tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Daughter's Husband

Her Daughter's Husband

byBig Gunz©

"You look very beautiful tonight."

Kayla Schofield turned with a start towards the voice offering the compliment. To her surprise, she found herself looking at her son-in-law.

"Umm, thank you Jason." She replied with a slight hesitation.

"I mean, wow that dress..." he slurred, clearly having enjoy a few too many glasses of wine during the family dinner.

Regardless of his level of intoxication, he was right. His 46-year-old mother-in-law did look fantastic in the light cotton, navy blue tunic dress. It's plunging v-neck nicely showed off her understated cleavage, and it fell several inches north of her knees, allowing her toned legs to be put on full display.

She felt her face flush with embarrassment. Quickly, she glanced around to see if anyone else had overheard his flattering remarks. She breathed a sigh of relief that the two of them were the only two standing by the fireplace; no one else was even remotely within earshot.

"What, this old thing?" Kayla joked playfully, brushing off his comments as nothing more than alcohol-fuelled gibberish.

"This old thing?" He mocked, taking another drink of his wine as he looked her up and down. "C'mon, you know you're smokin' hot."

"Jason, really..." she hushed, hoping to zip him up before anyone could eavesdrop on the conversation and get the wrong impression. "That's enough."

"I tell you, that Richard is one lucky son of a bitch," he continued, ignoring her appeal for discretion. "If you were my wife I'd never let you out of the bedroom."

"Jason!" She snapped, and then cut herself off, realizing that she may have inadvertently drawn the very unwanted attention she was trying to skirt. Quickly, she scanned the room for reaction, her curly blonde hair tossing from side to side as she whipped her head left and right.

"I mean, my God Kayla," he persisted, undeterred. "The things I would do to you if I had you in my bed."

She could not believe what she was hearing. The words coming out of her son-in-law's mouth were simply jaw dropping. It took her several seconds to even fathom a response.

"Jason." She whispered, trying to sound as stern as possible at a low volume. "Shut it. This is completely unacceptable behaviour."

"Relax. Geez, can't you take a compliment?" He replied with a slur. "At least enjoy the flirting."

"We are not flirting." She spat back in disgust. "You've had too much to drink and you're being very rude."

With that, she had had enough. As quickly as she could without making a scene, Kayla sauntered away from him and his drunken accolades towards her. Her heart was racing and her face was still flush, partly with embarrassment and partly with anger. But also partly with something else...


As she snuggled into bed with her husband that night, the encounter with her son-in-law weighed heavily on Kayla's mind. Drunk or not, she still could not believe the audacity of his comments towards her. Resolved to try and forget about the whole unfortunate episode, she put her arms around her husband.

"Richard..." She whispered sweetly in his ear.

A somewhat audible response emanated from her quickly dozing husband. The snoring would soon follow.

"Goodnight Richard." She sighed as she rolled over, her frustrations still simmering.

Her mind quickly made its way back to the inappropriate incident from earlier in the evening. The shock of hearing Jason's tactless remarks was still there. But she had to admit that she was torn as to what the other competing emotions were on the interaction. She certainly had every right to be offended, and damn well should have been, but that was not really on the forefront. It would have been natural for her to have felt embarrassed by her daughter's husband's improper inebriated outburst, but that was not it either. There was something else.

Kayla shuddered at the thought of what her other feelings on the evening's events might be. Surely, she told herself, she must have been confusing her uncertainty with how to deal with her son-in-law's drunken statements with some other emotion. Something very basic and primal. That was it. She knew that must be it.

But try as she might, she could not stop herself from replaying Jason's words in her head, allowing those conflicting feelings to churn within her and start to bring up questions. Questions she did not want to know the answers to.

Had she been flattered by his comments? Was that possible? She desperately wanted the answer to be no, but deep down she had to admit to herself that a part of her was flattered to hear such compliments, regardless of how out of place they were. Any woman would feel the same she rationalized, having a good-looking younger man tell them that he thought they were beautiful.

