tagIncest/TabooHelping My Brother Ch. 02

Helping My Brother Ch. 02


This story makes much more sense if you begin with Helping my Brother the first Chapter.



I had sex with my Brother Nick and was now laying in bed with him on his boat during our fishing trip.

Before falling asleep I had run through all the ramifications of what I had done, including how I could possibly sexually satisfy two men. The word which kept running through my head was incest, sex with my brother. But it didn't feel like incest at all, but then I had no idea what it would be like except for how incredible my body felt. I'd never had feelings for Nick until he shared that his wife Suzanne was refusing him sex, which set everything in motion.

My very last thoughts before drifting off were of a more carnal nature, centered around how fucking hot the sex had been and what a great lover he was. God, my body was singing. Nick was sleeping next to me, and before drifting off myself I lay listening to his breathing in the dark, and the feel of his warmth. Unable to resist I ran my fingers through the dark bush of his crotch, letting the wiry hairs catch between my fingers. He was so delicious, so powerful, and these were the feelings which worried me. I would fall in love with him, was in love with him, and want this wonderful cock for my very own, still remembering its hum inside of me. Yes, I would want to feel it all again, again again and...I am getting wet just thinking about it.


I lay like that with his thick cock wrapped in my hand, feeling the pulse of its heart beating and wondering what he tasted like?


Chapter 2


I woke slowly, could feel the gentle rocking of the boat in the pitch dark night, wrapped in Nick's powerful arms. Oh, our bed was so warm and I was so relaxed and comfortable. My back was to him, his soft breath on my shoulder; and I could feel in the blackness, his hard cock pressed right into my back. But what I realized next was his hand sliding lightly over my hip.

God, he was so hard, I could feel its length running up my spine. That beautiful cock. I felt giddy at where I was and guilty for feeling so wonderful.

His hand continued to move softly along my hip bone, curling his fingers so their tips tickled my golden bush, probably why I woke up. His breath at the nape of my neck was hot, and when I felt the head of his cock slide lower down my back and across my bum my whole body tingled. He was positioning himself behind me, sliding lower, lower, mmmmmm, god. Fuck, I could feel it slipping between my legs, that little space opening up right at the bottom of my butt. Fuck, it was thick. His hand gripping me tighter around my waist as he pressed, rolling me forward a little. My breath caught in my throat, oh god, he wants to fuck me again, and I was instantly wet. I tried to hold myself still, but could not resist responding as I pressed myself back against him, feeling his length push further between my legs. Unable to resist, I feigned a stretch and slipped one leg forward, opening my cunt to his play.

Play with me sweet, oh god I itch.

His cock, once nestled in began to slide lightly, back and forth, back and forth, and with each pass I could feel myself moistening and opening. His movement was insistent, he was plowing me, tickling my hairs, and spreading my pussy lips open until the tip of his cock was burrowing right into my wet slit. I was creaming as my juices began to flow, it became impossible to stay still, my hips began moving in a rhythmic undulation. I felt like sighing, moaning, whimpering when suddenly he froze. Did I make a noise? Can he tell I am awake? Shit. Don't stop! I lay utterly motionless trying to hold my breath as even as possible, feigning sleep.

Oh god, that itch. Oh god, play, move on me. Oh, how I wanted this.

His cock held still, nestled between my legs, when I felt his breath fanning my ear, "Sara? Sara. You awake?"

"Hmmmm." I sighed, as if rousing.

"Sara, I NEED you. I want you, again."

His words tickling my ear and I turned my head so my cheek touched his. The insistence, so delicious. Not, he wanted to have sex, but he NEEDED me.

Still feigning sleep, I pretended to rouse myself, "Hmmmm." Looking into the darkness toward him, "Baby. Again? What time is it?"

Oh God, he is so strong. In the pitch black night I am enveloped by a demon. It is a dream, it felt like dreaming and I was still half asleep. My voice sounded like a kittens, my words were mewing out of me. I felt so small and surrounded, so female. His arms on me, his smell, his cock between my legs as I pressed my ass into his hips. His hand began trickling over my tummy, playing at the edge of my bush below my navel. I can't get over how gentle those big hands were.

All these thoughts happened simultaneous, when his response to my question of the time brought me back. He answered, "I don't know." Then added, "You are so beautiful, you feel so good. I NEED you." His cock again moving, pressing deep between my legs at the word need, its hunger, its touch, and the thought of being needed. His body needing mine. I was his instrument, play me, the hammer striking its string. Play away. Yes.

I am thinking 'Yes! My lover yes,' but remaining calm I say, "K" and open my legs further to him.

