tagIncest/TabooHelpless Sins Ch. 03

Helpless Sins Ch. 03


Part 3: Absence Makes the Loins go Mad

"Oh God. Not again." Charlene grumbled in disgrace as the rays of morning light stabbed between her eyelids that seemed less than willing to completely open. Her hand, still buried in her underwear, felt overly warm and betrayed the moisture between her thighs as she rubbed her slick fingertips together. For the third morning in a row since her son David had left her house, she had awakened from torrid dreams of their incestuous revelations to the realization that her body had demanded more than unconscious recollection in her dreams. Her clitoris still pulsed with the stimulation she had only just abandoned upon waking and the sensation coursed through her body with a terrible need to culminate in climax.

In the dawning moments of consciousness, the visions of her dreams; that of her son between her over eagerly parted legs, sinking his blessed manhood into her sex over and over, still felt as real as the room around her was becoming and without much care to invite reality too early, Charlene sank her fingers back where her body needed them still. The renewed splendor of penetration sent her ecstasy into sharper relief and she rolled over onto her back, pulling one of her shapely legs up under her other arm to make her labors easier. Her breathing began to rasp as her hand darted between her legs with its own will, sending her fingertips into her shuddering wetness with decadent enthusiasm.

"God baby, harder..." She whispered, already half way back into the dream of David's cock sinking in and out of her, his own mother, the depraved whore such as she had become for him, longing to fulfill a need that seemed now rather boundless. Despite her shame she craved his body against hers, but the protection that her solitude provided allowed her to continue without much reflection on morality. The lust had once again taken control, replacing Charlene's higher reasoning with the carnal needs that she fought daily now to restrict within herself. What had begun to trouble her most however, was the fact that each time she submitted to her furtive lusts, her body seemed to require more to satiate its appetite. Her fingers felt inadequate, measured against the memory of David's cock filling her as no man's had before. Charlene dropped her leg alongside the other, the burning in her core demanding more to be quenched.

"This has gotten out of hand!" She thought with aggravation, but too much had been done for her loins to allow her to stop now. Charlene rolled to her side, reaching desperately for her night stand as the beast within her screamed like a starving wolf at the moon. The drawer yanked open too easily, nearly spilling its contents onto the carpet beside her bed as Charlene grasped and discarded a book and her reading glasses case before her fingers wrapped around the shaft of the phallic instrument of pleasure that she hoped desperately would calm the storm in her loins. With trembling hands she twisted the base switch until the toy vibrated to life on its most forceful setting. She stared at it a moment, singing its rhythmic song in her hands, wishing for a moment that if she were to slide it into her mouth it would bear the flavor of her son's salty skin.

Rolling over again, she penetrated herself before she was even settled, her inner walls pulsing with the dildo's playful dance. Harshly she worked it in and out, grunting lewdly and without care as she imagined again being taken with the tremendous force she now only imagined her son inflicting on her. Her eyes had slammed shut, replacing her surroundings with the fantasy of David's hands pinning her knees back against her heavy breasts. She could see him, beautiful and young, thrusting his hips forward until every inch of his penis vanished between her sensitive labia. He was strong; his eyes determined. She was his again; damn all her inner resistance, she would forever be his as long as he was inside her. She could decide if she hated herself for it later.

Charlene gasped out incoherently, the sound of her whispers and moans accompanies only by the low dull buzz of her toy and the coaxed juiciness seeping from her womb. The images in her mind altered, taking her body involuntarily with them. Without a care for the effort of it, Charlene rolled over onto her stomach, panting into her pillow as she raised her bottom up. The blanket slid from her body exposing her thong clad sex to the ceiling before she tore the saturated underwear down the back of her thighs and sank the toy back inside her inconsolable vagina from behind.

"Fuck yes!" Charlene screamed as she crammed it forcefully against her g-spot. A flash of how obscene she had to look occurred to her in that desperate moment of sexual need and weakness; ass in the air and one hand reached around to penetrate herself as though David himself were in her bed where she needed him, grasping her waist, calling her his and taking her for his pleasure.

