tagMatureHer Awakening Ch. 10

Her Awakening Ch. 10


Writer's note: This story probably belongs more in the BDSM section because the main character's desires are getting kinkier as she goes on. However, I don't want to split up the series. There are still elements of the "Mature" genre, so it is in this section. Just a warning if you don't like control, degradation and some light physical abuse.

Thanks to all for all the feedback on previous chapters. If you have negative feedback, I value that too.

Thanks again, and hope you all enjoy.

About a week had passed since Grant had listed Victoria's house. He had been thinking about what he had done. It was quite an experience, but it had been a $12,000 piece of ass to him. He had listed Victoria's house as a 1 ½ % listing to the buying agent. Agents usually split the commission, and he had only gotten 3% from Victoria. As a result, no other agents were showing the house. It was a nice home in a nice neighborhood, but no one wanted only 1 ½ %. So Grant decided he would try to convince Victoria to change her mind and give him back some of the commission. He called Victoria and asked if they could meet. He sounded concerned, so Victoria had an idea what he might want. So she told him to come right over to her house.

After hanging up, she immediately went to the bedroom to get dressed. She wasn't going to change anything, so at least she could make Grant feel good about it. She opened her closet and grabbed a sexy outfit. It was a black satin top with spaghetti straps that hung loosely over, and barely concealed her big round breasts, it just reached down to the matching garter belt that was holding up the black lace stockings that covered her shapely legs and disappeared into her black high heeled slippers. She decided there would be no need for panties. She covered it all with one of her full length satin robes. All Grant would be able to see when she opened the door, was the robe and slippers.

Grant rang the bell and Victoria invited him in. He saw what she was wearing and told himself he wasn't going to let her get to him. He was going to be firm and get what he wanted.

Victoria immediately greeted him with a hug. Her full breasts pressed against his chest and Grant could feel his cock begin to stir. Her scent was intoxicating and it brought back all the memories of last week.

Victoria let go, and feigning concern, asked him what was wrong.

"Mrs. Mueller, I have a problem with the contract we signed last week. You kind of coerced me into signing it with all that fun we were having." He said, choosing his words carefully as not to upset her.

"It was fun wasn't it?" she said giving him a devilish grin.

They sat down on the couch and as Victoria sat, she purposely leaned over, giving him a great view of her tits under her robe and loose fitting top. Grant couldn't keep his eyes off of them.

Victoria noticed and placed her hand on his thigh. "Do you like what you see? She asked.

Grant regained his composure and looked her in the eye. "Stop that!" he told her. "I am being serious. I can't get anyone to look at the house because the commission is too low. We need to change the contract, or we will never sell your house."

Victoria calmly looked at Grant. "Now-now, I think we can work something out." She said as she began to massage the inside of his thigh. "There are some fringe benefits to giving me such a low cost on the commission." She said seductively.

Grant's cock was now rock hard. His resolve was weakening. Victoria's hand reached his rock hard shaft and she grabbed it through his pants.

"I do think I promised you something last time you were here." She told him as she continued to stroke his shaft through his pants.

Grant just nodded his head. Victoria stood and faced him. Then she turned around and bent over. She slowly raised her robe revealing her full round ass. Grant noticed the stockings and the garters that ran up over her ass cheeks and that she was not wearing any underwear.

"Don't you want to put that big hard cock of yours into my tight round ass?" she teased.

"Yes!" Grant answered as he admired her large rear.

"Then I guess you can find the effort inside you to sell my house on your own so you won't have to share the commission huh?"

"I guess if you put it that way, I could see it your way." He told her.

"That's what I thought." She told him. Then she turned back around and dropped to the floor between his legs. She unzipped his pants and released his cock. "Now let me get your cock nice and wet so it slides into my ass nice and easy."

Grant just lay back as Victoria devoured his cock like the whore she had become. She sucked and licked and stroked it until it glistened with her spit. Then she again stood and removed her robe. She leaned over a chair and rested her hands on the arm.

"Come on big boy; put that monster deep inside my big fat ass." She told him.

Grant wasted no time. He sprung to his feet and without hesitation drove his entire length into her dark hole. Victoria screamed a "Yes!" of satisfaction, and Grant grunted loudly at the feeling of his cock being squeezed by her anal passage. He had never felt this feeling before. He immediately began to pound her ass deep and hard. He grabbed her hips and found his rhythm.