I am all yours. All of me. God, his hand pressing further down my front as his cock was opening my brook. My gushing river, feeling it trickle down my thigh with such a hunger I had never felt before.

Be lazy with him he is mine all mine, yes. Let him play, feeling him press to me, touching me, sliding, up and back, inside around my slit. His dripping hungry cock poking prodding, playing and splitting me. Oh god, what a tease, such an exquisite torture, until I am following that beautiful cock head around like a kitten with a bowl of milk, moving my hips to him. Give me your milk, milk me. I want. I want to drink the milk of that cock.

My body hurt with such a delicious ache as he dipped it just inside. I opened my mouth at the intrusion, panting like an animal, yes, put it in me! His fingers had found my clit, all swollen and sensitive, rubbing me just how I like it. How can you know? Our bodies so perfect, so fitted. Can it be that a brothers cock and sisters cunt are actually perfectly fitted? We come from the same place, the same DNA. How can it be?

And my mind, my sleepy mind, imagines this all as dreaming. It is crazy to feel like this, my hand reaches back and grips his hip, yes he is there solid and real, and then reaching back into the his bush. Tickling the hilt of his cock, how I want to feel myself filled with it, oh yes. His fingers are working between my legs, and I am openly panting, moaning under his touch, can't get enough. I want to kiss him, and can feel his chin buried in my hair, kissing my neck. My pussy is swirling in his fingers, shiny with cum. I scratch my nails on his skin at a particularly invasive probe, feeling his cock head again pop just into me, then out again. My body pressing back to swallow it whole. Give it to me, yes and the pressure and the curve of my back as I lift my ass, turning it up like a cats, and yes, oh god, yes.

Here it comes!

Ohhhhh, god, his cock sliding up inside, finding its mark, stretching and opening. I am filled with that beautiful cock. "Oh baby," I breathe. The air goes right out of me. Sighing, "Yeeeees. Oh god, yes."

So hard and Hot. Amazing. I'm so wet and again overcome, how I would do anything. Anything! Ahhhhh. Shit...he is still rubbing, digging, rooting around my clit, rubbing me so hard and fast, his fingers pressed between my legs and I clamp down on his hand. Fuck me.

I moan, "Oh baby, yes, I am, your fuck toy. I'll give you, anything. Anything you want. So fucking good." I can't recognize my own voice.

Am I still asleep? This lazy fuck. Am I dreaming? I barely move and in the blackness take it from behind, arching my back, give him my hungry mouth between my legs. Take it, anything, all of it, yours. My pussy is yours. You own my cunt. Take it, open me, oh GOD how my body stretches with each thrust. The angle of it, as his cock head presses up inside, sliding along the front of my insides, scraping and stretching me open. It feels so incredible and my body stretching to take him in. Put it in me, god, taking its length as I push back against his beautiful body, every inch.

Oh I want to see him, but it is so dark, my tongue hangs out and lays on my lower lip as I take it. I realize I still have not ever seen him completely naked in the light of day, giving me such an urge to see this body naked as I fuck in the dark. I have not bowed down to worship at the gate of this cock that is in me. I want to eat him, push my mouth around this head, feel it in my throat. I want to taste the salt of his cum and do so many other dirty things. Be filled and fucked in every way possible.

I want everything. I want to be naked and eaten, looked at and adored with legs spread wide. Oh, imagine his mouth on my pink slit, open and wet. Lick MY cream. I want to be naked in the light of day, to ride this cock and see it slide into me. Can I? How can I be feeling like this? All over again, his root in me, opening and spreading. I can feel it rising into my heart, it leaves me panting and sighing.

I keep cooing into the night, "Oh my baby, oh my lover."

"Sara...I've got you, I'm fucking you." His voice is a rumble that shakes my chest, and he is grasping my breasts, mauling me, as he pumps inside from behind, and rolling me over face first onto the bed. He follows as I turn into the bed, never leaving my cunt, his leg lifts over my ass and he lays lightly upon me, riding me from behind. Fucking into me, gripping my hips, god I am so tight filled to the hilt with this cock! I pull my legs together and squeeze. 'You can do any god damn thing you want.' is repeating over and over in my brain. I can't wake up, and I lay there and take it, so gentle, these long slow strokes. His kisses raining down on my shoulders.

Then faster, deeper, so steady, and I press back to meet each thrust, ugh, my throat gurgling at his thrusts, the feel of his shaft in me. I lift my backside up, bending my ass in the air, I can smell us and hear the squish and slap of our sexes coming together. He moves back, tugging my hips and I follow so my knees are holding me up a little more and a little more. I become his doggy and he rides me, takes me by the hair and pulls back my head.

