do this Kathy?" Geoff whispered, "Someone may come in."

"I locked the door." Kathy said quietly.

Geoff could only stare in amazement as she released him and slipped her hands under her skirt and using her thumbs she pushed down her panties and put them in her handbag. She pulled back the bed clothes and straddled his thighs. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy lips before she began to guide him between the pouting lips of her wet pussy.

"Kathy we can't; I don't have any condoms and you are not on the pill."

Before he had time to finish the sentence he felt her wet velvet muscles close around his hard penis.

Kathy knew he was inside of her recently shaved pussy; her hands were around the base of his penis, but she could hardly feel him up inside of her after Ron's massive prick had stretched her yesterday.

"Kathy no! Someone may come in." Geoff whispered

Kathy was not listening as she moved up and down the length of Geoff's shorter penis. Geoff who had been without sex for over a month, just capitulated and in second he was trying to drive his penis up into Kathy's pussy to assuage his own needs. Before he knew what was happening he could feel his balls tighten, his buttocks clench, and he knew he was going to ejaculate.

"Kathy I'm going to cum." he whispered, "I'm not wearing anything; you could get pregnant. Kathy I can't hold back. Oh Jesus Kathy, I'm cumming inside you. Oh God!"

Kathy felt him thrust up and then there were two or three small spurts as he ejaculated up into her already fertilised womb. It was nothing like she had felt when Ron had squirted two jets into her the first time and god knows how many times the second. She had checked the calendar when he had left to find she was right in the centre of her ovulation time and if Geoff was in hospital for much longer he would guess any child she bore would not be his.

She had not had an orgasm but Geoff rarely brought her to climax with his penis he had to use his fingers on her clitoris when they had finished. Kathy pulled up off Geoff's slick softening penis and there was not enough semen to drip out of her twitching pussy.

"Oh God Kathy," Geoff said softly, "I could not hold back Do you want me to bring you off?"

Kathy shook her head as she retrieved her panties and pulled them back up pulling her skirt down and she looked the picture of innocence.

"No Geoff I knew you would be horny so I just had to relieve you. I did not want you lusting after the nurses. I see there are one or two very attractive ones on this private section of the hospital."

"But Kathy we did not take any precautions I could have got you pregnant. You know the risk if we do not take care."

"Geoff we are married and if such a thing happened I'm sure we would cope with it, its not as though we were only engaged or something. So what will be, will be, stop fussing about it. You enjoyed it didn't you?"

The grin on Geoff's face told her that he had enjoyed her, almost as much as she would be enjoying Ron's monster prick when she got back home. They had a few more minutes when the bell rang signifying the end of visiting time. Kathy leaned over and kissed Geoff feeling his hands go over her breasts.

"Now, Now, down big boy; don't get over excited, you have had enough for one day. I have to go I have a car waiting to take me back home after I drowned our car on the way here yesterday."

"I heard about it. I hope whoever is driving will take care of you and he goes carefully I would not want anything to happen to you. I only hope he won't charge you too much, you know what some of these taxi types are like. They take unprecedented risks."

"So do you, my darling after today's little episode," Kathy whispered grinning from ear to ear. I'll see you tomorrow just be careful with those young nurses I wouldn't want you straying. Now would I? I need more of what you gave me today and don't you forget it."

Kathy unlocked the door and made her way down to the car park where Ron her lover, the man with the biggest and fattest prick she had ever seen, was waiting patiently for his reward and she was eager to let him have it.

Ron drove back to Kathy's house and they closed the front door behind them, Kathy could not wait a moment longer she pulled off her clothes and threw them into a pile by the lounge door, Ron followed suit and Kathy watched in awe as Ron's prick thickened and grew longer as he stroked her wet pussy.

"My god Kathy you are wet have you been playing with yourself you wicked girl? How was Geoff? Did he suspect his little housewife was going to get herself fucked to a standstill when she got home."

Kathy knew the wetness was the semen Geoff had pushed up into her earlier but she had no intention of confiding that information to Ron.