Victoria was also enjoying the pounding. She wanted him to talk dirty to her. She wanted him to call her nasty names. However, she also knew if that happened, she might lose the upper hand. So she just started talking to him.

"You like that big boy?" She asked, knowing it would boost his confidence if she called him that. "You like the feel of your big hard cock in my tight ass?"

Grant just grunted affirmatively, and fucked her harder.

"Your cock feels so good in my ass." She told him. "You want to cum in my ass?" she asked. "Or do you want to spew all over my big round tits? You can't keep your eyes off them can you?" She teased.

"Uh uh." He said.

"You want your cum all over my tits?" she asked. "Fuck my ass good and I will let you cum all over my tits."

Grant took the encouragement and slammed her ass harder. Victoria could tell he was going to cum soon. "Tell me, tell me when you are going to cum" She said. I want your hot cum all over my big fat tits."

That was it; Grant could take the talking and the tight ass around his cock no longer. He announced he was about to cum and pulled his cock from her ass. Victoria turned around and dropped to her knees in front of him. She pulled her top down so her tits spilled out into view. She grabbed his rock hard, throbbing cock and started stroking it. Aiming it at her large mounds and began to talk again.

"Come on big boy, give it to me. Shoot your load all over me. I want to feel its warmth all over my tits. Cum for me."

Grant groaned loudly and his balls tightened as the first jet escaped and landed right between Victoria's tits. The next groan was accompanied by a shot that landed on her left tit. Then another and another until his entire load was dripping down her chest and dripping onto her silky top.

Grant collapsed on the couch, and Victoria lay next to him. She began to rub the deposit all over herself. It was quite a large load and she massaged her tits as she smeared it all over. Her nipples became hard and she paid them some attention too. She pinched them and pulled them. She still had not cum and she wanted some relief.

"Now it's my turn." She told Grant. "Come eat my pussy."

Grant picked himself up off the couch and settled between her legs. Victoria reached down and spread her pussy open for him. "Lick me!" she almost ordered.

Grant obliged, and hungrily devoured her hot juicy cunt. He lapped up all her juices and licked her clit roughly. He put a finger in her hole and sucked in her nub.

Victoria squealed with pleasure as he coaxed her orgasm to the surface. She grabbed his head and forced it down hard on her sex. She was almost guiding his tongue by moving his head around. Grant just sucked and licked as best he could until he heard her scream, "I'm Cuuuuuuuuummmmmmming!" She squeezed his head with her thighs and her body shook as the orgasm took over. She squeezed her tits and enjoyed the ride.

When it was over they laid there for a while and relished the afterglow. Then Victoria got up and told Grant, "You have a house to sell, you better get to it."

Grant got up, got dressed, and walked to the door to leave. Victoria put on her robe and followed.

"I hope you enjoyed that big boy........Come on back if you ever need another dose." She told him.

Grant just smiled and said, "I think I will take you up on that offer."

After Grant left, Victoria was feeling a bit unsatisfied. She had cum, but it was not all she needed. She needed Jake. She needed to be taken. She needed to be used. She needed to be treated like the nasty whore she was.

She picked up the phone and called his cell. As usual, he didn't answer. It was already lunch time, so she left him a message to come over after work. She told him she would make him dinner and give him anything he wanted for dessert. She hung up the phone and headed for the shower.

Jake picked his phone up off the coffee table next to him and looked at the number. He turned the phone and showed the display to Penny as she sucked his cock like a hungry slut.

"Look it's my other nasty old broad looking to get some of what you are getting." He told her as she looked up at him and slid his cock all the way down her throat until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair.

He set the phone down and grabbed her head and started forcing her head up and down on his rock hard shaft. "I think I will fuck you in the ass and go see her later. See if she is as nasty of an old bitch as you are."

Penny was getting even more excited as he talked nasty to her. She reached between her legs and started stroking her clit as Jake forcefully fucked her mouth.

"Do you think she will suck my cock after I fuck you in the ass like you did after I fucked her in the ass?" He asked her as he pushed her down once again on his cock.