"Uhhh," we still fit in this little space, riding together so close. My ass lifted in the air and my arms stretched in front of me, crouching with my ass up, so I can push back and get him inside me as deep as possible. We are One again. Oh so deep, so deep, pulling out and pressing in, one. His tip playing at my entrance and then burying inside. The delicious pain rising, the throb, the heartbeat, the ridge of his cock stretching and closing me.

Oh god, Oh god, my body is burning, liquid. My cunt is creaming, taking it. Yes. And I take it, and the pain of my hair being pulled back as he rides me feels so incredibly hot. Trapped in the dark by demons. It feels involuntary, I am being held, I want to scream 'NO,' just so he will keep doing it. I can't leave, he pulls my hair so hard my head is bent sharply back as he rides, fucking me so hard and I take it. My tits jostling from his thrusts. Oh God!

"Oh fuck me," I pant.

"I need this so bad," he growls.

"Yes. Yes. Cum in me, cum in me, take me any way you want. Baby. Over and over. My cunt is yours." And I can't even control what I am saying now.

Even as I say it, he is bruising me again. Marking me, my body breaking, it aches. I turn to look back, just the flicker of eyes and movement, pumping away. I can feel each thrust and my head bobbing each time. He is glowing again, Am I? I am in awe. My skin is blurred when we are together. I can't tell me from him. The way his cock kisses into my cunt. The base of his cock bumping into my bum, this wet cock head teasing the lips of my puss, my gapping cunt gagging on this beautiful cock. Opening me like a flower, he plunges his hands between my legs, feeling him pump into me as he grinds my clit, I am about to explode. His fingers working on me, a rising exquisite pain and I am going to cum, yes, rising in me. Can feel it in my hips, my skin is hot, flushed, my body trembling. I feel my body begin to spasm, rocking me with involuntary contractions. "Oh god," I am panting. "Fuck me." I want this so bad, am so wet, can feel streaks of cum running down my thighs as I hold my legs open, losing utter control of my body.

The itch, the itch. Yes cum in me, god I want a taste. "Oh baby, cum in me, let me drink you, oh yea, cum in me. I want it. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck...my CUNT."

"I'm cumming, cumming in you baby. Oh, oh." His deep moan. This animal behind me.

I push back so hard, hold my hands straight out. He is pounding me faster now, so hard and pulling at me, give it. Moaning in spite of myself, these strangled noises deep in my throat. And the rumble of his guttural groans. I lost, gripping the sheets in my hands and the orgasm ripping my body, shaking and quivering, cannot hold myself up as he grips to me. My skin hot, so sensitive. I squeeze my cunt hard and his body stiffens. Oh fuck.

My legs open wide, take him all in as he explodes. "Oh FUCK! YES." Go ahead and peel me open. Ughhh. I can feel it. He pressing his cock inside and stiffening, holding it there, deep, and cumming, filling me. Milking him, his milk. Ahhhh, his cum! God so much cum. He is streaming into me, I'm drinking him as fast as I can. I feel it every time.

I respond, panting out "I'm cumming," To be filled like that, so big. My orgasm is this rolling flash of light, an aching pain. It keeps going, and does not end. I can feel cum in my belly and collapse into the mattress, my orgasm so long, its pain. Split me in half. Uhhhh. Stretch me, Oh, still inside! I feel like I am being cut by glass, laying flat on the mattress. Never cum like that. He lays down on me, and his trembling body quivers with my skin, wet with sweat.

"You feel so good. So fucking good. Such a good little girl letting me fuck you."

In one wave, together laying there in the dark, slight waves of water lapping the boat, the pain of our orgasm. I feel my senses return, and still dark. The inability of my eyes to take anything in, accentuating the smells and sounds. I am wet, so wet, and the earthy smell of our sex, my sex. The smell of fish and wood, and old wine. The water and the night, the old boat and the trees. We made so much noise! Noisy sex. Our cries had to have been heard for miles around, by everyone on this silent lake. I realize this as I come to my senses. What did we sound like? Some wild animal, a fight maybe or being eaten alive. Our screams echoing off the trees. My body held to his, all silence now.

Except our Breath. Breathing, this singular moment, and the exhaustion sets in. I can feel our hearts, can still feel the pulse of his cock in me. Where does such a hunger come from?

He rolls off and to my side, and I feel him slip out, we turn to one another and kiss. Soft and open, more like holding our mouths together, exhausted, wet kisses.

