tagLesbian SexHer Daughter's Friend Ch. 03

Her Daughter's Friend Ch. 03


Angela Gordon was awakened by the doorbell followed by loud thumps on the door. She was lying on the couch in her night gown. She had finally fallen asleep after restless hours in her bed and in her living room watching TV.

She looked out and saw Bobbie pounding on her door. She was glad Jackie had moved out and wouldn't see what she was sure Bobbie was going to make her do. She opened the door.

"About time."


"Did you get your bush trimmed?"

Bobbie brushed by her and entered the living room. Angela shut and locked the door.


"Well let me see."

Angela lifted her gown and lowered her panties.

"No, take all that stuff off."

Bobbie seated herself on the couch as Angela undressed.

"You are so cute in the buff. Come here and let me get a close look."

Angela walked over to her. Bobbie pulled her down on her lap then tumbled her over on her back. She spread Angela's legs and slid between and gave her crotch a close inspection.

"They did a good job. We'll keep it this way."

She slipped a finger in Angela's vagina then held it to her nose.

"Dammit, Mrs. Gordon, it stinks like crazy. I can see I'm going to have to give you some lessons."

"I'm sorry, Bobbie, I didn't know you were coming this morning. You caught me before my morning shower."

"That's no excuse. You should never let it get like this. I'm going to have to punish you. Lay across my knees. I'm going to beat your ass."

Angela thought...Has it come to this? Am I going to lay over her knees and let her spank me like a child? I'm at least fifteen years older than her. I was a married woman when she was in grade school. She realized she was excited and actually wanted this humiliation. She couldn't resist. She got across Bobbie's knees and stared at the carpet. Bobbie lightly patted her ass cheeks...then WHACK!!!

"Whenever you pee, wash it." WHACK!!!

"Whenever you take a dump, wash your asshole." WHACK!!!

"Even a juicy fart. Wash it." Whack!!!

"Wear nothing over your cunt but white cotton." Whack!!!

"No FDS or anything like that, soap." WHACK!!!

"Use lotion or vaseline to keep them soft." WHACK!!!

"Have you got that?" Whack!!!

"Yes, Bobbie."

"And that's another thing, quit calling me Bobbie. Say ma'am or call me Miss Stone." WHACK!!!

"Yes ma'am."

"Okay, now I'm going to give you a bath and show you how to keep yourself clean. Let's go." WHACK!!!

The bath was pretty much a repeat of the last one, complete with soapy thumb in Angela"s asshole. This time however she spent a lot of time instructing Angela in Bobbie's ideas of feminine hygiene. By the time she was drying Angela with a towel she had softened considerably.

"I've been thinking about what we call each other. You've got your instructions on what to call me. I can't go on calling you Mrs. Gordon. It doesn't reflect our relative standing. When I was a little girl I had a bunny rabbit. I loved that rabbit. It was soft and cuddly...lovable, just like you. I'm going to do you the honor of naming you after that bunny. From now on your name is Fluffy. Is that okay, Fluffy?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good, now let's get you dressed. You're going to get your hiney branded."

She dressed Angela in a light pullover with no bra, knee length skirt with no panties and sandals. She stuffed an old pair of Angela's panties in her pocket.

"Now don't embarrass me in front of these people. Behave. Do what I tell you. Don't argue or even question anything. Don't speak unless I give you permission. Okay?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Okay, good, let's go."

Bobbie drove in her car. On the way there she had Angela sit close and reached down between her legs and played with Angela's pussy. Angela got wet but Bobbie wouldn't bring her to climax. She just kept her in a state of sexual arousal.

They stopped in front of an old house in need of paint in a working-class neighborhood. A stocky tatooed man in his forties let them in.

"Okay Mike, you know what we want. This is Fluffy."

At that, there was a snort and a woman's voice said, "Fluffy...you're kiddin!"

A stout, hard looking blonde entered the room.

"This is Betty, my old lady."

"No, Betty, I'm not kidding this is my Fluffy."

"And does your Fluffy know what she's gettin tatooed on her ass today?"

"No, she wants to be surprised."

"I'll bet. Can she talk?"

"Sure. Fluffy ask Betty if she wants to lick your cunt."

"Do you want to lick my pussy?"

Betty glowered but Mike laughed.

"If you let her at her pussy, you're liable to lose her."

"Well if they're both good girls I might let her do it as a reward for both of them. But let's get started. Fluffy, strip."

Mike put a cushion on a stool and had Angela lay across it. He got his stuff and sat down behind her.

"Relax your cheeks, Fluffy. That's good."

Betty said, "Someone's been playin with Fluffy's cunt. Smell that?"

Mike laughed. "Smell's pretty good to me."

"It would."

It took quite a while. Whenever Betty and Bobbie were distracted, Mike would play with the ass and pussy spread out before him. He would rub her clitoris or stick a finger or two in Angela's vagina. He would place the pad of a finger against her asshole and have Angela flex her sphincter and laugh.

His wife would ask, "What's so funny?"

"Oh I just thought of something funny."

"You're having entirely too much fun."

Mike replied, "Be good and you might have some fun too."

When it was done Bobbie decided they had been "good girls" and let Betty have access to Angela's pussy. She acted reluctant but she positioned Angela on her back on the the kitchen table, seating herself on a kitchen chair and getting between her spread legs she licked her crotch eagerly. When Bobbie started talking about going, she moved down to Angela's anus and reamed her out. Angela had orgasm after orgasm. Betty licked up her juices like a champ.

After Angela was dressed, wearing her old panties this time, Betty asked, "Did you get your money?"


Betty said, "Good."

Turning to Angela she said, "You got a picture of a bunny on your ass. And below it, it say's "Roberta's Fluffy."

Now she had that silly name engraved on her buttocks and put in a way that made her sound like Bobbie's pet dog. What next?

If you like this story and want more let me know.

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