And he was good looking, she had to admit that. Twenty years her junior, he was well built with sandy brown hair and dark brooding eyes. She had been fortunate enough to see him without a shirt on several times around their pool and had gotten a good look at the athletic body that her daughter got to enjoy on a nightly basis.

Regardless of his physical appeal, Kayla knew that she should not have derived and sort of gratification from the words he spoke to her that night. But she knew that she did. She knew that hearing him call her hot had made her blush. And she could not lie to herself and pretend that when he told her that if she were his wife, he would never let her leave the bedroom, that she had not felt at least a little aroused by the prospect of this young stud fantasizing about her sexually. And deep down, she knew that when he said 'The things I would do to you if I had you in my bed', she could not help but imagine what it would be like. She knew all these things, and she felt horrible about it.

However, at the same time she felt something else.

Glancing over at her snoring husband, one of her hands slowly slid under the covers and made its way down her body. Slipping underneath her silk nightie, her fingers instinctively found their way into her panties.

She let out a gasp. Not only from the touch of her own flesh, but also from her amazement at just how wet she had become.

Yes, she most certainly felt something else indeed...


"Hello Jason." Kayla greeted as the door opened, more than a hint of disdain in her voice. "Is Kristen here?"

"She's just in the shower." He responded with a friendly smile as he stood in the doorway. "C'mon in." He added, motioning for her to enter.

Dreading the thought of the inevitable confrontation she was about to engage in with her son-in-law, she hesitantly walked into the house. She squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath as she stepped past him, unsure of what reaction to expect from the young man.

"She should be out in a few minutes." He informed her regarding her daughter's expected presence.

"Good," she replied. "That will give us time to talk."

Leaning against the arm of the living room sofa, he cracked a sly grin at her statement.

"And what shall we talk about?" He queried half-mockingly.

"How about your inappropriate behaviour the other night for starters?" She snapped back, clearly irritated by his apparent attempt at making light of his previous actions.

"Inappropriate behaviour?" Jason asked in pseudo-shock.

"The completely unacceptable comments you made to me?" She barked back at him, becoming increasingly frustrated by his cavalier attitude.

"What? Do you expect me to apologize?" He replied, evidently in disbelief at the mere notion of expressing regret for his words.

"Well that would be a start." Kayla answered, her stare burning with exasperation.

"You're an incredibly beautiful, sexy woman." He responded with a shake of his head and a smirk on his lips. "I'm not gonna apologize for wanting you."

Once again she felt her face turn beet red at the sound of his words - half from embarrassment and half from pure rage. She could not believe what she was hearing from her son-in-law -- again. Speechless, she stood in front of him in shock.

"Just look at you," he continued. "Look how hot you look right now. It's enough to drive any man crazy. I mean shit, look how amazing your tits look in that shirt."

Her breasts did look good in that particular shirt -- and she knew it. She wore a soft cotton, coffee bean brown Henley sweater that was contoured to hug all the right places. Only two of the six buttons on the neckline placket were done up, allowing just a hint of the bosom lurking underneath to be on display. A pair of tight fitting, vintage boot cut blue jeans clung seductively to her curvy legs, while her feet resided in a pair of fire engine red, leather peep-toed four inch wedge pumps.

"Jason!" She finally shot back, still in disbelief at this even more outrageous continuation of his deplorable remarks. "That's enough!"

"What?" He scoffed. "You wanted to talk about it, so let's talk."

"No," she replied, the layers of barely-there blonde curls splashing from side to side as she shook her head in defiance. "Don't you turn this around on me."

"I've wanted you ever since we met." He pressed on, ignoring her plea for him to stop. "You know damn well how sexy you are."

He did have a point there. Kayla had always worked hard to keep herself in shape and took great care in maintaining her looks, and she had always felt confident in the results of those efforts. Her body was in very good shape for a mother of two and a woman her age. She was well toned and still maintained her curves in all the right places. While not busty by any stretch of the imagination, her breasts were a decent size, and thankfully for her, had not sagged too much as the years ticked by. Her face only hinted at her age, with a few wrinkles around the eyes the only signs on an otherwise unblemished appearance. And any trace of greying hair was well concealed on her bottle blonde head of shoulder length hair.