He smothers me with his body, skin to skin, pressing close, laying naked, tangled in the sheets cum oozing out my little cream pie. I can just see the whites of his eyes, little flecks, and open myself, wrap my arms around his hot waist and we kiss, hard and softer. And then just hold our mouths together, laying side by side.

I say, "I can still feel you inside me. I can still feel your heartbeat."


I say, "You made love to me."



And as we shift ourselves, I once again turn my back to him, feel those powerful arms wrap around me. Feel his wet and flaccid cock against my back. The smell of us is incredible. His hand slides along my belly for the sweaty wetness, the warmth.

As we lay there, his hand stroking through my damp bush, and in the blackness, the quiet, the night, my brother just totally opens his heart:



There was this long pause.

"I consider myself a pretty tough guy, can handle a lot. I never realized how much pain I been in." He sighs, "What you have given me, you just don't know. You given me my sight back, my life back. Seriously. Most of the time I don't know what I FEEL. Never have, I guess. Too busy. Most of the time I don't, cause I 'do,' I 'think,' I 'plan.' The thing is it's not sex I want. It never was. I just, so crave, love. But what? What is that? To be needed. To be needed. And it IS physical too. With lovers, with a wife, a girlfriend you can say 'I love you' and it is the love you want. But the physical love, the feelings and contact, the need for the the bodies to come together, IN love, its that too. Not bad or dirty. It can't be separated, it can't, physical love and love in general. To be wanted, desired, needed. It's all one thing, it has to be. You can't live with just the smell of food, you have to eat it. Hold it in your hand, swallow it. To hear 'I love you, but I don't want to have sex with you.' Sara, Sara I've felt so abandoned, embarrassed. It hurt so much. Like being paralyzed. I won't lie. I've been so lonely, so sad in the midst of wonderful friends and family, success in every other way. I have a wonderful life. But no one, NO ONE, touching me or needing me or wanting me in THAT one way. That mattered, more than I realized. It would be like a baby whose parents won't pick her up but who lean over the crib saying 'I love you' 'I love you' all the time. What does that even mean? And you. Sara. Crazy bat shit. God. You gave me this, even though you are my sister. Even though this is wrong on so many levels, and no one would understand. You risked THIS, for me. I was so lonely Sara. You needing ME, giving your body, and what a body it is by the way. Mmmm. It's weird, this simple act, this physical act. I have always loved you, as family. Never any other way, as gods truth. I'd have never imagined sharing physical love, with the love I have, for you. But being cut off, left adrift, what you mean to me now, saving me. God Sara, I love you in every way I can. If we never ever do anything ever again, if you never touch me again, I will never never forget this."

I kissed him, felt the deepest compassion I'd ever felt for anyone. Felt connected in a way I never thought possible. My eyes tearing up.

"I'm right here. Not going anywhere. Here for you, said I would be. I love you, but never in a million years could I imagine I'd be wrapped in your arms. But I am. This will all work out. I have no fucking clue how. I never provided sexual release to two men, and don't know how much I can be there for you in this way in the future. But I am yours, and my love for you includes 'physically' now. You've been in me Nick, inside my body. I let you touch me sexually. I love you, and I love you 'in that way' too now. And I don't think I can put the genie back in the bottle."

I opened my mouth to him, kissed him passionately, hungrily and clung to his chest. I was crying and felt the tears on his cheeks, felt his tongue on my teeth, his chest pressed to my breasts.

"I know," he said so gentle, kissing me again, and forming the words on my lips, "Thanks...Thanks."

We rolled apart a little, settling back in for sleep.

"I'm just your every day bat shit crazy sister who puts her panties on one leg at a time..."

I waited a pregnant pause --

before adding, "...When I wear em."

And drifted off to sleep.


Next morning, slowly I pulled myself out of his arms and rolled myself over to look at him. God, there he was in the gradually rising sunlight. My brother in bed with me, both of us naked. My night demon. He stayed just how he was, laying on his side with such a peaceful look. Was he happy? Why yes he was, and I felt proud in a strange way. I had really given him something, something no one else had in quite awhile and, to my mind anyway, no one else could. My thoughts drifted to the prior night, how absurd it all seemed to me now. I relived the feeling of settling down on him, how he stretched me. The way he pulled my hair back, how it felt to be held that way in the dark, how he rode my body. His hunger, and I shivered. I lay my hand over my puss and groaned, god it felt so good. I lay there and the soreness of my body entered my senses, ohhh, he still felt like he was in me. The throbbing between my legs. It felt as if he were permanently in me, I could literally feel the rise and fall of his breath. Throbbing. My liquid center began to release, I could feel my wetness, still holding my hand over my matted and sore little cunny. How would I control this?

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