tagIncest/TabooHer Auntie's Plaything

Her Auntie's Plaything


Alicia McQuaid wasn't at all happy with her mother at the moment. She had planned on having a summer adventure. Her intent had been to find a nice, handsome college guy and enjoy her first fuck. Instead, she was on her way to her boring Aunt Amelia's boring house for a boring month. Aunt Amelia was her father's sister and a nice lady who worked for the Public Library system. Alicia sighed because she knew how dull the woman was and she didn't want dull for her summer vacation. She had just turned 19 and she wanted lots of excitement.

She got off the bus and took off her sunglasses, looking around for her aunt. Brushing stray blonde locks from her eyes, Alicia couldn't see Aunt Amelia anywhere until she heard a familiar voice calling "Alicia, dear. Over here!"

It sounded like Aunt Amelia and the face looked like Aunt Amelia, but that was about it. THIS woman was dressed in a short, gauzy summer skirt that revealed a curvy body that Alicia had never seen before. Her auburn hair was loose and flowing and she wasn't wearing glasses. She must have stood close to 5'10" in the 3-inch stilettos she was wearing. THIS was her staid, librarian auntie?

"Wow, Aunt Amelia, didn't recognize you looking like that," Alicia gasped as her aunt hugged her close.

"I've got the summer off and I had laser correction surgery, so I don't need the specs any more," Amelia laughed. "I only do the conservative look for your Daddy; he's such a stuffy old fart. I can see why he and your Mom are splitting."

"Yeah, me too," Alicia sighed. She did love her father, but he was a less-than benevolent dictator and Eloise had reached her breaking point. At 40, she didn't want to endure another 20+ years married to a man who controlled her every waking moment, so she had given John his walking papers.

"Let's get you back to my place and then you can start your holiday," Amelia told her niece. Alicia was exhausted, a four hour bus ride was not her idea of fun, but Daddy wasn't going to spring for a plane ticket. That was another reason Eloise was leaving John – he could pinch a penny until it bled.

Back at Amelia's place, Alicia was fed a lovely lunch, homemade lasagna with a nice salad and garlic bread. Her aunt was a fabulous cook and after they had sat around a while and caught up, Alicia yawned a bit.

"Goodness, it's only 2 PM, you shouldn't be that tired," Amelia chuckled. "Maybe you need a shower to refresh you and get clean after your long trip. All 3 of the bedrooms here have showers attached; you're in the last bedroom upstairs. Go on up, darling."

A shower did sound nice to the young blonde; she headed upstairs and got out of her clothes. She had just stepped under the warm spray when the shower doors opened and Aunt Amelia was in there with her.

"Aunt Amelia! What the ...?"

"Okay little girl, you must as well learn now how things are going to be for the next month. I'm going to train you, you're going to be auntie's personal little sex toy. I'm going to teach you all about having sex with another woman, how to eat cunt, how to dress sexy, how to play. I'm going to introduce you to all of my sexy friends and show them just how sexy my little niece is. We're going to have orgies where you can party with lots of other pretty girls; you'll have the time of your life!"

Alicia panicked and tried to get out of the shower, but Amelia held her in place. Alicia was startled at how strong her aunt seemed, she was powerless in her grasp.

"Don't fight it, little girl, I'm going to have what I want, and I believe you'll enjoy it!" Amelia snickered as her hands stroked Alicia's naked body.

"You're fucking crazy, I'm no lez, I'm going to call my Mom and have her get me the fuck out of here!" Alicia snarled, near-hysterics.

"Call her all you want baby, but why do you think she sent you here in the first place?" Amelia chuckled.

That information stopped Alicia dead in her tracks. Amelia said "That's right, you stupid little bitch. Your mother wants you to know all about lesbian sex. She and I were lovers for years, before she married my idiot brother, even after, for a while. That redheaded bitch sure knows how to eat a cunt. She wants her own little pussy-slave and she wants me to train you personally. Seeing as how I live so far away, she and I can't be together very often, so now it's you that's going to be your Mommy's little fuck-toy. You'll love it baby, believe me! Once I've taught you all the tricks, you're going to be one happy, nasty little lesbian slut!"

Alicia just stopped struggling. Something about it all rang true, it just didn't seem that Amelia was lying to her. Her aunt pulled her close to her and forced her lips apart with her tongue and for the first time, Alicia noticed just how solid her aunt's body was. She was all muscle, sleek and powerful looking, like a female body-builder. Alicia knew there was no way she was getting away, better to just submit now and formulate a plan for escape later on.