"No Ron it was just the thought of this sliding up my tight pussy that had me wet enough for you to shag me with little or no foreplay."

Roy pushed her down on the couch and got between her legs; she was certainly wet enough for him to push his massive prick up inside her and her nuzzled the swollen cockhead against her proud pussy lips watching them part like a piece of over ripe fruit. She was still tight but nothing like yesterday with three or four thrusts he was balls deep. He bent up her legs against her breasts already covered with evidence of his overzealous sucking; they were a mass of brown love bites. Ron sucked her nipples until they stood up like school erasers and he began to give Kathy another good fucking. She was ripe and he was ready the wet sounds as he pounded in and out of her slippery velvet sex covered the sound of the back door opening. Kathy's friend and confidant Marilyn had seen the Landrover on the drive and curiosity had made her come over and see who Kathy was entertaining, knowing her husband was still in the hospital.

Marilyn closed the door behind her and turned the key and put it back in her purse, she tiptoed through the kitchen and into the hall. The lounge door was half open and she could hear the sound of heavy breathing and the unmistakable sounds of sex. Kathy must be watching one of Geoff's porno movies she thought to herself; I wonder who she is watching it with. Marilyn moved closer to the door and peeked inside. Her jaw dropped open there on the couch was her friend and she had a man between her splayed thighs obviously having sex. Kathy was using words she had never heard her use she listened as Kathy moaned.

"Oh fuck me harder Ron, give me more of that lovely prick of yours."

Marilyn stepped back she did not want her friend to see her or know she was there. Marilyn stood watching the performance enacted before her eyes and she gasped as Roy drew out the biggest and longest prick she had ever imagined as he turned Kathy over and slid into her from behind. Marilyn felt herself go weak at the knees her pussy flooded unexpectedly. Marilyn gasped for breath she felt hot as she watched the stranger pound in and out of her friends open pussy again and again. Marilyn could not be sure but she was had not seen any sign of him wearing a condom and she was aware that her friend could not take the pill. Was Kathy mad letting some man fuck her bareback. Even as she watched Kathy was flipped back and the man drove his massive weapon back into her and Kathy was moaning that she was going to cum. The man increased his pace, driving into her friend with the obvious intention of cumming himself.

The sight was too much for Marilyn she had to do something her pussy was flooding as she watched. She pulled up her skirt and put her hands down the front of her panties and began to rub her clitoris feeling it harden in moments. God it was so erotic, Marilyn's nipples hardened as she watched the stranger, had Kathy called him Ron? Well Ron was driving into Kathy like a man possessed. She heard him grunt several times and she watched his buttocks clench as he thrust deeper. God she thought to herself he's fucking her and cumming into her unprotected pussy the sight made her more excited and she gave a long drawn out moan. Ron heard the sound behind him and he pulled his prick out of Kathy's twitching pussy.

Marilyn could see the strings of semen clinging to the hugely swollen column of flesh. She was too far gone to move and she stood with her skirt up around her waist with he fingers rubbing her dripping pussy.

"I think we have a visitor Kathy. You're busted; now how are you going to keep this away from Geoff. Who have we here then?" He asked Marilyn who stared at Ron's oversized penis standing out in front of him.

He dragged the hapless Marilyn, in a daze, into the lounge. Kathy sat up her mouth open there was her best friend Marilyn with her hand down the front of her panties her skirt up around her waist and she knew she must have seen Ron pump his seed up into her unprotected pussy.