Penny moaned at the thought of him fucking her in the ass. She just looked at him with her wanton eyes.

"You like that idea huh?" He asked her. "You want me to fuck you in the ass and then go see your friend?"

Penny stroked her clit harder and moaned a "yes". Jake pulled her off his cock and told her to stand. Penny stood with her back to him.

"Sit on my cock you nasty whore." He ordered.

Penny straddled his legs and leaned forward as she lowered and impaled herself on his cock. Jake sat back and watched as penny fucked herself silly, doing all the work as he just sat back and enjoyed. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them. She pinched her nipples and screamed with delight as she bounced up and down on him. As she felt her orgasm approaching, she quickened her pace. Jake sat up and reached around her to grab her tits. He squeezed and pinched and teased her mounds until she squealed out as her orgasm ripped through her.

When she was through, he pushed her off and ordered her to lay face down on the couch. He straddled her legs and ordered her to spread her ass apart.

"Tell me what you want Mrs. Charles." He demanded.

"I want your big young hard cock in my ass. Fuck me in the ass please." She begged.

He placed his cock at her anal entranced and said, "Beg me you old nasty slut."

Penny begged, "Pleeeeeeeease, Fuck my ass now."

Jake drove it deep in her and she let out a gasp as she felt him bottom out inside her. He grabbed her smooth perfect ass and began to pump her nether hole deep and hard. He drove it deep and then pulled it almost all the way out. Then he drove it back in again. Each time Penny encouraged him with a loud "Yes!" He got into a rhythm and Penny did too. She pushed back against each thrust and screamed louder every time.

When Jake felt his orgasm he didn't say a word. He just grunted and deposited his seed deep into her bowels. Penny heard that familiar grunt and could feel his warm load fill her ass. Pump after pump, more and more fluid filled her. When he was done he did as he always did. He got up, told her he would see her soon and returned to work.

Penny laid there as the cum began to ooze from her ass and just sighed a sigh of satisfaction as she thought about Victoria being on the receiving end this time. She reached back and placed her hand over her ass to hold the mess in and went to shower. She was disappointed that Jake had not cum in her mouth so she could taste him.

Jake called Victoria and told her he would be over later, but he would not be coming for dinner. He was not going to let her believe she was anything more that a place to deposit his cum.

About 9 PM the doorbell rang, Victoria almost ran to the door. When she opened the door, Jake was delighted to see her in a slutty outfit. She remembered how much he liked it when she had come to his house to entertain, so she made herself up like that again. She wore a very short skirt that just covered her round ass, a top that was too small and did little to cover her big tits, fishnet stockings, spiked high heels and something new for her, a leather collar. Her face was made up with too much make up and her hair was pulled up in a tight bun.

Victoria had become a bit curious with the BDSM scene since she had watched Penny dominate all those men on the DVD's, and since then, had been surveying many bondage sites on her computer. She loved the way Jake and Penny dominated her, and how it made her so excited. She felt like Jake owned her, so as a little show of submission, she had gone to buy the collar and decided to wear it for him to see how he took it.

It excited Victoria to dress like this as much as she knew Jake liked it. Dressed like this, Jake would be sure to treat her exactly the way she needed to be treated tonight.

Jake moved inside and again glanced over her attire. "You look like a complete slut Mrs. Mueller. Is all this for me?

Victoria just smiled.

"I've seen prostitutes who don't dress this nasty. You are a raunchy old broad aren't you?" He said

Again Victoria just smiled.

"What's the collar for?" He asked.

"Just my little way of showing you that I know you own me." She said with a grin.

"Do you have a leash for me?"

"No." she said disappointedly

"We will have to take care of that later." He told her.

The thought of him holding onto a leash attached to her collar caused Victoria to shiver with excitement. It really turned her on when she saw "subs" being led around by a leash on those sites.

"Well you are dressed like a whore; let's see if you are ready to act like one. On your knees bitch."

Victoria eagerly complied.

"Take my cock out." He ordered. "Don't suck it yet."

Victoria unbuckled his pants and dropped them to his ankles.

"Put your nose on my cock and take a deep breath."

Victoria did as she was told. She could smell a different smell, but couldn't place it. It was a little bitter, but not repulsive. The fact that his cock was right in front of her had her wet already.