Amelia held her niece against the wall of the shower stall and began moving down Alicia's body. She fondled the girl's cupcake tits and kissed her way down Alicia's smooth, flat body. "You're very slender and pretty, but you could be a bit firmer, I'm going to have you swim laps every day, it'll tone you up," Amelia murmured as she kissed the girl. Alicia was shaking, she was nervous, but it also felt good and she didn't want it too! With a strong grasp, Amelia spread her niece's thighs and began licking her niece's blonde cunt. "You need to shave this off, that way, you can change your hair color every once in a while and no one will know," Amelia murmured, then she began licking. Alicia let out a little whimper. "I'll do that for you tonight."

Alicia was powerless against her much-stronger aunt, she just let Amelia do whatever she liked and she was happy that at least it didn't hurt. She wouldn't have chosen this lifestyle, she liked boys ... although she hadn't been with one, although she'd had several opportunities. Aunt Amelia's tongue dug deep into her pussy and despite her best intentions, Alicia's body was betraying her. Her pussy was flowing like a river and her nipples were hard as pebbles. She could barely stand up; she was bracing herself against the wall to keep herself from falling.

Amelia feasted on the blonde teen's sweet cunt until Alicia couldn't take anymore. Her legs gave out from under her and she crumpled to the ground. Amelia helped her off and told her to finish showering.

"We'll pick this up after dinner," Amelia told her. "Take a nap, if you think you'll need it. I don't want my sex toy sleepy, because you will be exhausted when I'm done with you tonight."

Alicia was terrified, what had her mother gotten her into? How could any mother do this to her own child? Eloise had obviously gone insane and Alicia was the unwilling victim of her perverted aunt and mother. She lay on the bed and tried to think of a way out, but there really wasn't one. She didn't have the money to go anywhere and if she tried to escape, Amelia would bar the way.

They ate dinner that night like nothing had happened, Amelia chatting to her as a niece once more. Then they watched TV, but after a while, Amelia told her they were going to watch a movie. Alicia watched as her aunt inserted a DVD into the player and gasped when she saw it was a porno movie ... a lesbian porno movie. "I have several of these," Amelia told her. "Pay attention, you and I are going to do ALL of the things you see here over the course of your stay."

Alicia tried to look away, but the images on the screen kept her focused. The women were beautiful and they were using their tongues, fingers and all sorts of things to pleasure each other. Alicia saw pretty blondes, brunettes, a few Asian and black women, all of them very into women. She saw one of the girls riding a fake cock and another scene where the girls used oils and rubbed each other all over. It did look very sexy ... what was she thinking? Alicia fought these thoughts off, she had to keep her sanity!

When the film was over, Amelia took her hand and said "Time for bed, my little toy."

Alicia looked at the clock. "Aunt Amelia, it's only 9 PM. It's far too early to go to sleep."

Amelia grinned a lewd smile. "Who said anything about sleeping? We're going to continue your lessons. You won't be sleeping for quite a few hours yet and when I'm done, you'll sleep very, very well."

They went to Amelia's room and Amelia handed Alicia a pretty black teddy. "Your mother sent me your sizes. We'll get you some more lingerie in a few days, I like a woman dressed up, but for now, this will do. I'm going to get undressed and you're going to play with my body, then I'm going to lick your little cunt and have you eat mine!"

"NO! I won't do that, I won't!" Alicia protested.

"Need I remind you that you're MY sex toy and I make the rules here?" Amelia said, her voice dropping. "You're a very pretty girl and that will look sensational on you, so stop arguing and get changed."

Alicia had never been told she was pretty before and coming from someone as smoking-hot as Aunt Amelia, she felt confident in her looks. She knew this wasn't right, but like Amelia said, what choice did she have? She got into the teddy and saw her reflection in the mirror, the lingerie did fit perfectly and she did look very sexy.

Amelia took her niece to bed and showed Alicia where she liked to be touched. Alicia was scared again, she didn't want to touch another woman sexually, but Amelia assured her that everything would be fine. "Go slow and use your hands and mouth," Amelia instructed her. Alicia did as she was told and she had to admit, her aunt's body felt as good as it looked, sexy and firm, it was hard to believe this woman was in her late 30's. Her body was perfection and Alicia hadn't noticed before how big Amelia's tits were. She squeezed them and sucked on them as Amelia told her to do and heard her aunt moan in pleasure. She knew she was doing something right and was afraid of the consequences if she didn't please Amelia, so she did that again.