"David... David!" She groaned repetitively as she relentlessly besieged her swollen vagina to batter against the spot that promised absolute release.

"God David, fuck me to death! I'm cumming!" Charlene screamed as her muscles tightened around the toy in jarring grips before dispensing a spastic feminine ejaculation that brought her slumping down flat against her belly once more. Her hand released the toy in exhaustion and it continued to pulsate, unguided in the depths of her quivering wetness. The climax had overpowered her to the brink of exhaustion. It felt without end of depth and relentlessness as it tore through her body with a tsunami of breath stealing pleasure. Even when, after some time, the toy buzzed its way free of her body and danced in the wet spot left on her sheets between her trembling thighs, Charlene made no dare to move and disrupt the ebb and flow of internal bliss that frenzied through her nerves. Only until the moment had fully passed, and the fantasy fully faded away; only when the buzzing phallus had begun to annoyingly knock against the side of her knee did she roll to her side, turn it off and toss it off the bed before letting her composure return to her enough to competently sit up and scoot her underwear back up her hips. The coolness of her own moisture on the fabric, long removed from her body to freely interact with the chilly air of the room, pressed against her clitoris and sent one last lingering current through her core.

The beast within was silent now, asleep until her immoral cravings awakened it again. Its less pleasant counterpart took its place in her thoughts, riddling Charlene with guilt and indignity as she reluctantly stood up and moved towards her dresser, in her daily mindless routine to select attire in which to exercise. With self disgust she pulled the tainted thong back off again and helplessly rubbed it against her vagina, only slightly less than horrified at how much of her dampness had smeared across it before tossing the garment in her laundry basket and slipping a fresh pair back up her legs. After donning a pair of her insulated black running pants and a purple tank top, Charlene turned to face the disarray that she had once again made of her bed. Her pillows were scattered and the thick down comforter had been kicked into one corner of the mattress and lay half on the floor. In the center of the linen, like a testament to her corruption was the large dark stain the size of a dinner plate and several scattered smears of saturation that her toy had done the honor of dribbling around her bed before she had found the ability to move and shut it off. With a sigh that felt too heavy for her own lungs, Charlene grabbed at a corner of the bedding to peel it free of the mattress and add it to her inundated thong in the laundry before she stopped short, staring at the clutter like it was a task far larger than it really was.

"Screw it." She huffed and let loose of the fabric in frustration. Her mind was in too many places to play the domesticated woman and she crossed her room around her bed, promising herself that she'd take care of it after a hard run and a well earned shower. As she flung her curtains open however, all good intentions dissolved to the depressing sight of snow falling so thick, Charlene had to squint through it to make out the house across the street. What should have been a view of the road below her was masqueraded in thick sparkling white. The distinction between elevation of the street and the shouldering curbs was gone and the more she stared, Charlene felt certain it had been surpassed by several feet of frozen precipitation. Cars parked in their driveways were submerged to their side mirrors and for all the chaos before her eyes, it was apparent that the city snow plows had not even bothered to begin any attempt to start their efforts in her neighborhood.

"Punishment, right?" Charlene asked as she stared upward out the frosty pane at her faceless and seemingly mocking creator concealed behind heavy cloud cover, before slouching her shoulders in defeat and turning back towards her dresser, kicking her running pants off as she moved and flicking them with her foot onto her bed with the lump of musty sweet smelling linen. After sliding a heavy pair of sweatpants back on, she snatched up the dildo from is discarded location on her rug. It glistened with the saturation of extended use, but rather than provide Charlene with the smile of satisfaction that it had done its duty admirably, it had become another token symbolizing her feelings of utter failure as a mother. Hurriedly, she rounded the corner from her bed room, making her way to the sink in her bathroom where she thrust the robotic phallus under hot running water and began to wipe it clean with a hand towel with a mania an onlooker might confuse with a person destroying evidence of some horrid crime. When the dildo once again had adopted all of the clean normalcy that a sex toy possibly could, she walked back into her room, tossed it in her bedside drawer amidst a clutter of condoms and ball point pens and slammed it shut as though she couldn't have been happier to have it out of sight.