Ron's prick was sticking out infront of him like a ram rod. Marilyn stood staring open mouthed; she was staring at the massive piece of meat that, in her opinion, would have done a donkey proud. Ron pushed her down onto the floor and drew her panties down her legs. Marilyn was petrified. The next thing she knew was Ron, or whatever his name was had pulled her hands away from her pussy, his head went down and she whimpered as his mouth closed over her pouting pussy lips, wet with her overly excessive juices. God she though Kathy could do as she wished, but she had never been unfaithful to Charles in the two years she had been married to him, she had never considered it for a moment. Now she was flat on her back with some stranger with his head between her open thighs giving her pleasures reserved for her husband and only him. Marilyn struggled but it was hopeless she felt Ron draw up her knees and she watched in horror as he prodded her pussy with his prick still wet from being up inside her friend Kathy's pussy. She did not seem to be able to move; she seemed transfixed as the huge knob parted her pussy and after a struggle the head slipped into her inner entrance. Marilyn gagged she felt her legs pushed wider and Ron was thrusting his huge prick into her tight pussy. The feelings going through Marilyn were incredible as the massive prick stretched her open, the thickness was turning her vagina into one huge erogenous zone of pleasure, until with a soft moan she felt Ron's pubs up against the bare skin of her bald pussy. Was it possible she had taken the full length of that massive cock fully into her vagina. She certainly felt fuller than she had ever done before and her back arched up feeling the swollen knob as far into her as it was possible to get. Marilyn struggled as she felt Ron pull her dress open at the front and a a fraction of a second later she felt her bra fall away and her nipples already hard burst forth into the light. Then Ron's mouth sucked one into his mouth and Marilyn knew any further attempt to fight Ron off was useless.

Kathy lay back her legs splayed and Ron's gooey sperm oozing from her gaping pussy; she could not believe what had happened in seconds. It seemed Ron had just dumped a load of sperm into her spasming pussy when he had heard a sound coming from the hall the next minute he had dragged Marilyn into the room. Marilyn for some unfathomable reason, had her skirt up round her waist with her hand down the front of her panties. Ron had not spoken a work he had simply pushed her flat on her back pulled her panties off and seconds later he had gone down on her with his mouth and then seemingly unable to resist Marilyn had let him thrust his prick, still wet from being inside Kathy, into her pussy with more speed than she could have believed possible. Now he had her breasts out and he was riding her like a well trained whore. Kathy felt neglected but she watched as Ron drove his slick and massive cock up into her friend's pussy as though it was an every day occurrence. To her utter surprise it was as if Marilyn was just letting it happen, Kathy she would never have believed Marilyn was like that any more than she believed herself capable of the same thing. Suddenly Marilyn let out a moan as her body was wracked with the spasms of a gigantic orgasm. Roy was driving up into her as if his life depended on it and minutes later Marilyn cried out

"Oh Jesus I'm cumming again.

Then she must have felt Ron's rhythm change and she cried out,

"No Not inside of me you are not wearing any protection. Pull out of me now."

Kathy watched in awe as Ron just carried on and seconds later his buttocks clenched wildly his hips thrust deeper and he grunted as he felt his prick jerk sending wads of his sperm laden semen deep into her friends pussy. Marilyn gasped as she felt the thick curds of semen erupt inside of her stretch vagina. Her body seemed to be on a mission as she felt her hips rise up to take each blast at just the right angle for it to penetrate her uterine entrance, her cervix, letting the millions of tiny swimmers push up through the narrow entrance

"Oh God no! You've cum inside me. Oh Jesus and I'm not on the pill you bastard."

Marilyn could not believe what had happened and she was about to get up when Ron simply pushed her back down and thrust up into her again.

"No, No, No!" Marilyn cried out "I have to get up and douche myself."

Ron however had other ideas and he drove into her in a pure frenzy, Marilyn was carried away by the sensations the huge prick was sending up her clamping pussy. Her whole vagina seemed to be one erogenous zone, the pleasure racing through her was like bolts of electricity. She had never felt anything like it before. She knew she would never be able to claim it was rape she had simply let him slide into her very wet pussy without her being able to say 'No'. Meanwhile the swimming spermatozoa were moving rapidly towards Marilyn's fertile ovaries and when Ron felt her shudder through several more orgasms he had to cum into her one more time come what may.