After Amelia had been caressed for a while, she told her niece it was time for her to get her body played with again. She undressed the slender blonde and then went to work. Amelia worked her magic on Alicia, she kissed her bared tits and all over her slim body, working her over until Alicia thought her brain would explode. When Amelia's tongue began licking at her pussy and sucking her clit, Alicia began to spasm with pleasure. She didn't want this, she had to fight it, but oh, it felt so GOOD!

"Now little bitch, you're going to eat my cunt. Do a good job or I'll spank that gorgeous ass of yours, I love having my pussy eaten. Work your tongue around Alicia, kiss my thighs ... there's a good girl," Amelia smiled.

Alicia did her best, despite her initial repulsion. She didn't want to eat a cunt, it was gross, but as she licked, she found it didn't taste too bad and it was kind-of a turn-on to see that she could make her aunt squirm like that. Amelia was thrashing about the bed and Alicia figured the sooner she made the woman cum, the sooner it would all be over. She tongued her deeper and faster and heard Amelia yelling at her about how good it all felt!

"You nasty little slut, that was perfect!" Amelia complimented her, kissing Alicia's lips which were covered with her own juices. "All right, now I'm going to show you all about sixty-nine, which is eating each other at the same time. You and I are around the same height, so it should work well enough. Get on top of me, facing away from me, good girl."

Again, Alicia did as she was told and she felt her aunt's hands grab her buttocks and pull her pussy close to her face. Instantly, she felt Amelia's mouth clamped on her pussy and she knew what her aunt wanted, for her to do the same. As she wasn't going anywhere, Alicia followed along and began eating Amelia's cunt again. Now that she was used to it, she knew she could handle the job and hoped that her aunt would make her cum. Cumming was nice, that much she had discovered.

Amelia and Alicia took their time, licking each other and groaning. Alicia felt good, she knew she shouldn't and wanted to fight it, but experiencing sex for the first time felt nice. Amelia made her cum twice more, she didn't know what she'd done for her aunt, but every time she lapped her aunt's pussy, Amelia ate her harder, so she assumed she was doing something correctly.

When they parted, Amelia was smiling at her. "Whether you know it or not, you're a lesbian slut, like your mother and I," Amelia laughed. "You liked it bitch, you know you did. Now I think we should call it a night, it's 1 AM. Haul your ass to your own room, I will be tempted to play with you again if you don't and I need rest. You have more lessons tomorrow."

Alicia didn't think she would sleep because she was still in state of shock, yet she was out 5 minutes after her head hit the pillow. Amelia woke her at 10 AM and had her swim 40 laps in her pool, then they had breakfast. After that, it was back to the bedroom for more sex lessons.

"I love eating pussy and playing naughty games with girls," Amelia told her as she undressed again. "I believe sex keeps you young and healthy. Now baby, come here and suck Auntie's pussy, the way I like. Make me cum and I'll give you a reward."

Alicia did as she was told, it didn't even take her 5 minutes to make Amelia cum. "I was very turned on after watching you swim, you're going to be even sexier when I'm done with you," Amelia told her. "You've earned your reward." Amelia went to her closet and came back out with something hidden behind her back. She fastened it around her waist and Alicia wondered what it was.

"It's a strap-on dildo, a rubber cock," Amelia grinned. "I'm going to have you straddle me and we're going to take your virginity today, to show you that a woman can fuck you as well as any man. I think you're going to have a nice cum soon, little whore."

"Why do you keep calling me names?" Alicia asked her.

"Because during sex, names are raunchy and fun, they empower us," Amelia told us. "Get on top of me Alicia, now slide down on it, you're wet already ... you liked eating me, whether you admit it or not," Amelia chuckled. "Okay, push down."

Amelia screamed as pain shot through her body, then she began to relax and let the cock move into her pussy. She saw faint traces of blood, but she had expected that.

"How does it feel, Alicia. Did it hurt too much?" Amelia asked, showing genuine concern.

"N-no, not really," Alicia confessed.

"Good. Then you ride it and I'll make it move and I'll fuck your tight little cunt the way it should be fucked!" Amelia laughed.

Alicia kept fighting it, but the big dick really did feel good inside of her and for a change, she was in control. She began to ride the fake cock, thinking at least she didn't have to worry about losing her precious virginity. If she met a guy she liked, she could fuck him without worrying about that, but damn! ... she doubted too many guys could fuck her as well as Aunt Amelia. The older woman really was pushing her buttons!

