tagBDSMher Devotion to Him Ch. 02

her Devotion to Him Ch. 02


(Author's note: These stories originally began as a creation for My girl, I love her with all My heart, I dedicate these works to her)

For her part, she'd never known such bliss, even when she was on the phone with Him, Tthey'd had to be quick due to calling card time restrictions, and interruptions, but now, now he'd just truly taken her, filled His cunt with
the cum she'd been yearning for, for atleast a year.

To top it off, she finally had His cock in her mouth, she'd felt it slowly getting flaccid, but now as her tongue swirled around it, she felt the blood rushing back into it, He was getting quite excited again, soon He straddled
her chest, His hands were caressing her full,round breasts with tender squeezes, and loving flicks over her hard nipples.

Those beautiful blue eyes went wide as His
cunt contracted hard, her mouth opened wide in a soft scream as another mini-orgasm overtook her, she suckled His cock down her throat, silently pleading with Him to use her mouth, she wanted more, she wanted a mouthful of His cum, she literally wanted it in her belly..faster she
bobbed her head on His cock, sucking it hard, her tongue bathed over His cock and balls as her nose touched His hairy mound, inhaled the combined scents of both she and He, His cunt spasmed again with the scent, and she began
to withdraw her fingers, to pause her own pleasure for a moment, her eyes were locked with His, all He could manage at that moment was a shake of His head.

A hard moan raped over His cock in frustration, those fingers went back into His dripping cunt, if she couldn't cum just yet, and couldn't stop, she'd simply fuck His cunt harder, and faster, her chin rested upon His balls, she could feel them tightening again "Oh my God, yes, please Master, please God, let me taste my Master's seed" were her thoughts at that moment in time.

His precum oozed out onto her tounge, she was now writhing under Him, the feel of His hands on her breasts were driving her insane, she'd never felt the sensations coursing through her from that simple touch, she cried out to Him around the cock in her mouth as she squirted, but it wasn't an orgasm, another mini overtook her, and the spray was copious, her calves were now soaked as well, she whimpered because she thought she'd just peed in the bed, she was almost embarrased, yet if it were possible, she was even more turned on.

her attention went back to her Master when she heard the tempo of His moan change, she knew what was about to happen, her head moved til just the tip of His cock was in her mouth, trying to concentrate on finger fucking His cunt, while tasting His cum, she stroked the length of His cock hard and fast, soon she recieved that which she desired, the first spray went clean down her throat, forcing her to swallow.

The next few sprays landed on her left cheek as she angled her head and mouth, tears flooded her eyes tasting the salty fluids, hearing her name again fill the room as he gave her His cum..her fingers buried deeper, and deeper in His cunt, pushing the seed already left there as far back as she could get it...(to be continued)

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