Ron knew he was close and when Marilyn let out a long scream of pleasure as her multi-orgasms wracked her body like a tornado. Ron bellowed like a bull moose in rut as his balls tightened and he felt the semen raced up along the thrusting prick; to explode in the biggest deluge of cum he had ever produced. His jerking prick pumped jet after jet deep into Marilyn's clamping, sucking pussy. It seemed that her vagina was sucking the very soul out of Ron's spurting phallus, as he just kept cumming. His lips kept continually sucking the smaller breasts into his mouth, his teeth nipping and biting as Marilyn squirmed and her hips bucked up under the constant plunging prick. She could feel the curds of cum being forced out past her gripping vulva and being whipped up into a thick creamy sludge around the base of Ron's pulsing prick and the lips of her battered pussy. Finally Ron slumped forward and he felt Marilyn's legs come from around his back and she drew them up against her chest unknowingly helping more of the fertile seed to enter her fertile centre. Kathy slid down off the couch and made her way on her hands and knees toward where Marilyn lay with Ron's prick still up tight inside her vagina. Ron began to withdraw from Marilyn's overfilled vagina he had softened but as he pulled away strings of a mixture of Ron's stick sperm and Marilyn's cum hung in a string still connecting Ron to Marilyn's abused but satisfied sex.

Kathy could not seem to help herself she tentatively reached out with her finger and touched the sticky string and broke the connection. She then brought her finger to her lips like a string of spaghetti and she sucked it into her mouth getting nearer and nearer to Ron's dripping cock as she did so. Her tongue reached out and she licked the tip and moments later she had it in her mouth sucking and stroking the softened flesh. Ron knew it would take some time for him to recover after his last bout in Marilyn's pussy, he had cum more than he thought possible. Marilyn lay back her overstretched and overfilled pussy was leaking onto her friends carpet, but she seemed to be too exhausted to move and she watch fascinated as Kathy sucked at Ron's flaccid dick like a vacuum cleaner, licking and sucking Marilyn's cum and Ron's sperm as though it were a gift from the gods. Marilyn stretched her hand our and cupped Ron's balls in he hand, they felt heavy and sticky as she slowly moulded and caressed them in the palm of her hand. Ron felt great he had just had the best sex he could ever remember experiencing and now he had two attractive women, one completely naked and the other almost so, both full of his sperm sucking and fondling his flaccid cock. It was inevitable that it slowly began to respond to the continual stimulation.

Kathy could not believe it when it began to thicken in her mouth, it took some time but eventually she had to remove it as it was stretching her mouth wider than was comfortable. She looked at Marilyn who had not moved her legs still splayed wide letting the contents of her gaping sex dribble unheeded onto Kathy's lounge carpet and Ron who was surprised his prick was hard again slipped behind the kneeling Kathy knelt down and slid the thick prick back into her gaping pussy again and began to fuck her doggie style. Kathy's eyes flew open as she felt the thick shaft sink fully into her for the second time that evening. Ron was perfectly aware that he would not be able to cum for a long, long time but nothing was going to stop him from giving Kathy the fucking of her life. He held on to her hips and drove his throbbing prick into her for what seemed like an hour during which time she shrieked each time an orgasm ripped through her body until with a gasp she collapsed exhausted onto the carpet leaving Ron with a raging hard on and a pair of aching balls. Marilyn was still lying with her legs spread wide but the cum had now become a slow ooze but the carpet had a huge dark stain where she had leaked the excess cum from her open pussy. Ron calmly walked over to her and knelt between her legs; Marilyn just stared and offered no resistance as Ron guided the still wet cock between the gaping lips and slid into the cavernous depths of Marilyn's pussy. He knew he had to get off to relieve the ache in his balls, so pushing Marilyn's knees up against her chest he began to ride her hard; his lips seeking and finding her tenderised nipples and Marilyn gave a long deep moan as Ron sucked and his prick pounded in and out of her pussy in a repeat of his frenzied attack earlier. Marilyn's hips rose up to meet each thrust of Ron's rock hard prick, her body alive with the pure ecstasy she was receiving, her husband had never raised her to such heights.

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