The walk down the slender flight of stairs to her living room seemed to Charlene to be a decent into Hell as she knew she would be unable to look upon her sofa without vivid images of her son gripping his masculinity with all the splendor of its engorged potential in a full color flashback of what had started everything she now resented herself for. Trying not to look at its now innocent appearance, she sank into its soft cushions and grabbed for the television remote, giving little notice to the growling in her stomach begging for breakfast. Her thumb tapped the channel control rapidly as her eyes masterfully surveyed passing programs that, in the blink of a second displayed nothing interesting to force her to linger there.

"Can't run; nothing on TV..." Charlene huffed with irritation. "This should be a fun day." She added as she rolled back off the couch, punched in the numerals on the remote for the weather channel and walked into her kitchen.

"...an absolutely awful storm." A meteorologist's voice trailed off as Charlene opened her refrigerator and dug around for a Tupperware container filled with freshly chopped melon that she had cut up the night before. As she grabbed a fork out of another drawer and flipped the switch on her coffee maker the television spoke again forcing her attention back towards the living room.

"If you're just joining us, we direct your attention to the north eastern section of New York where something of a small blizzard is consuming the North Country." The announcer chimed more merrily than such circumstances deserved. Charlene plopped back into the couch and began to eat as she stared at the man on the screen who was wearing what, for all Charlene could account, seemed to be a suit made out of motel drapes. He was circling his hand against the digital image of an enormous storm that was sweeping over her area and worse, towards David's. Instinctively she set down her tub of melon and hunched over the arm of the couch, wiggling her fingers into her handbag which was just out of reach to make it an uncomfortable stretch until she found her phone. Not bothering to settle back into place first, she tapped the screen to life. No icons stood out indicating missed calls, texts or voicemails. Charlene pulled herself back up into place and once again eyed her television. The animation being displayed confirmed her fears. A large dark purple oval that was presently right on top of her town was being shown drifting towards the right and resting comfortably over where her son was probably already racing down white slopes with little intention of moving on after.

"Crap..." Charlene cursed meagerly, and then smiled in spite of herself as it occurred to her that her concern for David was the first thought she had had about him all morning which hadn't panged her with guilt. As soon as the warmth of that simple pleasure was through her, her mind betrayed its darker ambitions, replacing her maternal instinct with baser needs for him to come home safely. The animal in her loins grumbled in its sleep.

"Put the phone down Charlene." She said to herself, and obeying her own better sense she set it down in her lap and stared back at the television without really taking into account what she was seeing before her. Her head was starting to swim with the prospect of his presence and the closure it might bring them. Her eyes settled back into her lap at the calm black screen of her iphone which stared back as though flat out daring her to pick it up.

"No." She thought. "Let him be. You're a mess and he'll know it if you call." As she set the phone back down on the arm of the couch drumming her fingers against her hip in anxiety as she tried to concentrate on the television.

"And as you can see here on the DOPLAR, the storm system will continue to gust down from Canada and into the northern and northeastern areas of New York, bringing with it significant lake effect snow and high wind. Temperatures in the Adirondack areas are expected to drop into the low teens and well into the negatives by evening with snow accumulation of five feet or more by nine o'clock tonight. Residents are advised to avoid travel if and at all possible and certainly to avoid major highways after 7pm." The weather man reported as Charlene stared intently at the dark purple highlight of the RADAR behind the reporter as it repeated it's animation; resting finally over the precise area that her son was staying. She glanced back down at her phone and back to the television. Deciding that a call from a concerned parent could be made to sound less needy than she felt, Charlene picked her phone back up, highlighted her son's name in her list and tapped it. Her arm felt shaky as she tucked her hair behind her ear and lifted the cell to it.