They fucked for nearly 30 minutes until Alicia came, then she crumpled to the bed. "You're not done yet," Amelia told her. "I don't much like having toys used on me, they're nice for a change, but I don't make it a habit. Still, you need to learn, so here." Amelia handed Alicia the fake cock and helped her strap it on. "Your turn to fuck me, take your time."

Amelia got on all fours and told Alicia to fuck her from behind. At first, Alicia was nervous, but she soon picked up a nice, steady rhythm and began to enjoy having mastery over the dildo. She felt a sense of empowerment as she fucked her aunt with the sex toy, she knew she shouldn't feel this way, but it was a new & unique feeling. When she finally made Amelia cum, she was proud of herself.

Once they showered, Amelia told her niece it was time to shave her pussy. She lathered Alicia up and shaved her bare. "What a yummy little cunt, I just have to eat it again," Amelia sighed. She attacked Alicia with a hungry mouth and slurped her noisily.

"Oh Auntie, eat me, eat my cunt and make me cum, you lezzie bitch!" Alicia groaned, picking up on her aunt's earlier hints. She realized what she was doing, but Amelia was making her feel so good, she simply didn't care anymore.

The next day, after swimming, breakfast and sex, Amelia took her niece to a nearby boutique, where they shopped for new lingerie, thongs, bras, panties and heels. Amelia flirted openly with the pretty salesgirl and Alicia was actually surprised that she felt pangs of jealousy. To achieve her own revenge, whenever the girl neared her, Alicia flirted with her as well. The pretty black girl, whose name was Jasmine, slipped Alicia her phone number. To her own surprise, Alicia actually considered calling her. Had her aunt been right all along?

Back at her aunt's, when Amelia suggested they play some games, Alicia offered zero resistance. They went upstairs where Alicia donned a very pretty bra and panty set and practically attacked Amelia's smooth cunt. She didn't even stop when Amelia begged her, her aunt practically had to push her away. Amelia was equally savage in her lovemaking and Alicia wondered what the hell had happened to her?

She began to accept the lessons that Amelia bestowed on her, believing if she truly had no choice in the matter, she might as well make the best of it. She wasn't being hurt and she had certainly added a series of tricks to her sexual arsenal. Amelia took her to bed that evening and she enjoyed a long evening of sex with her aunt, astonishing the woman with her erotic capabilities.

The next night, Amelia organized a little party on her niece's behalf. All of the participants were women and all of them were gorgeous. There were 10 in all, ranging in age from 45 to 18. Two of the women were mother and daughter, Alicia was sandwiched between them at one point, the daughter ... Claire ... was sucking Alicia's cunt while the mother ... Denise ... was being serviced by the slender blonde. Unknown to Alicia, Amelia had the presence of mind to invite Jasmine and the black girl was servicing her cunt with a long, snaky cunt. Alicia felt jealous, unsure of whether it was because Amelia got to Jasmine first or because Jasmine was being intimate with her lover.

Jealousy was unnecessary. During that night and into the following day, Alicia was passed around like the slut Amelia told her she was expected to be. She fucked or was fucked by virtually everyone at the party, sometimes more than once. She ate all the pussies in the room and everyone told her what a good little lesbian whore she was. She felt proud of that somehow, like it was a badge of honor she could wear.

Over the following weeks, Alicia came into her sexuality. She began to seduce her aunt with her wiles, showing a remarkable talent for stripping in a manner that really got to Amelia. She seduced a few women of her own, including a few that had never been with a woman before. Amelia was astonished as she observed the seduction and amazed at how commanding Alicia was once these women were eating her cunt. Alicia managed to seduce a few younger girls and was their first lesbian experience. These girls promised Alicia that they'd find more playmates for them to share and Alicia didn't doubt that they would. She made her new playmates promise to visit her when she went home, knowing there would be a wel-cum reception for them if they did so.

Aunt Amelia gave her niece a goodbye kiss and hug as she put her on the bus for home. They'd had a near all-nighter of sex that hadn't ended until 5 AM, so Alicia looked a bit tired, but she assumed she would be able to sleep on the ride home. She was glad she didn't or she would have missed the chance to flirt with a sexy Asian coed named Hillary who was looking for some new playmates for when she started University in the fall. It was perfect, Alicia would be attending the same University. She got Hillary's phone number and after rubbing Hillary's pussy underneath her skirt, she assured the girl she would be calling soon. Alicia thought of herself and Hillary and some of the young women she'd met back at Aunt Amelia's all writhing around naked and it made her so fucking horny! Alicia wondered if there might be any hot lady professors ...?

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