"This has to stop." She demanded, fearful of not only her daughter walking in on the conversation, but also of where it could lead to next.

"Tell me you've never thought about it?" He asked, again ignoring her appeal for him to halt his words. "Tell me you never imagine what it would be like."

She felt sick to her stomach as she listened to him talk. Never in her life had anyone spoken to her in such a manner.

"Jason, please..." she whispered, too stunned to even formulate more of a verbal protest.

"I've wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you." He proclaimed, stepping closer to her as he spoke. "Tell me you don't want the same thing."

He reached out gently placed a hand on the side of her cheek. She jumped back immediately, a jolt running down her spine as their flesh connected. Her mouth opened to speak but no words came out. Quickly she turned around and rushed out the door.

As she hurried to her car, she was almost gasping to catch her breath. Her heart was racing and her whole body was trembling. She could not believe what she had just heard. Nor could she believe her reaction to it.

Once again, Kayla's emotions were waging war within her. She was furious. She was embarrassed. She was confused.

She was aroused.

Getting into her car, she cursed out loud, not only at what had just happened, but the apparent involuntary pleasure she was subconsciously getting from it. Her nipples were rock hard and standing at attention and she get feel the moisture in between her legs.

And all she could think about was fucking her son-in-law...


Kayla moaned softly as she rubbed the tip of her husband's dick against her clit, then rose up and inserted the head into her slick pussy. She tenderly bit down on her lower lip and stayed in that position for a few seconds before slowly sinking down, impaling herself on his cock. He glided into her with no effort at all, her snatch already dripping wet. She let out a stifled cry as she rose up again, until just the head was still in, then slid back down again, slowly.

"Oh Richard..." she whispered as she began to swing her hips back and then forward so the base of his penis massaged the underside of her clit.

They both moaned in pleasure as she started rocking sideways and then quickly began to bounce up and down. He lay back, barely able to move, as she moved for the both of them and he watched in rapt ecstasy.

Her hands were on her knees, bouncing her ass up and down on his manhood. She pounded onto him relentlessly, fucking him harder than she had ever before. She was insatiable. He put his hands around her waist in an attempt to control her thrashing so he could concentrate on slamming her as fast as he could back down onto his dick.

"Yes, yes, yes..." she moaned, deep down in her throat, as her fingers pried his off her hips and lifted her hands up to her chest.

She guided his fingers onto her nipples, making him pinch and twist the hard nubs as she started swinging her hips back and forth again with stronger and faster strokes. Her swollen clit rubbed feverishly against the top of his dick and her moaning grew louder with each thrust.

Kayla squeezed her eyes shut as her breasts bounced up and down in time with his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as feelings of guilt collided with feelings of mind-blowing rapture. Her mind was unable to get Jason and his words out of her thoughts, even as she made love to her husband. The conflicting emotions within her were fuelling her enthusiastic fucking, giving her sensations she had never before experienced.

She leaned forward and started thrusting her pussy back onto his cock to force him as deep as possible. He continued to fondle her dancing tits as he pushed himself up to lick at her erect nipples, one after the other.

As much as she hated herself for doing it, she could not stop replaying her son-in-law's words in her head. She knew that just remembering his taboo remarks turned her on in a very basic, primal way.

"Oh yes! Yes!" She cried out, her physical and mental stimulation both increasing by the second. "Fuck me!"

Richard reached down and took hold of her ass, pushing her fiery snatch down to meet his cock as he thrust even deeper into her. They both moaned and sighed with pleasure.

Her eyes were still clamped shut and her emotions were still running wild. She could feel a gigantic orgasm building within her and she knew damn well how to kick-start the explosion.

Kayla varied her motion a bit, swinging her hips back and forth, and then she changed again into a clockwise motion, rising partially off her husband's cock, swinging across and then sinking back down so he was fully imbedded again. She continued like this, changing every few strokes to prolong their mutual bliss, but she also had another technique to push her to her own climax.

To her own self-loathing, she freely allowed her mind to finally go where she knew she wanted it to. Her eyes pressed shut and riding her husband, she fantasized that she was fucking Jason.