"Relax." She exhaled as the ringtone chimed. A mere several seconds of rings felt like an eternity as she fidgeted deeper into her place on the sofa.

"Hi Mom." David's deep voice sounded in Charlene's ear as soon as the line clicked over. Hearing it sent a current through her body that was anything but maternal.

"Hi David. I'm watching the news and the weather heading for your area..." She began, her voice cracking so nervously that she felt like she was back in middle school, calling a boy for the first time. "Well... how's the weather out there anyhow?" She finished meekly.

"How's the weather? You did not just say that." She scolded herself, cupping her forehead in her hand in silent embarrassment. For all her preconceived notions about how nervous she was, Charlene realized that there wasn't going to be any way to escape the call without making a fool of herself. Fighting every urge to simply hang up and blame it on poor signal, she pressed the phone against her ear more firmly and braced herself for more of the same flutter her nerves would provide when her son spoke to her again.

"I imagine it's every bit as bad as the TV says it is." David replied with a casual voice. In the distance, Charlene heard many voices moving in and out of her son's vicinity. "We're all packed into the lodge right now hoping for a break but it doesn't look like we're gonna get one." He added.

"It's really coming down huh? Same here. In fact from what I'm seeing, you haven't even gotten the worst of it yet." Charlene replied hopelessly.

"Stop talking about the weather or get off the phone you moron!" Her embarrassment shouted in her mind. Charlene swallowed hard, searching into the recesses of her memory for a time not long passed when having a simple conversation with her son was still a relatively easy occurrence.

"Terrific. Well we were expecting as much. It's already bad enough out here that they won't let us on the slopes." David replied with defeat in his tone. The air on the phone went quiet between them as Charlene moved her lips silently hoping with each passing second that the connection between them would fail so that she could stop trying to think of something to say. "Is everything alright? Did I lose you?" David asked, his voice changing to one of concern.

"No I'm fine here." Charlene lied. "Actually I was more concerned about you out there."

"Well, we may have to take off earlier than expected so we don't get snowed in here." David remarked before saying something under his breath to someone close by him. Charlene couldn't make it out and wasn't really interested anyhow. The simple idea that her son might have to return to her early spread like a wave of warm hope that permeated all the inappropriate areas her body had to offer. She looked out the living room window at the blizzard burying her mailbox and silently prayed that it continue.

"Oh. Well of course if you need to come home..." She began but stopped short, hearing the happiness in her voice that shouldn't have been there. "That is to say, I don't want you getting stuck or worse; into an accident. You scare the hell out of me whenever you take your car out in the snow to begin with." She continued, feeling proud that she had managed to come across at least in part, more like a mother than an optimistic girlfriend. "You'll keep me posted right?"

"Yeah of course." David answered through the crackle of failing reception.

"Is everything else alright? Are you coming home in one piece?" Charlene asked. "How is Phil doing? Everything ok there?" She asked, hearing her words dissolve into a blather of disjointed nonsense.

"Alright woman. How about one question at a time before he doesn't want to come home to your babbling ass at all?" She scolded herself unremittingly, feeling more hopeless with each syllable that came out of her mouth.

"Um yeah, I'm fine. Phil's fine; everything's fine. Mom, are you sure you're ok?" Her son replied. Charlene silently cursed, knowing full well what had prompted such a question. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply to regain composure. Her heart was pounding in her chest and for all the chill coming through the window next to her, she felt like she was steadily becoming feverish.

"I... miss you." She finally said just above a whisper into the receiver of her phone which felt heavier in her hand with each passing second. She wondered if David understood the context that her words were meant to convey. Gritting her teeth, Charlene waited for the reply to the simple truth she had not intended to express when she had dialed him up.

"I miss..." David began and then stopped short. Charlene tore the phone from her ear to check the call status on the phone, dreadfully fearful the conversation had been dropped, before replacing it against her head. "I want to say I miss you too but..." He said, stopping again. Charlene's desperation peaked into verbal machine gun fire.

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