"You like the smell of my cock?" he asked.

"Yes." She answered.

"I fucked your slutty friend Mrs. Charles in the ass with that cock earlier. You still want to suck it?" He asked, knowing the answer.

Victoria did not hesitate, "Yes!" She answered.

Jake's cock jumped at the realization of how much this nasty old broad would do to have his cock. "You are a total whore aren't you?" he asked.

"Yes!" she said. "I am a nasty whore who wants your cock in all my holes. Please let me suck your cock," she pleaded

Jake's cock was swelling more with every word from her mouth. "OK my little cock sucker, you can suck me now.

Victoria grabbed his swelling cock and swallowed it. She immediately began to suck and stroke it hard and fast. She had missed his cock in her mouth. She enjoyed the other young studs she had, but no one was like her Jake. He was a complete man. He used her and fucked her and excited her like no other.

Jake grabbed her head and like always, began to fuck her face like it was her pussy. He wasn't letting her suck his cock; he was using her mouth to get his cock hard. He shoved his cock down her throat with every thrust. She just knelt there and relished it. She reached under her skirt and began to finger her clit.

"That's my good little cock sucker. You have missed my big hard cock in your mouth haven't you?" he teased.

Victoria moaned an approval.

"You like being my nasty old whore huh?" He asked as he pulled his cock from her mouth.

She whimpered a bit as her mouth separated from his cock. "Yes! I love it, I love being your nasty old whore. Tell me; tell me what a slut I am. I need it." She was now feverishly stroking her clit. Nothing excited her more than when he treated her like this.

"You are a slut Mrs. Mueller. You are a naughty cum loving slut." He told her.

Victoria immediately exploded into orgasm. Her body shook and quivered as Jake drove his cock back into her mouth and fucked her face the whole time she was cumming.

When she recovered, Jake ordered her to her room. He watched from behind as she wobbled down the hall in her slutty little get up, trying to get her legs back from her orgasm.

When they got to her room, he lay down on the bed and held his cock straight in the air. "Ride my cock slut!" he ordered.

Victoria climbed on the bed and straddled his body. She lifted her skirt up so her legs could open wide enough to reach, then she lowered her dripping cunt onto his rock hard pole. She began to bounce up and down on him and moan with each bounce.

"Take your tits out slut." He commanded.

The top was low cut and made of stretchy material, so Victoria reach down her top and pulled each boob out through the neck hole. They dropped onto her chest, and Jake grabbed each nipple and mercilessly pinched them. She squealed loudly. It hurt, but it also caused great pleasure at the same time.

Jake would take turns pinching her tits and watching them bounce as Victoria rode him to another orgasm. Jake had a hard time keeping his own orgasm in, but he had plans for his cum. After Victoria stopped cumming, Jake pushed her off him and bent her over the bed. He grabbed his slick hard cock and placed it at her puckered ass.

"Beg me!" he told her.

She needed no more instruction.

"Please, fuck my ass with your cock." She begged.

"What kind of ass is yours?" He asked.

"A fat ass." She answered.

"Tell me again." He ordered.

"Please, fuck my fat ass with your big hard cock." She pleaded.

Oh how he loved to hear her degrade herself. It made him very hard. He plunged his cock deep inside her. He wasted no time with slow movements. He grabbed hold, and just started hammering her ass. Her cheeks shook and with every push. He was ready to cum and he didn't want to waste anymore time.

Victoria had been fucked in the ass once already today, but it was nothing like this. She screamed out with each pump. Her tits were mashed against the bed and the smooth material stimulated her nipples as they were rubbed back and forth across it. Jake slipped a couple fingers under her collar and used it for leverage as he continued to abuse her anal passage.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my big fat ass with your huge cock!" she screamed. Tell me what a whore I am. I love it when you fuck me in the ass."

Jake was about to cum, so he pulled out and ordered her to her knees. He told her to grab his cock and make him cum. She willingly grabbed it started stroking.

"Tell me what a cum slut you are." He said. "Tell me how much you love my cum all over your face."

"Yes, I am your cum slut. I want your hot cum all over my face. I Love it when you cum on my face. Treat me like a whore, please cum all over me." She pleaded.

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