She pictured her daughter's husband beneath her, his hard cock deep in her hungry pussy she bounced up and down on top of him. Her imagination finitely detailed her hands balancing herself against his muscular chest as her eyes locked onto his devilish stare and roguish grin. She could feel her orgasm building rapidly as her moaning and panting increased with each image her dirty mind projected.

Richard groaned, his own release seemingly imminent as she once again started the forward and back strokes. He put his hands back on her hips to steady her as she swung her hips back and forth, faster and faster.

Kayla's mind was racing. In her head she was fucking her son-in-law for all she was worth. It was all she could do to stop herself from shouting out his name as she bucked back and forth atop her husband. She felt like a whore. Emotionally cheating on the man she loved. Even worse, feeding her sexual release with a sick and twisted lust for her daughter's husband.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She cried out, her long anticipated eruption finally arriving.

She sprawled forward onto his chest as he squeezed her hips and started jamming her pussy down while thrusting his cock up. Her hips gyrated wildly on top of him as she began to come. Both her hands clutched at his chest as her mind fantasized that she was climaxing on top of Jason. Her spasming cunt gripped Richard's cock like a vice and she felt him blow his load, all the while imagining another man filling her pussy with his nectar.

Finally their bodies began to relax and he wrapped his arms around his wife's sweaty body. They lay there, both exhausted, and both thinking very different things...


"What the Hell do you want?" Kayla asked belligerently as she opened the door and saw her son-in-law standing in front of her.

"Nice to see you too," Jason replied with his usual smirk of self confidence. "Kristen asked me to drop of these books for you."

Her fear and anxiety already building with the thought of yet another possible altercation with her daughter's husband, she quickly snatched the books from his hand.

"Thanks." She replied sarcastically, turning away quickly and hoping that he would take the hint and leave with no further incident.

"What, no time to chat?" He mockingly countered, as he took it upon himself to follow her into her house.

She cursed to herself and then took a deep breath, bracing for another war of words with the brash young man.

"You need to leave," she began, clearly wanting to put a stop to any conversation before it began.

"What's the matter?" He interrupted. "Don't trust yourself alone with me?"

"What? No, I..." she started to stammer, lost, as usual to find a response to his bravado.

"I don't blame you," he continued, the customary devilish grin creeping across his lips as he looked her up and down. "I don't trust myself around you either. I mean, just look at you."

Kayla immediately felt her face flush and her pulse quicken, not to mention her nipples stiffen and pussy tingle as his gaze locked on her body. She hated him for how he made her feel. But even more so, she hated herself for feeling it.

Jason was right though, she did look good. She wore a shapely, tight-fitting soft grey off-the-shoulder top, paired with a simple, yet stylish chocolate brown linen drawstring skirt that fell just below her knees. A pair of black, soft suede peep-toe sandals with a four inch wedge completed the outfit.

"Get out." She started again, horrified at the thought of their interaction continuing any further.

"You don't really want me to leave, do you?" He continued, ignoring her demand for him to depart.

Quickly, she turned away from him, unable to look him in the eye as he spoke. She could not think straight. Everything was happening so fast. She knew that she should want him to go. Suddenly, she felt him move in behind her, his body close enough to lightly press against hers.

"Please," she pleaded softly, her heart pounding as she desperately tried to end whatever was happening before things got out of hand.

"Tell me you haven't been thinking about it." He asked rhetorically, his breath hot on her bare shoulder as he stood behind her. "Tell me you don't picture me when you slide your fingers into that pussy and pleasure yourself. Tell me that when you make love to your husband you never close your eyes and fantasize that I'm the one you're fucking."

Astounded by the accuracy of his comments, but also disgusted with herself for the very same reason, Kayla grimaced as she felt his groin pressing against her ass as he spoke.

"Jason, please..." she sighed, struggling to find the words to protest.

"I know," he continued, ignoring her whispered pleas. "This sexual tension between us is killing you. I know. It's killing me too."

She felt her stomach quiver as his truthful words hit her. He was absolutely right, it was killing her, and she hated both of them for it.

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